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West Celebrates Birthday of a Communist Terrorist - Nelson Mandela

July 20, 2018

This poster for a Miami area public library celebration of the 100th anniversary of Nelson Mandela's birth July 18 is an indication of widespread and pervasive Communist control. Honoring people like Mandel and Rosa Parks are signs that Communism is a fait accompli. 

Communism is a ruse. It is not concerned with genuine reform but with creating and exploiting social divisions in order to seize power.  This chart shows how
black income has hardly increased compared to other races since Mandela took power in 1994.

Latest!  Must Listen to Stephen Molyneux on Mandela

-------- Mandela was a Communist Terrorist and Murderer 

Nelson Mandela is the author of "How to be a Good Communist."  The media-orchestrated hysteria tells you that the NWO is also Communist in nature. (i.e. the Illuminati, a satanic secret society, empowered by the banking cartel, colonizes mankind.)

The African National Congress waged a terrorist war against South Africa's government for 30 years. The plight of Black South Africans under ANC rule is now worse.

from Dec. 5, 2013

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Terrorism is not terrorism when the Illuminati Jewish banking cartel is behind it.

slovo4.jpegleft, Nelson Mandela and Joe Slovo in Moscow give the clenched fist salute in front of the blood-drenched Hammer and Sickle flag of  Illuminati Jewish Bolshevism.

From 1961-1990, the Illuminati-sponsored African National Congress waged a terrorist war against the government of South Africa. It was characterized as a "people's struggle" in the Zionist-Communist controlled mass media. 

However, when the Palestinians employ terror against the Apartheid regime of Israel, they are "terrorists."  Never mind that Israel was built on Zionist terror against the British. When the Illuminati bankers or their shills use it, terrorists are "freedom fighters" and "insurgents." (Syria is another example.) 

nobeomandela.jpeg(Terrorist Mandela wins 1994 Nobel Peace Prize)

During the 1960's and 70's, barely a week went by in South Africa without terrorism -- dynamite at a fuel depot, a car bomb outside Air Force headquarters in a city center. The ANC's guerrilla force -- known simply as MK, or more formally as Umkhonto we Sizwe translated "Spear of the Nation" was founded in 1961 by Nelson Mandela and his handler, the Communist Jew Joe Slovo. 

At first, the targets were infrastructure but two decades later MK was killing civilians without compunction -- grenades would be bowled into a hamburger joint or a trip-wired limpert mine planted in an arcade -- and Mandela did not object.

"Notable among these attacks were the January 8, 1982 attack on the Koeberg nuclear power plant near Cape Town, the Church Street bombing on May 20, 1983, killing 19, and the June 14, 1986, car-bombing of Magoo's Bar in Durban, in which 3 people were killed and 73 injured." (Wikipedia)

Of course, Mandela had been in jail since 1963. He was captured in a raid of MK headquarters at a farm outside of Johannesburg. The ANC was funded and run by Communist Jews who in turn were shills for the Illuminati bankers. Mandela posed as a farmhand.

goldreich1.jpegThe farm was purchased and run by Jewish Communist Arthur Goldreich, left.

In 1985, when the government offered to release Mandela if he would repudiate terrorism, he refused. In 1990, he was let out anyway and vowed the MK would continue to wreak havoc. It was not necessary. 

The government was ready to negotiate a handover of power. In 1994, Mandela and F.W. de Klerk shared a Nobel Peace Prize.
Queen Elizabeth II in her 1996 Christmas message hailed Mandela as a great statesman.
(The account of MK terror above is indebted to Philip Gourevitch's review of the novel "Absolution" in The New Yorker, April 30, 2012, p.70)


Thanks to Michael Hoffman II, we know:  

"The African National Congress (ANC) in South Africa was guided by two Communist Jews, Albie Sachs, "one of its foremost intellectuals"( London Sunday Times, August 29, 1993) and Yossel Mashel Slovo (Joe Slovo, 1926-1995).
Slovo was born in a shtetl in Lithuania and grew up speaking Yiddish and studying the Talmud. He joined the ANC's terrorist wing, the Umkhonto we Sizwe, in 1961 and eventually became its commander. He was named Secretary General of the South African Communist Party in 1986. ("Joe Slovo," Jewish Chronicle, January 13, 1995).

