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"Women Don't Need Men"

March 26, 2012

1191332404-hinojosa.jpg"It's going to take some time to work things out.
 Meantime, women such as Magdalena
 Hinojosa (left) still find it hard to get a date."

The "empowerment" of women
 was social engineering not social
 change. It was designed to make
 them seek career instead of family.
 They were told they could "have it
 all" but for most, that was a lie.

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Feminism has been convincing women they "don't need men" since the 1960's. Now women have one problem. They can't find husbands.

Successful women
often make men feel demoralized and inadequate.

According to a recent article by Margaret Wente, What if Women Don't Need Guys Any More:

"Magdalena Hinojosa, (above)  a striking-looking single woman, is a senior associate vice-president at the University of Texas. She's learned that her job makes men uneasy. So when they ask her what she does, she simply tells them she works ... in the admissions office.

 "You have to hide who you are, at the beginning, until that person is comfortable with you," she says.

In the past fifty years, feminism has swept through society like an Oklahoma tornado leaving a trail of wreckage:

1. "Women in America now earn almost half the family income, and more than half in lower-income families. Forty per cent of wives now out earn their husbands. And the gender gap is closing fast. The median income of young, unmarried urban women in their 20s is now higher than the men's."

2. "More than half of births to American women under 30 now occur outside marriage. One mother, Amber Strader, 27, said she was in an on-and-off relationship when she got pregnant. Marrying her boyfriend, a clerk at Sears, never entered her mind. "It was like living with another kid."

3.  Men have been deprived of their identity. "What happens when they aren't needed as providers any more? What happens when their sense of purpose is lost? The answer is, they become unmoored."

4. The US birthrate is down from 23 births per 1000 in 1960 to 13.8 in 2011
, the lowest point in history! In 1960, 72% of all American adults were married; in 2010 just 51% were. The number dropped sharply by 5% in the most recent year, 2009-10.

We don't need to debate that a stable loving marriage between a man and a woman is the best foundation for raising children, and for giving people identity, purpose and love.

With statistics like those cited above, you'd think the government and media would be sounding the alarm.

What do we hear instead? The news is full of homosexual marriage. Gays don't have children. Those who want to marry represent roughly one person in every thousand. Schools and media actively promote homosexuality which is a debilitating developmental disorder. "Gay Rights" is a mask for a vile attack on heterosexuals. 

Obviously something is fundamentally wrong. Our society has been subverted by a satanic cult, the Illuminati ( i.e. Freemasonry.) Our government, corporations and media are owned or controlled by the Illuminati central banking cartel.

Everybody who achieves public success -- educators, politicians, journalists, feminists in general -- is either a dupe or a traitor. They have sold their soul to this devil-worshiping cult unwittingly or not.

The "empowerment" of women was social engineering not social change. It was designed to make them seek career instead of family. They were told they could "have it all" but for most, that was a lie.

Anyone can do a job. Only a woman can be a mother. Naturally she needs her husband's support. Feminism has deprived millions of women of a socially honored lifetime role.    

The institutions of marriage and family are being undermined in order to destabilize society, making it vulnerable to the Illuminati Communist NWO. The destruction of marriage and family has been a plank in the Communist Manifesto since 1848.

Luckily, men aren't buying the nonsense in articles like "What if Women Don't Need Guys Any More."

Here is a sample from the 665 comments it drew:   

How come with this take on the situation, that according to Statistics Canada, 96 % of ex spousal support is paid by men? If there was justice shouldn't this situation be corrected?

What nobody needs is you Margaret. This piece already
ran in the Atlantic a few months back.

Pretty much all of the education system is now geared to the female mind and personality. The result, predictably, is that boys are dropping out of school at alarming rates and graduating less. I still remember the day my son (then in grade 3) was sent home with a "yellow card" because he jostled with a friend in line. It never occurred to the teacher that jostling is what boys do. It's how they express friendship. When he "graduated" from grade 8, all but two of the 20 or so awards went to girls. Can you imagine the outrage if the ratio had been reversed?

