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Sterling - Media Spins Jewish Racism as White Racism

April 28, 2014

(Left, Sterling & Stiviano. Basketball team owner's racist remarks ignite controversy.)

By spinning Jewish racism 
as white racism,
the mass media reflects
the real race-hatred:
Illuminati Jewish
hatred of white Christians
goyim in general

"To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize."- Voltaire

Latest-  Sterling "suspended for life." Fined $2 million for a private conversation.    Heeb Magazine's Take

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Donald Sterling (nee "Tokowitz")
owner of the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team sparked national outrage by asking his girlfriend not to broadcast (over Instagram) that she came to games with black men, in this case ex-great Magic Johnson.

The girlfriend, a Ms. V. Stiviano, recorded the conversation in which she pointed out the absurdity of his request, given that the NBA is three-quarters black. Stiviano herself is black and Mexican; Tokowitz-Sterling is Jewish and 81-years-old.

President Obama has called Sterling's remarks "racist and incredibly offensive" but a reflection of challenges still facing America. Basketball star LeBron James was among numerous players saying there is no place for Sterling in the sport.

There is no mention in the mainstream media that Sterling is Jewish, and that this is an example of Jewish racism. It's OK to condemn a white man's racism but God forbid we a Jew's. We can't recognize Sterling's attitudes for what they really are.

I am not saying Jews in general are racist. Some are. Many, including myself, are not. But Judaism is racist. Israel is a racist society.  Israelis have told me that Arabs are no better than donkeys. This attitude is evident from Sterling's remarks where he admits that even colored Jews are persecuted.


DS: It's the world! You go to Israel, the blacks are just treated like dogs.

    V:  So do you have to treat them like that too?

    DS:  The white Jews, there's white Jews and black Jews, do you understand?

    V:  And are the black Jews less than the white Jews?

    DS:  A hundred percent, fifty, a hundred percent.

    V:  And is that right?

    DS:  It isn't a question--we don't evaluate what's right and wrong; we live in a society. We live in a culture. We have to live within that culture.

    V:  But shouldn't we take a stand for what's wrong? And be the change and the difference?

    DS: I don't want to change the culture, because I can't. It's too big and too [unknown].

    V:  But you can change yourself.

    DS:  I don't want to change. If my girl can't do what I want, I don't want the girl. I'll find a girl that will do what I want! Believe me. I thought you were that girl--because I tried to do what you want. But you're not that girl.

V says that because of the holocaust, a Jew of all people should be able to understand discrimination. Sterling's answer shows how Jews are often blind to their own faults.

  V:  It's like saying, "Let's just persecute and kill all of the Jews."

    DS:  Oh, it's the same thing, right?

    V:  Isn't it wrong? Wasn't it wrong then? With the Holocaust? And you're Jewish, you understand discrimination.

    DS:  You're a mental case, you're really a mental case. The Holocaust, we're comparing with--

    V:  Racism! Discrimination.

    DS:  There's no racism here. If you don't want to be... walking... into a basketball game with a certain... person, is that racism?


Illuminati Jews have pinned the racist label on whites as a way of dis-empowering whites. They championed civil rights not for its own sake, but to create a multicultural society which they can dominate. With Hispanic migration, whites are quickly becoming a minority.

For whites to defend the racial character of their society is considered "racist." This is why Sterling is condemned. But, Tokowitz's racism is not white. It is Jewish. Israel is a blatantly racist society where non-Jews can't become citizens, intermarry or own land.

According to Judaism, Jews are "God's Chosen People." Non-Jews are considered subhuman, fit only to serve Jews. In Sterling-Tokowitz's case, we are not talking about white racism. We are talking about Jewish racism. But there is no mention of this in the Zionist-controlled mass media. We are supposedly confronting some racial truth when in fact we are evading it.

It's time to admit that political correctness ( condemning "racism") is a racist Illuminati Jewish tool to disinherit people of European Christian background.


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What crime exactly is he being charged with? So, if I tell my mistress in confidence that I do not want her to be seen in public with Swedish people, and she tapes this, will I have my livelihood confiscated and will I be crucified by the media? Why is the American president commenting on this, other than he is black? Something is not right here...

