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Taking Away Women's "Rights"

December 1, 2018

Only by restoring male authority over women, 
families and society can the West be saved
from demographic collapse and replacement,
according to Michael Berg, an Israeli engineer
who is not Jewish. (An Aryan, he is moving 
to Russia.) To reverse the social ravages caused 
by feminism, women need a material incentive to
be wives and mothers again. 
(Disclaimer- I present Berg's radical views for the sake
of discussion. They may be too radical even for me.)

"Society must lower female opportunity one or two steps back in order to motivate women to actually "need" men for provision and thus marriage.  All the rights given to women since first wave feminism in 1920 must go."

"White Women's rights must be taken away in order to save the White race. If they won't be taken away White society will collapse - demographically & economically - anyway and once that happens (as there would be no government to enforce feminism) women will lose their "right" anyway as Patriarchy is the natural order. So it's better to take women's rights NOW and avoid the misery that a societal collapse (and civil war) would cause. Millions of lives can be saved. If White men won't take their women's rights Nature will see to it that Muhammad will."

by Michael Berg

I am a 33-year-old male. Happily married to a beautiful woman. I have three beautiful little girls aged three and younger.

My previous article was about White Genocide . I showed how the ethnic Germans (I am of German descent) and the White race as a whole are being destroyed by non-White immigration and miscegenation.  Feminism and the male response, MGTOW (Men going their own way) are also a cause for the demographic crisis. Only by stopping feminism and lowering women's rights and privileges to a sensible level can we stop the MGTOW trend and make marriage attractive and viable again.

I understand my MGTOW friends. Women have been relieved of their responsibilities and given advantages over men. They were empowered at the expense of men which makes any relationships difficult and risky for men.  Only by restoring male authority over women, families and society can the West be saved from demographic collapse and replacement.


 Males are "active" by nature and seek power. The dominance instinct is there to compete with other males for the purpose of gathering resources in order to attract females. Females require resources in order to support the young. 

 Females are "passive" and select males to provide for both themselves and their offspring. In practical terms it means females don't tend to bond/marry with males that are as equal or below them in terms of resources. They are hypergamous. 

Woman must surrender to her man for this to work. Therefore she must satisfy his sexual needs anytime he needs it as sex is one of the foundations of a male-female relationship. She must bear his children and she must cook, clean and do her house duties. She must love him and in return, he will love her and provide for her. She must be a good helpmate. This way a man will not abandon her even when she gets old and she's not attractive anymore. The man will return favor in favor. He will not betray her and trade her with another woman. We must build society around these principles.


Men are biologically designed to desire women based on the women's physical appearance - how the woman looks, how "hot" she is,  i.e. how fertile she is. Unlike females, males don't mind marrying down. A rich male can marry any poor and unsuccessful woman as long as the woman is young, attractive and fertile.  Males don't care as much about a female's income. They care more about her sexuality. This is Nature.

A woman's sexual peak is when she's young and healthy. The younger she is the more sexually valuable she is for a man. ur feminist politically correct society denies these natural forces and instead of understanding them and pressuring women to marry young during their most critical years (of 18-25, 18 is ideal), instead women are told to focus on education and careers only to soon find themselves without a husband and a family, living alone with their cats for the rest of their lives. 

Once a woman hit the wall at around the age of 35-40 it's game over for her. She's unlikely to attract a male for the rest of her life. This is why it is extremely critical for females to form a life bond with males when they are young and most sexually attractive. Of course, males also seek love in a relationship, but sex is his main motivator at the beginning. If the woman isn't attractive or she's hit the wall, a man will not even start a relationship with her.


In order for the west to save itself, not only solving the problem of multiculturalism is essential, but women's rights have to be lowered to the point where they are in line with the responsibilities that females can actually exhibit.  That "rights" have to go hand in hand with responsibilities. Otherwise, we have a dysfunctional relationship between the sexes as we have today. Since women show less responsibility than men for building, maintaining and protecting a society, they should have fewer rights - starting with the right to vote.

