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Why the Illuminati Tolerate Truthers

February 25, 2011

350540.jpgBy Oiseau Bleu

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find;  
knock, and it shall be opened unto you:
- Christ  (Matthew 7:7)
The Illuminati are using the Truth Movement to achieve their one-world government. Their goal is to show the world that all governments are thoroughly corrupt. When the time is correct, THEY will offer their "solution" to replace all of the evil governments.

Listen to The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, Protocol 3, sub-section 15:

"We have been leading the peoples from one (governmental) disenchantment to another, so that in the end they should turn also from us (our governments) in favour of that king-despot of the blood of Zion, whom we are preparing for the world."

The strategy of fomenting disillusionment with democracy was also outlined by the Club of Rome.   "Democracy will be made to seem responsible for the lagging economy, the scarcity and uncertainties.' This will bring the very concept of democracy into question."

The Truth Movement also creates widespread despair and a sense of hopelessness. We tend to magnify their power and underestimate out own. 
The Truth Movement must ALWAYS be wary and ask the two fundamental questions:

1) Where do they want to lead us on any given front?

2) How are they cleverly accomplishing this?  (Or closer to home: how are they using you to accomplish this?)


The more time people invest in studying about all of the evil, the less informed they seem to be about solutions which means the less we know about God. 

Satan has everyone tricked into spending all their time studying him and his work, instead of studying about the One True God. 
Most people have been groomed to stay and continue exposing the evil agenda without offering a working solution. This "infomania" that people have developed keeps them seeking a never-ending supply of "information", which effectively distracts them from finding real solutions to the problems.


Find hope "beyond" information.  Information is a stepping-stone with some benefits and usefulness, but it will never set you free.
Tangible solutions for the truth movement -
#1. Recognize your vulnerability to mind-control techniques designed specifically for you.  Every person on planet Earth is subjected to an onslaught of satanic mind-control programming.  Understand that we are actually mind-controlled to further mind-control one another.  "Let's go get a drink..." is just one simple example of that, though there are millions.
#2. Turn off your t.v.'s immediately and disconnect the cable service/connection.  This is obvious.
#3. Stop "enjoying" life (like the t.v. people), and replace that with genuine usefulness.  Worry when you are enjoying your-"Self" as just another consumer.
#4 Opt out of the System, instead of being beast-feeding busy.  Cancel credit cards/loans and stop paying taxes.  If done in mass, this would begin strangling the System.  Learning to Be calm, at peace, and passive is a prerequisite to effectiveness and harmful to the Beast.

#5 Watch the film "Revolver" (the rooftop scene - part 2 of 4  linked here) over and over till you're certain you get this.

#6 Believe there will be no more chances after this one because God said so. This is final.
Live each moment knowing this, and act accordingly. The Fire is real and Satan is leading to it.

Oiseau Bleu is the pen name of a British activist.  -

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Comments for "Why the Illuminati Tolerate Truthers"

Paul said (February 27, 2011):

Oiseau Bleu has neglected to speak of the biggest threat to all of us and that is socialism. We need to stop depending on the government for everything and pay for our own medicare, our own schooling, our own pensions plans...even our own libraries. When we do this and balance our budget and don't go into debt, then we have dealt with the NWO. The NWO loves us because no matter how much we talk, we still depend on them and they know we are not serious.

Jennie said (February 27, 2011):

I just finished reading these two articles and have to say, if we could get the sheeple to read these then it would be a vastly different world in a short time. just for my own experiences since my 'awakening' i just have totally tried to withdraw myself from 'society' and the sheeple's way of choosing to live. i haven't watched t.v in a number of years now, i don't listen to the news (or if i do, hardly ever believe it.) or read newspapers. i steer well clear of womens mag's and advertising. i refuse to wear anything with a corporate brand and haven't for many, many years given my money to greedy corporations that make themselves fat by fucking the world.

i try to think critically, for myself and try to encourage others i talk to to think critically for themselves, too. i believe in honesty, compassion, spirit and love. i always try to see the glass as half full and strive to think positively. i use cash, wherever possible and warn others of the impending 'cashless society' that they are helping to bring in every time they use their bankcards for a cashless transaction. i enjoy my life living as simply and as kindly to nature as i can. i eat a vegan diet and have enormous love and respect for animals, insects and every creature on our beautiful planet. i believe in making soil, not war. i don't give my energy to negativity if i can help it. anyway, i am becoming the change i want to see. if we all did what we needed to, or wanted to, to make a truly better world living in love and respect then the dark side would crumble and fall. i want to see mankind wake the f**k up and lets all help one another to strive for the good side, not the dark one.

