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Western Society in Spiritual Malaise

April 7, 2017

State of Despair

Over 120 years ago, the author of The Protocols of Zion noted with satisfaction that the mood of the people in the great cities
of Europe was "cold and forlorn."  This is one of many things that convinced me the Protocols are genuine. No plagiarist 
 would care about this.  
Since the Protocols were written, their authors have submerged humanity in two global hell fires and continue to 
demoralize mankind with nonstop wars and atrocities. 
Andre Vltchek  is one of the few to note this malaise. However I don't share his socialist perspective. The demoralization is because Western government and society have been subverted by a satanic (Judeo Masonic) conspiracy empowered by the central banking cartel. The despair Vltchek describes is due to the transition from Christian to Satanist (Communist) values, and to a relentless attack on race, religion (God, Christianity), nation and family (gender), enforced by restrictions on free speech and inquiry. I invite your comments at [email protected]

"In the Western capitals, the egocentricity, even total obsession with one's personal needs, is brought to a surreal extreme.
Psychologically, it can only be described as a twisted and pathological world."

Love and Western Nihilism
By Andre Vltchek
(Abridged by 

How dreadfully depressing life has become in almost all of the Western cities! How awful and sad.
It is not that these cities are not rich; they are. Of course things are deteriorating there, the infrastructure is crumbling and there are signs of social inequality, even misery, at every corner. But if compared to almost all other parts of the world, the wealth of the Western cities still appears to be shocking, almost grotesque.

The affluence does not guarantee contentment, happiness or optimism. Spend an entire day strolling through London or Paris, and pay close attention to people. You will repeatedly stumble over passive aggressive behavior, over frustration and desperate downcast glances, over omnipresent sadness.

In all those once great [imperialist] cities, what is missing is life. Euphoria, warmth, poetry and yes - love - are all in extremely short supply there.
Wherever you walk, all around, the buildings are monumental, and boutiques are overflowing with elegant merchandize. At night, bright lights shine brilliantly. Yet the faces of people are grey. Even when forming couples, even when in groups, human beings appear to be thoroughly atomized, like the sculptures of Giacometti.

Talk to people, and you'll most likely encounter confusion, depression, and uncertainty. 'Refined' sarcasm, and sometimes a bogus urban politeness are like thin bandages that are trying to conceal the most horrifying anxieties and thoroughly unbearable loneliness of those 'lost' human souls.

Purposelessness is intertwined with passivity. In the West, it is increasingly hard to find someone that is truly committed: politically, intellectually or even emotionally. Big feelings are now seen as frightening; both men and women reject them. Grand gestures are increasingly looked down upon, or even ridiculed. Dreams are becoming tiny, shy and always 'down to earth', and even those are lately extremely well concealed. Even to daydream is seen as something 'irrational' and outdated.


To a stranger who comes from afar, it appears to be a sad, unnatural, brutally restrained and to a great extent, a pitiful world.
Tens of millions of adult men and women, some well educated, 'do not know what to do with their lives'. They take courses or go 'back to school' in order to fill the void, and to 'discover what they want to do' with their lives. It is all self-serving, as there appear to be no greater aspirations. Most of the efforts begin and end with each particular individual.

Nobody sacrifices himself or herself for others, for society, for humanity, for the cause, or even for the 'other half', anymore. In fact, even the concept of the 'other half' is disappearing. Relationships are increasingly 'distant', each person searching for his or her 'space', demanding independence even in togetherness. There are no 'two halves'; instead there are 'two fully independent individuals', co-existing in a relative proximity, sometimes physically touching, sometimes not, but mostly on their own.

In the Western capitals, the egocentricity, even total obsession with one's personal needs, is brought to a surreal extreme.
Psychologically, it can only be described as a twisted and pathological world.
Surrounded by this bizarre pseudo reality, many otherwise healthy individuals eventually feel, or even become, mentally ill. Then, paradoxically, they embark on seeking 'professional help', so they can re-join the ranks of the 'normal', read 'thoroughly subdued' citizens. In most cases, instead of continuously rebelling, instead of waging personal wars against the state of things, the individuals who are still at least to some extent different, get so frightened by being in the minority that they give up, surrender voluntarily, and identify themselves as 'abnormal'.

Short sparks of freedom experienced by those who are still capable of at least some imagination, of dreaming about a true and natural world, get rapidly extinguished.
Then, in a short instant, everything gets irreversibly lost. It may appear as some horror film, but it is not, it is the true reality of life in the West.


I cannot function in such an environment for more than a few days. If forced, I could last in London or Paris for two weeks at most, but only while operating on some 'emergency mode', unable to write, to create and to function 'normally'. I cannot imagine 'being in love' in a place like that. I cannot imagine writing a revolutionary essay there. I cannot imagine laughing, loudly, happily, freely.

While briefly working in London, Paris or New York, the coldness, purposelessness, and chronic lack of passion and of all basic human emotions, is having a tremendously exhausting effect on me, derailing my creativity and drowning me in useless, pathetic existentialist dilemmas.
After one week there, I'm simply beginning to get influenced by that terrible environment: I'm starting to think about myself excessively, 'listening to my feelings', instead of considering the feelings of the others. My duties towards humanity get neglected. I put on hold everything that I otherwise consider essential. My revolutionary edge loses its sharpness. My optimism begins to evaporate. My determination to struggle for a better world begins to weaken.