Vote for women is what fuels the male-tax-driven welfare state and the family court system. This gives women less incentive to marry and more incentive to divorce. It is a vicious cycle that must be broken. In addition, empowered women become "single mothers". Single motherhood creates criminality and social problems. Kids need both parental figures for a healthy development. In essence, to solve this, society must lower female opportunity one or two steps back in order to motivate women to actually "need" men for provision and thus Marriage.  All the rights given to women since first wave feminism in 1920 must go.

 Once a woman's rights are lowered, the children would be her link to the husband's resources. In addition to that, the ONLY workable solution for the long run and for society's well being, is the tried and true system of monogamy where every man has a woman for sexual access and it's been proven successful throughout history - the traditional family of one man and one woman.

We can't have a society when most men and most women don't marry and have kids. Such a society is doomed to collapse. My motivation for stopping the MGTOW trend is really the result of my love for women in general, the love my wife and the love for my beautiful little girls as I want them to be pursued by men when they reach the right age. We only need to look at how many now regret that they have lost the only opportunity they had for having a family. For the sake of women, men, children and society this misery must end!


Makow Comment- 1.) Removing woman's right to vote is extreme but Berg's article is a reminder that the pendulum can swing back to something more balanced. After World War Two, women in Canada lost their jobs to men who were considered providers. Women's proper job was having and raising children. Hence the baby boom. Neither gender should be required to follow any path but the family is the red blood cell of society. People who don't foster family values will decline and disappear. I'm afraid this is the plan for Whitey. They are turning the West into the Third World. 2.) What's sad about Berg's vision is that male-female relations are seen as mutually exploitive rather than motivated by human sentiment.

First Comment by Marco A

The entire argument presented in this article commits the same sin of Feminism - it presupposes an inherent nobility inside of one of the sexes - this time the man. 
It presupposes that man is the "protector", the "provider" and essentially that "white knight" so often mocked in male feminist circles today. 

This is an ideal that doesn't exist in the vast majority of men. We are at a point today where if you took away a woman's rights she would simply become a concubine. The vast majority of men today fornicate far before marriage and many don't get married; this trend would not cease with the removal of woman's rights.

 Find me the nobleman today in the modern cesspit of society. Every young man I know is fornicating or is cohabitating with "yet another woman."

If you truly want to revert back to before first wave feminism while Western society is in such a state I fear for your daughters who, "... must satisfy his sexual needs anytime he needs it..."

You would like to create a world where a woman's only leverage for her God-given rights would be her children. What a cowardly and authoritarian worldview. And how ironically Islamic considering your recent article on White oppression!

If men are to be protectors and providers, why not try acting the part instead of the oppressor. 

The entire modern feminist movement is fueled by a lack of moral character in men; third wave feminism is highly symptomatic of modern male behaviour. When you have young men who are little more than sex addicts and who lack the moral fortitude to do anything good in society, then you won't have great women either. 

The solution I have always held is that if men would reform themselves, and dare to be upright men, women would naturally follow that leadership. 

I am not afraid of women and I am not a sex addict that needs a woman to submit herself to my sexual urges or who is looking for a woman solely to bed her. You don't speak for me as a man when you write, " is his main motivator at the beginning." I am a Christian, I don't believe in fornicating or debasing myself and my lover by doing so. 
We can live together in harmony loving one another without some authoritarian dictating what "rights" are allowed and disallowed. Good God man, give me a break; what's next, the revival of "prima noctis"? After all, the perverted sex-crazed man needs to have his sex!

Berg Clarifies his Ideas re.  Marco A's First Comment

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Taking Away Women's "Rights" "

Bill S said (December 3, 2018):

Taking Away Women's "Rights"

Excellent article. I agree 100%. wow, that Marco (the Christian) is an uber-cuck. Blames men for all evil committed by women. This reflects the rampant feminism in the church today.

btw, MGTOW is ultra-Biblical. First, in order to be born again, one must turn his back on the "world." Second, Paul counsels believers to stay single - like him - and warns them of the dangers of marriage.

