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Before Hijacking America, Zionists Hijacked US Jews

May 4, 2024



Before Zionists took over the US government,
they took over the American Jewish community
and made it their instrument.

They silenced Jewish attempts to define

American Jewish life in non-Zionist terms.

They believe Jews cannot coexist with non-Jews.

The West is now complicit in Israel's genocide and will suffer the consequences.

"Today in America, Jewish culture and even Jewish religion have degenerated into 'Jewish' nationalism, and Jewish philanthropists, Jewish schools, Jewish segregated services, have been all subverted (with a few noble exceptions) into serving...the upbuilding of the 'Jewish homeland'...Moshe Menuhin

"Oh, my people! They who guide you lead you astray."  (Isaiah 3:12)

(revised from 2005 and 10/07/23)

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

The worst antisemites are Zionists who create antisemitism to dupe  Jews into advancing the Illuminati bankers' plan for world government dictatorship.

In the past, I have argued that Zionism is a protection racket and conspiracy against Jews.

Before Zionists took over the US government, they took over the  American Jewish community and made it their instrument.

They have suppressed the normal cultural/spiritual/political aspirations of US Jews and drafted them to their pernicious cause.


Henry Hurwitz's  Menorah Journal and  Menorah Societies  were  an  attempt  by American Jewry to see itself culturally and spiritually as an end in itself, rather than a support system for the "Jewish homeland."  Zionists suppressed this free and democratic  group, in the same way as they have deprived Americans of their political and cultural freedom.


Henry Hurwitz started the first Menorah Society at Harvard University in 1906 and its journal The Menorah Journal in 1915. The Menorah movement stood "for the study and advancement of Jewish culture and ideals in America." 

By the end of the First World War, the movement had expanded to include the Intercollegiate Menorah Association, Summer School, Education Conference and Board of Lecturers.

Essentially the movement fostered non-dogmatic, non-political study of Jewish history, spirit and culture. It was open to different points of view and initially received support from the central bankers. But when Hurwitz insisted that Judaism had nothing to do with Zionism, and Jews ought to feel perfectly at home in America, the bankers froze the  Menorah movement's Jewish community funding.


In 1958,  Hurwitz wrote a friend, "We have had more than one coy proposal from this and that wealthy organization to take us over. Our financial problems would then be solved. And our freedom--that is, our true life--dissolved."  (Menuhin, The Decadence of Judaism in Our Time,  1965. p.366)

In the Autumn-Winter 1959 issue of the Menorah Journal, Hurwitz describes the effect of "bigotry" i.e. Zionist banker control of organized Jewry.

 "This bigotry strikes beyond one old established independent organization and its magazine, which have perhaps rendered some service to Judaism through more than half a century. 

"This bigotry poisons the air of Jewish communal life in America. It tries to suppress...the basic American principles of free speech and free press. It penalizes honest analysis [of those] who control the Jewish public tax-exempt philanthropic funds, and hence have the power to enrich favorite organizations, while starving others that do not bend the knees...Thus, they actually hinder here a rational long-view consideration of the best interests of the people of Israel themselves.

 " Moreover, as is well known, a very large proportion of the supposedly voluntary philanthropic donations are extracted from business and professional men on threats of punitive economic and social sanctions. This must be described as what it is--a species of terrorism. Such terrorism has become a most effective technique in large Jewish fundraising." (Menuhin, p. 367)

  Unfortunately, the Menorah movement died with its founder in 1961. Its work was partly continued by the American Council for Judaism, under its dynamic founder Rabbi Elmer Berger (1908-1996.) 


(l. Menuhin's son is the famous violinist, Jehudi Menuhin.)

In 1965, Moshe Menuhin, left, characterized American Jewish life in the following terms:

"Today in America, Jewish culture and even Jewish religion has degenerated into 'Jewish' nationalism, and Jewish philanthropists, Jewish schools, Jewish segregated services, have been all subverted (with a few noble exceptions) into serving...the upbuilding of the 'Jewish homeland'...(468)

(A measure of this: Moshe Menuhin had to self-publish his book.)


My guess is that American Jewry is about evenly divided: half is  alienated from all things Jewish; half is under the control of organized Jewry, i.e. the central banking cartel. 

This cartel, synonymous with the name  Rothschild, is behind all major wars and depressions of the past 300 years, behind Communism, Fascism and the Holocaust, behind 9-11 and the bogus war on terror. Nothing in this world happens without money and they control government credit.

