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A Different View of JFK

September 16, 2019

Francis, the author, is a self-described "white voodoo" adept. 
I don't agree with this reappraisal of JFK but I post for purposes of

This picture of Kennedy in a Masonic handshake with
David O. McKay, President of the Mormon sect, lends some credence
to Francis' disparaging view of the late President.  

However, I reiterate that I don't agree with this assessment.
Despite his shortcomings, JFK was the last President to genuinely represent
the interests of the American people. That's why he was murdered. 

By Francis 

One character that all dissidents sanctify as both a paragon of virtue and living proof of a conspiracy is JFK.  Be not mistaken: the US constitution, as a perfect masonic construction, never allowed any but practicing Satanists to attain high positions, the worst having been Benjamin Franklin.  

JFK had NO good intention whatsoever as regards the American people.  Had he developed the slightest one, or had he been unexpectedly horrified by the conspiracies he discovered as he got down into real political practice, he would have been first utterly demonized.

You can be sure that if JFK had committed the slightest act of real disobedience towards the elites he would have passed as an even far worse monster than Nixon.  JFK was granted a glorious death as a tragic hero because he obeyed all too well to his sponsors, a process Masons call apotheosis.  

Moreover, JFK had just commanded two just two big evil American operations.

The first mission was the perfect unfolding of the Vatican II Council as the B'nai B'rith wanted it to proceed, and the US then absolutely needed to be under the command of a nominal catholic (though a purely Mafia one) outside the purview of Masonry (though of Jesuits who can do the same magic).  

JFK made sure that the Vatican council would exonerate the Jews of all guilt regarding the murder of Christ (this even though most Jewish authorities had always claimed the murder of Christ as a glorious founding event of their religion) and make any form of antisemitism as a mortal sin...

The second task was the official setting up of the Apollo project: he as well as others in the know knew perfectly well it was infeasible even in theory, the cosmic radiation just doesn't allow any living being to survive beyond a certain low orbit.  JFK's ambition was not even to beat the Soviets on the propaganda turf.  JFK's idea was that if you made the people believe in the biggest lie ever by its magnitude it could be then after made to believe anything and lose all control over its own physical reality.

The only problem is that once you pull off such feats of absolute historical mendacity your sponsors just have no interest to let you survive many days, in case your own heart would betray you into disobedience or repent thereafter.

When JFK realized what he had done, it was too late for him: he had only God to pray and ask forgiveness from. Even that is not very certain, because JFK's sexual life remained a pure horror show to the last end.  Even though he was not a pedophile like many others were, his fantasy up to the fag end of his existence as a male was to dispose of women to have them killed after use by his secret services like in one thousand and one night's tales.  JFK was a kind of American Nero, not of an American hero like the Gracchi brothers.

JFK never endangered the FED's authority over money supply: that's an academic legend for dissidents.  The only thing he did was to let the state emit government bonds payable in physical silver, which is way different: bonds payable in supposedly physical metal have always proven to be scams and JFK's initiative rapidly turned out to be yet another one that died out for lack of suckers.  

JFK never endangered the Zionist project: the reason why the right to nuclear warheads was temporarily denied Israel by his signature was because then Israel was still considered an over-humanistic and utopian entity by most American Jewry. You don't entrust big weapons to hippies before they have turned into very good and proficient yuppies. Anyway, the whole American nuclear industry had then always been off-limits for all goys, you had to be Jewish to get even a diploma in that domain, therefore JFK's decision, which he never took without consulting higher Jewish authorities, amounts to practically nothing.  

When JFK said he would hire only the best and brightest, he really meant goys need not apply.  Actually he was the first American president to owe his existence as a politician to Mainstream TV alone, a most ominous event in the course of history.  

LBJ always intended to depose JFK,  become president himself and use JFK's perfect image as the impetus to pass his mass desegregation and immigration bills. 

 LBJ did not betray JFK though (like Stalin did not betray Lenin howsoever, as the latter had already installed the whole gulag system) : JFK often considered that a society ruled by mafias like India was the closest one to the laws of nature and that mass immigration from mafia countries such as Southern Italy or India was highly desirable for the advent of a more mature American society.
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First Comment from David C

Hi Henry!  JFK was a Bilderberger, and elitist, until his mistress, Mary Meyer, dosed him with LSD.  I'm convinced of that because his speeches changed dramatically in the last few months of his life.  Mary Meyer joined a group of wives who had husbands in powerful positions and wanted to dose them with LSD to bring about world peace.  Ms. Meyer got some pure Sandoz LSD from Timothy Leary, and talked JFK into dosing with her - she had already gotten him smoking marijuana in the white house, during their clandestine sexual encounters there.  Supposedly JFK planned to divorce Jackie after his second term expired, and she learned about his plans, which may be why she was involved with his murder.  Remember how she had his brains splattered all over her dress, yet she kept her composure as LBJ was sworn-in...?  That may be why she wasn't visibly upset, as any loving wife would have been.  

