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UK Crusader Challenges Elite Tyranny

April 16, 2011

_45987320_john_hill512.jpgLeft, Anthony John Hill

"All of the courts are "her majesty's" courts and ALL of the judges have sworn an oath to, and draw their authority from, the queen.  But if she is a fraud, then NONE of the courts are operating lawfully since they gain their authority from her."

By Debra Siddons

Are you looking for a way out of the System?

A unique opportunity has presented itself to create a new government in a peaceful and logical manner.  We don't have to take up arms.  All that is required is our solidarity and support for someone who is doing the hard work for us all.

That man is Anthony John Hill.

He is striking at the very heart of the NWO.  He needs our support right now, not only for his benefit but for OURS.  And all we have to do is spread the word to everyone we can.

The essence of this unique and unprecedented opportunity rests in an unusual court case involving John Hill, Producer of the documentary film "7/7 Ripple Effect" which can be googled and downloaded for free.  Please see

The 7/7/2005 London bombings were a false-flag terror attack orchestrated by the British government against the British people, much like 9/11. 

The film exposes this in less than an hour using nothing but mainstream media reports which is why the British government has been persecuting John Hill for more than two years. 

THEY don't want you to watch the film because it leaves no reasonable doubt in the rational mind of the guilt of the British government and the mainstream media, who all work for the same person...

queen_elizabeth_ii_coronation_1953.jpgQUEEN E2

Elizabeth Battenberg/Mountbatten, also known as Elizabeth II, has been fraudulently pretending to be the queen now for 58 years.

To better understand just how evil this really is, it must be understood that she is the richest woman on the planet. 

She is the single largest landholder, reportedly owning over 6600 million acres, which is 1/6 of the present land-mass of this planet. 

She is the head of the United Kingdom and all of the Commonwealth countries.  She is the head of the Church of England.  She is the head of the Committee of 300.  She is at the top of the NWO power structure.

For Americans who may be wondering why this is important to them, she controls the U.S. as well, through the banks and the legal system.

The same group of people who own the Bank of England own the Federal Reserve.  The B.A.R. association serveS her.  B.A.R. stands for "British Accreditation Registry". Most congressmen and US judges are lawyers. 

The John Hill case is about proving that Elizabeth II is a fake.  A fraud.  A criminal impersonating the monarchy.  And John Hill has rock-solid proof.

This is why THEY imprisoned him for 150 days, officially for sending DVDs of the "7/7 Ripple Effect" to a U.K. court as an Amicus Curiae (Friend of the court) brief. (He was recently released on bail.)  

He sent the DVDs  after both the judge and the QC barrister lied to the jurors about the guilt of the four alleged 7/7 suicide bombers.  They rewarded him by arresting him and threatening him with life in prison.

This gross injustice has afforded John Hill the opportunity to challenge the authority and the jurisdiction of the so-called "queen" and expose her as a fraud. 

All of the courts are "her majesty's" courts and ALL of the judges have sworn an oath to, and draw their authority from, the queen.  But if she is a fraud (and she is a fraud), then NONE of the courts are operating lawfully since they gain their authority from her.

 It is this contradiction in the legal system that John Hill will be exposing in painstaking detail at the trial.  Please see this article for more details about the case.

It's about proving that Elizabeth II is a fake.  A fraud.  A criminal
impersonating the monarchy.  And John Hill has rock-solid proof that
Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Battenberg/Mountbatten knowingly, and with
malice-aforethought, was UNLAWFULLY crowned upon a fake Coronation
John Hill also has documented proof that she has violated her
Coronation oath at least 3401 times to date, even if she had been
lawfully crowned in the first place, which she most definitely was

John Hill is now awaiting this trial on May 9th, 2011 in the Southwark Crown court in London, England.  Please see for the latest details in the case.

He needs our support, and more importantly WE need him to win.  This is our opportunity to make a REAL difference in this world.  Will YOU finally take action against this sea of hatred or will you fade into the shadows?  There are a number of ways to support this effort. First of all, please spread the word.  Contact any and all media outlets.  Tell your friends.  Spread the word any way you can.  You cannot afford to sit idly by on this one.  And for any of you that have the means, be there at the Southwark Crown court in London on the 9th of May.  Overfill the courtroom.  Show the system that we will not go down without a fight.

As you know, the NWO puppet governments don't want to surrender their power peacefully, so they will try to cheat somehow. The more people that are watching this trial, and in attendance that day, the harder it will be for the system to cheat.

If the idea of a peaceful revolution interests you, then please spread this information to everyone that you know that cares about freedom and justice.  Do it right now and make sure it gets done. You know you've never seen anything like this before. Opportunity knocks only once and this is a fight or die situation for all of us.

This is not only an unprecedented opportunity, it's a blueprint.  Once this idea is proven in England, peaceful and lawful revolutions can take place in the USA, Canada Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, etc.  Or we can wait around to be exterminated just as the NWO has told us they are going to do to most of us.  Simple choice really.

