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Hollywood's Home Movies Portray Jewish Nightmare

September 18, 2013

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The studio sold this movie with the tagline:
 "This is the way we all are."

Judd Apatow mainstreams the dysfunction
of Hollywood Jews, the only people he knows.

Since [Luciferians think] man is an animal with no divine soul, there is no need to restrain his basest appetites and functions. (That would be "repression.")  Therefore "comedy" no longer is defined as being "funny" but as being disgusting. Since man cannot aspire to be godlike, all that remains is a race to the bottom. 

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

There is a special schadenfreude
you get from watching other people degrade themselves.

Judd Apatow's productions which include the HBO series "Girls" and movies like "Knocked Up" (2007) and "This is Forty" (2012) specialize in this kind of train-wreck voyeurism. In 2007, I wrote: "Knocked Up" is a trip down a psychic rabbit hole populated by perverts, creeps and losers. Hollywood wants us to emulate them. Judging from the rave reviews, we are  willing to oblige."

apatow1.jpg( Mogul Judd Apatow)

It is no exaggeration to call This is Forty "a home movie."  Apatow wrote and directed it. Although Paul Rudd plays Apatow's character "Pete", Apatow's wife, Leslie Mann plays wife "Debbie", and his two daughters, Maude and Iris, play the children. As Malcolm Forbes said, "There is nothing wrong with nepotism as long as you keep it in the family."

Leslie Mann actually turned 40 in 2012 and this movie obviously was lifted from Apatow's domestic life, including what passes for witty pillow talk. The only fictional element concerns the family facing financial distress.

Before I get to the family dysfunction, let me harp one more time on Apatow's vulgarity and adolescent obsession with bodily functions. As I have said, the Luciferian defines "courage" not in terms of standing for truth and justice, but in breaking norms of decorum, good taste and style.


Since man is an animal with no divine soul, there is no need to restrain his basest appetites and functions. (That would be "repression.")  Therefore "comedy" no longer is defined as being "funny" but as being disgusting. Since man cannot aspire to be godlike, all that remains is a race to the bottom. 

hemeroids.jpgThe litany of vulgarity and tastelessness crammed into the first hour of this movie include Pete sitting on the toilet, Pete getting a colonoscopy, Pete farting in bed, Pete examining his hemorrhoids in a mirror, Pete looking up an woman's skirt. 

Apatow has a woman expatiate for five minutes on how her vagina is numb from an operation and two gays talking about blowjobs.  Apatow displays his wife's breasts, has her feel Megan Fox's breasts (to see if they are real,)  give Rudd a blowjob and get a vaginal exam. Mercifully, he doesn't reference his daughters' genitals this time around.

After an hour of cataloging bodily functions, the film settles down to an inventory of dysfunction facing rich Hollywood families. These include foul mouthed children who defy their parents and take their cues from social media instead; parents of parents who start second families when they are too old and poor; people living way beyond their means and feeling life is a treadmill, and a general inner emptiness which defies definition or solution. Gatherings with family and friends are toxic with everyone starved for a crumb of encouragement or, failing that, a chance for recrimination.

The problem is the abdication of the father. The father fails to set down the law. Thus the family is in a state of anarchy.
Rudd's portray of Apatow is of a weak man who is lost in the world. His record company is floundering. He can't keep his diet. He can't control himself so how can he control his family? Debbie is the usual melange of insecurities and they bicker constantly.

m&r1.jpg(Rudd looks and acts like oldest son)

"What are we even doing?" Debbie says. "This is not making me happy. You're not happy. You don't like me. I can feel that. I'm not blind. Jesus. We're like business associates. We're like brother and sister. There's no passion there."

The problem is not passion, it is power. Pete has to take possession of his wife and children. They have to obey him. He is the leader. He must have a vision. When the man is emasculated by the wife, the result is anarchy.

PETE- "Don't be such a ball buster."
DEBBIE- I am not a ball buster. You make me one! I am a fun girl! I am fun-loving! I am a good time Sally! I dance hip-hop. I cannot believe I've wasted my whole life busting the balls of people who have no balls. I am the only one here who has any balls."

Hollywood Jews are very good at creating and spreading dysfunction but they never present the solution. For them, the human condition is to wallow in sickness and derive consolation from self pity or sentimentality.  Imagine if this story were about the husband reasserting his authority and his wife supporting him? But that would be "sexist."

In general, Hollywood was hydrochloric acid to Christian civilization. It corroded every form of social coherence: marriage and the nuclear family,  racial homogeneity, and religion. It promoted homosexuality. Now all that is left to destroy is human dignity and self respect.