Jessica said (December 2, 2018):

'm all for limiting the jobs that women can apply for such as combat arms. But I would be interested to learn how this guy plans to take away women's opportunities. Does he mean paying women less for same job or limiting the jobs women can apply for? Women do have to be able to support themselves otherwise they will end up on food stamps and welfare or prostituting. That would be a pain the ass for men to have to support.

Paul A said (December 2, 2018):

My solutions? Make divorce almost impossible. Get rid of contraception and abortion. Extirpate pornography and those who traffic in it. Promote virtue instead of vice, and ensure that there is minimal enabling of those who pursue vice. Order our civilization so it promotes good order, meritocracy, and civility, and lets those who act uncivilly, viciously, and irresponsibly have to bear the consequences of their actions.

I suspect that this is the only thing that will prevent anarchy and chaos. If we cannot force this upon our governments, then we will have to live it in our own lives. As anarchy increases, we will be able to enforce it within our own spheres of influence with greater freedom. The alternative is simply pagan horror like the Aztecs, Mongols, and Vikings.

Robert M said (December 2, 2018):

Michael berg is one smart guy, who sees the big picture. making his point in limited space, about the feminist calamity that is a huge aspect of the West's predicament. Legislating away, whether from the legislative chamber or the courts, any and every power men have, every manner in which women might be dependent on men and marriage, needs to be stopped.

Smug liberal moderns tend to think, Fukuyama-style, that this era in which we live is permanent, will last for all time. As Michael says, when things break down, the more natural order of things will quickly reassert itself.

Wade said (December 1, 2018):

I am 74 and our society no longer respects the wisdom that can come to some people with age and experience. I am married 3 times and divorced twice. I have 4 children and 3 grandchildren. I am self-employed since age 27 and very successful. I am also a Nam vet.

In studying our many problems and the terrible state of our world and our Country over many decades it became crystal clear to me long ago that the single biggest mistake this nation ever made was giving women the right to vote.

Another huge mistake was allowing men who do not pay property taxes to vote. Our elections are a joke because we do not require a voter I.D. card that assures only US citizens with the legal right to vote actually cast the ballots. Finally we will never have a honest and reliable election process until we return to paper ballots HAND COUNTED. We must be willing to wait for election results while this process takes place.

In the recent midterms the negative results were the product of women, very young people (especially young women) and men who do not pay property taxes who were allowed to vote. Coupled along with illegal aliens and fraudulent voters.

Fix who gets to vote and you fix who is in office and a host of other problems start to go away.

This actually is almost exactly what our founding fathers came up with and enacted long ago. But the people today who seem to be legends in their own minds are under the illusion that they are much smarter and wiser than our founding fathers. This arrogance has already been proven to be ridiculous.

Henry, mark my words, this nation cannot survive going down the path it is taking.

G5 said (December 1, 2018):

Though the author is correct, this will never happen. The populace has been so brainwashed by the NWO to believe in egalitarianism --- the lie that men and women are equal, that "gender is a social construct" etc.. --- that most modern men would not dare to dream of revoking women's spurious "rights". It parallels what one reads in Genesis 3: first corrupt the woman, then the woman will corrupt the man.

And Janet Bloomfield (aka Judgy Bitch) has made a couple of videos about why women should not have the vote.

..And "Jennifer" [below] talks rubbish: the idea that feminism was some natural response to male irresponsibility is complete garbage. The entire goal of feminism was to destroy the Western family unit, which meant first and foremost destroying its natural head --- the man. It was planned in advance by truly evil individuals and enthusiastically taken up by fools and knaves. At no point was feminism some natural organic movement.

To blame men for feminism is akin to blaming blacks for the slave trade. But that never troubles types like "Jennifer" --- pampered entitlement princesses who shift the blame for women's evil onto the men who bear the brunt of it.

David S said (December 1, 2018):

I fear Mr Berg is absolutely right. We have two worlds, the artificial world of man, and nature. The artificial world of man is a lie, only nature holds the truth. When the books tell us to do one thing and nature tells us to do something else, throw away the books. Mr Berg is talking about cause and effect and because the mind of man is programmable social engineers have managed to break our connection to nature in many ways. To survive we must program our own minds and nourish them with truth.