Maybe its time we start giving men preferential treatment in jobs?

I have a bit more education than my wife, but she makes a bit more money. She has a politically correct government job that wouldn't be given to a white male, while I have my own business and create work for other people. Go figure.

Many of the ideals of feminism come from lesbian based thinking. It is very real that lesbians within the feminist movement has steered many women, unbeknownst to themselves, to forgo and disdain the lives of their mothers. ... It's the gay feminist secrecy that I find galling. I thought we were supposed to have come out of the closet by now. Or are they afraid that such knowledge would undermine their credibly. BTW, I am gay too so don't call me "phobic".

Margaret Wente has misinterpreted social trends. Men don't need wives any-more. There was a time when men were expected to marry and provide for the family. This was always a large burden carried on the backs of men. Women's success in the workforce has freed men. Since providing for the children is no longer a man's job, men can now dedicate more time to leisure and are not slaves to jobs or careers.

As an architect I can say here - in anonymity - that most of the women architects I have worked with are indeed better at the talking and sitting part. They love to vocalize and pick colors and finishes, but the hard work of focusing for a long period to flesh something out and design it in detail is not their forte. They get down right antsy when they have to do any of the detailed work, they call in sick and act out in a passive aggressive way.

And the female engineers are the same. They love to talk and talk, but don't ask them anything too specific - they will not have the answers.
Women are best in roles where they can talk and talk and talk. Journalism (like Margaret, whose job is to talk about whatever pops into her head), government, sales, marketing, "personnel" (whatever that means).
Although I have had the pleasure of working with a few very competent women, when it comes to solving problems and meeting deadlines, generally speaking, give me other men to work with - any day.

Men have not ever needed women. They have always been independent. But do you ever hear them saying this? Of course not. Because they have the decency to subsume their personal interest in the aim of having a family. Feminists who want to stay alone can stay single. And good riddance.

Women don't need men, until it's time to pay the bill.

I like having a girl friend. Don't ever want to live with a woman though. Most don't know how to cook, keep a clean place, and manage finances, or they are just plain lazy. And, biggest point of all, what a drag it A would be getting sucked into continual contact with her family. A living nightmare as women have constant contact visiting with her relatives too much for me to be around it all the time. I am not interested in them, I just like having a girl friend, not the whole team. So, deal breakers: I don't want to have to raise a woman, wait on her hand and foot, merge finances with a financial over spender, have kids in an overpopulated crazy world, too expensive to have kids world, and be absorbed by her family, losing my autonomy.

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Comments for ""Women Don't Need Men" "

T - A Pakistani View said (March 28, 2012):

Pakistan is the latest victim to fall in the clutches of pseudo feminism. In my opinion, the political leaders and media people can be easily bought, hence the mantra about women empowerment, from the biggest sellouts.

These days our public universities have 80-20 enrollment ratio of girls-boys. I am referring to medicine, engineering and business disciplines. These state subsidized universities produce world class graduates and most women grads do not pursue careers after marriage at the median age of 25. We now have a woman Foreign Minister (Secretary of State) whose barely 34. She is supposed to have been hired for a "soft image."

Feminism amongst the upper and upper middle class women is about being ungrateful. The men provide for everything and women demand Islamic rights of support (its an unconditional religious right).

Then they keep ranting about how much smarter they are than their husbands, because they had a higher GPA in college, or they read books (the husband doesnt have the time to read dumb fiction with his corporate job).

These women refuse to do any housework and are quick to threaten divorce (after having children) should anything disrupt their comfortable lifestyle. Most men cower at this threat, given that the state is ineffective when it comes to legal action. Separation just means the kids go to the mother who ofcourse returns to her father's house where she may at best take up part time employment as her husband and father support her. The final icing on the cake is that these women separate but do not divorce.

They brainwash their kids into threatening the father with cessation of all contact, should he decide to move on with his life. Some men who do dare to divorce, see their children returning, only with an agenda to instigate divorce in case of their father's second marriage. There is no concept of living with a man/woman in Pakistan, so the men have no option but to pander to monstrous wives if she bears children.