This is when I know: it is time to run, to run away. Fast, very fast! It is time to pull myself from the stale emotional swamp, to slam the door behind the intellectual bordello, and to escape from the terrifying meaninglessness that is dotted with injured, even wasted lives.
I cannot fight for those people from within, only from outside. Our way of thinking and feeling do not match. When they get out and visit 'my universe', they bring with them resilient prejudices: they do not register what they see and hear, they stick to what they were indoctrinated with, for years and decades.

Andre Vltchek is a Russian-born philosopher, novelist, filmmaker and investigative journalist. He has covered wars and conflicts in dozens of countries. Three of his latest books are revolutionary novel "Aurora" and two bestselling works of political non-fiction: "Exposing Lies Of The Empire" and "Fighting Against Western Imperialism". View his other books here. Andre is making films for teleSUR and Al-Mayadeen. Watch Rwanda Gambit, his groundbreaking documentary about Rwanda and DRCongo. After having lived in Latin America, Africa and Oceania, Vltchek presently resides in East Asia and the Middle East, and continues to work around the world. He can be reached through his website and his Twitter.
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Comments for "Western Society in Spiritual Malaise"

Pedro said (April 8, 2017):

The writer might like to read Anatoliy Golitsyn's The Perestroika Deception (1998) if he thinks that Russia is not a huge part of the social engineers plans and experiments.

and account for the vodka addled decreasing lifespan of his happy revolutionary inclined proletariat.


Tony B said (April 7, 2017):

There appears to be a great deal of self delusion in this man. His comparison of the "west" to the rest of the world is exactly what is attacked by the rest of the world as selfish and unsympathetic to others when the "west" shows an identical mindset.

Is he truly totally ignorant that much of what he describes of westerners was first seen in the Soviet? His self "uplifting" words seem totally oblivious to such things as the first and greatest use of abortion being in the soviet, no way an uplifting situation.

This reminds me of what I constantly see on English language "Russia" websites wherein people not of the west forever attack the west for doing exactly what they are doing in return with the very same "holier than thou" attitude.

So-called "leaders" aside, the plain people of all nations are pretty much the same. Politically they simply wish to be left alone to live their lives. Morally most all, even if they never heard of "the golden rule" (do to others as you would have them do to you), consider that the way all should live. People in all nations which are ruled with debt pretending to be the medium of exchange (almost all nations today) sense that they are economic slaves to a rigged system even though few in any nation can actually explain any part of that control.

It seems that this man is seeing East-West differences in his own mind due to his own prejudices. The identical thing of which non-westerns love to accuse westerners.
I have been barred from commenting on almost everyone of the sites mentioned above because I forever fight that false difference, constantly commenting that all must quit the divide and conquer nonsense and all join to bring down the real evil in the world which is headquartered in the Rothschild cabal City of London headquarters. Those who run those sites PROMOTE divide and conquer, therefore they are just more cabal puppets whether knowingly or out of ignorance, same as a myriad of western site operators.

RK said (April 7, 2017):

Andre Vltchek paints a very gloomy, dark, depressing picture of the so -called West ,with its fallen spirit, decaying culture, utter selfishness, and juxtaposes it with, allegedly' , very rosy, vibrant, unspoiled, compassionate, innovative spirit of life " Russia, China and Latin America...' .

Well, his portrait is interesting,, YET not true at all. China, Russia, etc., have their own share of misery, moral and spiritual degeneration , total self-absorption and other vices ,which very easily cross all physical boundaries/borders, since they are part of the universal, human nature.

Part of us, EACH of us. The- once- Christian West DID sell its 'collective soul' to the devil, and nowadays pays a terrible, terrible price for that . The West happily exchanged its values, its morals ,its justice, and most of all, its search and LOVE of the transcendental Truth, for some temporary ' goodies, and illusive , mostly flesh-related, pleasures. West has become an empty shell ,which withers and decays as we speak, since there is no Divine Spirit, which is the ultimate source of all life, wisdom and the Truth..

Live without the Divine Spirit becomes just a vegetation, a waiting - to- die process, with no hopes or desires for anything after that.

Kill/rape the spirit and you 'kill' a person. Kill/rape the 'collective spirit' that once moved large groups of people, moved the whole nations , and you ' kill' those people. Once you kill/rape them spiritually, and they let you do it , you OWN them. They are your 'slaves'.

How sad and how terrible. There is however a way out of it. Each of us, individually, must try to protect. defend his/hers spirit, The Holy Spirit, the one that is absolutely hated by the demonic spirits , wants to reside in each of us. Demonic spirits, which have currently overtaken the West civilization, have their, short-lived, days of glory.

But their days ARE numbered.

God IS the Winner after all. And let's stay with the winner, for our own sake and mostly, for the sake of our own, poor , miserable soul.

This music, once so common in Europe , is now so very rarely sung and heard...

Instead, we feed our souls with that kind of music. There is no surprise that our souls are hijacked by those demons.

PY said (April 7, 2017):

Concerning Andre's letter, I agree with him that big cities are, for the most part, unhealthy and depressing places. But not just in the west. Also many people in the third world are very flawed, in one way or another, just like in the west. I think most of people have good hearts and are good Christians everywhere. Unfortunately we are all oppressed by the cabal. We need to unite and fight it, we need to inform and educate the people.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at