Slovo had been the "planner of many of the ANC terrorist attacks, including the 1983 car bomb that killed 19 people and injured many others... Slovo, who had traveled to the Soviet Union many times, was awarded a Soviet medal on his 60th birthday...Slovo is a dedicated Communist, a Marxist Leninist without morality of any kind, for whom only victory counts, whatever the human cost, whatever the bloodshed...Slovo disputes little of his image as 'the Communist mastermind' behind the ANC's armed struggle.

AFRICA1_1280 (1).jpgRevolutionary violence has created the inspirational impact that we had intended, and it has won for the ANC its leading position,' Slovo said." ("Rebel Strategist Seeks to End Apartheid," L.A. Times, Aug. 16, 1987, p. 14). When Nelson Mandela's ANC took over South Africa, Slovo was named Minister of Housing."

Keep reading for South African housing conditions.


Wrapped in bogus idealism, Jewish social & political activism largely serves the Illuminati's secret satanic agenda. Jewish activists are dupes or opportunists. Communism is not concerned with genuine reform but with creating and exploiting social divisions in order to seize power. The ANC, like Communism in general, deceived the masses into overthrowing the government and installing Illuminati puppets like Nelson Mandela.

The plight of Blacks in South Africa is much worse under the "peoples' government." The number of people living on $1 a day doubled from two to four million. The unemployment rate doubled to 48% from 1991-2002.  The Black unemployment rate today is 39%

huts.jpegIn 2006, only 5,000 of the more than 35 million black South Africans earned more than $60,000. A quarter of the entire population lived in shacks without running water or electricity. A quarter has no access to clean water. 40% have no telephone.

The HIV/AIDS/TB infection rate is 20%. Life expectancy dropped by 13 years.  40% of schools have no electricity.

Where is the ANC'S concern for the people? Obviously, it was a ruse that enabled the bankers to gain control over South Africa's resources, just as they took over Russia's 70 years before. Source

Terrorism is an instrument of the Illuminati Jewish central banking cartel based in London.
Ninety-five percent of the world's terror, including 9-11, can be traced to this source via the world's intelligence services, especially the CIA, Mossad and MI-6. They are responsible for ISIS, and its many heinous crimes. 
We live in a society that is breathtaking in its hypocrisy. But that is the strategy, to pretend to be one thing while doing the opposite.

Did7WH9U0AAL4Tl.jpg(Mandela was a Freemason and Knight of Malta)

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Note: Ron alerted me to this:
Mandela was MI-6 Agent

SUNDAY HERALD, UK: Nelson Mandela is ... named as an MI6 agent who... allowed UK spying operations to be based in South Africa. Allegations of Mandela's recruitment by the British intelligence service ... revealed in a controversial new book, 'MI6: Fifty Years of Special Operations,' by the acclaimed intelligence expert Stephen Dorril.

Joseph Farrah - Do Not Mourn Mandela
Informal Apartheid & Poverty Continues in SA
Mandela was pro-abortion; pro-gay-marriage and a high ranking Communist
CBS News - Slum residents say things are worse now than under Apartheid
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Comments for " West Celebrates Birthday of a Communist Terrorist - Nelson Mandela"

Luis said (July 20, 2018):

indeed...martin luther king was another of them...

Zacharias said (December 26, 2013):

I grew up in South Africa. I was born in an area where my family was put(group areas act). I wasn't allowed to attend a good school(model c) in my city. My parents weren't allowed to study freely at university(only certain degrees/diplomas) thus many of our friends studied abroad. We had curfew in our area during certain seasons. When I was young, I was kicked out of a white park by three whites around the same age as I(1993). We weren't allowed to swim in certain beaches or during certain times.

The list goes on.

Mandela fought for my freedom. He took me out of the dark clutches of apartheid and tyranny.

