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Odinism- Michael Berg Explains Nazi Religion

December 31, 2018

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[Odin/Wotan God Of The Germans]

Odinism provides an alternative for Europeans who do not wish to be Christian or are looking for something more natively European.

"All in all, 2,720 Christian leaders and priests were imprisoned at Dachau from Germany and occupied territories..... Many White Nationalists believe that modern cucked Christianity and the Church openly promote non-White immigration into Europe (and White Genocide) because "This is what Christians do". This is why the Nazis had opposed the universalism of Christianity."

[Disclaimer - I don't believe there is a better substitute than a renewed militant nationalist Christianity (as in Poland) but I post this for informational purposes. HM]

By Michael Berg

In the following article I will explain what Odinism is. First I do not wish to convert anyone. I hold that all religions are man-made and I am not planning on following ANY of them - including Odinism. I am not becoming an Odinist in the sense of literally believing in the reality of the Norse Gods.  For me they are simply metaphors. However,  Odinism does give alternative cultural and moral direction to those who do not wish to be Christian or are looking for something more natively European.


Odinism is a pre-Christian, pagan, polytheistic German religion involving the worship of Norse gods, especially Odin (aka Wotan), the chief god. Odinism was practiced by ancient Germanic people that lived in both Viking Scandinavia and ancient Germania and share the same blood . Odinism's influence was felt in other parts of Europe, including Ireland, Scotland and England following Germanic (aka Viking) invasions. Modern descendants of the ancient Germanics include peoples such as the modern-day Germans, Swedes, Norwegians, Danes, Dutch, Flemish, Icelanders and Austrians.

The oral traditions of Odinism are recorded in a set of books called the Eddas. This religion regards nature as the true manifestation of the divine and believes that man is inherently good. Since 1973, Odinism has experienced a revival, with Scandinavian countries having officially recognized it as a legitimate religion. Groups of Odinists are also found throughout the world practiced by White people. Today the religion is practiced by a small percentage of people although its ranks are growing rapidly.


Odinism (Asatru) is a native Aryan religion that is racially based (a racial religion). It is essentially for people of European (White) heritage - specifically the northern half of Europe (Europe North of the Alps). Unlike Christianity, Islam, Judaism etc, Odinism does NOT seek non-White converts since it is an expression of the European spirit.  However, Odinists respect the rights of all races and peoples to their own homelands, cultures and religions and do not wish to be supreme over any race or religion and are free of racial hatred.

Unlike the three Abrhamic religions, Odinism doesn't require one to fear and be slave to a "God" and the "Holy Powers" - It simply requires one to have close friendship with the Gods who represent our moral and spiritual ideals. Odinism does not require one to follow the Gods out of fear but out of love. Odinists love the supreme God and holy powers in the sense that they love and worship perfection and seek spiritual ideals and attributes as expressed in the "Gods" such as Love, Beauty, Justice, Self-Sacrifice, Honor, Courage, Fearlessness and Creativity etc. Each of the Norse "gods" represent a spiritual ideal that must be mastered. 


Christianity suffered some persecution in Nazi Germany despite Nazi officials pretending outwardly to be Christian. The Nazis had regarded Christianity to be a Semitic religion poisoning the Aryan race with universalism. The Nazis claimed jurisdiction over all collective and social activity.  Clergy were frequently arrested and sent to concentration camps. Catholic schools, press, trade unions, political parties and youth leagues were eradicated. An estimated one third of German priests faced some form of reprisal in Nazi Germany and 400 German priests were sent to the dedicated Priest Barracks in the Dachau camp. All in all, 2,720 Christian leaders and priests were imprisoned at Dachau from Germany and occupied territories..

Anton Gill in his book An Honourable Defeat wrote : "It quickly became clear that [Hitler] intended to imprison the Catholics, as it were, in their own churches. They could celebrate mass and retain their rituals as much as they liked, but they could have nothing at all to do with German society otherwise. Catholic schools and newspapers were closed, and a propaganda campaign against the Catholics was launched."

