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White Nationalists Fund Ugandan Children

March 6, 2020

Jewish supremacists accuse "white nationalists" of being racist. But my readers raised $2000 for James Mubiru, left, so his children could attend school. (They have been unable to attend for two years.) White nationalists want everyone to thrive in their own countries among their own people. Illuminati bankers and their agents, like Fidelito Trudeau, promote Third World migration to disenfranchise the founding people of the West and replace them with their grateful "diversity" toadies. They, and not white nationalists, are the true racists, and the true haters. As First Commenter KS says below, they are attempting "soft genocide" because the Cabala is all about genocide.

by James Mubiru

My dear friends, I mean those who are very concerned about my family's welfare, I am constrained by the Lord's Spirit to tell you that IT IS SUCH A GREAT MIRACLE HAPPENING IN MY LIFE whereby I now see my children already back to school.What a great miracle to us!!


My sincere gratitude goes out to all those who contributed, to see that i have a great turning point in my life and my family. What a great relief to see my family happy!! and above all seeing all my children getting back to school!! 

Thank you my caring dear friend Henry for all your efforts in seeing that my family life gets better. Please, thank you very much.

Now remaining with resetting our small family business for the daily income, then others plans will follow gradually.

To those who have not yet known, I have a divine call from God. I repeat, I have a divine call from God to spread HIS TRUE WORD to all those ready in heart and mind to embrace it. 

I mean those with broken hearts and contrite spirit.

The divine Mission or Ministry will involve family or home fellowships being set up here in my country, UGANDA. 

It may seem mission impossible but the Spirit within me confirms that i have to start off straight away without any delay.

My wife and I are having a seven day period of fasting and praying for God's further guidance and provision.

It is a Mission Call from God for me spread HIS TRUE WORD and GOSPEL to those still in spiritual darkness. From my own experience,God truly hears our sincere prayers and cries.He is a God of miracles.

See what HE has done in my life, my family.I WILL ALWAYS WORSHIP HIM and faithfully accomplish this new divine Call i have from the LORD.

Thank you for loving me my new dear friends out there. That is TRUE LOVE and CHARITY demonstrated as CHRIST taught. 

Please, thank you and may our good Lord bless you in all things you do for us as a family.Though we are very far from you, we are together in mind and spirit. Many people out there are in still in total darkness and they really do not know what is going on in this crooked and crazy world, they need to know about this great knowledge revealed to them.

I feel so blessed to be connected to Mr.Henry's website by taking serious notes and study and ponder what is always posted and i feel greatly strengthened because of his words of knowledge and encouragement.

A great blessing for me be part of this family, I mean the sincere regular readers.

Now see what God has done for me to see that I get connected to wonderful caring friends who are of great assistance to me and my family.


You are very special people to me and my family and thank you for loving us.

I am very aware that i will face great opposition from Satan and his agents but with fasting and prayer, the enemy will be defeated.

God is a God of Love and Miracles and HE IS STILL RULING THIS UNIVERSE.

We ONLY need to be on HIS side by putting TRUST in HIM.

This I testify in the name of Jesus Christ,AMEN. With Faith,Hope and Love, 

James Mubiru, UGANDA

Makow -- PayPal froze my account with donations but I was able to refund to people who then mailed them to me at 467 Dumoulin St., Winnipeg MB Canada R2J 0B4. If you want to help James start a grocery so he can finance his children's education in future, and pursue his mission, please send a cheque made out to Henry Makow at the above address. Notify me by email and James will thank you personally. 

Related- I regard all people of European descent as being "white." That includes Jews like myself. See - "Can a Jew Identify as White?"   and

The West Belongs to People of European Descent    We like minorities but we don't want to become one.

Cabalists Preparing another Genocide of Goyim? 
Exterminating the Goyim is the Basis of the Cabala 

First Comment by KS-

Genocide: The systematic and widespread extermination or attempted extermination of a national, racial, religious, or ethnic group.

The so-called diversity pushed by the ruling class is the same. Forced mixing of races, cultures and nationalities until none of them exist. This is soft genocide. There will be no identifiable national, racial or ethnic group left, only an amorphous uniform bland blob of sameness.

ML who gave James $1000-  "I'm not a white nationalist." 

I seldom think about the US of A during a day's time, except to bemoan the state of affairs here in this country, and the way it's been for many decades with the oligarchy/plutocracy ruling over us and tainting our thinking, our education, the news, and every thing else it commands and touches.

I, like James in Uganda, am simply one of God's Own Born-Again of His Spirit children....We are the sons and daughters of God Most High by His reaching out to us in undeserved and unmerited grace and mercy.  We are HIS CHURCH, the called-out ones...called out of this world and its systems into the New Jerusalem that Christ is building:  His Kingdom that is NOT of this earth.....

You have put your spin on it, but what you saw happening on your watch, in our reaching out to James, was the Love of God that is shed abroad in our hearts by Our Heavenly Father.  In Him there is neither Jew nor Gentile, slave nor free, male nor female....We are all ONE in Christ.  We are His Body and He is Our Head!  It's a mystery, but you can read about it in the New Testament....

We are His people and the sheep of His pasture.  He is our Good Shepherd, and He's the Best Shepherd a sheep can ever know!  Everyone of us lost humans needs His tender, personal love and care!  I invite all your readers to seek Him and to find Him!  To seek Him while He may be found.  He takes such great good care of His Own!  He provides green pastures, clean water, rest and peace, shelter and protection from the elements, predators, and parasites that afflict lost, abandoned, wandering and untended sheep.  He is The Good Shepherd Who Came to Seek and to Save that which was lost--humanity lost, undone and deceived by the fall--and Laid Down His Life for His Sheep!

That is the true story, and it's worth telling.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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