They need to enslave us in order to protect this world monopoly.  Their goal is to remake mankind into a slave race by destroying the basis of our humanity: nationhood, religion (God), race and family.

This enemy sits at the heart of our political, financial and cultural life. It has co-opted all groups in the same way as it has co-opted Jews. However, organized Jewry is leading the assault on our freedom. 

They are the real antisemites. They have sacrificed Jews to their agenda before (Communism, Nazism, Zionism)  and will do so again. All Jews will be blamed for the New World Order, even though half are indifferent, and the other half are willing dupes.


Proof of Zionist-Nazi Collaboration

--- Eichmann told another story of his dealings with the Zionist Dr. Rudolf Kastner, which ultimately resulted in the deaths of countless assimilated Hungarian Jews, and the survival of the fittest Zionist Jews for Israel, Jews who were Kastner's friends. Eichmann stated, inter alia, 

 "As a matter of fact, there was a very strong similarity between our attitudes in the SS and the viewpoint of these immensely idealistic Zionist leaders who were fighting what might by their last battle. As I told Kastner: 'We, too, are idealists and we, too, had to sacrifice our own blood before we came to power.' I believe that Kastner would have sacrificed a thousand or a hundred thousand of his blood to achieve his political goal. He was not interested in old Jews or those who had become assimilated into Hungarian society. 

But he was incredibly persistent in trying to save biologically valuable Jewish blood--that is, human material that was capable of reproduction and hard work. 'You can have the others,' he would say, 'but let me have this group here.' And because Kastner rendered us a great service by helping keep the deportation camps peaceful, I would let his groups escape. After all, I was not concerned with small groups of a thousand or so Jews."--A. Eichmann, "Eichmann Tells His Own Damning Story", Life Magazine, Volume 49, Number 22, (28 November 1960), pp. 19-25, 101-112; and "Eichmann's Own Story: Part II", Life Magazine, (5 December 1960), pp. 146-161; at 146.


Hannah Arendt wrote in her book Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil, "Of greater importance for Eichmann were the emissaries from Palestine, who would approach the Gestapo and the S.S. on their own initiative, without taking orders from either the German Zionists or the Jewish Agency for Palestine. They came in order to enlist help for the illegal immigration of Jews into British-ruled Palestine, and both the Gestapo and the S.S. were helpful. They negotiated with Eichmann in Vienna, and they reported that he was 'polite,' 'not the shouting type,' and that he even provided them with farms and facilities for setting up vocational training camps for prospective immigrants. ('On one occasion, he expelled a group of nuns from a convent to provide a training farm for young Jews,' and on another 'a special train [was made available] and Nazi officials accompanied' a group of emigrants, ostensibly headed for Zionist training farms in Yugoslavia, to see them safely across the border.)


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New First Comment from Dan Butler:

A question, would you say that Hollywood and television's persistent Holocaust and other persecuted Jews narratives are aimed just as much at fostering Jewish paranoia as it is for sustaining European guilt and American sympathy?    

When I was in college in Illinois, a Jewish student got an acceptance letter to teach at a college in Georgia.  He asked me, "you grew up in the south. Will the KKK burn a cross on my yard?"   He was serious.  At the time I thought it was just funny, but now I wish I'd asked him what stories he'd been told to make him afraid of travelling south of the Mason Dixon line.  

It seems to me television, some movies, and all magazines contain a lot of propaganda directed at keeping Jews herded inside the proverbial Pale.   Much of it is fear based and just as transparent as the phony 'race war' propaganda that's been aimed at blacks and whites the last few years.  

On the other hand, the Israeli government tipped it's hand in 2011 with a commercial in Hebrew directed at young Israelis in college in the United States, urging them not to marry American Jews.   The ad was pulled due to complaints from American Jewish groups.    Israel gov removes ads 

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Comments for "Before Hijacking America, Zionists Hijacked US Jews "

Kevin Boyle said (March 13, 2022):

All Jews will be blamed for the New World Order, even though half are indifferent, and the other half are willing dupes.

Just like gentiles, really.
Let's pray God has a better idea this time round.