Prior and during the Nazi rise to power, Christian leaders made a number of attacks on Nazi ideology. The main Christian opposition to Nazism had come from the Catholic Church. German bishops energetically denounced its "false doctrines". They warned Christians against joining the membership of the Nazi Party, while the Catholic press criticized the Nazi movement.  In his book  On the Road to the Wolf's Lair, Theodor S Hamerow wrote about the underlying Nazi plan to return the German people to Nordic Paganism (Odinism):
"The Catholic Church ... had generally viewed the Nazi Party with fear and suspicion. It had felt threatened by a radical ultranationalist ideology that regarded the papacy as a sinister, alien institution, that opposed denominational separatism in education and culture, and that at times appeared to promote a return to Nordic paganism. The establishment of the Third Reich seemed to portend the coming of a bitter conflict between church and state"

Dr. Alfred Rosenberg, probably the greatest philosopher of the Nazi party wrote the following in "The Myth of the Twentieth Century":

- "Odin as the eternal mirrored image of the primal spiritual powers of Nordic man lives today just as he did over 5,000 years ago..."

- "As long as a people lives, its gods are immortal,.."

- "To awaken the racial soul to life means to recognize its highest value, and, under its dominance, to allot to other values their organic position in the State, in art, and in religion" 

In regards to racial Nationalism Rosenberg sates : "Germany for the Germans, China for the Chinese, that becomes the world-political view from the racial conception of the state."  

Outwardly Hitler pretended to be a Christin but secretly he remarked the following in his "Table Talk" made it very clear what his views were : 

- "The only way of getting rid of Christianity is to allow it to die little by little".
- "In the long run, National Socialism and religion will no longer be able to exist together" (p 61).

- "As far as we are concerned, we've succeeded in chasing the Jews from our midst and excluding Christianity from our political life" (p 394).

- "There is something very unhealthy about Christianity" (p 418).

- "When all is said, we have no reason to wish that the Italians and Spaniards should free themselves from the drug of Christianity. Let's be the only people who are immunized against the disease" (p 145).


Cucked Christianity.jpeg
 Pope washing feet of African Invaders into Europe

As shown National Socialist leadership had pretended outwardly to be Christian - since Christianity was  the official religion of Germany - but in fact intended to get rid of it since they saw the potential danger in it to the White race. Many voices within the White Nationalist movement agree that modern cucked Christianity and the Church openly promote non-White immigration into Europe (and White Genocide) because "This is what Christians do". This is why the Nazis had opposed the universalism of Christianity. Personally I tend to agree that Odinism - a ethnic religion - is a better alternative than modern cucked and subverted Christianity that puts Whites in danger. But I follow neither of them. Yet, I believe everybody has a right to follow what religion they choose and I do respect Christianity even though Odinism had existed thousands of years before Christianity ever existed. As for myself, Being German by blood I respect these ancient Germanic traditions.

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Comments for "Odinism- Michael Berg Explains Nazi Religion"

Brabantian said (January 1, 2019):

Just about every interesting spiritual idea, is, in one form or another, in ancient texts in India, which one can't say of Western & mid-east religions. For those most used to Judaism - Christianity - Islam, a few points on the traditions of Asia - such as in Hinduism, Buddhism, & Daoism:

(a) Asians are not bound by 'holy books' which 'must be followed'; in Asia, there are always 'many ways to the divine'. Also, no one is 'lost and damned' forever; everyone makes it back to union with God, tho some have a much longer and more painful road.

(b) Asian faiths spread naturally, welcoming local gods, goddesses, spirits, and practices, and did not destroy local spiritual cultures, aside from reforms such as ending animal sacrifice. On the other hand, Judaism, Christianity & Islam all destroyed earlier cultures, & expanded mostly by conquest & threat.

(c) Westerners often think 'Buddhism' re Asian religion, but Buddha enshrined only some strands of Hinduism, whereas other strands might actually be more appealing to some in the West:

-- (i) Some Asian spirituality is quite sensual. Buddha talked of 'overcoming desire'; but for some Hindus, the preferred approach is to fulfil desire in a spiritual way, cf. Kama Sutra, tantra, beautiful sex in loving marriage. Some Daoists take middle wisdom - 'Try to keep your enjoyments few, but enjoy them fully, & find the divine Dao through them.'

