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"Tolerance" is a Guise for Social Engineering

August 4, 2009

Identity.jpg  (Left, Human Identity is Being Changed) 

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

(Revised, from April 27, 2007)

For centuries the Masonic central bankers who control Western society and culture have been pushing "tolerance." Why?

"The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" is a notorious "forgery" that uncannily explains the reason. It says the Illuminati bankers want to "dislocate all collective forces which are still unwilling to submit to us." (Protocols, Section 5)

The four major collective forces are: Race, Religion, Family and Nation. They are the four pillars of our human identity.

How do you undermine them? Certainly a frontal attack would meet with spirited resistance. Instead you promote "tolerance" which destroys these collective forces by erasing the differences between them.

Thus you have ecumenism in religion, miscegenation in race, and regionalism (i.e. EU, NAU) in nation states. You destroy family by erasing gender differences. 

"Tolerance" (and "human rights") are Orwellian doublespeak for a process that demolishes the foundations of human identity. Human beings are being re-engineered to be servants, cattle, "human resource" of the Cabalist bankers. We are being deliberately stunted and diverted, destined to be dysfunctional children who don't decide or do anything important but work, have sex and consume. Mankind is satanically possessed, hijacked by a Satanic cult, the Illuminati bankers.


"Tolerance" is applied selectively. We must tolerate whatever undermines the four collective forces but have "zero tolerance" for efforts to resist or uphold them. Tolerance for Rothschild shills; zero tolerance for everyone else.

Thus Black rappers can trash Black females but Don Imus was fired for a passing remark. Zero tolerance for white heterosexual Christians.

Gay activists can plot the end of "hetero-normative" society but the EU censors Poland for "hate" because it doesn't allow public schools to promote homosexuality.

American Zionists can instigate disastrous wars, but the EU declares illegal any scrutiny of the Jewish holocaust, which might deprive Zionists of their impunity. The truth can withstand scrutiny.

I will focus on one aspect of this agenda: the attempt by the American Psychological Association to suppress therapies that help homosexuals assume a heterosexual life.

In our "tolerant" world, homosexuals are tolerated unless they become heterosexuals again.


In the one-race, one-religion, one-world government, we are to have one sex as well. The bankers are creating a homosexual society by confusing us about gender and sexuality. (This confusion is called "Diversity." )

In 1973 the Rockefellers had the American Psychological Association change the definition of homosexual from a disorder to a normal lifestyle choice. If you google, "Rockefeller Foundation" and the APA, you will get about 70,000 links, indicative of how the bankers buy "scientists" and other "professionals" by the tonne.

Some psychologists protested this banker takeover. One was Ray Johnson, who wrote that the APA "has been seized by political activists who have little regard for science or the democratic process. Since the seventies, the American Psychological Association has lobbied the government, filed court briefs, and engaged in and promoted boycotts on behalf of ..the ERA, unrestricted abortion (including abortion for children without parental notification and consent), sex and racial-ethnic discrimination, and homosexual politics."

The APA is lobbying to have homosexuals declared "a protected minority." It engages in intimidation and propaganda. It threatened with boycotts "states whose citizens passed APA disapproved laws regarding homosexuality. It has supported efforts to introduce programs into the public schools to "reduce prejudice" aimed at so-called "gay, lesbian
and bisexual youth" or "pre-homosexual" children."

Does this sound like "tolerance" to you? The APA is vehemently against "conversion therapy" because they can't have homosexuals reverting to heterosexuality. That implies something is wrong with homosexuality!

In 1979 the noted sex therapists Masters and Johnson published their findings that 72% of dissatisfied homosexuals who entered their program converted to satisfied heterosexuals, based on follow-up five years later. Immediately the APA attack hounds condemned their methodology and claimed the men weren't really homosexuals. The careers of the sex
therapists went into eclipse.

Only in a Masonic Communist system like our own is science determined by politics.


To understand our world, we must appreciate that we are frogs in a large pot, having our identities changed. Our "culture" -- the pot and the stove -- is largely contrived, i.e. it is social engineering. Only "approved" statements get mass distribution,

Mankind is being transformed to serve the Cabalist bankers. They want us to identify as consumers and producers only, and be amenable to guidance by "experts", like the APA.

"Tolerance" shames us into giving up our humanity. Let's resist by strengthening our identities: heterosexuality, nation, religion and race, respecting but not deferring to others. The real tolerance does not come from erasing differences but in upholding them, in loving others for their unique qualities, and being proud of our own.