I can now go into any shopping centre, marry any race, sit on any bench, buy a house in any area(all the best ones already taken before 1990) and study any degree in any institution.

Apartheid enslaved us from the 1800s and way before that. That's a bit too much. Your arguments don't seem to have much balance(exploit injustices to serve his communistic need? If it wasn't for his injustices, millions of people would still have been exploited today.

The economic conditions will improve in the future. Remember, apartheid ended mid 90's. It will take a lot of time to distribute wealth equally. You should read about the group areas act where people were placed and displaced. The whites were able to set themselves up nicely by living in the plushest and wealthiest suburbs and areas. Now, their kids and grand kids are still benefiting from this. Areas like Camps Bay, Clifton, Houghton, Umhlanga, Constantia, etcetera. Not forgetting about the lovely wine estates in Ceres, Stellenbosch, etc.

In South Africa, the whites were all for apartheid. A few 'communist whites' stood up for freedom and were then labelled 'kaffir lovers' and exiled, jailed or threatened.

R said (December 17, 2013):

My wish has been that Mr. Mandela would have to at least South Africans & Africans the truth considering his days were over but I reckon he wouldn't have wanted to rock the boat of his masters who would or could strip his family off all the wealth they have rewarded him with for implementing the formers wishes so very well.

The real leaders of Africa who truly wanted to make a real difference from all cardinals of Africa disappeared mysteriously.

PR does a very good job with the world's people who so not question much & just accept everything as told.

There seemingly is an awakening of people's consciousness but to me it still seems so feeble.

Those of us who have read & listened to independent researchers & historians know that Mandela freed the SA native people from all the "useless pretties" but still agreed to let our land be kept by those who forcefully took it away from us & allowed Monsanto to poison the people for the obvious reasons we all know, profits.

Your article is what I've been yearning to see & read. Strangely there's nothing on the web that clearly notes the "sunset clause" by Joe Slovo.

The SA - Mandela 1994 story it's such a patronising sad story that blinds & robs masses from knowing the truth.

I'm no politician. I'm just a saddened concerned individual about SA, Africa & the world. The system only favours those who hold the world's wealth & continues to use the "divide & rule" methods, causing neighbours, friends, fellow humans to fight against each other in the name of "religion and or tribalism" - divide & rule mechanism.

My wish would be to see people wake up from this nightmare tactic that has been used for hundreds of years.
This is the awakening I pray & wish for.

Thank you for your factually truthful article lets trust people will read it with an open mind & start recapitulating & reflect within their minds & souls

J said (December 11, 2013):

A lot has improved in South Africa and in so many African countries since these countries became independent. I do not disagree that more could be done, that what is being done is not enough, yet, I know for a fact, given the chance no one would chose wealth over freedom and just being born free is a big improvement in the life of any black South African.

Now, although I have to agree not a lot has been done yet, I must explain to you that racial segregation is the main reason why black people in most African countries are still left behind today. Due to racial segregation a lot of black people have no educated role model in their families, went to run down schools, know very little about the world, they lack the skills to support a sustainable development for themselves. Because they are not as well prepared to take over the economy as most privileged white people are, without actions like Black Economic Empowerment, they are not given decent jobs, management positions and hence have their future jeopardized.

I am not South African, I am from Mozambique, but I tell you these because 1)most African countries and even American countries share common stories when it comes to colonialism, racial segregation and men to men exploitation, 2)because, I got my degree in South Africa and have lived in Canada and 3)because, yes I did a lot of research, not just in books but talking to both white and black people in these countries, including my own.

I could never justify the social injustices people are faced with everyday in any country, black or white, because nothing justifies that.
I am not happy white or black people had to die in World War I, World War II, Cold War, due to colonialism, governments misunderstandings, apartheid or any of the likes. What I cannot condone is people trying to justify any form of racism, colonialism, segregation, exploitation and choosing to see only one side of the coin. Choosing to say Mandela or the likes were terrorists but refusing to acknowledge they were trained by the system they destroyed to be exactly that, terrorists, if you may call.

