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Israel Financed by Nazi Gold- Insider

February 10, 2020


Rabbi Joachim Prinz (1902-1988)  was a Zionist activist on a first-name basis with 
the Zionist elite. His memoirs reveal some surprising details behind the Zionist rise 
to world power. 

Part I - German Jews Would have backed Hitler If Only...

from April 4, 2018
by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Zionist insider, Rabbi Joachim Prince, adds credence to our view that World War Two was a charade run by the central banking cartel to kill millions of goyim, destroy Germany and establish Israel. He writes:

"The negotiations with the German government for reparations to be paid to the Jewish people began with the fantastic discovery in London that defeated Germany possessed more gold in the Bank of England than did England, the victor." (p.254)

Hello? How did Nazi gold end up in the Bank of England?  The central banking cartel financed both sides of the war. 

(Rabbi Prinz with David Ben Gurion) 

Rabbi Prinz concludes that this gold was all stolen from Jews when in fact, much was stolen from the national banks of Austria, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Belgium, Holland, and Denmark. 

"This discovery led to the logical conclusion that the Germans who had robbed the Jews of everything they possessed would have to indemnify the Jewish people collectively and the Jewish Nazi victims individually." (255)

The Rothschild-owned Bank of England determined that Germany would pay the Zionists $12 million a year, (this amount increased substantially) and every Jewish victim got reparations for the rest of his life. 

"This arrangement has cost the German government $5 billion so far [this was 1977]...It can be said without exaggeration that without this system neither Israel nor Jewish life in the world could have existed." (255)

At first, there was a refusal to accept this blood money. 

"But the opposition quieted down as soon as they realized how much they would benefit from this plan. Indeed the lives of tens of thousands of people have been changed and made secure by virtue of the fact that they received large sums of money from the German government."

German government is a misstatement: Zionist Occupation Government is more accurate.

What was Nazi gold doing in the Bank of England?  WW2 was a charade.


Amos Ben Gurion, (1920-2008) the son of Israel's founding Prime Minister, David Ben Gurion, was wounded in the Second World War and fell in love with his nurse, an English Christian, whom he wanted to marry. His father didn't mind but his mother insisted she convert to Judaism. 

No rabbis would cooperate so Ben Gurion asked Rabbi Prinz for a favor. Prinz met with this woman who was "not overly attractive" but had an admirable personality. Even though she didn't believe in Christ's divinity or in the Trinity, she still regarded herself as Christian. 

Prinz told her she would have to change her name from "Mary" to "Miriam."  She refused. 

"Doctor, my name is Mary. I was baptized Mary and as long as there is breath in my body I shall remain Mary. " 

Prinz did the paperwork anyway and waived the months of meaningless study. The couple married. Prinz was pleasantly surprised that Mary became an active Zionist and even fought in the so-called "War of Independence." (238-239)


Prinz visited the camp for "displaced persons" at Bergen Belson and was surprised to find several thousand Jews living in the lap of luxury in a nearby German army camp while the rest of Germany was on the verge of starvation. 

A group of religious Jewish men converse outside at the Bergen Belsen displaced persons camp.jpg
(Scene at Belsen Displaced Persons Camp) 

"I soon realized that this displaced person camp was actually a trading post. My friend took me to the warehouse which contained radios and other appliances in large quantities together with other commodities that were scarcely available in Germany. Every one of the inmates had large sums of dollars. As I discovered, with the help of certain American Jews, they had used the money to buy up large quantities of cigarettes and coffee, which they sold on the black market. This was not a camp of miserable displaced persons...I later discerned the involvement of American Jewish officials in the criminal activities that caused some of the leaders to leave the camps as millionaires...I knew millions of people were starving, but in Bergen Belson, the main dish was filet mignon." 

Prinz visited several such camps and had to admit, they "did not arouse in me a sense of sympathy, admiration or compassion." (246)


Adlai Stevenson told Prinz that the State Dept. wanted to vote against the establishment of the State of Israel but were overruled by Harry Truman. (242) Truman, a Freemason, received a large bribe. 

Israel was originally going to be called "New Judea" until the Hebrew language commissar David Yellen determined it should be called "Israel, a name that conjured up memories of ancient Israel."   (247)

This name-change made millions of gullible Christian Evangelicals think these Khazar imposters were actual descendants of the Biblical Hebrews. 

Jews have always been good at misnaming things to their advantage. As we have seen, they had no trouble rationalizing the theft of Palestine from its rightful owners.  

From these anecdotes and other research, I surmise that the Illuminati bankers put Hitler in power, orchestrated the holocaust, destroyed Germany, and finally used it to finance Israel. 

All in a day's work for a Satanist. 

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Comments for "Israel Financed by Nazi Gold- Insider "

Brendon O'Connell said (April 6, 2018):

It can be argued Hitler was meant to stop at the Polish border in a Soviet-Nazi standoff. To put a stop to Stalins June 1942 invasion of Western Europe against orders.

Read Constantin Pleshakofs "Stalins Folly", 2005. The definitive account of the plans for the Soviet invasion of Western Europe. All from the Soviet archives. Why have so few even read that well-known book or quoted it? i guess I'll have to do a video.

Henceforth, Hitler must not be described as a senseless "war monger". He stopped the invasion in its tracks with a very reluctant and vacillating German high command he had to drag along in June of 1941 in the gamble of the century. He almost pulled it off.

But he was merely to prevent the invasion - not take over the official enemy. Then, with an established standoff cold war, form the United States of Europe. Now known as The European union.

Goering was his handler into the European royal and banking houses.

Another Rothschild asset gone rogue, Hitler did his own thing.

Rothschild is a busy puppeteer. Rouhani, Netanyahu, Putin, must be exhausting for a poor old frilly knicker wearing blue blood. IMHO.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at