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The Jew of Wall Street

January 18, 2014

(left, Leonardo di Caprio as Jordan Belfort)

Throughout history, organized Jewry subverted Christian
 societies and undermined Christian values. The movie,
The Wolf of Wall Street, continues this tradition 
by glorifying and normalizing deviant, degenerate behavior.

"The goyim are a flock of sheep and we are their wolves. And you know what happens when the wolves get hold of the flock?" 
-Protocols of the Elders of Zion, 11

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

 "The Wolf of Wall Street," directed by Martin Scorsese, is a movie about Jews ripping off goyim and wasting themselves with cocaine and prostitutes. But you wouldn't know it because the protagonist is a goy played by Leonardo diCaprio, better to spread the movie's satanic values. 

Just as many Jews changed their names, Hollywood has skewed ethnicity. For example, in Chicago, the Jewish lawyer played by Richard Gere is the Irish "Billy Flynn." In Shattered Glass, the Jewish homosexual plagiarist is portrayed as a straight gentile, better to convince the goyim that gay-Jewish behavior is their behavior. In Mean Streets, Martin Scorsese makes the street criminals white, although in real life they are black. 

Throughout history, anti Semitism was justified because Jews subverted Christian societies and undermined Christian values assisted by their Freemason proxies. The Wolf of Wall Street is the story of Jewish stock swindler Jordan Belfort who sold his clients millions in fraudulent securities. He ended up crashing on drugs, divorcing and spending 22 months in jail. He still hasn't repaid his victims. 

The movie celebrates fraud, graphic sex and drug use including homosexual masturbation and snorting cocaine from a prostitutes' butt crack. The F-word is used 569 times. It has received glowing reviews, grossed over $80 million and received five Oscar nominations including Best Picture, Director and Actor.

Typically, the movie opened Christmas Day. 


The real story is not told. Why did Belfort and his Jewish colleagues feel no remorse about taking peoples' life savings? It's because they are goyim!

Jewish writer, Ron Eshman, broaches this question in an article, Jordan Belfort and The Wolf of Wall Street's Jewish Problem. 

(Jonah Hill, left, plays the only explicitly Jewish character, Donnie Azoff)

"But, just between us [Jews], let's talk about Belfort-the-Jew -- let's go there. In the movie, you never really understand how someone so gifted can be so morally unmoored. But in his memoir, upon which the movie is based, whenever Belfort refers to his Jewish roots, the diagnosis becomes more apparent. 

He is a kid from Long Island. His dad, Max, grew up "in the old Jewish Bronx, in the smouldering economic ashes of the Great Depression." Belfort didn't grow up poor by any means, he just wasn't rich enough. The hole in him wasn't from poverty, but from desire for acceptance. The "blue-blooded WASPs," Belfort writes, "viewed me as a young Jewish circus attraction." 

Belfort had a chip on his shoulder the size of a polo pony, and so did everyone he recruited. They were, he writes, "the most savage young Jews anywhere on Long Island: the towns of Jericho and Syosset. It was from out of the very marrow of these two upper-middle-class Jewish ghettos that the bulk of my first hundred Strattonites had come...." [He gave his company the goy name Oakmount Stratton.]

(left, the real Jordan Belfort)

It's not complicated, really. Poor little Jordan wanted to show those WASPs whose country clubs he couldn't join that he was smarter, richer, better. What he failed to understand is that just about every Jew, every minority, shares the same impulses. But only a select few decide the only way to help themselves is to hurt others. "

Eshman engages in the typical Jewish self-deception - the belief that Jews are reacting to anti-Semitism when in fact many cause it in the first place.  The Talmud preaches that non-Jews are animals created to serve the Chosen. It is attitudes and behaviour stemming from this racism, and the Satanism inherent in the Cabala, that has caused anti-Semitism. 

Eshman asks Jews to examine if there is something fundamentally wrong with their values: "Belfort, like Bernie Madoff, is an extreme example. These are guys who feel they have nothing, they are nothing, so they will do anything to acquire everything. They cross a pretty clear line and just keep going.

The question that gnaws at me is whether there's something amiss in the vast gray area that leads right up to that line. Are the Belforts and Madoffs unnatural mutations, or are they inevitable outgrowths of attitudes that have taken root in our communities? 
These days, we are deep in the pit arguing over the American Studies Association's (ASA) boycott of Israeli academics and whether Jewish students at Swarthmore College's Hillel should host anti-Zionist speakers... But are these conversations we need to be having [as] ... our communities become breeding grounds for the next Madoff, the next Belfort. That's not a movie. That's a shame."


KUDOS to Rob Eshman for going as far as he does. But Jews have to go further and recognize that Cabalist Judaism is essentially a satanic cult. The fact that it has taken over the world in the guise of secularism does not make it any less so. 

And everyone needs to attack Hollywood for its pernicious influence on modern society. One screenwriter actually confronted Scorsese and DiCaprio at a screening, saying "Shame on you. Disgusting." An actress Hope Holliday tweeted, "Three hours of torture. Same disgusting crap, over and over again."  And the daughter of one of Belfort's lieutenants went public exposing the sham of this lifestyle.   "Behind all of it was really just insidious soul-sucking shame masked by addiction, which we love to call ambition, which is really just greed."

Another rap against Jews was that they do not produce anything, but just trade. I don't think that's true of most who are very hard working in a variety of professions. Still the stock market has become a giant casino and the goyim now are also traders big time. CNBC is 24-hr  buy and sell. For every development, the question is "What's the trade?"  Then Jim Cramer comes on with "Mad Money" and riles the goyim some more.  