I am happy I was born free, I have black, white, mixed race, Indian and Chinese friends, who I am not afraid to talk to because I have no pass, I have the right to argue with you if I disagree with your opinion, even if you chose not to agree with me and you are white, but I do all of these, because I was born free. I am not afraid to walk alone, except for the fact that there are criminals everywhere. I never, ever, in my whole life felt what racism is actually about, yet I am sad that people in my family did.

So, forgive me if I stand by people like Mandela despite all the things they did wrong, because what they did right is worth my freedom.


Thanks J

Communists always find some oppressed group to use as an excuse to take power. They make some token improvements but if they were really champions of the people, conditions would have improved much more than they have.


Joel said (December 10, 2013):

Your obviously not putting your PhD to good use. I am sure you have better use of your time than to be writing biased dribble, nonetheless democracy affords you that privilege.

Mandela was a dignified man who spoke against racism and segregation along lines of differing preferences or appearances. You do not have to know him nor like him to realize that what he has done for South Africa is great. You must be aware of the evil social engineering apartheid inflicted on blacks, both educationally, socially and otherwise.

I do not expect white South Africans to understand or be sympathetic towards his legacy nor to the plight of the indigenous people of my country. It would be illogical for them to have that deep level of sense robbed by their unexplained hatred for anything or anyone different to them. My people are a forgiving and kind people, that do not seek to colonize or dominate the next person. We will continue to live in harmony with our enemies and continue to love them even if they persecute us. As for you i hope and pray that you will deviate from your judgmental ways, only God can judge and that time will come for everybody.

Caspar said (December 10, 2013):

Another fact that everybody conveniently forget is the fact that De Klerk should get more attention than Mandela. He was the one who instigated the whole process. He set up a refferendum in South Africa where the people (white racist people) were asked if apartheid should be aborted. The majority white racist people of South Africa voted against apartheid and the people are the ones who avoided what happened in Zimbabwe to happen in South Africa. Nothing gets said about that anywhere. The white people that voted for the release of Mandela are still being labeled as racist and some even go as far as to label us as Nazis. What about the British that killed hundreds of Boers in concentration camps. They started what Hitler eventually turned into a holocaust. The whole idea was that pigs mate with pigs and dogs mate with dogs, for if you cross breed them what do you get? A pig that you cannot eat and a dog that cannot bark?

The Boers made a promise to God to honor the 16 th of December for what He did for them at Bloodriver, but the Afrikaans speaking community conveniently stopped fulfilling that promise to please Mandela and the ANC. That is why things are going backwards in this country.
The people that cry out aloud about the conditions should go and read their Bible, 1 Samuel 15 verses 22 and 23 (that is for the Afrikaner people.) By the way I am ashamed to be one.

C said (December 8, 2013):

I am from South Africa and I want to tell you that Nelson has now replaced God, at least in South Africa he did.

He gets more attention, 3 days of non-stop TV coverage, where God and his word only get about 2 Hours a day.

None of the hundreds of people that go hungry or that are killed are hailed or mentioned.

He was the one that rescued them (so they say), but what did he do or say about the killings and the stealing of the peoples hard-earned money. He could not say anything for he was living of that same money and the suffering of the people that he saved (so they say).

Hail God Nelson, may he suffer in hell. All the respect I had for the ass has now been thrown out of the window and the circus that they have now has replaced it with disgust. I do not think I should say anymore, it could be dangerous.

Joe in SA said (December 6, 2013):

Hendrik Verwoerd did what we ALL know in our hearts, videlicet, we are ALL different and need different approaches to 'self rule'. This of course, is a major no-no in illuminati circles(they don't deserve to be 'capitalised').

Divide and conquer, order out of chaos etc are being implemented worldwide. I just wish that everybody in the world would catch a wake up, celebrate our differences, 'unite' under that premise, and advance to a happier state of being!