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First Comment from Anon: This is really about jealousy and image-

Henry, it seems to me that most of the world is unable to process things from a realistic perspective. Well, except for your commenter Dan and I. He hit the nail on the head. From the first time I looked at this nonsense, it was obvious that he was asking her to please not embarrass him by making it obvious that she was banging other guys by going out in public with them. 

Just as Dan said, he wants his business associates to see him as virile -- not just sexually, but financially and in social presence in general, like the eldest of the silver backed gorillas (to make a terrible analogy) ​, but what she's doing with her lack of common sense and self control is causing him grief on the back end. He more than likely gets calls from his associates and he has to deal with it, and its a hassle that he shouldn't have to deal with given their arrangement.​  I

ts obvious that she is absolutely nothing more than arm candy for him, and it speaks a multitude to her intelligence to even make this recording. He's her meal ticket, and she STILL can't even respect him enough​ to not screw it up. What a complete moron this woman must be! ​

This whole thing reeks of political opportunism, just as the whole Cliven Bundy "the old white racist" smear job failed, here comes this smear peace against another old white guy. It's pretty obvious that the media is trying to tar-and-feather older whites. I wonder who put her up to this? Does she have a new sugar daddy? Does she have any media ties? Or better yet, wheres the illegal wiretapping lawsuit? What she did is illegal, unless the other party receives disclosure about the recording prior to the recording being made. He should sue her for defamation of character, and go after her for every last penny that he ever spent on her. She violated their "agreement" and should be dealt with in the same context. These bimbos need to be reminded of their true place... after all, they're nothing but "high class" prostitutes when it comes right down to it!

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Comments for "Sterling - Media Spins Jewish Racism as White Racism"

Tracy said (May 4, 2014):

I always enjoy reading your site, and I have really enjoyed your take on the Sterling ( Tokowitz?) comments made recently. It's a fascinating look inside thinking of one of America's richest men. It's actually really disturbing. I noticed many of your viewers ( and people I know in general ) fall into the trap of trying to decide whether to defend him or punish him. Is he right or was he mistreated, they wonder. That all misses the point. His recorded comments are a lesson for all of us in how an Illuminist thinks. I do know some Jewish people, but they are not powerful or wealthy and so I'm not really qualified to comment on whether his thinking is 'Jewish'. But I know an Illuminist when I hear one. It's clear that Sterling is upset with his girlfriend because she brings black people to his games. She is seen online with ' them'. She seems to like and admire 'them'. she might even be one! Can't she just tone it down? Does she have to be so public with it?

It's clear that as rich as he is, Sterling is still beholden to someone. He still has masters. He has to keep his fellow illuminists happy. If he's seen actually befriending or fraternizing with those blacks, he's out of line and subject to punishment. This is a brilliant look inside the minds of those who own the sports teams, who own Hollywood, our national tv networks and news papers and magazines. They are one big family, unbelievably wealthy, answering to no one except themselves.

They hate blacks, browns yellows and yes, even non-illuminist-Jewish whites. They feel they are above all of these people, and hope to use them up for everything until these groups have no more to give. Then these illuminists would like to see them all destroyed. But we're fortunate ( I say blessed ) that this tape came out. Now we know what we have long suspected is true. We know without a doubt. Whether we choose to accept this truth is another question.

I for one and not surprised by this. A little disappointed and saddened maybe. They're terrible people after all. But once again, the truth of who they are, and how much they hate us is staring us in the face. Are we going to just ignore it, or will we summon up our courage, and face the truth?

Rich said (May 1, 2014):

I listened to the whole recording of Sterling. Its obviously a setup to strip him of his team. Had the woman in the recording not skillfully slipped in some comments about race, I doubt anyone would have known what they were talking about. Sterling wasn't being racist, but rather reinforcing the rules of the contract he had with his prostitute. Racism is ugly, but Its not illegal to be a racist in your own home anymore than it is to be a member of the klan.

Seth said (April 29, 2014):

This appears to be another mass media staged production. Sterling, Magic etc are all actors.

Prior to the mass media reporting this,
Sterling probably decided he didn't want to own this team anymore for whatever reason, so Sterling & his associates conceived of some race
story to exploit it.

Its similar to the collusion that occurred between Larry Silverstein & the government before they demolished the twin
towers..The Illuminati wants to use this as more psychological conditioning for the white masses that this sort of speech is intolerable & people should be punished for it etc..eventually leading
to 'hate-speech' laws like in Europe & Canada..