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Comments for ""Tolerance" is a Guise for Social Engineering"

Leslie said (August 6, 2009):

In response to "Jim, the former skirt watcher" THANK YOU FOR TELLING IT LIKE IT IS!!!!!!!! I was a teenager in the 70's and it was night and day to what we see now in our youth. Our young women, were fresh, and nubile, beautiful and FEMININE.

I was just asking a few female friends of mine, if they felt that they had lost their femininity over the years. Yes. No doubt. I asked them, "when was the last time you wore a dress?" Everyone looked puzzled. This all led into a very interesting and SAD conversation about the Social Engineering we had All fallen prey to.

Per usual Henry, you hit it right on the head. Oh heaven help us all...

Steve said (August 6, 2009):

Some thoughts after reading the article and comments...

"Tolerance" removes from us (the non-brainwashed) the ability to peacefully disagree without legal, employment, or other drastic social repercussions. Is this not part of the definition of "discrimination"?

In 1960's America, we had beach movies with Frankie Avalon: "Bikini Beach", "Muscle Beach Party", etc. Plenty of women in bikinis. It is startling to see how beautiful and feminine women looked then as opposed to now!

Curtis said (August 6, 2009):

The whole thing with "tolerance" is that it is a key word for acceptance and approval. And those are far along on the hate-intolerance-tolerance-love scale. And this is why they've psuhed for marriage certificates. Typically marriage was a religious ceremony or people just shacked up. Then the govts had to recognize marriage. Next governments had to perform marriages in addition to treating them differently (which is unConstitutional as Ron Paul would point out). So now, gays want this official sanction in addition to the school/media agenda to push their lifestyle choice as something that is approved and accepted. This goes far beyond basic tolerance

As to the protocols, the four points of the agenda you've described are perfect for destroying white society and political institutions.

Guise said (August 5, 2009):

Tolerance has been recognized by myself as an odd word used in the context it has been for several years.

My first exposure to the word being used in this way was in "racial tolerance". What struck me as odd in this case was why do we have to tolerate other races, when we should love them. Tolerate means to bear, put up with or endure. This doesn't sound very loving.

We have been taught to tolerate for centuries now, through all of the atrocities our civilization has committed on both sides of the revolutions, coups and world wars. Thou shalt not kill, but we tolerated killing for the sake of country. Some say for God and country, but God would not have his faithful engage in such as thing.

I can assure your that my Lord, creator of us all will not be tolerating sin very much longer. He lovingly offers salvation to all, but will righteously judge those who don't honour and receive him.

Rick said (August 5, 2009):

Many years ago, there was a sport personality name Jimmy THE GREEK. One day, as he was giving us a play by play in a football game, he began to tell us about the difference between blacks and whites.He said:" Blacks, physically, are obviously a much better human specimen than we whites are. Look at their upper thighs, they are stronger, bigger. Same with their upper torso". There was no malice intended on his observations, yet, we have never heard from Jimmy The Greek EVER again.

In respect to "homosexuals" and their life style, we most be very careful as to how we approach the subject, if we should ever do so. The problem I have with them, is the fact that they do not have any respect for we, heterosexuals, way of life.

As a 63 years old man, I joined a gym to do my daily work-out and try to live a few years longer. Once I am done, I enjoy a few minutes at the steam bath. Well, this IS a congregation of gays if I ever see one. The rules demands to have a pair of shorts on or at least a towel wrapped around your waist. Needles to say, none of the two is used. As you walk in, some are engaged in activities I found totally disgusting . As I was explaining to another "male" , my opposition to this nasty behavior in a public place, his reaction was simply this:" They are just waiting for people like us to die off and take over the world."Sadly, if you file a complaint with management at the club, they will call you a "homophobic" and probably kick you out of the place. It's a very sick world we live in.

anon-satanic ritual abuse said (August 5, 2009):

Recently, I ran into someone who turns out to have done therapy with several people (not just one or two) who have been victims of what is politely called "ritual abuse". That is a euphamism for being coerced/prgrammed when young into participating in various extreme sexual activities and satanic ceremonies up to and including human sacrifices. Very young children and babies are preferred for those sacrifices.

According to this fellow, a lot of disappeared children have in fact disappeared because they were used in these activities. Also, teen-age girls are made pregnant even by their fathers to produce children for the rituals.

The victims are really in a tough spot. They tend to not have good experiences from the mainstream, publically funded mental health system. They are also labelled with things such as "false memory syndrome". No one believes them. If they try to reveal anything, they can be threatened and intimidated, even killed. Anything that comes out is immediately hushed up and dealt with.