BTW, the United Nations Agenda 21 is going at FULL SPEED here in South Africa!! They have implemented the 'e-Toll' system in Johannesburg, Gauteng Province :'(on 3 Dec 2013). We now have to pay toll fees to get to WORK, to earn money, to pay the SOB's money for roads we have already paid for!(via Fuel Levies AND taxes). As you are aware, this is just the BEGINNING of the control grid here!! This WORLD is going to the - (I wanted to say dogs - but they are nice) - so add your own nasty word ;-) .

Thank you for your awesome informational website. I have been a fan for years.

Paul said (December 6, 2013):

As someone who grew up in Zimbabwe and South Africa, I take issue with some of what you say. Yes, Mandela was a terrorist - but give him his due.

When the time came to hand over power there could have been a blood bath in South Africa - slaughter of whites and blacks

There wasn't - due to Mandela's forebearance, presence and decision not to take the road of revenge.

De Klerk the white PM too deserves some praise. He avoided the route that Ian Smith took in Rhodesia where there was a blood bath. Wise man.


Thanks Paul

By some accounts the bloodbath may still be a possibility.


Ron said (December 6, 2013):

Thank you once again Dr. Makow for being a voice of truth in a sea of lies. Your account of Mandela's role in terrorism is easy to verify, but the major news outlets are caught up in Mandela worship and so remain silent for the most part about his embrace of violence as a means of change.

South Africa with Mandela at the helm became a lawless state that gets worse every year. Life for the nine percent of the population that is white is likely to become intolerable, as more whites are impoverished and driven into squatter's camps.

I'll also mention that Mandela's book, "How to Be a Good Communist" can be found on the Internet.

In spite of all this, or perhaps because of it, the US and Canadian flags are flying at half-mast today, along with those of several European countries that should know better.

Art from SA said (December 6, 2013):

You need To factor into this argument the fact that the Nationalist government were Christian Zionists.

Albeit paternalistic & not blatantly Nazi. But Too many people's feelings were being hurt by the apartheid system.

Separate Development had some good To It, & To this day Indians, coloureds, Afrikaners & blacks etc. do retain their cultural integrity.

The fact that we have godless satanist commies up our ass hasn't been lost on us, & thanks for reminding us.


Chris said (December 6, 2013):

In Poland we had our own Mandela, his name is Lech Walensa and was the leader of the Solidarity movement which apparently brought down the iron curtain?. Walensa was fighting the Communists but was really their puppet, as the knowledge of him working with the Communists is now well known,and he too got a Nobel peace award.

And what happened after the apparent fall of communism in Poland? . Nothing -- the same traitors are in power except now its called democracy. Most would say It's actually worse.

In all reality the communists still rule,but its hidden communism and the majority of people out there can't see it because they think they are free and their hate of Communism has been replaced with superficial consumerism.

There was hope that it would change but then came the Ssmolensk air crash. Also in Poland people used to hate the Communists, but now it appears that we are self ruled,so the enemy remains unseen,as in the case of South Africa .

So now in SA they want to create chaos by stirring racial hatred amongst the blacks and whites? hmm in the west the same racial hatred is growing thanks to multiculturalism? . What a coincidence -order out of chaos. It's clearly guided by the same hand.

God help us all Henry

Black South African said (July 19, 2013):

I dont blame the people for voting against the apartheid government. How could you seperate us from being united....why did white people hate us so much? We did not do anything to them.Im black and im not racist but im being honest because we all are humans but you think very little of us. Mandela may be illuminatti but atleast black people got economic freedom. I dont favour the illuminatti coz I know they worship the devil but shedding some light of the emotional struggle blacks went through, Mandela helped black people gain freedom & equality from the boere rigim. I wished Mandela was a devout christian but he did stand for blacks even though he is illuminatti. I respect his bravery for standing up to inequality

Charles said (June 11, 2013):

Good article on Mandela: thanks. A reminder might be needed at this point. I wonder if the retribution planned after Mandela dies is still on the table? It has been said that Africans will purge their continent of Whites upon the death of Mandela. I think about that every time I hear that he's hospitalized. And btw, speaking of Africa, do you have any word on the whereabouts of Jan Lamprecht? I think he was done in. He was a major source (for me) on African politics.

