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Satanists Have Gifted Australia to China (2)

December 8, 2019

Another warning from our resident Satanist, Aloysius Fozdyke, that the Chinese Communist Party already controls Australia.

I find this hard to believe since Australia has recently banned Huawei. 

I look to my readers for an explanation,

In 2016 Fozdyke issued this seminal warning of Satanist control worldwide.

Ushering in the Desecration

"Her Majesty's a pretty nice girl, but she doesn't have a lot to say. Her Majesty's a pretty nice girl but she changes from day to day..."

by Aloysius Fozdyke

Thirteen years ago, Sydney's Alpha Lodge gifted Australia and its people to the Chinese Communist Party. Our reasons were and remain valid, not that it matters. 

The Chinese government is now talking more openly, if indiscreetly, about the future of this wealthy country and its ignorant and stupid people. 

First, the Chinese government is pleased that Aussies have been disarmed. Think through the implications of that! 

Perhaps John Pilger has access to the Chinese government because he's been openly explaining why there will be a Chinese invasion of Australia.

Second, Australia will be a Chinese Special Economic Zone by 2040. A Special Economic Zone for special people and it sounds so much better than a colony, doesn't it? 

Third, they intend to take Australia back to the way modern Australia began - a big, open-air prison via facial recognition system cameras and a Social Credit Scheme. 

Already Australian governments are installing Chinese-built facial recognition systems and the Chinese openly discussed how they'd sell it to Aussies by way of 'safety and security'. 

Four, they intend to keep us as 'a farm and quarry' because Australia already has an unrivalled reputation in what are essentially third world industries.

The Pacific Islands are all tied up - one way or another - with China and its future. Fiji will be Chinese by 2025. 

This is all part of the long process to create a better, more advanced type of human within the rigid social structures of a Galactic Empire.

Finally, back in 2006, it didn't take the Chinese government long to do a Freedom of Information vice-regal appointment exercise in New Zealand and Canada. 

And guess what? So by the time the handovers take place, we will have gifted to Chinese rule more than eighty million, predominantly white and Christian sheeple! 

What continues to be done is based upon ignorance, stupidity, and cupidity and when you have something that strong and all-pervasive there's nothing which and no one who can stop us. So learn Mandarin now.

Like Our Father, we are realists working with anything we are given. 

And the Alpha Lodge has been given so much with which to patiently work - for example, 'D- Notices' put in place by all three of those elected governments and adhered to by their media. 

Mostly it's about getting legislation, relationships, and understandings in place so as to allow more unfettered work. And because unhappiness is the best-kept secret in the world we concentrate upon that in all our dealings.

Wishing You, your readers, my many friends, and co-workers a wonderful Yuletide full of happiness, revelry and mind-shattering spiritual debauchery - because unlike other Gods, Satan always answers.
AJF addsAnd you may wish to Google China owns Australia. You'll notice that many of these reports (including YouTube reports) are incredulous at what has and continues to happen. I've provided the reasons and named names; because nothing can stop us, not now, not ever. The future is Chinese.

"WHEREAS the people of New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland, and Tasmania, humbly relying on the blessing of Almighty God, have agreed to unite in one indissoluble Federal Commonwealth under the Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland..."

Preamble to the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act, 1900 (UK)

The giving of Australia, New Zealand and Canada to the Chinese government and its peoples was based upon Aeonics, which inter alia is inherently racial. On any objective analysis, the white races just don't cut it anymore. That's why the decision was taken. The future is Chinese.

Let me spell it out: Legislation in the three former British colonies can only come into effect if it's given royal ascent either by a sovereign who doesn't exist or by their 'validly appointed' vice-regal representatives. The vice-regal representatives of Queen Elizabeth II (acting in whatever sovereign guise) in Australia, New Zealand and Canada were all appointed by Jack Straw, who badly forged the signatures of Elizabeth II on all of their appointment documents.

Think through the global economic consequences of that information being published by the Chinese government; then you can consider the destructive fallout. The handover of power from Canberra, Wellington and Ottawa to Beijing will continue to progress with increasing alacrity - such is the will of the sheeple. We've organised for Xtian whitey to give away their own countries, descendants and futures.

I'd recommend the Schools of Law at the universities of Lausanne, the Sorbonne, or Trinity College in Dublin; but again, what would I know? (And just what exactly would you ask of these Law Schools?) In large part this is what the Profumo Affair was about: Australia, New Zealand and Canada. The decision was taken later to create a more advanced human and 'new world order' based upon the Chinese.

There's no English speaking country in the world will publish this material. Even if they did the damage would be far too great. It will be a multi-layered, prison planet feudalism with Beijing as global capital of an (eventual interplanetary) imperium.


First Comment from William:

The Satanists (Central Bankers) have created China as their perfect example of their NWO ideal state.  They have transferred the economies of the Western nation states to China. The City of London (not a British entity and independent) controls China completely. 

Ken Adachi writes-

I'm only working from memory, but it seems to me that the Foz has made dire predictions in the past for this calamity or that, but that's about as far as they went - mostly talk..

It's unreasonable to claim that Fiji is going to be part of communist China by 2025 and it's even less reasonable to think that the Australians, or the US or Britain is going to allow Red China to take over Australia in the near or even distant future. Red China is not going to provoke a war or an invasion when they are obviously being propped up and enabled by the JWO to try to extend their power, dominion and influence through ECONOMIC and developmental incursion into other countries, rather than military. That's been their template for the past 40 years. 
Just look at how much trouble they're having in Hong Kong with an unarmed population!
The VAST bulk of humanity has ZERO interest in being ruled by a communist dictatorship, least of all a Chinese communist dictatorship, and those non Chinese people are going to PULL OUT ALL THE STOPS - if necessary - to see that it DOESN'T HAPPEN - especially to Australians, who are tough and gritty to the core (it's in their genes). . . . ..