Christian said (February 26, 2011):

The serious 9/11 Truth movement do not claim that US Government orchestrated 9/11, and even suggest that it is a private sector behind the 9/11 events.

The Truthers do not wanna get rid of government(s) but wanna get rid of corrupt people in the governments

9/11 Truth is the key to actually stop this banker-industrialist cabal, because it is the sloppy ‘controlled demolition’ of the WTC buildings that showed the world what is really going on here ..and who benefits.

When this private sector could actually be stopped with the 9/11 Truth and exposing the nano-thermite in the WTC remains, how could these people then install their One-World-Government that would secure their wealth and safety? ..i don’t get it.

Suggesting that 9/11 Truth is used for the Illuminati’s One World Government plan seems abit odd to me

.to me this seems more like a propaganda piece to discredit the 9/11 Truth movement.

Serious 9/11 Truth groups like Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth are not trying name the people behind the events, but to get new independent investigations started on 9/11 events and especially on the nano-thermite material found in the remains of the World Trade Center.

9/11 Truthers like AE911Truth do not make you passive, but ask you to be active, to inform other about the controlled demolition of WTC and also to demand answer from state officials about this issue..

AE911Truth are also very, very positive and hopeful people who see that even bad mouthing the organization will bring more people to know them and the things they are trying to put out ..very nice, calm and focused people Richard Cage here

Check out the presentation video, Blueprint for Truth-The Architecture of Destruction:

Gary said (February 26, 2011):

It makes sense that the Illuminati will try to twist the efforts of the truthers to their advantage to offer THEIR (Luciferian) solution.

That is why we must not only expose the evil, but show how they will try to use our efforts to offer their solution, AND we truthers must share the right solution.

While there are obviously many religious groups out there who have been infiltrated (or even started by) the Luciferian globalists, I can assure you that God is indeed powerful enough to keep His true followers intact, here is a link to a Christian minister's web page that has been studying the NWO since the 1970's and helps expose what they are up to and I can assure you that spiritual truth can be found on his web site for those who want the truth, here is a link to one of his pages:

The NWO globalists are indeed clever and their control of the mainstream media gives them a credibility with the public that does not know better.

Shareef said (February 26, 2011):

i don't understand how our NOT exposing the 9/11 lie is supposed to help us ...



I agree we need to continue to expose the globalist criminals, and government traitors, without discrediting the idea of democratic government.


K said (February 26, 2011):

This is the classical problem ("corrupted democracies") reaction ("truthers") solution ("dictatorship"), according to Icke's analysis.
The illuminati are indeed masters of mass manipulation.
These "truthers" are also manipulated; they are silent about the hidden root of evil, the real cause of corruption, and the real solution for it.

The truth is that we do not have real problems nor debt, etc ...

Tesla's energy technology is sufficient to free the entire world from the fake debt economy.
How many inventions have been suppressed, how many important new scientific principles have been stolen from us?

Our modern society is like a century old postcard. No bigger crime than limiting our consciousness, no bigger sin than ignorance

Ed said (February 26, 2011):

As far as the legitimacy of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, according to David Icke, they were first claimed to be a hoax by none other than Alan Dulles, brother of John Foster Dulles, and I believe the first head of the CIA. If those creeps are the source of the hoax claim then the Protocols are most likely authentic, not a hoax at all.

It is a pretty good article overall except for number 6, fundamentalist Christian (Illuminati) bullshit about God only giving us one chance. All or almost all of the organized religions are run by the very Satanists they profess to be against. The author has been duped into believing he one of the chosen ones. It seems he is being used himself, exactly as he is warning everyone else against.


Thanks Ed,

I believe there are still genuine elements left within many religions. The Christianity of the online "New Oxford Review" may be an example.


Marcos said (February 26, 2011):

This is an excellent article. Because it is impossible to stop the information, the Illuminati promote a solution to the problems they created themselves, in a fine example of Hegelian dialectics.