-- (ii) Buddha disliked weapons and, to some, was overly focused on passivity, & the monk-ish type life. To many, it was India's Buddhism that let it be conquered by Muslims, Indians reverting to more warrior-friendly Hinduism as they pushed the Muslims back.

Chris G said (January 1, 2019):

"Odinism provides an alternative for Europeans who do not wish to be Christian or are looking for something more natively European".?

Henry, I can't believe you sanctioned this blatant advertising for Satanism, under the guise of whites seeking identity. All Satanic religions lead to the Mystery Schools of Babylon. Babylonians were not whites either.

Why stop with just Oden, when you can ritualistically cannibalize and sodomize children for Lucifer? That was sarcasm by the way, I'm not encouraging abominable behavior, but Michael Berg seems to be encouraging the worship of abominable spirits such as Oden. How many women were raped or people butchered in the name of Oden?! Give me a break Berg.

Plus ( NAZI = National Socialist Zionism ). NAZIs were led by Semites. Adolf Hitler the Zionist Jew had the goyim eating out of his hands telling them nonsense about the destiny of the German people while planning their demise. People like Michael Berg still believe Hitler's malarkey.

Plus Fritz Springmeier said the No. 1 occupation of Satanists is Christian clergy. Europe is cucked not because of Christianity but because white people are so fond of wolves in sheep's clothing (ie. Hitler).

Michael B replies:

Michael Berg replies:
"blatant advertising for Satanism, under the guise of whites seeking identity".- All religions attempt to make the claim that THEIR religion is the right way and that everybody else is "Satanic". It is consistent throughout history. Since all are men made no one is more divine or satanic than another. "Christianity" is no better than Odinism or any other religion on the planet.

As for myself, Being German by blood I do respect Odinism - that's all. That's why I wrote an article on it including Nazis view on Christianity.

You can define me as a "Satanist". But I really don't care.

- I am not encouraging the worship of anyone or any religion - be it Christianity or Odinism. All are equally man made. One is no more moral or better than another. I made it very clear in my introduction to the article. I just stated that for the White race, Odinism is much better alternative to Christianity in my opinion due to the fact that it isn't universal religion.

You show your lack of historical knowledge. Christianity had killed far more people than any Pagan religion. Why? precisely because of its Universalism. Pagan religions historically were far more tolerant than universal religions. Much like Communism, Christianity is universal religion. The death toll of people murdered in the name of Christianity is 82-106 Million people. Very close to the 85-100 Million murdered by Communism. Christianity had caused no less human suffering and misery than Communism. One can justify any horror killing in the name of God. Historically, Monotheistic religions were far less tolerant than Pagan religions.

Christianity is the deadliest religion in history by death toll.

The 100 Million people, butchered, slaughtere in the name of "Jesus" make Jesus suffering on the cross pale in comparison. For example the Thirty years war killed much of Europe's population and 1/3 of the German population. All in the name of Christianity. Under Odinism this wouldn't have happened.

The only Christianity I respect is a moderate & nationalistic one. Not the real one nor the cucked one nor the guilt/fear based one.

Hector responds-

@Herr Berg
Please stop the nonsense. I read your response and it contained all the falsehoods that one can expect from the enemies of Christianity and Christ's message. First, there is no way "Christianity" as you suggest caused the deaths of 100+ million persons unless you include the bacteriological shock that happened in the Americas once the Spaniards arrived (their number were so low that even if they wanted to exterminate the natives, they wouldn't have been able to exterminate millions of indians). The fables of millions of witches being burned at the stake have been disproved multiple times. Even the site you linked (biased of course as the argument you put forward) accepts that the supposed death toll would be between 9 and 26 million. That is unless you count all the wars the Christians have waged as inspired by Jesus Christ. Unlike the atheist massacres that were inspired directly or indirectly in the need to deny the right of others to believe or that were inspired directly from the godless weltanschauung of communism

