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UK Leaders are Brainwashed Torture Victims (Part 3)

June 13, 2012


"These [torture] experiences often (nearly always) create disassociations lasting about 20 years. The people running Britain, etc, have mostly been through it themselves.The mad running the mad."

These are the rambling memoirs of an MI-6 Mk-Ultra victim.

(Background here    "MI5/6 Wreak Havoc for Illuminati")

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by Red Ox


Current chief of MI-6 is Sir John Sawers. First revelation on him: I'm married to his daughter Corinne - Twice!

(left MI-6 Director Sawers and family. Corinne on left)

Well, not really of course. But the Royal Arch did hold two fake weddings when I was a boy, and Corinne an even younger girl. "we find men sometimes prefer someone a bit younger" Thomas explained. 

So, Corinne posed as Ali Kennedy and was then 'asianed up' as an Indian woman for 2 mock ceremonies of the type of women they wanted me to marry. 

"Your wife seems happy" said Thomas,throwing confetti.. "cheer up, this is supposed to be the happiest day of yourlife!".

" Nice to involve your 5 year old daughter in your "important government work". And, to be honest, I could do worse!

Sawers (Mr Sawers, John) took us out for a sandwich in Westerham, and arranged for the Royal Arch to be able to do a "hunt" on his land. This is a human hunt, of myself.

 Corinne showed me her favourite hidingplace, the listening KGB told me to go for that (being obvious) because I shouldn't bothered to be hunted.

John [Sawers], who was playing good cop, told me he couldn't give advice but to consider whether it was the best hiding place. He also warned me not to go too near the river as he didn't want me "taking my daughter in with you". 

[Ed. Note: Red Ox said Corrine told him her father runs Englands for the Rothschilds. Who is the head Rothschild? I asked. Evelyn de Rothschild was the answer.]


I would *love* to believe, that in this Satanic world, with the evil British/American empire, that good old Vladimir in Moscow is fighting the good fight, has God and pro-social government on his side and to run with that.

Unfortunately, that analysis seems to be more hopeful than realistic. At the end of the first two world wars, the microchipping Satanists had brought in the UN ... and now Russia poses as the opposite side to the evil axis coming up to a potential 3rd war. Well, how convenient!

Thanks for Anna [Chapman], thanks for inviting me to London after the mid 1990s to continue our 'relationship', but I don't believe it.

Maybe you could convince someone with an IQ of below 150,and maybe I should have pretended (!), but [I saw] simply too much of Thomas Hurd/TheRoyal Arch talking with Russians for it to be even 1% believable. Sorry about that!

Better to face the facts that well over 50% of Intelligence professionals on both sides don't know: they all work for the same people. 

Regards Intelligence workers: I know mainly ex DGs, not the stooges earning £20,000 a year in Vauxhall ..

And it seems the likes of Stella Rimington  (MI-5 Director 92-96) have killed far more British people than any Russian has, and some of them are fairly interchangeable on which side they're actually on!


(MI-5 Director 2002-2007) Manningham-Buller (left) insists that the Royal Arch governing politburo is "the real Communism", and that people aren't ready to govern themselves. The 95% want to be governed by the 5% and the proof of this is their docility and lack of interest.

In as much as the Royal Arch makes any 'philosophical'point, it is only that and the idea of creating "supermen" via Nietschean or Saw (depending on your cultural references) style trials and tribulations.

These experiences often (nearly always) create disassociations lasting about 20 years. The people running Britain, etc, have mostly been through it themselves.The mad running the mad.

Douglas Hurd commented on going through "Alice" that he was "grateful" and "most people are". "Alice made me the man I am today".

All well and good, but what happens if someone comes along who is better than this self-appointed group of supermen and women?

(CEO Royal Bank of Scotland 2001-2009) Fred Goodwin - the superman of finance

Felix Dennis - the superman of poetry 

Well, Fred Goodwin lost Britain £24bn in one year, it' s largest corporate loss ever!

And Felix's poetry is being used, after some complaints, as a new form of Royal Arch torture I understand!

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "UK Leaders are Brainwashed Torture Victims (Part 3)"

Aspen said (June 14, 2012):

"Games played with electroshock, paedophilia, drugging, group rape. The main purpose is disassociation, not sexual gratification."

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

It's not about sexual gratification. Power and control are not about personal gratification.

They deal with test subjects on different levels, according to intelligence and physical potency.