David S said (December 1, 2018):

I fear Mr Berg is absolutely right. We have two worlds, the artificial world of man, and nature. The artificial world of man is a lie, only nature holds the truth. When the books tell us to do one thing and nature tells us to do something else, throw away the books. Mr Berg is talking about cause and effect and because the mind of man is programmable social engineers have managed to break our connection to nature in many ways. To survive we must program our own minds and nourish them with truth.

Jennifer said (December 1, 2018):

Long before feminism came into the picture, the scales tipped where too many men lost their moral character and honor to provide and protect women.

Thus feminism was a reactionary solution to the failed, immature, sex addicted, arrested development male that came to dominate society. The MeToo movement is blowback of that reality.

There is nothing new under the sun, this situation happened in Ancient Rome, when men refused to get married and have families preferring to go to orgies instead.

The Roman senate, in fear of the plunging birth rate, passed a tax law called the “Bachelor Tax” to financially pressure men to marry and have families—but the men just paid the tax and partied on!
Michael Berg replies

"many men lost their moral character and honor to provide and protect women"

- I am a man, and I can tell you that young males think about women all the time. We both love and desire women. It's male nature to not only have sex with a girl but also to make her happy and feel that he is wanted and desired. Men enjoy making females feel good. We have a protective instinct for you. You'll see that once women's rights are taken away, and relationships (and thus marriage and kids) with women will be easier, risk free and viable as it's been in the 1950s then men "will mature" because they "will have to", Reality will "force" them to "mature". People Don't Mature Until They HAVE To. Female Empowerment makes relationships with women very difficult and risky. Hence men "don't mature". Not only that they become sexually "frustrated" ("addicted") in your words. "addicted" is the wrong word - They are just crying out for female love, warmth, companionship as sex. (The same is true for Feminists. Feminists walk with pussycats because they cry out for Male love and sex)

and As I wrote the problem isn't men. The problem is the system of Feminism.

"Thus feminism was a reactionary solution to the failed, immature, sex addicted, arrested development male that came to dominate society."

Reality shows that it's the other way around, excessive use of porn, one-night stands, sex orgies are the symptoms, the result of Feminism. They are NOT the causes of Feminism & low birth rate. Research shows that only when women were given "equal rights" did the birth rate collapse.

Feminism made forming relationships very difficult and punishing for men (This is what happened in Rome and Today), as a result, men had become sexually frustrated. When you deny women (sex) from men this is what they think about. When you deny food from someone, food is all they think about. When people used to marry young they god sex out of marriage and therefore they weren't as sexually (frustrated) and "obsessed" as they are today. Look at this Red Ice analysis:

Essel said (December 1, 2018):

The author of this text puts things in their place relative to the natural order. It's a lot and it's necessary. But the natural order alone is not enough and must be perfected by Christianity, which is a "layer" above the natural law, which supposes it.

Authentic Christianity is not for chickens or rabbits. It is addressed to men who are truly men, that is to say who behave as such, especially who live according to reason. But of course, that is not enough, because the original sin has passed by and its consequences affect all men without exception.

That is why it is very good to preach, as Henry does, respect for the natural order, but it can only be preliminary. By itself, respect for the natural order, which is impossible in practice without a superior motivation, does not save. Now, the finality of human acts is salvation, that is, the return to one's Creator. Our Lord Jesus Christ came precisely on earth to allow us, by his sacrifice, to attain this end, the possibility of which had been lost by the sin of Adam.

SP, PhD said (December 1, 2018):

I have to agree with Michael Berg. Everything he said is correct.

Tudor said (December 1, 2018):

They teach us wrong. The male, including man, does not experience "heat". The female, including woman, does experience "heat" with peak erotic motivation occurring around the time of ovulation, midway between menstrual periods.

It's about reproduction. If female does not experience "heat", the male has no desire. The male just satisfies the female's needs not the other way around. There is no rape in the wild animal world...and the man is considered the most evolved animal. The men are confused because of the numerous stimulus available: porn, way some women dress, books, newspapers etc.