It is the old fallacy of using "white" magic to fight black magic, when in reality they are one and the same. Think Star Wars, Harry Potter, etc. The concept is widespread, and its intent is to make us all practice witchcraft, the game they master and one that will destroy us.

Enter any Truthers forum and you will see bright young men telling us that the solution to fight the new world order is the knowledge of the Mayan, meditation with spiritual masters, good aliens from the Pleiades, the hidden knowledge of Atlantis, etc.

What the Illuminati wants us to believe is that a super-evolved being, aided perhaps by enlightened aliens or spiritual beings, will save us from ourselves. They say Christianity is the root of all evil we are in (think the movie Zeitgeist).

It is sad that we see very intelligent people, who know about the new world order, practicing exactly the same religion that the Illuminati invented and do, new age. Maxwell, Icke, these guys, albeit honest themselves, have all been briefed by spirits, sometimes from childhood, as they themselves confess. The possibility that these spirits are fooling them with cheap tricks is not examined. They give us 99% of truth with 1% of poison, a quantity sufficient to kill us.

Imagine what will happen when God allows real evil miracles to happen: fire from the sky, UFOs, spirits materializing. People everywhere will fall on their knees and adore the evil one. We must be prepared now to face these tough times and not be fooled. Banks, the UN, armies, the FED, Bilderberg meetings, these are only the material tools of a spiritual battle. Do we have faith in God?

We must resist this deception. Even if you are not a Christian who think these things are demonic, understand that it is individual freedom and our own capacity for dialogue and analysis that may help us, and not some evil Brotherhood of Spiritual beings disguised as angels of light.

A true World Government can only be welcomed if it is presented as a salvation for the world, a benevolent and peaceful entity, and that is why the Illuminati are changing clothes. Inside, the core is rotten as usual.

John Lee said (February 26, 2011):

#2. Turn off your t.v.'s immediately and disconnect the cable service/connection. This is obvious.

I respectfully disagree:

Infiltrate the media mafiya by starting your own public access TV show, local radio show, pirate FM radio station, and -- if you have plenty of FRNs -- buy a licensed radio station and/or newspaper and convert it to Truth deprogramming. FCC is now licensing new Low Power FM stations. Think of it as mortal combat with the ultimate weapons system of psyop.

You can still have fun in a war zone.

John Lee, executive producer
Pirate News Radio
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Hollywood award winner
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and Asahi TV in Japan
Banned at Gitmo during
Support The Truth Tours

Austin said (February 26, 2011):

I also recently caught up with the ramblings of "Hidden Hand" - ostensibly a very convincing account of life inside the Illuminati bloodlines, and a real smorgasboard of their beliefs and methodologies - if you can believe any of it. To be honest, the majority of the material presented in that dialogue seems to be more from the New Age side of things, rather than Satanism or Masonry. It seems that the New Age/Gnosticism philosophy may well be the most 'ancient' religion, with witchcraft and Masonry just the manufactured parts to get people in, and fulfill sacrifice obligations for the leadership?

One thing's for sure - no matter where you look nowadays, what you see is an octopus with 100,000 tentacles, and a 'head' with many eyes - it's everybody and its nobody who's responsible for this mess. The bottom line for me as a believer, is that Satan started it, but God is sending down the vacuum cleaner real soon, and is going to clean it all up... 'and ain't THAT the truth??

Willy said (February 26, 2011):

That the Protocols are genuine, that meaning having significance for grasping the present situation, is self evident to anyone who knows
real history. History since the time they were revealed has played out exactly as the design of the agenda of the authors. The House of
Rothschild is certainly at the center of power of a tight cabal.

Henry Ford remarked that, “'s exactly what is happening in the world today,” and from the time he uttered those words in the 30s until now, the system is on the same path. In fact we seem to be nearing a fruition—a final phase.

At the same time we seem to be nearing the event horizon of the technological singularity. Despite the intentions of the controllers
of Zion, we are entering a realm of complexity that is beyond human imagination...everything is in flux, nothing is certain, and no one knows what is going to happen. Those who are certain they know are almost certainly wrong, but some may be right.