One of the things that makes me unique is that I'm NOT dissociative. I appreciate what's important. I laugh at pain. I have a high I.Q. and a genetic background that's incredibly resilient.

Far above sex and violence, I'm managed in meta-terms.

They use me for special projects. That's why I told you that I was a Signal-and-Context Tester. It was, and is, true. The signal never stopped. I was lying when I told you that it had stopped. It just changed. It was streamlined. Whew. Impressive. It's deeper, more powerful. Of course they would not let go.

I know it's far more lurid and publicly appealing to produce reports of graphic misbehavior, but "Illuminati" testing, operation, and field work is more broadly spread. I am in the esoteric category. I am in the finessed technology category. Others are just normal people.

What can be said of someone like your "Red Ox" fellow? A totally fucked-up screwball. Anyway.

The role of the Russians has yet to be determined. They're a wild card, set to be nearly last in play. They're subordinate. They're subordinate, at the core, to Israel, and this makes them seethe. The seething is so intense I almost want to dwell on it.

The role of Ahmedinejad is rapidly becoming clear: both he and the Ayatollah have been cornered. MARK ME. They will together create the conditions for the coming war. Big news, right.

There will be a biological attack on the Eastern seaboard, beginning in the Appalachia region. I told you that a while ago. I stand by it. A lockdown will ensue.

That's all I have to say.

Len said (June 14, 2012):

Well, Henry, others may find this all just too too much "out of this world" insofar as how
perverse and evil "the powers that be" are. ... but not me: I say it could well be true. much of it, ...
maybe even most all of it. Why ? because that's what satanists and luciferians do:
control others at all cost. and sex and programming is all part of "the deal".

their days ruling the earth are numbered: I assure you very solemnly they are.

Nathan said (June 14, 2012):

"Where are Cathy's visible moles (only physical evidence of electroshock - I have 50 - 100 small ones on my body)?"

Henry, the bit about the cattle-prod shocks causing moles is 100% patented certifiable DISINFORMATION. It didn't happen. It's rubbish. Any decent veterinarian or MD can confirm it, even common sense should tell us this is nonsense. I just happen to be very sure about it because I once bought a powerful cattle prod and tried to use it to program myself to (amongst other things) quit smoking. [ One of my degrees is in Psych and I have several years of professional experience as a therapist.] This kind of self-administered adversive programming did not work for me. I found that it simply programmed me not to shock myself, rather than not to smoke i.e. after a few shocks I simply "neglected" to shock myself before smoking and soon "lost interest" and later "forgot" all about my quit smoking program altogether. LOL.

Furthermore, I have been shocked numerous times by 110 VAC, automotive spark plug cables and other gadgets. Never has this caused a single mole or blemish of any kind. So this guy RED OX is a guaranteed liar in regard to this one checkable FACT that may have inadvertently slipped into his story - and that means that the entirety of his schtick is presumably a complete fable. And, frankly, it sounds to me like a pack of lies anyway - hyperbolic, disjointed, rambling anecdotes and accusations - all of it carefully un-checkable. I'm even wondering if this"guy" RED OX has been sic'd onto you by one of your newly minted enemies, like oh say Jeff Rense or ahem maybe even David Icke? Or maybe Red Ox IS one of those assholes. ROFL. Maybe the bit about the moles was even put in the story to subtly discredit the story and thus discredit you, Henry. Maybe the whole story is a "mole" in your intelligence operation and the RED on the OX is your intellectual blood (reputation). Get it? Well, I don't know. But, you need to ask yourself this - can anyone ever believe some psychopath who has been well and truly put through the full MK-Ultra torture-conditioning gambit? The answer is NO WAY, Hose. That is one of the things that make stories of this type very difficult to judge and no doubt most of them are utter SHITE like this one most assuredly seems to be. OH and by the way, my cattle prod produced many incredible fits of screaming laughter when I used to shock people with it at parties in the "good old days".

If you want me to try to research RED OX for you, just send me what you know about this devious wanker and I will rummage around the NET and see what more I can come up with. The way I see it, you have been seriously slimed, not that most people will notice. But the top 5% will surely know that cattle-prod shocks do not cause moles. It's a semi-obvious joke. They will deduce that the story is a sham and therefore justifiably wonder if Henry Makow is hasbara. Hmmmmmm. MI6 maybe? Can you dig it? Comedian Red Foxx also comes to mind. Is your tail being pulled?

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