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Insider: Facebook is a Front for Deep State Surveillance & Mind Control

June 22, 2019

(Left, American Intelligence Media reads and illustrates the Facebook insider's revelations. Must watch.)

I am featuring this information again because we don't appreciate its mind boggling implications.  If what the Insider says is true, the Illuminati (Communist) totalitarian state is already in place. Social media companies (Facebock, Twitter, Google etc.) are adjuncts of the CIA for surveillance and mind control. They are removing their mask now with the censorship of conservatives. Later patriots will be incarcerated or worse when the level of persecution provokes armed resistance. Trump is false opposition.

The insider says the Illuminati hate the American people and regard them all as potential terrorists. Let that sink in. We are in a state of war.

One false note: The insider thinks he can remain anonymous although his identity would be screamingly obvious to other insiders. Wouldn't his safety be better protected if he revealed his identity?

Otherwise, this material rings true. The "British"-Rothschild-MI-6-Nick Clegg connection makes sense. The fact that the Confession has been largely ignored would confirm its authenticity. 

I am posting key excerpts to better spread this essential information. The MSM has lulled us into a state of complacency but we already live in a veiled Communist state. 

Excerpts- Facebook Insider Confesses All

Mark always had panic attacks and would break down frequently due to the brain-washing - according to Mark. He would cry about his mother and the "torture" she let "them" do to him.
Mark Greenberg (Zuckerberg) did not write one single line of programming source code for Facebook. Those are lies and propaganda generated by his government, military handlers.


they-trust-me-dumb-fucks-mark-zuckerberg-co-founder-of-facebook-31688389.pngFree platforms like Google, Gmail, Facebook, and the rest were confidence tricks to get users to experiment on. My old buddy, Sean Parker, an early member of Facebook has "confessed all" to the media and specifically told the truth that Facebook was meant as a cyber-drug to create and control addicts - digital addicts. As Sean said, we knew from the beginning it was harming every user and that is why we never let our friends or our children use these systems - it harms them tremendously and was the original intent of the media. Mark and I were told by representatives of DARPA that that was the intent of Facebook from its inception.

The U. S. Patriot Act allows the military to consider every American a possible terrorist or enemy warfighter until proven otherwise. Every person on the Internet, which was also created by DARPA, is considered a cyber-terrorist and the military sees it as their job to create systems to surveil, target, disarm, and aggressively remote control the user. I hated the idea from the first time I heard of it. Personally, I have never used Facebook and don't let anyone I love use it. --

Mark's British controllers sent Baron Richard Allen to rein Mark in, but he failed miserably. Even Sir Nick Clegg, x-deputy prime minister of Britain was sent to shut Mark up, but to no avail. Even the second-in-charge of Britain couldn't stop Mark and his non-stop stupidity. Mark opens his mouth, it cost the company billions. Mark testifies, and everyone finds out that he doesn't know a single thing about "his" company.


Mark Greenberg (Zuckerberg) did not create Facebook. Facebook is a governmental monopoly doing the most advanced virtual behavioral modification on the planet with stolen and modified patents, intellectual property (IP), and trade secrets from inventors who were not remunerated for their inventions. I personally knew this, even when it was happening. I felt sick about the whole thing and this led to many, many arguments between Mark and me. The other members of the Fellowship felt the same way I did. Eventually, Mark had to buy all of us off with large sums of money over the years.


We have not spoken up before now, but I personally cannot hold my silence any longer. I must speak out openly about the criminal surveillance Mark does through Facebook because it gets worse every day. Mark's handlers tell him to allow more surveillance even though security breaches, selling customer data, allowing for spying by CIA, NSA, DIA, GCHQ, MI6, Five Eyes, lying to Congress, meddling in elections, allowing everyone access to Facebook data, censoring conservatives, being a platform for the Democrat party, and many other charges have been brought against Facebook in other countries and America. Mark will not listen to me or anyone else about stopping the insanity. I believe he is unstable and not fit to run Facebook.