The stock market is bigger than porn.  Who can resist the temptation to make large sums  with a few keystrokes? 

The Wolf of Wall Street pretends to be a cautionary tale. But ultimately it promotes the thing it pretends to condemn and makes me ask, "Are Illuminati Jews and Freemasons leading us to a crash similar to Jordan Belforts?"  


--------------------Henry Blodgett- Why do People hate Jews?
-------------------- Hollywood's Sabbatean Sex Propaganda

First Comment by C:

Finally decided to sit through "wolf of wall st." yesterday after reading your article...

I am surprised that no one talks about how the substance use in the film leads to supernatural guidance and control and a complete break-down of any morals someone might have from a loving mother or friends in youth...

it seems obvious that wall street is controlled by satanic forces this way... interesting that McConaughey's character seems so shamanic and New Age...  and that even though the director seems to want to mythologize this chanting mantra, it feels hollow... sad to see that the protestant culture has allowed itself to be so corrupted by an obviously satanic culture... but reading the Old Testament one see the same repetition of falling away from God... youth will see this film and think this is the path they must take to "adulthood"... sad no loving heterosexual couples (you know: the ones that reproduce) with true romance ever portrayed by media... very telling.

supernatural influence is implied throughout the film, but in such a way that the message is probably lost under the aegis of being "f'd up" and doing "f'd up" things...

maybe it is Scorcece's directing style, but why so much panache when portraying debauchery and yet no sensitivity about the man's lost path... the film comes off as a bacchanal celebration of "do what thou wilt" pagan idolatry...

inside he is lost and empty, spiritually dead, yet there is no emotional sense for this as if the director cannot come to terms w his own emptiness.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "The Jew of Wall Street"

JM said (January 19, 2014):

I enjoy most of your articles a lot, and I believe that you have terrific insights as to what has happened to the Jewish community in the U.S. Being a (formerly NY) Catholic who went to Stuyvesant High School in the late 60's, when it was 70% Jewish, and having found 40 years ago (and married 35 years) my wife, who had converted (before she met me) to Christianity, and then completed my Ph.D. in Mathematics almost entirely under Jewish mathematicians, I've certainly joked with my old Jewish hernia surgeon that I'm an "honorary member of the tribe". Though I'm now a libertarian and simultaneously an evangelical Christian (NOT a contradiction if you're a member of the Von Mises Institute!).

I believe, in reference to your Wolf of Wall Street article, that another big part of the picture in the deformation of the Jewish community is the takeover by the elite in that community of the traditional Jewish self-help organizations, and that this is another key aspect of the subordination of "little" Jews to the "biggest" Jews.

The key article in this regard is Prof. James Petras' recent piece "The "Israel First" Industry and CEO profiteering" (link ), which details how the little guys are being driven out of these organizations.

Good reading! Petras, though a leftist, says a lot of things on local control and respect for the little people in his articles that libertarians such as myself can strongly agree with. I strongly encourage you to read his articles.

The abuse of the little people and their (uncertain) triumph over the malefactors has been memorialized elsewhere in many fantastic films. One of my favorites is the outstanding film noir piece "The Stranger" (1946), starring Orson Wells, Edward G. Robinson and Loretta Young. Definitely worth viewing if you can get a copy.

All of "littlle" people face many dangers ahead from the elites, for instance see: .

Please continue your research and writing!!

David said (January 19, 2014):

Word has it that as they were clapping handcuffs on Madoff and his wife Ruth, she screamed at the arresting officers, "It's all the goyims' fault! It's all the goyims' fault!" So these satanic financiers -- not content to rip off the rest of us non-tribal humanity -- must still insist they have no responsibility for any of their criminal wrong-doing. They counter humility with chutzpah, charity with greed, altruism with pathological selfishness, forgiveness with arrogant denial.

Steven said (January 19, 2014):

Are the Belforts and Madoffs unnatural mutations, or are they inevitable outgrowths of attitudes that have taken root in our communities?

In my opinion they are the norm for Jews and ethical, godly Jews are the exception to the rule. The only way a Jew can distance him or herself from the crime and excesses of the Jewish community is to become christian and receive the holy spirit. If Jews wish to escape punishment they must come to Jesus Christ and turn their backs on the sins of Babylon and the Talmud. Mercy requires repentance.

JG said (January 18, 2014):

Wall Street like so many other American Institutions today has lost it's "watchdog".
Thanks to deregulation the inmates are now controlling the asylum.

Wall Street is no longer a "WASP thing"; it's a "Jew thing" without the regulators they had removed under Clinton and Bush.

And now the WASP investors are rushing to the latest Jewish "kingpin" to make them a fast dishonest dollar.

Unfortunately the investors in the stock market today have forgotten all about the "pump and dump" scam.

Their wealth just like before in the crash of 1929 and in the "dot com" tech scam of 2001 will be taken from them sooner than they think.

As for this movie, it's garbage that is divorced from mainstream reality like so many other movies that come out of Hollywood today.

Tony B said (January 18, 2014):

Wow, Henry, I don't think it possible that more than a tiny few goy can see events such as this as clearly as you.

Also, I remember reading that Bernie Madoff was finally brought down essentially because his victims were almost exclusively Jewish. Otherwise it is doubtful that he would have been prosecuted. After all, the Talmud tells its followers that any non Jewish owned property belongs to the first Talmudic Jew who claims it so non Jewish victims don't count.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at