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Winnipeg's Own Stonehenge

April 6, 2011

Oodena 2.jpegWinnipeg, Manitoba, already has a provincial legislature modeled after a Masonic (pagan) temple. Now an intrepid researcher discovers a Stonehenge.

"These alignments are not coincidental. They are intentional and are designed to magnify and give power to the evil forces in the city."

by Peter Boothroyd

Winnipeg has its own Stonehenge located in a popular tourist haunt called The Forks where the Red and Assiniboine rivers meet.

The famous Stonehenge is the pagan worship site in southern England. Like its British cousin, Winnipeg's Stonehenge consists of a collection of large stone monoliths arranged in a circle at a site officially named the Oodena Celebration Circle.

Carved into each of the 8 pairs of monoliths are depictions of pagan gods, goddesses or pagan belief systems, including the Babylonian goddess Ishtar, the Egyptian goddess Isis and the west African spirit Oya.

Oodena 1.jpegThe Aztec sun stone focused on sun worship is engraved into one of the stones, while Chinese and Hindu legends are displayed on two others.

Curved metal armatures mounted on the monoliths support structures for observing astrological signs. The Circle was officially opened to the public on September 21, 1997, the day of the autumn equinox. Another coincidence?

An 8-pointed star can be inscribed within the Oodena Celebration Circle. Which means the goddess Ishtar is honoured here as well as the Legislative Building. In fact, there is a smaller circle of 8 paired stones just north of the large circle in front of the Inn at the Forks hotel. When a line connecting the two circles of stones is extended north, it intercepts the site of Winnipeg's Tower of Babel (a.k.a the Canadian Museum for Human Rights). An accident?

Stonehenge.jpgThese alignments are not coincidental. They are intentional and are designed to magnify and give power to the evil forces in the city. There are many other examples of these "ley lines" in Winnipeg.

The large white obelisk towering above the Provencher Bridge is aligned with Broadway Avenue where the Legislative Building is located. Many of the large buildings at the corner of Portage Avenue and Main Street (e.g. the Canwest Building, Richardson Building and MTS Building) are oriented in the direction of the Legislative Building.

A line connecting these buildings at Portage and Main and the Legislative Building passes directly over the Millennium Library which also points directly at the Legislative Building. The steps leading to the top floor of the library are in groups of six and one group of 12. By design?


Many people are aware that one of Canada's largest Masonic temples is located very close to the geographic center of the country in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


Manitoba's Legislative Building loaded with occultic and pagan icons of Babylonian and Egyptian origin. In a previous article, I pointed out that two Egyptian sphinxes are situated on the roof over the building entrance bearing the inscription "the everlasting manifestation of the sun god Re, the good god who gives life".

Mounted on the dome is a golden statue - affectionately known as the Golden Boy - of Hermes Trimegistus, the god of alchemy.

Directly below is the Pool of the Black Star. This 8-pointed star represents Ishtar, the Babylonian goddess of fertility or Queen of the Underworld. What on earth is all this pagan imagery doing in a building that houses the political decision makers of Manitoba?

We know that construction of the Legislative Building was commissioned during the watch of Premier Rodmond Roblin who was a Mason. We also know that his Minister of Public Works, his Deputy Minister of Public Works, the Provincial Architect and the contractor chosen to build it were also Masons.

 And we know that Venus and Mercury were in alignment when the building was officially opened on July 15, 1920. Coincidence?

Winnipeg will soon be the first city in Canada to have a national museum outside Ottawa where the rest of the national museums are located. Winnipeg is also the headquarters of the International Institute for Sustainable Development which receives a large portion of its funds from United Nations organizations. Why Winnipeg?

Do the globalists have sinister plans for Winnipeg in the New World Order?

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legm.jpgPagan Temple


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Comments for "Winnipeg's Own Stonehenge"

Vic said (April 8, 2011):

The alignment mentioned of Venus and Moon is actually called a 'conjunction'.

This conjunction also happens to occur on the Galactic Centre degree of Sagittarius -- 26 degrees.

Israel chose their 'founding' of Israel when planet Jupiter was also at this point along with support of Mars, planet of war in supportive 'trine' aspect also in fire sign Leo.

These positions and aspect alignments are considered important for world events and brings forward the 2012 prediction date of Dec. 18, 2012 when the Sun reaches the Galactic Centre between us and the black holes at the middle of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Former premier Doer became U.S. ambassador to shepherd in the NAFTA highway to bring the most populated area of North America (Mexico) to the emptiest area: Manitoba.

In the Winnipeg Throne Speech in 2008(?) appeared it promised to provide Mexican driver licences. Oddly, Harper did not appoint one of his cronies to be ambassador and instead gave it to an NDPer.

When I asked NDP national leader Jack Layton about this (he is a former election graphics/production customer of mine -- he ran away!!

-- Victor Fletcher / astrologer / Toronto Street News

Dan said (April 8, 2011):

couldn't think of anything to say about the blatant occult geomancy of the Manitoba temple , er, State House. My visit there affirmed my belief that the Royal family are Satanists. Anything I would say regarding their plans for of the role of Winnipeg in the future is sheer speculation.
However, I observed that Winnipeg seems to have been deliberately preserved, unlike most American cities where older buildings are routinely demolished and replaced by cheaply built, almost temporary structures. Houston is an example.
Geographically Winnipeg is located at an optimum distance from danger zones. Buffered to the south by the sparsely populated Dakotas, and buffered by millions of relatively untouched Canadian acreage West, East, and North. Who knows? Maybe the Royals themselves plan to relocate there in the event of a depopulation operation or manufactured catastrophe in the British Isles some day.

Rick said (April 7, 2011):

Consider that Maurice Strong who is a leading globalist working for the UN and taken aboard by the Rockefellers was born in Oak Lake Manitoba.
He headed the Bio conference in Rio in 1992 where the Agenda 21 program was born. This scumbag was heavily involved in the scandal over the Oil for Food program run by the UN.

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