He does not have any financial or professional ambitions in trying to get this stuff out in a public way. He is curious as to how prevalent this stuff is and the psychology of why people engage in it and has had to study it for professional reasons. He doesn't look upon it from a political perspective but it is his belief from the information that has been revealed to him that this stuff involves a widespread network of people that is well organized to defend itself.

This might not come as news to you but there you have it from a very different source.

Jim said (August 4, 2009):

Back in 1992, was hanging by the University of Maryland bus stop, in front of the student center. Was finishing my MSEE and did not own a car, so was waiting to be driven to the Silver Spring station to catch another bus. During the spring, would sometimes skirt watch.

The problem with this was over two thirds of the young women were at least 30 pounds overweight, in spite of the fact that all of them were ~20 years old. They also looked used, and had that nasty hooker look. Back in the early 70s, as a teenager, the opposite was true as most 20 year women all looked hot and fresh and wore dresses.

As an example, my 18 year old niece is at least 40 pounds overweight, and has been f#&king this loser wad for the last two years, with her mom's full approval. She finished her first year in community college with a B+ GPA, and will probably get her degree and become another well paid GS parasite (like her mom the embezzling whore). She wears shirts that let her disgusting belly and flabby tits hang out, and it grosses me out.

There are other nieces of mine that are not as disturbing, but this particular one was cute as a button when she was four years old. What really freaks me out is why anyone, without serious quantities of beer in their belly, would have sex with her, much less breed with her? Like most of my nieces, she cannot cook, sew, refuses to do house or even yard work, etc... .

None of my nieces is polite or nice, and have no real feminine charm. That really is a lost art form. Women are nasty as hell today, and men appear to be back stabbing, low life, narcissist cowards.


Julian Lee said (May 2, 2007):

I wanted to let you know that our site
has a new level of activity and freshness now. I have a core of about 5-6 men who make audios for it,as well as freshly updated news links much more often. There is a new audiotoday on porn and the view of the female by one of our Indian associates, Anand Krishnan.

Don replies to Richard said (May 1, 2007):

I agree in part with Richard's remarks (below). The 'but' is: A common mistake for the "homo-impaired" as with the racially or religiously prejudiced is to assume that if some do a 'thing' then they all do a thing. I also find the behavior that Richard describes as repulsive . In fact most of what I see on the streets and in the media reporting on the parades and such is also repulsive to me. Yes that even includes sodomy. I don't know the figures or percentages but, I have enough experience in my search for inner wholeness to know that there are a fair amount of gay people who believe as I do in that regard. Once again I go back to what I said earlier. In that, if parents would teach their gay identified children less self hate and more about how to live a dignified, giving,moderate life, we would see less of the in your face, rebellious anti-social behavior.

Richard said (May 1, 2007):

Sir: A joy to read your articles. Although you make sense on the "homosexual" behavior, they will be plenty(like Don-below) who would argue your findings, to justify their "abnormal" behavior. As a child of the sixties, I remember,vividly, going to San Francisco, the mecca for this sick "way of life" and actually walked by establishments advertising their nightly shows of homosexuals engaging is "animal behavior". They would nail each other to the wall, while someone would fist f....them from behind.

This animalistic and depraved behavior is the one the system is telling us nowadays to be "tolerant" with? The idea of seeing a muscle man holding hands with another and behaving contrary to his nature, is simply sickening. Another point, is the fact that they have no respect for heterosexuals.In my younger years, I was approached several times, even though I am a men's man. Recruiting is one of their tools and they use the school system to do so. These people are sick and their behavior, with proper treatment, can be easily reversed.

Unfortunately, this behavior, has become the norm. In fact, being a real man, is a federal crime nowadays. Keep up the great work.

Don said (April 30, 2007):

While I can't argue with you on a good amount of the subjects you address. ( I have visited your web site on several occasions). Your consistent and, to my eyes cornucopia of anti_homosexual mash is just way over the top.

I am a man of 56 years. I have been monogamously married to the same woman for 36 of those years and raised what have turned out to be two fine men. However, what is known to only my wife and a couple of friends of ours, is that I am also a gay man. For about fifteen years of our marriage, in an effort to change my sexual preference (note that I say sexual preference, not sexual behavior ), I involved myself in various groups and counseling, both Christian and secular. I sir am here to tell you that change of this nature does not happen.

