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The Feminist Formula for Killing Love

June 1, 2019

A woman's love for a man is expressed as trust. By attacking this trust, feminists kill love. 

Masculinity is defined by Power. Femininity is defined by Love. Heterosexual marriage involves the exchange of female worldly power for male power expressed as love. This requires "trust."

from July 25, 2017
by Henry Makow PhD

I have written on this subject  for 15 years but periodically the truth resounds again with greater clarity. If our culture wasn't controlled by Communists (Satanist bankers), my book Cruel Hoax: Feminism and the NWO would be a bestseller. We are being deliberately subverted. 

Woman loves a man by surrendering her worldly power and putting her trust in him. Female love is epitomized by trust. If she doesn't trust him, she doesn't love him. This is how two people become one in marriage. A husband "possesses" his wife; this is symbolized and consecrated by the sex act. 

Communist bankers use feminism to destroy love, marriage and family. They teach women to seek power instead of surrendering it. This is lesbian since masculinity is defined by power. Women get love by surrendering power. Instead of becoming one, man and woman compete for power.  

A constant drumbeat of propaganda (infidelity, domestic violence, sexual harassment etc.) disparages men and teach women NOT to trust them. Women are taught to be self-seeking, and promiscuous. By killing trust, they have killed love. This is the feminist formula for purging the world of love.

Communism is Satanism, and until we realize we are under daily occult attack, we will be helpless to defend ourselves. 

The difference between an alpha and beta man is that an Alpha Male convinces a woman to do what he wants. He makes her want to be his. A Beta Male hopes she'll love him if he does what she wants. A Beta Male can never satisfy a woman. 

But a woman must choose to belong (surrender) to her husband. And, of course, a husband must first earn her trust (through courtship) and keep it. 

Feminism cries out for "equality."  Equality does not mean the same. Men and woman have different needs. Men need power; women need love. Heterosexual love is the exchange of the two. 

Below are excerpts from a 2013 essay by a man who accurately describes the damage done in the real world by feminism


"Woman is a violent and uncontrolled animal... If you allow them to achieve complete equality with men, do you think they will be easier to live with? Not at all. Once they have achieved equality, they will be your masters."
- Cato the Elder

The New Age and Spiritual movements are fond of saying that history has been controlled by patriarchal societies which have suppressed the "feminine energy", hence causing imbalance and destruction. For example, the popular Internet films "Esoteric Agenda" and "Kymatica" make this point.

However, what these movements are afraid to admit, is that modern day feminism totally suppresses and destroys this "feminine energy" more than any patriarchal society ever did. And that's the irony, that feminism destroys femininity. So then, why use such a term when its effects are the exact opposite? Why isn't this movement called "masculinity for women"? 

Obviously, whoever was behind this movement knew something about neurolinguistic programming - that by pretending to be the opposite of what you are, you trick and lure people by using deception. In this case, women who consider themselves "feminine" will uncritically assume that a movement called "feminism" must be on their side in helping with their womanhood and femininity, when nothing could be further from the truth. 

The sad thing is that many women are tricked into thinking that this "new feminism" is somehow liberating them and allowing them to reach their full potential. Yet how can they become self-actualized by suppressing their own natural life force or feminine energy? 

How is that wholesome or harmonious, when it's destructive to relationships and forces men to emasculate themselves and deny their own masculinity? 

Any time you try to bring up something by oppressing others, it will be a formula for destruction. These women are tricked and lured in by the promise of "equality", which eventually turns them asexual, bestial and dominant before they know it. That's the "trap of feminism". 

The natural female energy is loving, caring, nurturing, tender, and seeks a symbiotic relationship with the male energy. This results in the creation of life, the highest power. Whatever you want to call it - God, Mother Nature, the Universal Creative Force, etc. - that is how it was naturally meant to be. Male and female energy were meant to complement each other, not compete and tear each other down, or engage in any "battle of the sexes", which is what has happened (and may possibly be engineered by the global elite according to some sources, Google "Nick Rockefeller and feminism").

Yet the feminist movement and its values preach the complete opposite and antithesis. Not only do they incite male bashing and double standards against men in society  but they indoctrinate women to look down on men, NOT NEED men, NOT WANT men, be independent, and view males as lower forms of life that are creeps and oppressors by nature. Men are not respected or admired, but seen as immature and dumb.


Feminism ... makes dating a nightmare of epic proportions, and totally disrupts the natural harmony of men and women. It turns women hateful and apathetic toward men. In effect, it gives women an unaccountable status where they can get away with anything, and demonetize anyone who resists. As a result, they can abuse and mistreat men without judgment or consequences, for it is taboo to argue or stand up to them.