This is our most desperate hour.  Our actions now can change this world forever for the better.  Our inaction will result in the suffering and deaths of billions.  Do the right thing, and you will be giving yourselves and your loved ones a fighting chance to survive by breaking this legislative stranglehold and delivering this crucial blow to the NWO.

Godspeed to you Anthony John Hill and thank-you from the bottom of our hearts for all you are doing.



Debra Siddons works as a freelance reporter and Truth activist,
covering topics of religious, political, and historical importance.
She can be contacted at [email protected]

Comments for "UK Crusader Challenges Elite Tyranny"

HS said (April 20, 2011):

The alarming thing isn't that Anthony H. is claiming to be this, that, or the other thing. It is irrelevant. He is a human, like any other.

The alarming thing is that there are many people, dare I say sheep, that require a leader, and require him to be something in particular. They actually have the "balls" to act the part of a follower "in public", much less in times like these that require people with true intention to change themselves.

PEOPLE, do things yourselves, NOW! Quit WAITING for a LEADER who wears an S on his chest and who will carry you off off into the sunset with him or her. That man or woman does not exist anywhere other than IN YOUR HEART. You are your own leader.

Quit following. Quit waiting for a new god for you to identify with because your old god has "failed you."

So many of you make excuses as to why you aren't doing something about your woes. This circular process of faux exploration is just mental group masturbation. You already know everything you need to to do the right thing. Look inside and observe. Stop looking externally for solutions your problems. This IS, by definition, Luciferianism. (Not to be feared, not to be identified with, to observe and let pass. Why would you fear a thought?) You will not find answers in written articles or in people like these. You will not find the answer externally, ever. EVERYTHING external is a pale reflection of your internal Self. DRAWING ON THE MIRROR DOESN'T REALLY CHANGE ANYTHING. If you think the world is going to change by virtue of you "tagging along" with someone else's ideas, be it "man-god" or "man" or "alien," you might as well start holding your breath.

You are neither your mind nor the fiction it creates. Quit pretending to be the persona. HEY YOU - BE HERE NOW.

Why not start by taking three deep breaths into your abdomen and observing (not thinking) about them? Feel the energy flowing within, and move from there. Above all, know that you are loved.

Rod said (April 18, 2011):

Henry, with all due respect, why in the world would you side with this anonomous "V" fellow in his disgusting critiques of Debra's article "UK Crusader..." and come out and say that your "confidence" in her was misplaced ? It's pretty easy for those who wish to cherry-pick articles and show people as crackpots.

But I am disappointed with your turning on Debra S at the critical whim of someone's sabotage efforts.

If we don't realize who our real leaders are, we are doomed. Anthony John Hill sacrifices his human self continuously, and not for any kind of self-worship, but all for God. Christ, 2000 years ago said "why call me good", so He wasn't looking for worship then either, but only to teach us what His Father (God) needs us to learn. If we refuse The Father's Messenger, we refuse The Father, and He will refuse us !

I hope, for your good (and the effect you may have on readers), that you step aside, and truly ask God to reveal the truth to you. Because if you don't, you will be making the same mistake we have all been making for thousands of years.



I know V personally and he is a longtime contributor.

Would-be leaders like Hill must be careful not to discredit themselves.


Joseph said (April 17, 2011):

Hill is not advocating harsh death penalties, but a way of life that will make serious crimes and even disrespect to parents so rare that there will
be hardly ever any need for punishment, much less for the death penalty.

Of course, building such a society will take much work. After going to such great lengths and making so many sacrifices to build this society, if someone comes to corrupt it by being disrespectful and evil, such a person will likely be lawfully executed to protect everyone else after receiving fair warning. It's a simple fact, but the main point is that what is being
advocated is a form of society where everyone is so prosperous that crime is virtually unheard of and is mostly a relic of a barbaric past.

How might we reach such a prosperous society you might ask. It's simple.

According to modest estimates, 90% of the wealth is owned by 1% of the people in America and this distribution ratio might be similar in other
English-speaking countries. These so-called "elites" are the ones pushing NWO, WW3, and are behind most of the troubles we face today. The solution is simple - remove them from their position of power and redistribute the
wealth that they stole. Let's face it, the politicians, bankers, and so-called "royalty" haven't done anything beneficial in their lives.

All they do is lie and steal. Once the wealth they've stolen is recovered, every single individual becomes approximately 10-100 times richer. This only applies to English-speaking developed countries. What's being
proposed here is for these nations to take the next evolutionary step by ditching the dead weight of oppressive and evil, power-hungry liars and thieves. Without them bleeding the nations dry, prosperity will be the natural outcome.

To prove that this is about moving the whole society forward, rather than killing some adulterers, let the actions speak for themselves. The article and the action is about removing an oppressor, rather than picking on some
adulterers, which would have been a lot easier."

Debra (author) said (April 17, 2011):

As a student of Biblical Law and supporter for John Hill, I can clarify the misunderstandings used to usurp the very solution necessary in this battle against the elite tyranny. To do this properly, an article would be necessary to address
this adequately. I would do so, if permitted this opportunity.