In both my experience and observation, some sexual behavior can be changed but, sexual preference can never be chosen or changed. I nearly died trying (chose suicide) trying to change who and what I fundamentally am. I was, as it could be said: "A house divided". It wasn't until I finally realized this fact and accepted the man that I am, was I able to claim some peace in my inner being. I have remained married and do not seek a relationship outside of my marriage. That is the commitment I made 36 years ago. That is the choice I have made.

I must say though, a hole in my soul exists because of my youthful ignorance and in their "moral" judgment, the ignorance of those that have gone before me .

I don't expect you to publish this but if you do, please don't use my last name or city.

James said (April 30, 2007):

I attended the public school system for 12 years. I did not start to learn until after "graduation" from high school. What a waste of time public school is. All concerned parents should teach their children at home.
The school teachers are just as confused as the students.

For example, The "DARE" program taught at public schools actually introduces the allure of drugs into the minds of young people. This program
does very little to help students to refuse drugs. Psychologically, it is also designed to weaken one's volition in a society where commercial drug advertisement runs rampant. The drug pushers are also the zealous advertisers, manufacturers, and doctors who prescribe these chemical "alternatives" to a wholesome spiritual solution.

I loathed attending sexual education class. How uncomfortable and spiritually degrading this was to an adolescent. A friend related to me an
instance where the whole class was shown a video of a woman giving birth. I am proud that I skipped school and refused to be indoctrinated during so many occasions. Consequently I missed the episode of the woman giving birth.

These escapades took place ten years ago. It is horrible to think of what might be taking place in pathetic"sex- education" class around the country these days.

Public school systems promote anti-social tendencies. Before the first class commenced, students enjoyed an outsider rendevous across the street and shared cigarettes and pot. My friend who was an intelligent honor roll student also frequented the gatherings. There was no doubt by anyone that he was destined for a decent college education and a successful life, as desirable as it sounds. Currently, he is struggling with alcoholism, failure to find work and troubled with the company and ill influences of misguided
human beings. It is up to me to help this person find the right path.

I earned terrible grades in "school" but have kept my conscience and uncovered the spiritual path and the joy of seeking a fulfilling life. As we know,it is not up to socialist- public school to guide us, to teach us morals, to help us cope with the gamut of human personality or to help us
become decent, concerned people, worthy of being called human-beings.

We have quite a task on our hands; to seek purpose, to be aware of our actions and thoughts and to achieve all that we are capable of doing for the good of humanity and creation while dwelling in the jungle of human transgressions.

Guy in Uk said (April 29, 2007):

We are dying of stupidity – I have come to loathe the words ‘tolerance’ and ‘diversity.’ This Orwellian reversal of language to mean the opposite of what is says is truly Evil with a capital ‘E.’ Organisations like the Moonies and the Scientologists are easily recognised by outsiders as brain washing cults – but because Socialism with it’s vernacular of Political Correctness is so universal – as your article indicates, the EC lives and breathes in that vernacular – people do not realise it is the biggest mind control cult that ever existed – anybody who uses bogus invented words like ‘sexism’, ‘racism’ and ‘homophobia’ may as well have a large banner over their head declaring ‘ I have given my mind away.’

Sergio said (April 28, 2007):

I just wanted to say that this was an awesome article.

The issue of promoted "tolerance" was very hard for me to understand. They use arguments to end "difference" among people, but they don´t do that with the intention of creating loving communities, but on the contrary, they just want to centralise power. In truth they have no respect for the richness that "difference" is, and just want to homogenize everything.

In a way their propaganda goes on baiting people. They start with a truth and then from there they lead people down a chain of thought to where they desire to go. And it leaves people in a situation in which they can´t question anything, because if they do, it´s as if they question the first premise, that is perceived as true.

For example, people shouldn´t be discriminated based on race - true. But from there they have led society into such a situation in which
an innocent commentary can be perceived as rascism and there can be consequences for that.

And the whole goal for that is to homogenize the population and make it easier for them to control and govern.

Hal said (April 28, 2007):

Very well done, Henry. One of your master's touch projections!

You may remember Perry Como had a hit entitled, "Keep It Gay" in which there is a line, "keep it light keep it gay". He would have found your article fitting to that tune as you indeed make it on point of the homosexual role in the destruction of our "value system" and you did hold the weight of it down to a more common receptive level without giving up the foundational considerations to be gained in/by/from the article! I consider that to thicken the brew would play to either those already hell-bent against its substance or possibly appeared redundant to those already on board with the idea, changing opinions in neither regard! Thus my appraisal of the well placed "lighter touch" to a most weighty trend of thought!

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at