These cases are all around me!

At least western women are honest about feminism. They work hard for their education and careers. They don't mooch off of others and then act vindictive.

PM said (March 27, 2012):

Regarding the interest in reducing the human population, in most cases the articles that focus on such topics touch on subjects like vaccines or some other dreaded plan... when the obvious overlooked social engineering concerning the emancipation of women and the emasculating of men has a very objective result on reducing the formation of responsible families and on raising children responsibly.

The state of human affairs is very sad,

Clifford Shack said (March 27, 2012):

There is a work-around. My wife and I have raised five children of our own and have fostered a few kids over the years. After my youngest was old enough to attend school full-time, my wife enrolled in computer school. It turned out she has quite an aptitude for the technical environment. To make a long story short, my wife retired me. She is teaching our children the latest technologies that will insure that they can provide for their families.

Woman can have their cake and eat it too. Its a matter of order.

I recently noticed that my daughter-in-law was caught in the "career-first" mentality. Thanks to your relentless reporting, Henry, I detected the problem and made my son and daughter-in-law aware of the dupe. I reinforced the warning with a bet. I bet my son $100 that his wife wouldn't bear him children. After a few months they realized that they were indeed under an Illuminati spell.

My son has since gifted me his wife's birth control pills. Looks like I'm going to be a grand daddy after all. My son is working in the technology field where he can support his family. My wife has shown us all that with a little faith and lots of hard work the world becomes your ally.

First things first. Don't be ruled by fear. Live life from the gut. Obligate the universe to do the right thing. Question authority. Don't let others keep score. Keep your own score.

Chris said (March 27, 2012):

Just keep telling the truth, Henry, whether they want to hear it or not. There are churches out there that are "aligning" Bible teaching to coincide with this garbage. Women have the right to do with their lives as they see fit, but not to replace God and Biblical doctrine.

Victoria said (March 27, 2012):

f anyone doubts the rightness of relationships between the opposite sexes (and not same sex) I suggest they watch this dance between Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers to the Cole Porter tune, 'Night and Day' (start watching at about 3:15 into it if you don't fancy 1930's music):

I have come late in life to an appreciation for the films of this pair. If you wish to see sexual chemistry in action, just check out their many dances. Although only friends in real life, in their movies they perfectly complimented one another and it is this state of balance between 'opposites' that gives all great art its perfection. Judging by the comments there are many of us who have an insatiable appetite for this portrayal of the eternal tension between the sexes.

Marcos said (March 27, 2012):

Magdalena is not striking. On a zero to ten scale, she is a 4 or a 5. Adriana Lima is striking. Giselle Bundchen is striking. The article lies and tries in the first line to minimize the real reason Magdalena doesn't have a boyfriend.

Men choose women based 70% on looks, 20% on feminine personality and 10% on intelligence. Her job has no meaning whatsoever as an attraction factor for a man. This fact of nature makes feminists mad. Perhaps they will someday come up with a law to force men to marry successful career women.

That's why it is important for women to marry young. The husband will then develop feelings of tenderness and gratitude for the mother of his children when her looks fall apart. A single 45 year-old woman doesn't have this history with the man. She brings only her current looks to the table, and usually a very arrogant disposition too.

When women say they don't need men (marriage), and start having sex at random, men will only follow (women are the gatekeepers). Being a good provider, a responsible man, the factors that used to be important for men in order to marry a good girl and get sex, is no longer important, and in fact is detrimental in the pursue of sex, because this is considered "boring". Men are now free to be players, to be playboys. The result is what we see today, a society of gangsters and whores, as exemplified in MTV music videos.

A single man doesn't need much in order to survive. If he knows "game", psychological tricks to attract women, he will get all the sex he wants. He doesn't need to work like a horse. Without responsible men, it is impossible to maintain civilization for long.

Byron said (March 27, 2012):

Give a single man a good job, and he'll marry and support a wife and family. Give a single woman the same job and she'll support a cat. That's their plan.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at