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Woman Blames Feminism for Spoiling Her Life

February 9, 2013


(left, not Stephanie) 

I've really missed out on having a healthy male influence in my life.

by Stephanie 

I grew up without a Dad, and lived through much of the poverty and isolation perpetuated by the second wave of feminism.

When I was little, my Mom had big stacks of MS Magazine lying around, and so she was sucked in by the "big lie" also.

Yes, at that time, women were being harassed without protection at the workplace, domestic abuse was hidden, and "some" women felt miserable in their lives...BUT I STILL agree that these issues were used to undermine heterosexual marriage.

I didn't live through all of those things, being born in 1970, but I have NO doubt my life would have been better if my Mom had known healthy relationships growing up and had been able to give me a two-parent home. (my Dad took off when I was two--leaving my Mom all alone.)

I've really missed out on having a healthy male influence in my life.  I see Dads everywhere I look absolutely loving their families and enjoying their kids. Sometimes it feels like I'm looking into another dimension--I can't even remember what it's like to have a man hold my hand when I was little. There are men out there that would lay down their lives for their families and just cherish them so much; that's if they are lucky enough to not get sucked into the divorce machine which victimizes men in so many's atrocious.

I think it was VERY easy for women to be sucked into feminism back in the 70's, simply because Gloria Steinem and others like her, took valid complaints that women had and promised them the world....mixing truth and lies to serve their agenda....just the way they are now.  

I'm not saying I have all the answers but there is no doubt that there were ways to resolve the issues that did exist without tearing up families and maligning men unjustly.

You know, I always wondered how it was possible that 1 in 4 women had been raped, and yet I had never met one woman who had been.  As a matter of fact, when I thought about it in my twenties, it seemed like a sure bet, right?  

Those are pretty good odds, yes?  And yet, there are very few men I've ever felt unsafe around and not ONE man has ever even raised a hand to, I must just be one of the lucky ones!

So, again, thank you for your work, and please know that there are OTHER women like me who have woken up from the BIG LIE a long time ago, and have looked around them and have seen with their own eyes what beautiful, wise, loving, nurturing, loyal, and capable beings the majority of men truly are!!!  :-)

[I asked Stephanie to tell me more about herself.]

As for me, it's so hard thinking about getting back out there...very scary...especially because I feel I will be judged for not being in a relationship for so long.  I have no children and have never been, it's all too much to explain sometimes.

I'm self-employed and hope to add other sources of revenue to my income, so that I can keep being independent in this way...but wow, if I met someone who could accept me for who I am, I'd be thrilled to be home and take care of my house, and cook, and garden and maybe adopt some beautiful munchkins!!!

Okay...hope that wasn't too much info!  :)


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Comments for "Woman Blames Feminism for Spoiling Her Life"

David said (February 10, 2013):

I worked a while back for a Fortune 1000 company (if I mentioned the name, believe me, you would instantly recognize it as a household word and universal brand) where federal hiring practices guided by decades of feminism have reached their depressing conclusion: management is a veritable hens' party, reverse discrimination against men is A-okay. If you're a straight white male like myself, expect your work product to be sabotaged and you blamed for its failure. Needless to say, avoidable disasters are now the norm and when you-know-what hits the fan, the outcry from the women is so predictable: "Find some MEN to fix this pronto!"

The worst part is the discrimination is practiced by women who have grown up in the most privileged society for women ever. They're all college educated, the products of federal law designed to give them special privileges and advantages that men never had in the workplace. They've never known any world other than one where they are given elevated status, but they still see themselves residually as somehow "oppressed".

Feminism is one of those powerful ideas endlessly repeated (like private central banking, the War on Terror, the "income" tax) that people come to believe is the only reality and can't see a better way to run a society.

Al Thompson said (February 7, 2013):

One solution that I promote and use for myself is that I do not engage in any sexual activity unless I'm married. Everytime I fornicated, the relationship was destroyed. That's a hard lesson to learn. I suggest that people wait until they are married before having sex. I'm including the most popular post on my blog regarding fornication. There is nothing good that comes from it and I believe that it ruins the relationship between a man and a woman. If Stephanie wants to find a good man, then she should find one who is willing to forego sex until marriage. Otherwise, what will happen is the same old thing that doesn't work. Women need to hold on to their dignity and respect, and that doesn't happen when fornicating.

I realize this goes against the grain of most people. I've made this point with a room full of young people and they laughed at me because they thought I was "out of sync with the times." Unfortunately, I made the same mistakes they are making and it did me no good. It is better to learn from one's mistakes, than to keep screwing up over and over again. Ladies, don't give it up until you are married. That's my advice and my opinion based upon experience. Fornicating produces God's payback which I don't want to be subjected to any longer. Fornicating is a proven failure, so why do it?

Sexual morality is still important but difficult to achieve given the various media. However, feminism and sexual immorality promote all kinds of evil and failure in any man or woman's life. But with an adjustment in behavior, I think that will go a long way in making life better and not constantly being under the bondage of evil.

Dan said (February 7, 2013):

I was lucky to be raised by grandparents in the sense that they told me what it was like before WW II, before the "Roaring Twenties" and WW I.

It's my understanding that sex harassment and domestic abuse became rising problems after WW II. They've erased the memory that male society used to collectively protect women. A man that harassed women was called a "masher" or a "heel" and was liable to have her brothers and cousins show up in the middle of the night and beat the crap out the guy. The general public used to lynch rapists and child molesters.

Part of the strategy was to take the right of men to protect women has long since been taken away.

Judith Reisman has written articles on the fact that Kinsean legislation since the early 1950's stripped women and children of legal protection from sexual predators.

You cannot give 'rights' to predators without taking rights from their prey.

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