Illuminati-rule.jpgWhen I saw the $1.5 billion from George Soros and the Atlantic Council bring in the AI system (some built by the Cambridge Digital Forensic Research Laboratory) used in Europe to stop free speech, I had had enough. It was then that I knew Mark was truly being used by evil forces and that even he couldn't stop it. He seemed to have a death wish to destroy Facebook and reveal some of its evil intent. This was ruining the company I was trying to help run. There were no other avenues that I could take the company down that would deter Mark from the total destruction of Facebook. Mark had been told to win the country for Hillary, or kill the company trying. He was making astounding mistakes that showed the truth of the evil foundations of Facebook. -

Mark did not earn nor deserve a single penny he has been given. Mark is a card-board cut-out who has lost his way and is completely delusional at this point.


When Facebook is broken up, the new companies will have the Eric Schmidt "Dragonfly" social credit system built in. Mark wants to be like Eric and control the world from a digital Ivory Tower and oversee the depopulation of the earth. These maniacs believe they are "above the human race" and are actually higher beings sent to the earth to control the masses. From my experience, these attitudes are extremely prevalent with Silicon Valley tech giants -- and they make me sick.

The time has come to simply end the fake social media experiments and call them governmental black-ops projects. I personally know most of these cyber tech-lords and I can testify that they do not possess the tech skills they claim founded their companies. They are simply tech thieves, like Mark Zuckerberg, who need to pay back those they stole from and be put in jail for their crimes. I personally am willing to testify without immunity and suffer whatever consequences I deserve for knowing these things and never bringing them forth until now. I know that the corruption is so great in Washington D. C. that I would not stand a chance of bringing forth this information without being squelched, killed, or silenced like I have seen done to others.

I suggest that the new Attorney General simply read this letter, investigate and then ask Mark Greensberg to program a single line of coherent code. When he cannot, lock him up.

First Comment from David Livingstone

All the technical information in your article is right, but otherwise it sounds fake. In fact, it smells like Russian disinformation. The article is just using publicly available information about FB and TIA. But there's no talk about Russia's 10% ownership of Facebook through Zuckerberg and Jared Kusher's mutual friend, the transhumanist Yuri Milner, who used a government-owned Russian bank to finance his purchase. There's also no discussion about FB's collaboration with Cambridge Analytica, partly owned by Bannon and Robert Mercer, who collaborated with the Russians to propel their fake news, or finally, that Zuckerberg sent a number of FB staff to be "embedded" right into the Trump campaign headquarters to advise them on social media strategy. And the article denounces Mueller as a conspirator.

I also found that Zuckerberg was a student at Phillip Exeter in New Hampshire, a prep school that graduates all kinds of illuminati types, including Dan Brown, and was founded by the great-grandson of John Winthrop, the founder of the Massachusetts Bay Colony and a Rosicrucian.

(Makow- Let's remember that Russia is also controlled by the Illuminati.)


So now I can say "I told you so." I knew Facebook was fake. The frontman got a Hollywood film, your first clue. If you're still on Facebook or "Masonic G" mail, try RetroShare, the leaderless resistance of IT.

Economic monopoly is the spy game. It's 80% of NSA and John Perkins was an eyewitness. Yet people can't see through Jeff Bezos, another "golden boy" anointed to "win" alleged "competition" in a mythical "free market" to ... conquer like a robber baron...?!?

Spooks control minds. They just would monopolize books. Authors hate Amazon, so how did it "win"? Bezos got sweetheart deals with USPS, CIA, WaPo, ICE, and OHSA. He hires busloads of illegal, illiterate aliens who've never seen flush toilets say insiders, yet nobody raids him. Even his legal workers wear diapers to make quotas. Amazon's plastic crap comes from laogai. If I could run slaves, I could get rich, too. Slavery extends to us. Amazon's real value is customer product reviews. As with Facebook, we make the content. Having ironed the system kinks in the book segment, it was easy expanding, killing the little guy's power to sell anything without Amazon tribute.