But what is almost for certain is that those who believe they are in control are dead wrong.
One thing that lends credence to that assertion is that their assumptions are irrational.

The two entangled foundational assumptions of the argument of the Protocols are “might makes right”, and that “the ends justify the
means.” Both of these are centered in a pathological blind spot to the rational mind. The errors are so simple that they are self evident to
the objective and rational mind. But not obvious to, what the Greeks called the zoonlogik mind.

The rational mind comprehends that there is a larger frame of reality beyond the empirical senses. There is a distinct connection between
empathy and imagination. It takes imagination to “feel” what another must feel -- to relate to it.
Might/Power, is under the will of human beings, it is neutral until the intent to use it is put behind it.

It is then: Judgment that makes right. The judgment of the rational mind chooses that which is right and that which is wrong.

It is equally self evident that, rationally ends are defined by the means used to achieve them. It is empty apologia that claims that evil deeds are justifiable--as such ends are tainted by the evil gone into them. To make an enemy by craft spawned by desire is a crime, for it takes a lie to frame another for the purpose of taking what they have,
or to create pain in another for pleasure or pride. Rhetorical excuses do not excuse in rational debate.

And finally, the assertion of exceptionalism, the claim to be the chosen tribe by some self defined god is vile hubris spawned by the psychopathy of fear and loathing. Put bluntly, denying the humanity of other human beings is insane.

Charles said (February 26, 2011):

It just gets curiouser and more curious. Why the Illuminati tolerates Truthers, your most recent, is one of your best; sublime in perception and relevance. The question, 'How should we, then live?" comes to mind. It will take me several passes to understand Revolver, yet the scary truths explained there must be keys to answering the question. Full of Knowlege isn't the answer...some of us are absolute sponges for information. It must be about application instead of mere knowing. Stumbling upon truth is like finding the monolith in the wasteland. It is a powerful disturbance. It is there. It exists. That alone is terrifying. Learning about it doesn't resolve I wished it would. Gods grace must be an infinite and essential part of the solution. I think you've been granted a rare and special portion of have figured some of these things out, thus far.

David said (February 26, 2011):

It's true that the 9/11 truth movement could be pushed to fracture US identity. How can anyone feel loyalty to a country that murders its own citizens like that? It's too evil to comprehend. How can anyone have faith in national democracies if they produce such nightmares? Many people will welcome the UN with open arms!

It's similar to how Ron Paul attacks the Fed but doesn't expose the wider cabal of international bankers who own the Fed. It's preparation for the acceptance of a world central bank.

Mark Anderson (Editor AFP) said (February 26, 2011):

The above article on how the controllers use the truth to lie is spot on. It is so true that the Internet is as much a snare as a blessing, in that it indeed is a bottomless pit of information and often sparks a pissing contest on who really "'knows" the identity of the "real conspirators." We do become overly enamored with "loving to hate" the evil ones.

So this "reality bomb," or "infomania" created by the Internet and certain books and some alternative media -- though useful to a degree -- soon makes us busybodies without a goal. The clear solution is to stop using their money and instead start with local currencies, local self sufficiency, barter, family cohesiveness, concordance and a basic unity around universal commonalities.

Get out out debt, stop buying imports whenever possible, relax, do not let "them" possess your mind in all of your "free" time and so on.

We need a social credit monetary system like that envisioned by the science fiction writer Robert Heinlein and actually conceived in the real world by Clifford H. Douglas. You simply monetize production, use machines to produce most goods, take our noses off the grindstone, produce money interest-free on par with production (as noted), give a dividend to all as part of their societal heritage and throw the yoke off forever.

We must knock off our over-fascination with the rogue's gallery of evil-doers and cut to the chase

Earl said (February 26, 2011):

Dear Henry,

The latest column on your site, "Why the Illuminati Tolerate Truthers" references the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.
Weren't the Protocols a forgery, designed to foment (genuine) anti-Semitism? Please let me know. Thanks.



Many writers, including some Jews like myself, believe they are authentic. Another Jew who said they were genuine is Marcus Ravage. ( See- The Real Case Against the Jews.) They were leaked and the authors had no choice but disown them. (More in my book, Illuminati.)

Of course, they represent the goals of a small clique of Masonic bankers who keep their fellow Jews in ignorance, the better to manipulate them.


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