Ray said (June 11, 2013):

The plight of black south African is worst than under apartheid?
But....But....But... Henry. They have "democracy" now!
If they are worst than before, it's all for a "good cause" DEMOCRACY!

Art said (June 11, 2013):

At the time of the arrival of Joe Slovo & the rest of the ANC etc. in South Africa I was a machine tool dealer & broker, & had a Mercedes with a Caprivi Strip registration which I bought from a client in Namibia.

I came across Joe Slovo 3 to 4 times in the then trendy Rockey street in Bellevue, Johannesburg. I was leaning against my car once & I caught him sussing me out. I remember that he had a big head.

His daughter Gillian used to shop at my friend's health food shop & vegetarian restaurant, & in fact many of the unbanned ANC did too.

We whites had to be careful at the time because there were extreme right wing elements circulating amongst us as well.

Driving the same Mercedes along the Johannesburg M2 Eugene Terreblanche passed me & had a look at me, no doubt because of the registration. I remember that he had big blue eyes.

I also saw Janie Allen driving by once, & she had a big red mouth.

It was a crazy time & being a western vegetarian I was used to mixing with fringe elements, but surprisingly the mix of Marxists & Nazis hanging out at the vegetarian places amazed me!

& I was driving down Wolmarans street in Johannesburg where I came across the Zulus armed with traditional weapons (spear & kierie) on their way to the downtown ANC headquarters where the shooting took place.

JG said (June 10, 2013):

It's sad but true, the real Nelson Mandela has brought South Africa back to the "Dark Ages" in more ways than one. Without a considerable Anglo Christian presence and representation in South African government these Marxist criminals and their stooges like Mandela will continue to lower the standard of living and morality for the masses. This already appears to be a done deal.

Michael from SA said (May 6, 2012):

Hi Henry, I hope all is well. I found your article about Nelson
Mandela interesting. To me it confirms suspicions I've had for some time and rumours and stories I heard from ex-soldiers (pre 1994) and a friend of my late dad's who used to design rockets and other weaponry for the old SA government pre 1994.

It's sad that apartheid has to be blamed for everything, the current government blames it for any problems; from failing infrastructure to unemployment, to the now
discredited and preposterous South-African National defence force.

Nelson Mandela is certainly no hero, or icon, or god as he is hailed internationally; just a pawn. Personally I do not condone apartheid; and I wish this hatred would stop, that the government would stop blaming "whites" and "the west" for their problems and shortcomings. I feel that BEE and affirmative action is unfair; I wasn't there when Verwoerd implemented Apartheid, and I was born in 1988, I remember nothing of apartheid, or racial injustice.

Anyway, have you heard of Seer van Rensburg(1860-1926)? He prophesied Nelson Mandela's reign, his tie with communism and other future events including but not limited to: World war 3 ( including it's causes and progression), ethnical violence in Russia and europe because of immigration, the total annihilation of England, bankruptcy for England and France,
civil war and ethnic cleansing in South-Africa after the death of a
prominent leader etc. Some of his prophesies that have already been fulfilled: Chernobyl disaster, princess Diana's death (and that she had to die because she brought shame on the royal family, that SA will be governed by a black government etc. This guy's prophecies seem to be dead on accurate, many have been fulfilled; he is very controversial in SA at the moment, and the mention of him is kind of "forbidden" in current government and in the media.

When I read his stuff, I see it unfolding before my eyes, very strange and interesting too, see his prophecies at

Ashley said (May 5, 2012):

I am most grateful that Michael Hoffman’s article gave you a start for your own article of May 3rd on South Africa. Gary Allen, in his lecture tour of SA in 1976, showed us the two UN reports in which they had debated (around 1969) military invasion as a means of taking over our country, concluding in both that (at that time) it would not have been cost-effective to do so: they expected an adequate military response to their intended aggression.

Rather, it proved so much easier to subvert sitting politicians (who then underwent ‘miraculous’ conversions from conservative to ultra-liberal) into making a staged handover of the state to the Communist functionaries that both Britain and America had set up as a fake opposition to the existing government (we learned decades ago, e.g., that the Pan Africanist Congress had been set up in the US Information Office in Johannesburg in 1955).