You have to know that spooks would likewise rig monopolies on cell phones, e-mail, cloud storage, etc. Megafirms are not mega because they're agile. They are mega welfare bums. They buy your demise with your taxes. You drool at "free shipping" and "free e-mail service" not asking how the money works. The price is your soul and your country.

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Comments for " Insider: Facebook is a Front for Deep State Surveillance & Mind Control"

Anon said (June 24, 2019):

Livingstone is confused. I've followed his work. He's a fair historian who should stay in the 17th century. His op-eds on current events parrot MSM talking points. Save your time: watch CNN.

Five degrees of separation connect anyone to anything. Here DL conflates 17th-century Rosicrucians with one Mark GREENBERG, plus an ISRAELI-Russian billionaire masterminding SUPERPATRIOT CHRISTIAN RUSSIAN EMPIRE plots. David can't see the kosher forest for all the Lebanese cedars.

Apparently, DL won't hear a repentant insider who blows up the Russiagate narrative. This bombshell was "just using publicly available information about FB and TIA"? Not hardly. It's first-hand eyewitness complete with pillow-talk.

Robert Mueller? The guy who hand-delivered samples to Russia for Uranium One? The dirty cop who covered-up 9/11 saying truthers are terrorists? I smell something, too, DL.

Of course a spook front like FB would send "advisors" into Trump's campaign. Odds are good they fed info back to the DNC. DL may recall the recent Spygate FISA scandals. Or not. Memory can be selective.

DL clings desperately to leftist illusions about Russian election theft, Trump racism, the whole ball of DNC-CIA nonsense. A Muslim like DL might chastise Trump for backing LGBTQWERTY perversion. No, the Trump issue is racism! I've heard DL say on podcasts that racism is America's number one problem, which the country won't admit, and which gave Trump his victory. Alexandra Bruce, herself half-Brazilian, made the point on Daniel Ott's show, regarding Trump, that you cannot live in NYC as a successful racist. It's absurd. Bruce was a lifelong Democrat who finally fled DNC agitprop. Her own family is still lost in it, like Livingstone.

I personally know whites married to blacks, latinos, and asians, complete with chocolate babies. Whites are the least racist group on earth. To find actual modern racists, try China, Japan, or upper Indian castes. These are racist cultures.

The MSM drills a guilt complex into whites for daring to love their own cultures and race, yet teaches minorities that evil whites have it in for them. DL is a sucker for this shit. It's the same gimmick Jews use on their children, that another holocaust lurks around the corner. Minorities in white countries think their race obsessions and imaginary persecutions are real subject matter. DL should do history or work at the NYT under Goebbels-grade spinmeisters overturning elections.

Kim said (June 23, 2019):

Facebook is rolling out ‘Libre’ it’s they new cryptocurrency because they have been locked out of the current system.

If you’d like to get up to speed start listening to Thomas Williams at the Truth Honor & Integrity show, can find on YouTube for the recorded show, live stream on Thursday nights via Spreaker 6:30 pm CST

Thomas did a special show last nite titled, “Clowns in Panic” 6-22-19 (it will most likely be posted today or tomorrow, listen closely!
Thomas Williams works side by side with Kimberly Gougen, the Controller of The Manna World Holding Trust, which controls every asset on this planet.

Kim ‘Possible’ has re-written the banking codes to lock out the Cabal and is pro-humanity. The Good Guys get to take the Planet back and this time we need to grow up and Think Differently!
It’s all real Henry, no BS here.

***You can go to go to must listen to podcasts for your education
The series From Russia with Love will give you the complete backstory on the JEWS...Khazarians, Zionist, etc.

This time we win, though no sitting on hands, no one comes to save us except US!

see also

Peter said (June 23, 2019):

Suckerberg is a tool, and there are many like him that can replace him.
I would have been one of them if I had been 'suckcessful' in the midsts
of these insatiable vipers.

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