Peter said (November 4, 2019):

Enjoying Moshe Menuhin, understanding what he is on about, still, bits I am suspicious of, eg jews have been peaceful wherever they go.... well, they have to be, else if they go too far, they got kicked out (ostensibly).. and their Project is Intelligence, it subversion, exactly as Moshe knows happened to German Jews 20th century. good stuff though and refreshing. his grandson will be a hoot too, contrarywise. I still have to factor in the Atzmonian "Jews for " as corralling of opposition, or just gobbling up everything and taking credit for everything "as a Jew". also Moshe thinks that all empathy and Western virtues are derived from Hebrews into Christianity. the Aryan Ice Age Man Genes theory has it otherwise. Additionally, I am not so sure that the 20th century was moving on from traditional Colonialism (for better or worse), rather than a more technical development for global enslavement run by the same families. IBM and the Holocaust style. That makes the Nazis at the forefront, rather than lagging in the Colonial race like expansionist Zionist. The land grabs are for forwarding defense. As Moshe quotes when you have to take all of someone else security for your own security.

Paul S said (November 3, 2019):

Very interesting article! I was of course familiar with Yehudi Menuhin but I didn't realize his father Moshe was an author or that he was aware of these social and political issues. I recently wrote to you about the significance and influence of the Maharal of Prague on modern Judaism, and in this regard, I thought it interesting to point out something that many people might not be aware of -- namely that Moshe and Yehudi Menuhin are direct blood-line descendants of the Maharal.

Phil said (August 12, 2015):

In the article how luciferians think, Moore does not even use the name of the creator god is a term adopted from paganism so therefore he is calling satan god in reverse speech, he has been fooled into believing satan's old rebellious lies and non creative ways satan continues to only repeat things he has done all along he does nothing new. He is only a dog on a leash that can only do what Yahoo the creator lets him do. I feel so free from any bondage when I acknowledge the creator through his name not a title titles are given to many there is only one name for redemption not many as the lier satan claims there is! Without the covering of the real name then even the elect will be deceived!

Rich said (August 11, 2015):

This news piece aired on Fox news in 1984 and explains how the Zionists were allied with Hitler against the rest of the Jews to exterminate them.

Pedro said (August 11, 2015):

f Jim Stone (at is correct , and I know he is, then we can add Fukushima to their list of crimes against everything, including, one would presume, themselves in the end.
I would suspect there are many neutral innocent normal more or less assimilated Jews though, that would band together with their bandit brothers if push came to shove. Douglas Reed's excellent Controversy of Zion informs me that Jews had preferential employment in the communist bloc. Ford spoke of how apparently opposed Jews came together just at the right moment, just like US Presidents, and the likes of Churchill, buckling at these inflexion points of the history of Zion-incarnate in the making. Which is not to say useful or ignorant goyim tools are not as large a part of the problem. All these things were discussed a hundred years ago, but since put well and truly under the rug of ignorance with the ADL's all encompassing "anti-semite" broom.

Al Thompson said (August 11, 2015):

Al Thompson

I've had many Jewish friends over the years. I've worked for Jews and I've known Jews in the anti-tax movement. My experience with them is a mixed bag. The biggest problem I've had with Jewish libtards is the fact of their gross hypocrisy.

One one hand, they speak of the horrors of the holocaust under the Nazis (national socialists), and then on the other, they promote the same political doctrine that got their own people killed; socialism. Most people don't understand that fascism is just another flavor of socialism-communism. I have always found it difficult to understand how the modern Jew will promote such nonsense in the political arena, and then whine like little pansies about the persecution of their people by the Nazis. Well, they support the same system that instigated the persecutions. These Jews are as the Nazis.

One of the main activists in the anti-tax movement were Jews: Irwin Schiff and Jack Cohen. I had a lot of respect for these men as they looked upon the income tax issue honestly. Irwin Schiff is still in prison and Jack Cohen passed away from a stroke a few years ago. There were Jewish men that I looked up to.

Communism is feudalism warmed over and it is the main reason for the persecution of the productive people of the world. There are plenty of Gentiles who are just as evil. This Jewish culture is manifest in the banking system which is modern slavery. After all is said and done, it is the satanic communist system that is causing most of the problems If Judaism is satanic, then all of the other religions are in the same boat as they have all been spawned by Judaism.

It appears to me that the decent Jewish culture has been compromised in favor of the mindless support for Israel which is a socialist nation. But the real culprit here is the promotion of communism in the political systems of the world. Communism is not a good political system as it is evil and it violates natural law. It can never work for the benefit of anyone. All communist leaders have innocent blood on their hands.

Tony Blizzard said (December 9, 2012):

I much appreciate what you write here. Some of us have been saying the same or similar things for many years but when it comes from you it carries 100 times the weight of the same words written or uttered by a non Jew.

I learned years ago while working with L. Fry that some of the most truly dedicated fighters against this evil have been Jews. I believe its because you have the background and mind-set to better understand just how perfidious, just how connivingly evil, these people can be.

