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Why Masons are Afraid of Alex Chapman

October 1, 2012


(left, Alex Chapman, 46.)

Freemason power isn't in jeopardy. But they do fear exposure. 

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

An immigrant from Trinidad has shown Canadians how to fight the secret Masonic establishment that runs the country, and the world. 

Freemason power isn't in jeopardy. But they do fear exposure. They depend on duping the intelligentsia. 

They do not want these useful idiots to recognize that a corrupt, even satanic, Masonic network controls most everything of importance. 

(left. Chief Family Court Judge of Manitoba, Associate Justice Lori Douglas) 

To refresh your memory, Alex Chapman blew the whistle on Lori Douglas who is the Chief Family Court Judge in Manitoba. He revealed that before she became a judge, her husband Jack King solicited him to have kinky sex with her. King showed Chapman dozens of pictures of Douglas on an interracial sex site called Dark Cavern.

King was Chapman's lawyer at the time. Chapman depended on him in a difficult divorce proceeding and was being coerced to take part in seducing Douglas. Douglas didn't mention all this when she was being vetted to become a judge. 

King plead guilty to the charges laid by the Law Society of Manitoba :

Particulars of Charges: Professional Misconduct. (3 Counts):

Breach of Chapter 20 of the Code of Professional
Conduct [sexual harassment] ,
• Breach of Chapter 6 of the Code of Professional
Conduct [conflict of interest]
• Breach of Chapter 1 of the Code of Professional
Conduct [integrity]
(Date of Hearing: March 28, 2011)

Chapman took the case to the Canadian Judicial Council which launched an inquiry. Douglas stepped down "to do administrative duties." Winnipeg's Masonic establishment has come to Douglas' defence. 

I met with Alex Chapman Sunday. Maybe this is what the Masons are afraid of:

1.  During Chapman's testimony, he demanded to know why a picture of a woman sitting on a judge's chair masturbating was missing from the picture portfolio King sent him. Douglas' lawyer Sheila Block said this was not Douglas but another woman.  Chapman believes this other woman may be a colleague of Lori Douglas', another family court judge.  This suggests that Lori Douglas's example is not isolated but permeates the judicial system in Manitoba and elsewhere. 

2. Alex Chapman was an IT employee of insurance giant Great West Life at the time. When he sent his initial complaint to the Canadian Judicial Council, it didn't arrive. He learned that Great West Life intercepted the complaint. They subsequently fired Chapman using the excuse he had porn pics on his work computer, among other reasons. They were part of his case! Chapman intends to sue Great West Life for wrongful dismissal. 

3. Alex Chapman is one of only three persons ever to sue the Winnipeg Police Dept. for its egregious zero tolerance policy on so-called domestic violence. He won an undisclosed settlement. It was the judicial rot he witnessed in this case that made him press forward with his complaint against Lori Douglas.
Chapman also plans to sue certain reporters and newspapers for smearing him as an "escort" etc.  in an effort to discredit him.

4.  Lori Douglas maintains she is an unwitting victim with no knowledge of her husband's activities. Chapman says she is the one who negotiated and paid a $25K settlement to Chapman, hardly the behavior of unwitting victim. She also met with Chapman twice at a restaurant alone for more than an hour when Chapman was playing along in order to keep his lawyer's attention. Chapman described her a "very submissive, unattractive, naive ... a dumb country girl." 

5. The taxpayers of Manitoba should be outraged that Lori Douglas is getting full pay -- $250,000 per annum -- while doing "administrative duties," and that her three lawyers at the inquiry are also being paid by the taxpayer.  

6. Chapman's lawyer, Rocco Galati, is being paid by the Inquiry. Galati is from Toronto. No Winnipeg lawyer was willing to represent Chapman- that's how incestuous the law profession is here. One lawyer approached by Chapman scoffed at his use of the word "justice." The Law Society which is supposed to discipline lawyers initially ignored Chapman's charges. The lawyer in charge of discipline, William Gange, was Jack King's lawyer!  



Chapman described Canadians as "passive people" who don't even know their rights let alone stand up for them.  People who do not defend their freedoms will quickly lose them.

The Lori Douglas case is part of a larger pattern that shows how satanists infiltrate and subvert society. Communists who are Freemasons infiltrated the Catholic Church and discredited it with pedophilia. Gerry Sandusky discredited football and Penn State with his pedophilia. Now we have the whole judicial system infested with perverts and pedophiles. They bring down western society by destroying its values and discrediting its institutions. 

A measure of their arrogance and power is that they think a woman like Lori Douglas can keep her job as a family court judge. They control a lot but apparently they don't control  the Canadian Judicial Council. 

Chapman is very impressed with the CJC proceedings so far. He says the five judges led by Catherine Fraser have been impeccable in their procedure and rulings.  He is  confident that Douglas will be be removed from the Bench and the cabal of Winnipeg judges who put her there will be censored. 

Alex Chapman strikes me as a man of integrity and courage. We need to support his stand. 

Heather Mallick in Toronto Star 1. Describes CJC Proceedings not reported elsewhere.

2. Describes CJC Proceedings 

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Comments for "Why Masons are Afraid of Alex Chapman"

Jean said (October 2, 2012):

They are indeed, for the same reasons which the US government has of being afraid of Bradley Manning. This is the destiny of all whistleblowers in history --including The Whistle Blower who drove the vendors away from the house of prayer. (Why has He been crucified, and by proxy of Rome!?)

We have this saying in French that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Figureheads are disposable, whether kings, presidents, CEO's or others. But beware the power behind the throne, such as the judges to interpret the Constitution to suit some agenda. How did we wind up with such corrupt persons as judges? Who has been nurturing them?

With this being said... keep on throwing the spotlight at those who fear the light!

KPR said (October 1, 2012):

Mr. Chapman described Judge Lori Douglas as "... a dumb country girl". Not very nice, but probably the most accurate biography of the woman one will ever read.

Types like Douglas are elevated to positions of power in America, Canada and Europe (and quite possibly the rest of the world). Silly foolish ingrates who are charged by TPTB with judging us, representing us, defending us, prosecuting us, policing us, directing us, educating us, taxing us.

I'd much rather be subservient to my dog.

I have more respect for his mind.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at