Here we have a standard British propaganda/insurrection ploy: i) demonize the government presently in power; ii) set up the aforementioned opposition to remove the ‘wicked’ incumbents; iii) support the opposition materially, in the media, and by pronouncements from your own foreign ministry; iv) launch the ‘armed struggle’/‘democratic uprising’/‘war of liberation’ that targets mostly defenceless citizens, who then implore the government to surrender to the ‘freedom fighters’ for the sake of peace.

Parts of this scheme were used to destroy the Boers in the Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902), and all four were employed in putting the ANC into power in 1994. Similar ploys were used in the recent overthrow of Libya, and are obviously being used effectively in Syria at present, the only adjunct being that overwhelming NATO intrusion has become their means of choice in concluding the ‘war of liberation’ (to the satisfaction of no-one but the hidden aggressors, of course).

God bless you for your dedication to the truth, Henry.

Mark said (May 5, 2012):

I don't mean to sound like I'm splitting hairs here, but I think this is an important distinction in qualifying your statement somewhat that you made in your article, 'When Is Terrorism Not Terrorism?', that "Terrorism is not terrorism when the Illuminati banking cartel is behind it."; by saying that terrorism is not terrorism when committed by a group -- usually by another one of the banking cartel's own frontgroups -- the thesis -- , which advances its own interests at a particular point in time. The Cabalist banking cartel was also behind the terrorism of the acting Aparthide government in power at the time -- the opposing dialectical antithesis on the chessboard.

The false-flag attacks of 911, 7/7, Madrid train bombings, Bali, the Mariot Hotel and Australian Embassy bombings in Java, the Underwear dud bombing ect., which were all publically declaired as terrorism, were all carried out by the central banking cartel through its intelligence agencies control-arms to be blamed on another one of its dialectical front-groups, Al Qaeda, which wasn't even directly involved (didn't even board the planes), except as intelligence assets, acting as decoy-patsy-roleplayers, as a pretext to invade and occupy "Al Qaeda-occupied countries", plunder their resources and set up police states in Western democracies, on the way to a global police state. So, ultimately the International Money Power (controlled by powers far above it) is behind all the terrorism -- even if only provocatured -- , even the terrorism they themselves call terrorism, even as the sides designated as "terrorists" keep changing in fickle, Orwellian fashion.

S said (May 4, 2012):

By identifying the usual players in this scenario, it is little surprise to learn that Communism rules in SA today. Blacks take, rape and kill 'according to need' from those seen with 'the ability to provide'. And the Jew riddled Western Media sing 'silent night'. A neighbour told me that SA was originally settled by whites of his tribe and as we know that SA was considered for 'the Jewish Homeland' the fact that Palestine was chosen, does not mean that SA was off the hook. Israel may be the outer manifestation made visible, whereas SA is the dark hidden counterpart playing out our future under Yiddish Rule.

Mohammed said (May 4, 2012):

Why did the ANC kick Julius Malema out?
Why did the media expose Jujus shady personal finances?

Malema was quite correct when he asked why it was only him that was being investigated/exposed. why not other politicians who have lots more than Juju to hide?

Because it was only Malema who was making lots of noise about nationalizing the mines. We know that the ANC's bosses control the mines & the media and they were(&still are) afraid that if the gullible black majority in SA take Malemas cries about nationalization to heart, then it would mean lots of trouble for

and [the bankers] are not worried about the economy or jobs or anything of that sort-they are only worried about themselves
the billions they have stolen so far is not enough and they dont want to leave South Africa while theres still billions more to be made.

therefore they got the ANC to punish him also, it serves as a lesson to thers who may decide to push nationalization of
the mines Comrade or not- see what will happen to you!

and Henry-dont worry about Ernest
he is either a Zionist Jew or still has much to learn about what is really going on.