Ed said (November 29, 2007):

read your blog often and enjoy taking inthe things you bring foward. My best friend for more than fifty years is a jew and I love him like a brother.

I am old and sick and would like to see peace between the jewish people and the rest of the world before I die if possible.

When men of god will come together many things are possible so dont give up hope for future generation of jews and gentiles. I think your blog is a bridge between two worlds that can create understanding and compassion between people.

take care, stay safe and keep blogging.

Robert said (November 28, 2007):

Dear Henry ,
If everyone would read and seriously consider your presentations , this world would actually be safer and more hospitable for all Jews everywhere ....The enemy is Srereotyping !
All men , rather than being equal are uniquely different...A very small number are in fact evil. We must accept this reality ....A specific offender who happens to be Jewish should not be allowed to trade on the "anti-semitism"card ..Nor should any decent man ever be denied full credit and esteem by anyone -just because he happens to be Jewish.
It is accordingly an outrage to rubberstamp every Jew as a "Zionist conspirator "
There is a dire need for more "glasnost" in our perceptions ....An "antisemitic Christian " is an Oxymoron ! Christ and the Apostles were all Jews . The Christians of the early centuries were constructively Messianic Jews ... To this day - Judaism is the foundation of Christianity. ....
Hence , people dare only be judged as individuals - never as a class ..

Keep up the good work !....sincerely -Robert Cassidy

Elaine said (November 28, 2007):

Dear Henry:
Bravo! It's about time people, all people, realized what these elites are doing to the
rest of the country and the world.
Blame should rest with those who have capitulated and allowed this disastrous mess to happen in the first place. No one wants to stand up for what is moral or truthful anymore.

We've become subjugated to a mindset of lies, distortions and evil without blinking an eye.

We have allowed it to happen, we are our own worst enemy. We need some people with backbone and determination to stand against this onslaught. We cannot continue to elect the same dupes over and over again.

Our country will continue to deteriorate unless and until we say, NO MORE. We have had enough of the deceptions, lies and distortions. People must tell the truth no matter what the consequences.

Thanks for all you do for fighting against a power so strong, deliberate and organized
that most people continue look the other way when given the truth. Rocking the boat is a good thing. We all need to begin to rock the boat and quit accepting lies for truth.

James said (November 28, 2007):

Henry, I was reading some more of your stuff and have found your meat is in the letters and comments ...with your replies if deemed appropriate.
Wow, you get your share of NWO shills .. LOL!! I love how you call are a graceful dude and know your stuff. Some of the comments
though are real heart provoking....what has happened to us??? I was married for 23 yrs, and when Reagan got in ,my wife had a good job and
150,000 good family type jobs disappeared [Pittsburgh, Pa, global steel move] and I became a shoveling sand blue collar guy in a jobless
marketplace. Of course my wife started to run around, my vices were drugs and alcohol...I knew I wasn't being the father I wanted to be but
my sons ended loving me anyway... I knew it was THEM...but didn't know till recently who THEY were. It's really amazing how much of our life
they influence if you let them. They ruined my dream and I would love to ruin theirs. Maybe little by little the 100th monkey will get there
..LOL??? My mother was married 3 times and I saw a lot of good and bad...I mean a lot!! If it wasn't for finding God or the Great Spirit or
Consciousness at 10 I could have never survived. I feel so sorry for people that can't listen......or see...or worse, feel nothing....which was rare for us growing up but is common now. The youth smiles and lies
to us...up in our faces and they ask if THIS is real...I feel for them.

Now kids are raised like commies or nazi's and parents are space cadets...I see it in my family alittle with my grand-daughter. I got all
winter to read more of your stuff...keep it up.

Tom said (November 28, 2007):

I hadn't at all known of Harvardian Henry Hurwitz. A great piece, dead on, I think. You are a wonder. I believe you are the keenest eye on the scene, and of course a prophet without honor among his own people.

As are all of us, more or less. And with Bill 1959 they intend to shut a few of us up it seems. Well, let us all hang together. I still think Shamir is right that the way out of this mess will have to come from the Jews. You are a brilliant harbinger. May the Lord bless your
work. I'm hoping against hope that Putin is on "our side" and is telling Bush & Co. to cool it. He does after all wave a few nukes.

Have you ever heard of a maverick banker lady named Catherine Austin Fitts who is recruiting grassroots people to shift away from big banks and criminal, drug-pushing govt. to investing in neighborhoods?
Website is Thank you again.

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