Ann said (December 1, 2018):


G said (December 1, 2018):

Hard to improve on Marco's comment. Will just add that Berg is reactionary, likely wounded. He sees an imbalance and finds a solution in dominance. Can he not set the bar at maturity, where each sex is encouraged to complement the other? And, regarding his first sentence, is not leadership a better word than "authority?"

My spirituality teaches me that God is within me. I cannot house God and at the same time be subservient to anyone. Still, I recognize the gifts and talents the male brings to life. His facial features and muscular system speak of protection and provision, but (again like Marco alluded to) that protection includes clearing anything in the path of the beloved that may stand in the way of her ability to shine and be fulfilled. This applies both ways. To love the other is to want the best for him or her.

Mr. Berg seems to be courting a bigger agenda; I cannot yet connect it up to any of the current NWO pursuits, except maybe as a distraction. More likely it's a personal agenda, one that has elements of revenge and sadism. It takes a very secure man to be a counterpart to a strong woman. It takes a very loving woman to bring out the best in her man. God save us all from the aberration of radical feminism, and also from any toxic remedy that would deny a woman her self-determinism. Love does not oppress.

Tony B said (December 1, 2018):

Essentially exactly on point. Women are absolutely out of place and out of control. Been saying it for many years. Woman are too easy to manipulate. The first woman was child's play for the devil. She then cajoled her man into joining her mistake. Nothing new under the sun.

The simple fact that women are easy to manipulate is the exact reason they have been given, by agents of the devil (whether or not those agents realize that) "rights" that are even satanic and too many women are too self-concerned to realize it.

From the top - abortion is murder, plain and simple. The penalty for murder in many parts of the world is still death. How can a crime deserving death as the penalty be claimed as a woman's right? Plain insanity. "Her own body?" Pure bullshit. How many self-important women living today deserve that penalty of death? Many millions of babies have been murdered in the last century, more than previous in the world, without ever drawing a breath.

Everyone had a mother who murdered that child. How cruelly evil and without conscience can one get, yet selfishly continue to demand more and more and more without paying the normal costs for any "right" (privilege)? Why does not the father of the child have the "right" to murder the woman who murdered his child?

"Human law is law only by virtue of its accordance with right reason; and thus it is manifest that it flows from the eternal law. And in so far as it deviates from right reason it is called an unjust law; in such case it is no law at all, but rather a species of violence." --Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologiae

No man in his right mind will put up with the gross selfishness of "modern" women. And, no, the men are not the same. Not nearly so. Women do not have the ability to control themselves if allowed the freedom not to. That is why all through history they have not had equal status to men and women always have known this better than men have.

A good woman wants to be properly controlled. Her proper domain is the home and the children, she is designed, physically and emotionally, to carry, bear, and to nurture children - has that suddenly become impossible to be seen? What lunatic has U.S. military men wearing high heels, pretending to be pregnant, etc.? Are women allowed to make the whole world insane, even to destroy a nation's ability to defend itself?

The man is correct. If out-of-control women are not reigned in society has no chance of survival. He would back his argument by reading the words of St. Paul, the one apostle who was highly educated and who had been blinded by Christ so as to preach His truth to the world.

JG said (December 1, 2018):

I think Mr. Berg is kinda running away with this one. You can't turn back the hands of time. Many women are in key professional positions and they're often better and more efficient than their male co-workers. Also, many women have a higher tolerance for stress than men do.
We all seem to think that there's another country or place out there that we can go to where time has stood still and Traditional White European values are legislated and enforced.

Our problems today are far beyond women's role in today's world.

This LGBT campaign against God and humanity has to be addressed before it's too late. In past history, judgement has fallen on the nations who have recognized and legitimized these sins. And, that hasn't changed.

JJ said (December 1, 2018):

I would agree with this article. Women's rights are too much for women to handle (how many men can even handle rights?). They will rarely refuse those rights for the greater good. They rarely think beyond themselves and consider the family unit, the community, or the nation.

In God's eyes no one has rights, only responsibilities, responsibilities that should keep us really busy. Like you have said over and over, homosexual men have given women special rights in order to abrogate man's responsibility to take care of women. Now our taxes do the job instead and we can leave women alone.

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