Richard said (April 29, 2014):

Excellent response from Anon.

"What she did is illegal, unless the other party receives disclosure about the recording prior to the recording being made. He should sue her for defamation of character, and go after her for every last penny that he ever spent on her. She violated their "agreement" and should be dealt with in the same context."

As a matter of fact, Sterling's WIFE has filed such a lawsuit against Mz. Stiviano.

Donald Sterling’s wife Shelly 'devastated by the racist comments' made by 'estranged husband,' slams him as 'despicable'

It's a Faustian opera!

"I wonder who put her up to this? Does she have a new sugar daddy?"

Well, there's definitely a plethora of professional glamor shots this skank has plastered all over the web, with help from all MSM sports and sleaze news outlets this week. Potential suspects for "who put her up to this" are piling up. Maybe the wife is even in on it.

Turns out it's part of a hostile buyout assault on Sterling. I quote United Press International (this will be broadcast by local media nationally)
"Magic Johnson says Donald Sterling 'shouldn't own a team ..." Magic Johnson and his "investment partners" want to buy the Clippers.

Bill said (April 29, 2014):

Great article on the Jewish racism angle. I agree with Tommy Sotomayor, who said, "we all have our biases and prejudices - we're human. So what?"

If I was Donald Sterling, I would sue V. Stiviano for recording him without his consent and I would also sue TMZ would bought the illegal recording and published it - knowingly assassinating his character and inciting massive hatred.

Dan said (April 29, 2014):

'm not triggered by these memes, so my take on the recorded conversation comes from another angle.

A big sports team owner like Sterling is a man for whom reputation is everything. Is it misogynist of me to refer to Ms. V. Stiviano as a 'bimbo'?
She's like a less "classy" Kim Kardashian. These are women whose only claim to fame is screwing various power brokers and celebrities, usually simultaneously. Donald Sterling has absolutely nothing in common with this woman, they may as well be from other planets.

The relationship is transparent: he gives her highers status with the ball players, being their 'big daddy' too. For him she's a trophy to drape on his arm for photo ops. He wants the players and other power brokers to see he's still virile. Did you catch the part where tells her she can hang out with the black players, even "go to bed" with them, but "don't do it in public". You see, that reflects badly on him. He knows when she's seen draped all over young black athletes the entire public is laughing at him behind his back. He's not jealous, he's just trying to tell her not to flaunt it on television.

She on the other hand can't help but flaunt because she is what she is. An exhibitionist, and a narcissist. Aside from that, how can Sterling expect her to understand how flaunting it with players makes them disrespect him? If you ask me, SHE'S the one who steered the conversation to racism. She's playing the race card. And she's an expert at that.

Tom said (April 29, 2014):

Are you @&*#!*# kidding me? These are far from racist statements? This man isn't stupid he knows he's able to be railroaded at any moment by the likes of her! Racism is a gov't that holds down and imprisons blacks and minorities because they hate them! This coming from a white Florida cracker who grew up being physically attacked by blacks and minorities for no other reason than being WHITE! Any time you can grow up and honestly debate RACISM, feel free to give me a call!!!

Joe A said (April 29, 2014):

Regarding Donald Sterling's racist comments. I notice no Jews are speaking out against him. When Trayvon Martin was shot by George Zimmerman, the media made it a black/ Hispanic thing.

Now it's just a lone guy who happens to be racist. No Jews seem to have an opinion about this. "Those Jews really stick together don't they." (Joe Pesci, Casino)

JG said (April 28, 2014):

Let's talk reality and not the same old politically correct "mumbo jumbo" that pervades the public's thinking.

The NBA players should maybe not go too far with the moral high ground stuff, it could effect their game in more ways than one. They're not dealing with a Don Imus or Paula Dean here who have no "clout".

Mr. Sterling does sign their checks and helps promote a predominate black game. He also is not the only Jewish owner in the NBA.

The facts of the matter are hypocritical as always. The majority of black NBA players often live in some of the most segregated suburbs in America. They also know and understand that in order to make those huge salaries they must have a "white corporate" gate.

This is another classic case of "political correctness" colliding with reality.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at