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Chabad Plotted Slav Genocide in 1994--Part Two

January 1, 2020

Ukraine's new President Volodomyr Zelensky, left, is Jewish.
So is its Prime Minister.  (Less than one percent of Ukraine's population is Jewish.)
Has the Chabad plot outlined below and in Part One, succeeded?
Pay attention. This plan is taking place throughout the West.

"We will give the cattle our view of history, where we show that all of human evolution moved towards the recognition of the God-chosen nation of Jews as rulers over the whole world. Instead of national values, we will give you the patriotism of the balalaika and drunken tears. ... And we will pull these ropes as it is necessary for the implementation of the grandiose plan to conquer all the tribes and kingdoms, subordinate them to our super-people, the chosen god of Israel."

Most Jews are secular and want nothing to do with this megalomaniacal scheme for world domination but they will take the blame unless they disavow it in the strongest terms. 

(left, Menachem Scheerson, 1902-1994 is believed to have delivered this talk.)

4. We deprive the Slavs of a national elite, which determines the course of events, the progress of the country, and, ultimately, the entire course of history. To do this, we will lower their educational level - in the next 5 years we will close half of their institutions, and in the other half we will study. Let's send there more Armenians, Chechens, gypsies and the like. We will seek to ensure that ... there are as few representatives of indigenous peoples as possible, who will be replaced by our Jewish elite. In the media - on radio, television, the press, in art, literature, theatre, and cinema, we will gradually supplant the national cadres, replacing them with ours or, as a last resort, cosmopolitans.

The humanization of education will be carried out, as a result of which the objects that structure the thinking of the left and right hemispheres of the brain will be reduced and destroyed:

a) language and literature,

6) physics and mathematics.

There is nothing [more] to say about history. We will give the cattle our view of history, where we show that all of human evolution moved towards the recognition of the God-chosen nation of Jews as rulers over the whole world. Instead of national values, we will give you the patriotism of the balalaika and drunken tears. And here our goal is to replace the red-brown elite with ours.

We will not allow the development of science in these countries. And the core of scientists (Academy of Sciences) will consist of our people. We will not allow any high technologies, which will lead to a complete decline in industry, which we will narrow down to the production of basic necessities for a limited contingent of slaves who produce raw materials for us. Among the townspeople there are many engineers, skilled workers, and teachers. We will create such survival conditions for them (without a job, a high rent, utility bills, travel) that they themselves will flee, as the Russians are now fleeing from the CIS countries, into the remote villages of the north, where they find it easier to live, which is actually business will also be a hoax.

Spread the youth - and you will defeat the nation! This is our motto. We deprive your society of youth, corrupting it with sex, rock, violence, alcohol, smoking, drugs, that is, deprive your society of the future. We will hit the family, destroying it, reduce childbearing. Hitler was a stupid boy. He acted directly, openly. And [he] had to do an incredibly large job - to burn, shoot, bury millions and the like. He left bloody traces. We act more cunningly: we will have no traces.

To reduce childbearing by at least half is to destroy 2-3 million Russians a year without any physical costs. No furnaces, cartridges, graves. And no trace. Not born. There are no guilty. We will create better living conditions for criminals than for working cattle, we will release criminals from prisons to make more murders, robberies, instability. The amnesty will concern only thieves and murderers, in short, everyone except those convicted under the article for "inciting ethnic hatred", which now replaces the anti-Semitism law. Sow fear among the people. Fear for a life that will cost nothing, fear for a workplace that can be taken away every minute, fear for the future of your ... Fear and we will rule.

5. These ambitious tasks will be carried out in several stages. Already, 85% of the shelf of the Arctic Ocean are now (wide circles of the population are not yet aware of this) in our hands, thanks to the tangled and unexplained people agreements concluded under Gorbachev and Yeltsin. Already, one and a half million Armenians live on the lands of southern Russia - this is our outpost. At first, for deception, we will declare the Armenian Republic in the Kuban, then, having expelled the Cossacks, we will transform it into Khazaria - Israel. It will help us that the Cossacks are constantly drunk, they love power and are ready to fight each other on this basis. 

True, there is another structured organization - the Orthodox clergy. We will send priests of our Jewish representatives there, who by the Talmud are allowed to externally perform the rituals of other religions, while preserving Judaism in their hearts. We will bribe the rest. And those who do not succumb - destroy. Russians no longer have more or less organized structures, and cattle are not able to unite and create them, because the Russian cattle has already drunk and has degraded and is not capable of structuring....

6. To carry out all these events of vital importance for us, under the guise of "democratic transformations" we will give the Slavic cattle a monarchy. To each - a puppet president. And more sparkle, noise, pump! Monarchism is good because it sends all the energy of the masses to the whistle. It distracts from our secret active work on structuring the population according to the model we need. The President is a screen, sort of elected by the people (and we will fake the election procedures so that everything seems legitimate), because of which we will manage all the necessary processes. 

The president will be endowed with unlimited powers. By re-arranging the cadres at the top posts of power structures, he will put our people at the head of them. The army, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the FSB and all kinds of special forces will be directly subordinate to the president. And that means to us. In our hands there will be only ropes going to the hands of the president. And we will pull these ropes as it is necessary for the implementation of the grandiose plan to conquer all the tribes and kingdoms, subordinate them to our super-people, the chosen god of Israel.

7. But the main thing is money. They do everything. They are power. They are power. He who has money has a weapon. Ultra modern. He has a mercenary army. Money is owned by the media fooling billions of livestock. They bribe the people we need. Clean up the rebellious. Bombing resisting fans - Iraqis, Serbs, in the future - Russians. Everything is decided by capital and seizure of power. 