Philip in SA said (May 4, 2012):

Ernest [below]is blowing his cover! I think he is benefiting from the current regime, as it is instant reaction to label anything "Racist" if the ANC is criticized in any way. Think of the recent reactions of the ex ANC Youth League President, Julius Malema.

Thankfully he has overstepped the line and TPTB have expelled him from the Party. But you have hit a raw nerve by exposing the truth. Since I became aware of the Zionest Cabal ruling the world soon after 9/11, I was convinced that the ANC are only puppets to the SA Jewish Board of Deputies. The Status Quo between rich and poor has not changed very much, except that there are many more poor whites now who live in shanty towns.

BTW, Judge Goldstone was banned from attending his grandson's Bar Mitzvah at the Great Shul in Johannesburg after he released his scathing UN Report on Israel. He was only forgiven when he retracted his involvement and sentiments of the Report.

Keep up the good work of exposing the 'badies'.

Paul in SA said (May 4, 2012):

Ernie is missing the point, The issue here is who is behind the sufferings of the people. The South Africans both black and white are well aware that the banksters are behind what is going in SA, the escalating of food,fuel prices.

I agree with you we were duped to believe that ANC is the peoples movement, how can the ANC introduces e - tolling road system on an ailing economy, now the banksters are using the minister of finance of SA to lobby BRICS to raise R100 billion for IMF.

ANC has betrayed South Africans more especially us blacks. Ernest has to come and see for himself how rural communities are suffering. The unemployment has soared but that is what the communism stand for to make people the beggars of the state.

Ron said (May 4, 2012):

Ernest. Nelson Mandela admitted to terrorism & acts of sabotage publicly & in print so your odd denial is a moot point. Furthermore Mandela was exposed an an MI6 agent by fellow MI6 agent Stephen Dorril [,21,00.htm ]

in his 2000 book. President F W de Klerk [ who made the handover to the controlled ANC ] was also exposed as a British Intelligence agent put into power specifically for that role. There is no way that the current regime was ever about "liberation" as that was simply a convenient cover for which the Oppenheimer & financial elite used to continue their pillaging of the resources of the region.

The South African situation is a very complex one because a portion of the local White population were Boers [ who are also a minority within the White Afrikaans speaking population ] who were also Colonized & dispossessed of their land - the British conquered the Boer Republics during the second Anglo-Boer War wherein 50 % of the Boer child population were killed within the concentration camps that the British set up against Boer civilians.

The Boer people are an indigenous / homegrown people who were formed on the Cape frontier ie: on the frontiers of white settlement and on the outskirts of civilization [ as noted by author Brian Du Toit ] AWAY from the Cape Dutch who would later be called Afrikaners. The Boers were arbitrarily made part of the macro White population despite their partial Indian / Malay & Khoisan roots as part of a British strategy to co-opt them within White society & government.

Susan said (May 3, 2012):

thanks for another great article henry. we were all duped by mandela, none more so than the poor innocent blacks who thought that he was actually there to help them, not ruin them even further. south africa is a land that holds many resources that can be made into 'stuff' for the useless consumers among us, never mind about the millions of faceless souls that happen to be born and live there. i also don't know what Ernest was on about? your article didn't seem racist at all to me.


Thanks Susan

Ernest thinks I'm racist because I identified the ANC as terrorists.


Ernest said (May 3, 2012):

When Terrorism is not terrorism

I do read your site from time to time.. never realized you were a racist , or very little informed.

On South Africa, One fighting for their own right whether you think its Zionism or not, is acceptable. do not compare with the palestines.

If the blacks are poor, so be it, its their land you have no right to say what standard of living they should have.. better die a free man. So you are ok with white minority rule in a foreign land, give me a break henry. Its because of the black freedom, thats why there is poverty, aids, and so on.. whites would rather come in as the cure for all.

you just lost a reader, your views are racist, an invaded country has the right to do what it has to do..unless like the red indians have 60m yes 60m wiped out by foreign white invaders..

good day



Good riddance. You obviously missed the point. The ANC did not represent the Black people. It represents the bankers.

It would have been better to divide the country into White and Black portions.


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