Mary Meyer was married to Cord Meyer, a Marine WW-II veteran, and one of the highest-ranking members of the CIA, in charge of Operation Mockingbird, which was basically using mass media for mind-controlling the population.  After JFK was murdered, Mary Meyer was murdered while jogging along the Potomac to her art studio.  Cord Meyer on his death bed supposedly said: "the same sons of bitches who killed JFK killed my wife".  

Cord still called Mary his wife, even though they were separated at the time of her death.  I have to believe it was the LSD that changed JFK form an elitist, into the great man he became at the end of his life, which we can still feel when listening to the wonderful speeches he made.  Up until Mary Meyer changed him with the LSD doxing, JFK was an elitist - no friend of us "little people", and he was widely hated by many.  Look at it this way: if JFK hadn't done things the evil entity wanted to happen, he wouldn't be portrayed as a great man in modern history books.  After JFK was murdered, Mary Meyer said: "he changed too fast". 

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Comments for " A Different View of JFK "

BB said (September 17, 2019):

JFK never represented American interests. He only represented Vatican interests.

Americans could not find Vietnam on a map, until we elected our first Roman Catholic president. Then, Vietnam became the most important place on earth. The Vatican refused to give up one of their last slave colonies,which mainly exported opium and rice whiskey. The Vatican operated Vietnam as a profitable slave colony from 1858 to 1948. The US and the UN wanted Vietnam to continue to operate as a Vatican slave colony forever, but Ho Chi Mihn had a different idea.

JFK authorized the Bay of Pigs invasion in Cuba, but then refused to authorize air support for the mission he authorized. Now Cuba is ruled by a genocidal communist regime friendly to the Vatican.

JFK concealed from the voting public the fact that he had Addison's Disease. During his summit meeting with the Soviets, the US president was stoned out of his mind on a drug mixture of pain relievers and uppers. He was stoned out of his mind during the entire short length of his term.

JFK publicly flaunted his serial infidelity.

I could go on and on about this liberal scumbag, but he is not worth my time

JG said (September 17, 2019):

JFK was an avid reader and a cerebral type of leader, something we haven't had since Richard Nixon.

Along with this irresponsible article, there is also an off the wall comment to go with it.

JFK was not a rock star and it wasn't a hit of LSD that made him a great President either.

To compare JFK with Nero tells you just how far gone this writer is.

JFK was not a NWO stooge. He was a nationalist and a patriot who was not controlled by foreign governments or foreign lobbies. This also included the CIA. He also was opposed to Communism and was a strong defender against it.

JFK had a long list of enemies that conspired together to assassinate him. And, Washington has never regained it's political sovereignty ever since.

Essel said (September 16, 2019):

I will give my point of view on the method followed with reference to Thomist noetics (theory of knowledge).

I would say that the principle of inductive analysis used by Francis is good because it is not based on technical and particular "details" on which the ordinary man will never have the means to investigate and which may be different from what he imagines. He tries to frame the character from great truths that flow from common sense.

Curiously enough, he derogates from this rule for the Apollo mission since he invokes the impassability of Van Hallen's belt on which he could probably be defeated by a true connoisseur. While a reasonable degree of certainty can be reached from the fact that it was a bluff by simply noticing that this "feat" has remained without future or renewal for 50 years, which is in strict contrast to the behaviour observed during real scientific or technological "breakthroughs".

Unfortunately, therefore, this analysis is not conducted with rigour and with the aim of avoiding the classic sophisticistic biases. Without sorting, which would be too tedious, we can say that there is probably some truth in what Francis says.

Although, even if the work were more rigorous, there would never be anything more than an analysis, which requires a synthesis (verification) before stating what an analysis, which is always imperfect, leads to. There is no shortage of "perfect culprits" in the judicial annals... who have proved to be innocent!

That said, without going so far as to be certain, we must, as far as possible, learn to determine what we must "hold true" to major events such as attacks, conflicts, etc. in order to practically determine our behaviour.

Otherwise, we are in great danger of being accused of complicity in the crime during the post-mortem trial: "You could have suspected it, I gave you the intellectual means to see clearly, and you did not do anything about it, so you are an accomplice!"

Tony B said (September 16, 2019):


JFK did not live up to a true Catholic life, not too different from the average American Catholic of his time of infiltrated Freemasonic deliberate deterioration of the Church into Vatican II, etc.

However, even with his naturalized womanizing and other common American faults, he and his brother planned to destroy the CIA run "deep state," returning American government to at least a semblance of a democratic state wherein the wishes of the people would be somewhat considered, which was an obvious reason for that organization's cooperation with the Israeli State to "terminate" him, as Kennedy had bluntly told Menachim Begun that there would be no nuclear weapons allowed them from the U.S., which amounted to his real death warrant.

Some Catholic haters can get really ridiculous.

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