To explain briefly in the comment format, John Hill stated that God's Laws are still in effect and did not say that we should begin to put
to death as Andrew has eluded to. I hope for the opportunity to explain the misunderstood Laws in detail, so this matter can be straightened for people to decide.

In reply to "V" -

This article was not about or for a character analysis of John Anthony Hill. Efforts to discredit John, or myself are not helpful. Legitimate arguments are put forth in my article. I continue to do so, and without discrediting others. Division is the fundamental tool used
against truth. I hope that stops.

What does John Hill's initials or message about the Son of God have to do with my article here?
What is John Hill's agenda? The agenda is clearly explained in the article, even for the atheists.

I speak in behalf of the efficacy of God's Laws, and not for religious purposes but for our Freedom.

V said (April 17, 2011):

After doing about 10 minutes of Internet search on one Anthony John Hill (Maud Dib) you come
to the conclusion that this guy is a nut job with "interesting views" that most conspiracy researchers would even say is odd ball. Here's from a Facebook page "Ripple Effect - Muad Dib - John Anthony Hill - Is a mental case".


The person behind the video describing the London 7/7 bomb attacks as an inside job by MI5 was identified as John Anthony Hill - a complete fruitcake! (The Ripple Effect)

His initials JAH are possibly part of the reason he has over time led himself to believe he is the son of God.

According to his own "Bible" (which he claims to have co-authored with God)

1: George Lucas was telepathically forced to write Star Wars to record true-life events.
2: Superman and Spock were characters sent to us to teach us good morals.
3: He himself is the archangel Michael.
4: He is also the son of God.
5: Is is the same person who walked the Earth 2,000 years ago under the name "Jesus", healing the sick, raising the dead, etc.

Don't take my word for it, read his "Bible" on his own website.

Or visit the rest of his website

I have no doubt that the London bombings were false flag terrorist operations planned, executed by elements inside and outside the UK government. There are lots of good Internet articles about this. What's Anthony John Hill (Maud Dib) "real agenda" ?

Most of us who study 'conspiracy facts' know the relationship between the British "crown", the City of London Corporation (run by the Great Livery Companies for the Anglo-Jewish oligarchs & English Freemasonry) and the non-chartered, non-incorporated Inns of Court run by "benchers" who have the ancient privileges, immunities
of the Knights Templar.

Isn't it interesting that the British monarch, the "crown" is the sole visitor to the Temple Church, London as the church is a royal donative and a royal peculiar. The Queen is also a "royal bencher" in the Inner & Middle Temple
and she is in charge of English Freemasonry and when the Lord Mayor of The City of London Corporation is chosen each year he/she pledges allegiance to the "crown". All these groups work separately & in tandem to steal, defraud,
loot the colonies (Canada too, eh) and most of the third world. They are very good at it and have done it for a long time.

If you really want to know who is running the courts, barristers (esquires) read the book "Cracking the Code, Third Edition, Better Book & Cassette of America Publishers"

Thanks V,

Looks like my confidence in Debra Siddons was misplaced.


Andrew said (April 17, 2011):

I noticed the article 'UK Crusader Challenges Elite Tyranny' on your website. I wonder if you aware that Mr Hill holds strong fundamentalist
Christian views, displayed adequately in recent interviews with Kevin Barrett and Jim Fetzer. For example, March 18, 2011, on 'The Real Deal'
Muad Dib (Anthony Hill) clearly stated that people in Britain guilty of adultery and/or showing disrespect for their parents should be put to death in accordance with ancient Jewish law. He also suggested that British law court judges should be trained in the law of the Torah in order to pass judgement correctly.

I have read many of your online articles and I would be grateful to know your opinion on Mr Hill's views on Old Testament law application in



I was not aware of these extreme views which would tend to discredit him.


anon said (April 17, 2011):

At the Water War Crimes web site, we have posted information about Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles that raises a strong suspicion that the Royal Family were secret investors in the Grand Plan to loot Canada 's water export wealth.

Queen Elizabeth and the Royal family must come clean if they are going to maintain the Throne of Canada.


Pat said (April 16, 2011):

I will try to help spread the word. In the meantime people in Canada should know that it is much easier to prove that Queen Elizabeth has no authority over Canada other than brute force and deception.

I have a set of videos now at the youtube channel patthespark that deal with the fake Canadian government.

There has never been more than one monarch for canada. Queen Victoria was the only monarch and she died in 1901.

This is not speculation and it can be proven by looking at some British laws and the constitution.

I lay this out in part 1A and part 1B. By Part 2 it becomes obvious that around 1904 somebody pulled a fast one.

Earl Grey (they named tea after him) could not have been Governor General of Canada.

This means that Alberta, Saskatchewan and Newfoundland are not in Canada.

I have suspected that Elizabeth is not the British queen for a long time. I just don't know how to prove it. (until now).

I also have two videos about the fake income tax in Canada that will be especially interesting to people who have an apostrophe in the family name.

In my dealings with CRA I have found out that agents use false names and simply steal from people. In my case I have a paper trail that I hope to use to put them in prison. I can use UK law for this, since they have all voluntarily placed themselves under British law.

all of my videos are also at

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at