Despite what Satanists or Talmudic Jews WISH to see happen in the world, it's not necessarily what WILL unfold. It's mostly talk.

Marc writes-

As an Australian myself I do not see the point what fozdyke says if there are any?
Yes, I see through his agenda "this wealthy country and its ignorant and stupid people" 
and "predominantly white and christian sheeple!  What continues to be done is based ignorance, stupidity...".  
So, his agenda indeed is to attack christian people and their believes through so-called "China invasion". 
I do not know who made headline for Fozdykes article but it says all.  "Satanists Have Gifted Australia to China (2)" 

By the way, here are some facts for so-called "China invasion".

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Satanists Have Gifted Australia to China (2)"

AH said (December 9, 2019):

Henry, as far as Chinese influence goes, yes it is real. What I've noticed at street level is some arrogance coming from the tourists. Some are obviously wealthy aristocrats who may be well connected to the 500 elite families that run the CCP politburo and are used to pushing their own people around, but you get the nice ones too who have manners and appreciate some help from the locals when they get lost.

All of that pales into insignificance when you consider the games they play in our universities and political circles. One man who was thought to be a CCP spy turned up dead recently and then there was a $100000 bribe inside an Also shopping bag for a politician which was refused.

Earlier there was the surprise visit by six Chinese navy ships, who steamed right into Sydney harbour unannounced. No one else would dare show that kind of disrespect but China did!

I could say a lot more but suffice it to say that even if China doesn't own Australia, they tend to act as if they do. I agree partly with Ken Adachi's comment - our parents bread us to be tough, to be survivors, and to be resourceful but the Chinese army, the PLA, is rumoured to have some 200 million men. Who could survive an onslaught from an enemy with a force that large?

Denny said (December 9, 2019):

Aloysius Fozdyke is a fake. Contrary to semi-stupid popular conspiracy beliefs, Satanist are NOT running the planet. The “Illuminati” if they actually exist are a mere .01 % of the bloodlines that control our planet. And the bloodlines that are most commonly listed are not accurate. It’s just “intelligence” trolls spreading propaganda to drive the clueless masses into their shiny new “BRICS” NWO which is the same pig with different colored lipstick.

Want to know what their real plans are? They actually wrote a book about their plans a long time ago. “Prospect For America” - The Rockefeller Panel Reports and it actually lays out the blueprint for their multilateral/multipolar NWO that has been in the works for decades - and before. And the real names of the 100 families from nobility running the charades/fake 9/11 - fake school shootings and draining the worlds treasuries? Cohens, Chases, Betancourts, Schuyler’s, Perl’s, Palmers, Bennetts, Beaumonts, Duncans, Owens, Fords, Strats etc. Just to name a few....but those aren’t the names you see on fake thruther sites are they?

95% of the truther/conspiracy sites are run by intelligence or have been highjacked by intelligence so they are blowing smoke up your ass. Just like Aloysius Fozdyke is. He’s a creation of intelligence to keep you scared of the fake satanist/Marshall law/fema camps NWO so you’ll go running to the new fake shiney BRICS NWO.

Both are controlled by the same families and always have been. The white hats/black hats/deepstate etc are all smoke to keep you on your prescription drugs and unhappy so you’ll go buy more of their useless garbage as soon as it hits the shelves. They’re not planning to wipe out 95% of humanity...they need you to slave away at your dead-end job so they can suck your taxes out of the treasury. No “Satanism” required!

Wave from said (December 9, 2019):

Sorry Fozzie, been a change of plan. I just got back from an amazing tour of the outback (10000 kms) and I've decided to take Australia for myself. Soon we will learn to make things again, speak less nasally, corroborate with the Aboriginal elders and become a formidable middle power. The Alpha Lodge will get their cut, but will be utterly destroyed if they defy the new imperium. The
present chemtrail drought will end for the sake of global food price stability, and the Chinamen will pay top dollar for our rice. They
will not try to save face.

I will consider returning the country to Her Majesty with the proviso that she change her signature to Lizzy, and declare us a republic. And you, Fozzie, will come to love the bogan, in time, and bestride your high horse no more.

Pedro said (December 8, 2019):

It sounds a bit like Fulford and his proclamations about Ninja power.

The main thing I worry about the Chinese is that they might have a good memory of the Opium wars.

Some call them the Jews of the Pacific.

Whatever the Communist Chinese have in store for us, I am sure that the 'elites' that have been running the West since the Phoenicians, and the
English since the Norman invasion, are in lock and step with them, same as they were with the Fascists in the 30's.

It is when nations think they can act independently that the fireworks
are set off. What Pilger there calls Heresy ( though Pilger himself
never mentions Jewish power).

If the yellow peril does go south, then at least the Chinese won't take Australia on the basis that they lived here 2000 years ago (Right of
return) , or that there is nobody living here when they do take it. (Terra Nullius). Like all good dictatorships they run on rules, not
talmudic interpretations.

Should Israel fall, then it is more likely that they will be the new invaders. It is their electronica that is being rolled out everywhere. Chinese and Japanese nationalism and genetic homogeneity have no place in their new world order.

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