We have been practicing accumulation of capital and seizing power for more than three millennia, and no one can compare with us in this matter. You don't have your money. Authorities too. You do not have them, and never will! Do not give! We hate you immensely! This hatred gives us the power to smile sweetly in your face, inculcate confidence in you and guide you, showing "care" for you and your children, future grandchildren and great-grandchildren, who in reality will not appear. 

You are doomed. And until you understand this simple truth, while you twitch, until then you will be beaten more than you should. Be obedient - you will have 65-70 million units, otherwise - 40-45. The main thing now is to keep us at least another 2-3 years. And then for us there will be no problems here in this country. We will create such protective equipment that none of you will move. Everything that we know is controlled and secretly controlled. And no one can stop us! what we will know is controlled and secretly controlled. And no one can stop us! what we will know is controlled and secretly controlled. And no one can stop us!

What will we do

1. World stocks of industrial raw materials are depleted, and by the beginning of the next millennium, "Western society" will not be able to maintain its current level of consumption without fueling from new sources - colonial donor countries. Therefore, our aspirations are now directed at Russia with two goals: the first is the liquidation of the most powerful and independent empire, which occupies one sixth of the land. The second is the seizure of its wealth, which makes up 60-70% of all world reserves of raw materials and 75-80% of open world oil and gas reserves concentrated in Siberia and on the shelf of the Arctic Ocean.

2. There is an intense global warming on the planet. The desert moves north at a speed of 10 km per year, land dehydration - 25 m per year. Already, the ancient centers of the world - Athens, Rome and, most importantly, Jerusalem (Israel) fall into the zone of only artificial irrigation. After 20-30 years, it will be necessary to think about the relocation of the vast masses of civilized peoples north of their current residence. By that time in the Kuban, in the Rostov region, in Ukraine there will be an amazing subtropical climate, and in the Chernozem region and in the north of Ukraine - the climate of today's Ciscaucasia. If we recall the history, we must admit that these lands are the ancestral lands of the ancient Jewish Khazaria, that is, Israel, captured by Kievan Rus in the X century. The Slavs here are temporary guests and are subject to eviction.

We will return this territory and create the Great Khazaria on these fertile lands - the Jewish state, as Israel was created 50 years ago, crowding out the Palestinians. Part of the Israelites will move here, and we will drive the Slavic cattle far north, beyond Moscow. There will be a small northern territory - a reservation with a compact population, a reservation similar to Native American in America. "
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Comments for "Chabad Plotted Slav Genocide in 1994--Part Two"

Tony B said (January 2, 2020):


These people think they have it all figured out but, since their god is Satan, they discount Satan's creator, the real God, who can and does turn anything he wishes from evil to good. Sometimes overnight. Therefore these "so smart" criminals against humanity are actually the most ignorant bunch on the earth, working away nonstop for what may very well be their own eventual demise.

Paul S said (January 2, 2020):

The word Slav to indicate the East European ethnicity was coined by the Jews and it simply means (in Hebrew) "Christian" .. in other words, the "Slavic" race is the "Christian" race. Knowing just that much, you can begin to appreciate why Jews would harbor a special hatred for Slavs. The Hebrew spelling is צלב, which transliterates into the Latin as TSLAV, it can also mean "Crusader", "crucifix", "to be crucified" or "the people who use crucifixion", linking to a Google image search for the Hebrew term TSLAV below:

David C said (January 2, 2020):

This may be one of the most important articles you ever posted Henry - a reason why I consider this one of the most important websites on the internet. There seems little doubt who wrote the infamous "Protocols of Zion" (I refuse to call them "learned elders" when they call Jewish people their "lesser brethren". They hide behind Jews, and use them as scapegoats, and has happened numerous times in the past. You have long exposed the Sabbatean/Frankist sex and death cult, which includes the Donmeh who committed the genocide of 1.5 million Armenians - mostly Christians. Then too, the Bolshevik party killed even more Christian Russians, mostly "Slavic", and the communist party was controlled by mostly 'Jews', surely subordinate to the Lubavitcher cabal. It's sobering to read Shneerson's speech, and considering most of what he said has happened since then - chilling. Everybody needs to know the truth, otherwise humanity, will continue to be culled, families destroyed, and the survivors enslaved.

JG said (January 2, 2020):

Almost all the evils are here in this letter and yes America, Canada, and Western Europe were unknowingly victims of this satanic plot over the last 50 years to ruin them and their nations and reduce their populations.

Legalized abortion, legalized pornography, legalized drugs, and the deregulation of the government laws that were in place to protect the public from these evils. Along with this came the denationalization of these countries to have them pledge an allegiance to a foreign entity that is out to destroy them and everything they once stood for. The West has been deceived.

Rixon said (January 1, 2020):

Wow, I’ve just read Schneerson's comments and they speak volumes.

They are especially interesting from an esoteric point of view. For according to Rudolph Steiner and other spiritual researchers, from the 21st century onwards the Slavic/Russian people would increasingly be at the forefront of human development, particularly humanity’s spiritual growth.

On a prosaic level we can see the first signs of this in the way Russia has totally rejected the “gay lifestyle" and outlawed genetically engineered foods.

I think that you will see more of this in the coming decades. Steiner and others spoke at length about how renewed spiritual vigour would flourish in the future among the Russia/Slavic peoples.

The way Schneerson focuses on them suggests to me that he is also privy to this esoteric insight. It also suggests to me that he’s diabolically inspired in that he wants to “isolate" them and set them against each other. In other words he wants to restrict and block humanity's spiritual development.

This really is diabolically inspired.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at