Females in America are given role models in the form of action stars, like Angelina Jolie, who in Tomb Raider as Lara Croft, is rough and tough, kicks ***, does not need men, does not act sweet, feminine or tender, does not giggle or blush, and all the while looking sexy at the same time.

Yet any honest natural man will tell you that such a woman with no feminine qualities is not attractive at all, and dealing with her is very awkward. How can you have a loving, intimate, fulfilling relationship with a woman who is rough and tough, doesn't need you and tries to act stronger than you? You can't flirt with her, court her, or charm her without feeling like you are violating her "independence from femininity". Yet you can't treat her like a male buddy either, because no matter how hard she tries to act like a man, she is not one, in ANY way. So what can you do with her?! You can't treat her like a man or a woman! It's the most awkward and unnatural thing.

Plus, a feminist can never become a man, because a normal man is not high strung or easily offended by little things the way a feminist or masculine woman is. Thus these feminists are more like bestial freaks of nature, rather than men, which is a horrible thing.

Furthermore, these feminists and independent women do not like to dress feminine. They hate wearing skits and high heels (which they view as oppressive) and like cutting their hair short to look like men. How can that be beautiful or feminine to men? How can that bring out the male attraction for the feminine? How can being strong, masculine and independent soothe a man's need for tenderness and fulfill his need for love and romance and his need to merge with the female energy?!

What strong independent American women don't understand, is that you can't make a man become more masculine by becoming masculine yourself. You bring out the masculinity in a man by becoming FEMININE! That's the key truth that feminism hides from you. Obviously feminism has F***ED up relationships in America, whether it was engineered or not. There's no way around it. And that's NOT a good thing. 


It's a total scam against women. It masculines women and emasculates men, twisting the male/female dynamic out of whack, turning America into the most unnatural dating scene in the world. It is also tyranny in disguise, which seeks to placate and weaken males, while giving women unaccountable power, which corrupts and ruins relationships. 

Feminists NEVER win on logic or reason, because their movement is not a rational one at all, but a hateful emotional one that uses shaming tactics rather than reason. Overall, it is destructive and deceptive to both men and women. Worst of all, it destroys and suppresses the most beautiful thing in the world - the feminine beauty and soul. 

So if you are really pro-women and pro-female, you'd expose this scam and bring awareness of it, so people can see what it really is. You'd help women get back in touch with their true divine female energy inherent in them, and stop this scam which tries to get women to deny their own femininity. 

How Feminism Screwed Up My Lovelife 

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Comments for " The Feminist Formula for Killing Love "

M said (August 3, 2017):

Kudos to you for your very succinct article. The truthfulness will make feminists screech in anger, but facts is facts.

The 'feminists' I know are all divorcees. They hate men on the surface, but they seem to want a relationship with one, yet instead just keep hating all men. They're just female chauvinists, really. They're lonely, and yet they can't find 'the perfect man'. Why? Because their 'perfect man' never exists except in their heads. They want a robot they can program, but if they got what they wanted, they wouldn't even LIKE that robot. They want a guy to be all 'bunny soft' but at the same time to be a real 'tough guy' and oh yes, also pick up the check. They want an illusion.

It also destroys the family, because 'having it all' means both parents drudge to work every day, and who takes care of any children? The day care system. It's like a prison for babies, where many abuses take place.

If you haven't read it, check out "Thanks for the Memories, The truth has set me free" by Brice Taylor. She mentions in one of her chapters about daycare centers and some of their ulterior motives. It's beyond scary to even contemplate. Day care not only helps kill the family 'unit', but when the child grows up, many think that putting the new baby in the care of total strangers is now 'normal' and 'every one does it'.

This furthers the divide of parent and child, the kid grows up getting their 'values' instilled in them by strangers, and God only knows what their values are. Ultimately, karma returns when the parents become old and invalid, and then the formerly day cared for kid sticks his or her parents in an adult day care center. The circle is then complete.

Z said (July 27, 2017):

You're right when you say that “Communist bankers use feminism to destroy love, marriage and family. They teach women to seek power instead of surrendering it.”
But they exploit certain traits in women's evolutionary psychology which has evolved for thousand of years. So we need to explore why women are willing to get involved in an unholy alliance with big government and big corporations to commercialize our society.

There are lots of books on the subject but there's one which you MUST read and review on your website - "What Men Know That Women Don't: How to Love Women Without Losing Your Soul" - by Rich Zubaty.

Santiago said (July 27, 2017):

You say, communist bankers use feminism to destroy love, marriage and family.

There are two reasons more!

To tax the other half of population,

And to get the children into they educational system of mental control

sorry my English

keep the good work, is admirable

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