Why are there so few movies that uplift and inform, that make us feel good about being human? Why do the vast majority focus on
human sickness and depravity in one form or another? (There are some exceptions.)  Hollywood is run by the Illuminati, a Cabalist satanic cult. Its goal is overturn the natural and spiritual order so it can replace God on top. 

Mankind is under occult attack. A
rt and entertainment have become a psy-op.

This is Forty - The Script

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Comments for "Hollywood's Home Movies Portray Jewish Nightmare "

Mark said (September 22, 2013):

As sexual license expands, true individual liberty tends to diminish.

"Do as thou wilt"?
Maybe for a select few.

Just let any of us slaves try it should it come up against any of these burgeoning Draconian laws (on occasion even when emulating the debauchery presented as good by the role-model media), and just see how long we'd remain free to walk the streets at will. More like, "do as thou wilt" -- with thy cattle.

LC said (September 20, 2013):

This was a truly brilliant piece. You outdid yourself. Scathingly accurate critique! This is what happens when people see no higher purpose in life nor spiritual values, nor a genuine God, but put their stock in materialism as their ultimate value.

Kristine said (September 19, 2013):

For lack of an alternative because the video on the plane wasn´t working properly, I tuned into this rubbish and could not believe my eyes or ears. People would do good to completely steer clear of anything Hollywood and even on television. The satanic cult of Canaanites is attempting to subvert all of reality. People need to resist this trash vehemently, because its influence is insidious and cannot be escaped.

What shocked me were the scenes, which appeared to be outtakes, shown after the "credits" were rolled, which you do not make mention of in your article.

The two main characters were sitting at a dining table and some crazy woman, who I did not remember having seen in the picture itself, was ranting about how mad she was and how she was "going to eat his head and drink his blood". I can´t remember who"he" was. The other two characters were listening to that woman intently and laughing their socks off. Is that supposed to be funny, the idea of "eating someones head" and "drinking his blood"? This depraved parasitic idea of vampirism was portrayed as a funny joke, which most people ignored or brushed off. That is the problem, people do not take anything seriously that they see in movies because after all, it´s just a movie. Which is exactly the point.

Dan said (September 19, 2013):

Last April I rode with a Catholic group on a chartered bus to my state capitol to lobby the state reps of our city. About half the passengers were students from Catholic high schools. Once the bus was underway, the driver ran a movie - now a standard policy on most modes of mass transportation.
I don't know the name of the movie but it was typical crap made for teen consumption these days. The first scene was at a prom or high school dance.
The behavior and dialog of the characters was very dissonant with Catholic culture, and soon as one of the other girls in the movie called another girl a slut, one of the event coordinators had the driver turn the thing off.

Don't get me wrong - ten years ago I would have thought that was 'prudish', but then I was still lost in the fog of iniquity. Hollywood is the 'holy wood' that the dream weavers use to cast their spells. Their job is merely to plant the seeds of bad attractions and bad advice in our minds. They know that even tolerance of the 'entertainments' they churn out, compromises everyone that's within ear shot of it.

Wade said (September 19, 2013):

There needs to be a voice crying out in the wilderness. A voice that tells the simple
truth without apology.

You are one of the very few number of those voices.

In my humble opinion the only hope for mankind is to get back to God and His commandments.
Because here in lies integrity, love, hope, trust, truth, honor, grace, real beauty, and the path to
all good character, and the solution to every inharmonious circumstance under the sun.

When this nation turned it's back on God and His Son Jesus Christ...that was the beginning of the
end. All the sickening things that you describe in your article are only going to get much worse and more widespread. The further people drift away from their creator the more unbearable their lot in life will be. Every day we read in the news some new atrocity that was UNTHINKABLE not long ago. I would love to be an optimist...but sad to say the future for mankind looks bleak.

Jeffrey said (September 18, 2013):

It's important to remember that movies were not like this as recently as two decades ago. Two to search out are "Mosquito Coast" with Harrison Ford and "Falling Down," starring Michael Douglas. Both feature strong men addressing the dystopia we live in head on, although Douglas's character breaks down at the end, hence the title. We're talking early 90s, here, and culturally we've gone far into the toilet since then.

One thing I love is watching film noir and comedy from the 30s through the early 60s; what I hate is waking up to the reality of the downward slide that has brought about the Judd Apatows and Sacha Cohens of this world.


Thanks Jeffery

"Master and Commander" was another notable exception to the trend.


Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at