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Leslie Moonves - Male Sacrifice Feeds the #MeToo God

September 14, 2018

07-les-moonves-1.w700.h700.jpg(left, Following in the footsteps of Harvey Weinstein, CBS CEO Les Moonves
 is the latest Jewish media mogul to bite the dust.)

Paul asks: 
"What do you think this #MeToo movement is all about, 
now with Les Moonves stepping down? Is it a real revolution or faux?"

by Henry Makow Ph.D 

The #MeToo movement is designed to make heterosexuality a pathology (sickness) and homosexuality appear healthy. 

Although deplorable, women have always traded in sex appeal one way or another. 

One of Mooves' accusers even admitted agreeing to his demand for a blowjob.   

Of course, when women are unhappy with the reward, they are quick to accuse a man of sexual harassment. 

Sexuality is messy. Women are attracted to men with power. These men take advantage. This behavior is deplorable but it has been normal heterosexual behavior for millennia.  Is it a crime? Does it justify ending a career? Each case must be examined individually.

Women are not made of porcelain. They can look after themselves. Isn't that what feminism teaches? There are laws agaist sexual assult. We don't need a witch hunt unless there is a hidden agenda. 


A recent conversation with a handyman brought home how heterosexuality is becoming a pathology. 

Wayne is a Jamaican who has been in Canada for 20 years. He has eight children. He has a day job, and evenings and weekends, he does window washing, painting and locksmithing in order to support his wife and family.

"You're constantly working to support your family yet men are supposed to be oppressing women," I remarked.

"It's getting so you cannot give a woman a compliment," Wayne replied. 

Referring to his workplace, he said. "If you smile or your eyes linger too long, you can be accused of sexual

What better description of the chill faced by heterosexuals. It goes beyond the workplace. Heterosexuals have to deny sexual attraction even exists.  They must deny the difference between males and females or be called "sexist." 

Heterosexuality is taboo while homosexuality is considered chic. 

No doubt, there is a double standard where poor oppressed homosexuals are excused for their sexual missteps on the job.

High profile cases like Weinstein and Moonves are publicized so heterosexuality will become a pathology. This is the agenda behind sexual harassment and domestic abuse hysteria.  Communists want to abolish marriage and family so they can have total control over procreation. 


People seek to overcome isolation and become one with another person. Heterosexuals do this by the woman surrendering her power to the man who has earned her trust. This is how women love.  

In exchange, a woman gets her husband's power expressed as love. This is the heterosexual contract.  Power for Love, how two people become one. He loves her because she is his

The Communists sabotage this by tricking women into seeking power instead of love. Feminism originated in the US Communist party. 
As a result, men and women compete instead of co-operate. They never find intimacy. 

Many if not most women want to be possessed by a loving husband. Women are passive by nature. Men are active.  Young men must not be intimidated by women. They must approach a woman with a constructive purpose in mind and draft her. Males must be assertive. 

Exclusive sex is the symbol of the heterosexual bond. Sex is an act of possession. The man possesses the woman. He adores her. Women want to be adored.   See also- Sex-A Retro View.

This is why they promote female "independence" and promiscuity, so a woman cannot bond with a man.

Heterosexuality is under relentless vicious attack. But most people believe their traitorous media, politicians, and educators than their own eyes and common sense.

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Comments for "Leslie Moonves - Male Sacrifice Feeds the #MeToo God"

JK said (September 15, 2018):

Obviously many if not most females were dumb enough to fall for feminism socialism the culture of the #metoo movement and blatant unfairness and the likes and those who do I believe think they are getting over but really aren’t. The black community is plagued with this ideology big headed egotistical over sexual and career driven. I’ve been reading your dialogues for years and with my own experiences and knowledge, I’ve attained i realize it’s absolutely nothing wrong with me wanting to provide for a female I desire not to desire her not just socially but sexually. It’s screwed up out here

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at