But my main point is: If there is an objective truth, Neither you and the pagan religions nor Christianity can be right or wrong simultaneously...Either paganism is right and there is no inherent spiritual value in men beyond Tempus fugit carpe diem memento mori, without anything worth in the afterlife (God is in everything and the Universe is eternal before the gods came) or Christ message is right and there is a personal good who created all things, a god separate from His creation and who has a purpose for all the living beings in this earth etc etc. If I were to judge based on the facts, Christianity is by far the most beneficial religion for a myriad of reasons, starting with its fostering and abbeting of Science. Just for the record NO OTHER CIVILIZATION was able to come with Science, regardless of its native population IQ. Were it not for the West the Far West would still be in the 1400 and the rest of the world even more backward. There is a reason the NWO are now sponsoring an ever faster RETURN to paganism and their hatred of Christianism is ever more public and evident.

You have the right to express your ideals but from the moment you lionize someone like Hitler and his regime whose actions condemned Germany to be a satrapy of the US (and possibly to its eventual destruction) one can easily see where you are coming from and that EVERYTHING you say has to be taken with a ton of salt. For all we know you are doing the NWOs work. You say that Odinism and I assume paganism in general are the way for the people of Europe. And it could be...if you count a return to the values of antiquity as an improvement and a return to the most savage tribalism that will ensure nothing will ever come from Europe again in a long time. You should know that before Christianity came about, there was no Europe, just a bunch of tribes and the only place with some order was the Roman Empire...

Nik L said (December 31, 2018):

Interesting article on "Odinism", although I think the author is still in the process of developing some ideas.

The term, "Aryan", doesn't refer -- whatsoever -- to people of a Scandinavian origin (common myth). It refers exclusively to Iranians (or "Persians", as Herodotus long misnamed us). This is a 19th-20th century myth that was even dispelled and correctly re-positioned by Hitler in "Mein Kampf". There is no earlier reference to Aryans than by Cyrus the Great (another misnomer, his real name being Kourosh'e bozorg) and his descendants, like Darius, who consistently referred to themselves in artifacts as old or older than as the inscription on Cyrus' Tomb (6th Century BC) as "Aryans and the descendants of Aryans". Genetic studies do not show that Aryans descended from European based people either (it was the other way around). Further, the Greek historians, like Herodotus, wrote mockingly about how the Iranians were lighter skinned than them. It was the Greeks who were darker.

Europe was a dark-skinned place, until the northward Aryan migration. Aryan descendants include the Celts, Anglo-Saxons, Germanic people, etc. Finally, while we are on this topic, there's no such thing as "Indo-European". This is how they erase Iran's history (besides taking the "Persian Gulf" off the map). The word "India" comes from Farsi (which, is correctly translated to Persian as it refers to an inanimate object or flavor thereof). "Indo-European" IS Aryan. Aryans, too however, took over where the Medes, Babylonians and others were. No one is original, but insofar as Iran and Aryans go, there can be no other just like you'll never hear Iranians lay claim to German/Swedish culture simply because it is a derivative work.

JJ said (December 31, 2018):

This is a very good article and confirms to me that the divisions that I am seeing around in Christianity persist no matter what the political conditions are. I am sure that Hitler and the men around were weary of liberal church leaders promoting multi-culturalism back then in the name of Christ. And I am sure that there were conservative Christian leaders who were also very weary of these liberal leaders.

I know of a missionary who is determined to get as much inter-racial marriage happening in the places he goes to. I also know that he creates reactions with his actions. The problem is that there are many missionaries doing the same thing and when I hear of Hindu nationalists for example attacking Christians in India, I have no doubt that the Hindu nationalists are more patriotic and sacrificial to their country than the Christians are.

Those of us in the Christian church who are conservative need to fight tooth and nail for our reputation because when country leaders finally decide that we are enemies of the state, those leaders will come for all Christians, not just the liberal ones.

Bernie M said (December 31, 2018):

the comment ..."because "This is what Christians do." is only relative to those that now have control of Rome.

When God made the world, he made it with boundaries to separate the different peoples, whom he knew would not get along.

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