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Deuteronomy, White Dispossession & Civil War

June 5, 2020


Blessed are the protesters for the white man is evil, and George Floyd is Christ 

America is the target of a powerful diabolical force.

No sooner did the covidhoax run out of steam, they launched another psyop, almost as outrageous. They are trying to foment a race war.  

Connect the dots folks:

*People riot, loot and vandalize with impunity.
*National guard and police "take the knee" in solidarity with protesters.
*Porn star and crackhead George Floyd is being made into a Saint.
*The media, having terrorized us with the common cold, has now unleashed a viral campaign to guilt whites into thinking they are terrible racists and must yield position to Blacks.
*More affirmative action programs for Blacks.
*Corporate director fired for saying Canada is "not systemically racist."
*Ceo's express sympathy with looters.
*Criminals are being let out of jail.
*Minneapolis City Council talking about replacing the police force with something more community responsive, i.e. unresponsive to minority crime.
*Racist Black attacks on whites go unreported.
*Reports antifa plans to attack whites in suburbs or rural areas. 

This is all about white dispossession and civil war. And who wants that? Who regards the white race with its vestiges of Christian civility as the greatest obstacle to its satanic world domination? This repost may answer that question.

Based on his reading of Deuteronomy, Douglas Reed (1895-1976) made these disturbing observations that, while not entirely new, still provide an epiphany:

1. The goal of Judaism is to destroy, dispossess and enslave non-Jews.

2.  There is nothing religious, moral or spiritual about Judaism. The Jewish 'Covenant with God' consists of an exchange of MATERIAL POWER for meaningless observance

3.  Judaism is typical of a satanic cult in that it coerces observance and murders genuine men of God (apostates.) Communism, a proxy for the political goals of Judaism, OPERATES THE SAME WAY. The US and Europe are now the major vehicles of this agenda. (See Note below article)

4. Most Jews are ignorant or in denial about the true nature of Judaism and the jeopardy in which it places them. 

The response (see Comments) from Christians refute this interpretation. To do this, they must ignore the fact that this interpretation corresponds to what is happening in the world. 

Douglas Reed:  "By the time the end of Deuteronomy is reached, the moral commandments have been nullified... for the purpose of setting up, in the guise of a religion, the grandiose political idea of a people especially sent into the world to destroy and "possess" other peoples and to rule the earth. "

Deuteronomy - Blueprint for NWO?
from June 11, 2017 
by Douglas Reed
(Excerpts by  

[After] the Assyrian conquest of Israel, the Levites in Judah began to compile the written Law. In 621 BC, they produced Deuteronomy and read it in the temple at Jerusalem. 

Deuteronomy is to formal Judaism and Zionism, what the Communist Manifesto was to the [Russian Revolution.] It is the basis of the Torah ("the Law") ... which forms the raw material of the Talmud...

Therefore Deuteronomy is also the basis of the political program, of worldly dominion over nations despoiled and enslaved, which largely has been realized in the West during this Twentieth Century.

...Religious intolerance is the basis of this "Second Law" ... and murder in the name of religion is its distinctive tenet. This necessitates the destruction of the moral Commandments, which ...are set up to be knocked down. Only those which relate to the exclusive worship of the "jealous" Jehovah are left intact. The others are buried beneath a great mound of "statutes and judgments" [i.e. the Talmud]...which in effect cancel them. 

Thus the moral commandments against murder, stealing, adultery, coveting, bad neighbourliness, and the like are vitiated by a mass of "statutes" expressly enjoining the massacre of other peoples, the murder of apostates individually or in communities, the taking of concubines from among women captives, "utter destruction" that leaves "nothing alive", the exclusion of "the stranger" from debt-remission and the like. 

By ...the end of Deuteronomy ... the moral commandments have been nullified in this way, for the purpose of setting up, in the guise of a religion, the grandiose political idea of a people especially sent into the world to destroy and "possess" other peoples and to rule the earth. 

(left, "egalitarianism" is the pretext they use to dispossess the goyim)

The idea of destruction is essential to Deuteronomy. If it is taken away no Deuteronomy, or Mosaic Law, remains. This concept of [creative] destruction as an article of faith is unique, and where it occurs in political thought (for instance, in the Communist philosophy) may also derive originally from the teaching of Deuteronomy, for there is no other discoverable source. 

Deuteronomy is above all a complete political program: the story of the planet, created by Jehovah for this "special people", is to be completed by their triumph and the ruination of all others. The rewards offered to the faithful are exclusively material: slaughter, slaves, women, booty, territory, empire. The only condition laid down for these rewards is the observance of "the statutes and judgments", which primarily command the destruction of others. 

The only guilt lies is non-observance of these laws. Intolerance is specified as observance; tolerance as non-observance, and therefore as guilt. The punishments prescribed are of this world and of the flesh, not of the spirit. Moral behavior, if ever demanded, is required only towards co-religionists and "strangers" are excluded from it. This unique form of nationalism was first presented to the Judahites in Deuteronomy as "the Law" of Jehovah and as his literal word, spoken to Moses. 

The notion of world domination through destruction is introduced at the start (chapter 2) of these "speeches supposed to have been delivered" by the dying Moses: "The Lord spake unto me, saying. . . This day will I begin to put the dread of thee and the fear of thee upon the nations that are under the whole heaven, who shall hear the report of thee, and shall tremble, and be in anguish because of thee".

 In token of this, the fate of two nations is at once shown. The King of Sihon and the King of Bashan "came out against us, he and all his people", whereon they were "utterly destroyed, the men, and the women, and the little ones", only the cattle being spared and "the spoil" being taken "for a prey unto ourselves". (The insistence on utter destruction is a recurrent and significant feature of these illustrative anecdotes). ...


By the Twentieth Century, the peoples of the West ...had ceased to attach any present meaning to these incitements, but the peoples directly concerned thought differently. 

For instance, the Arab population of Palestine fled en masse from its native land after the massacre at Deir Yasin in 1948, left, because this event meant for them (as its perpetrators intended it to mean) that if they stayed they would be "utterly destroyed". They knew that the Zionist leaders, [had] repeatedly had stated that "the Bible is our Mandate" (Dr. Chaim Weizmann), and they knew... that the allusion was to such passages commanding the "utter destruction" of the Arab peoples. They knew that the leaders of the West had supported and would continue to support the invaders and thus they had no hope of even bare survival, save by flight...


Lest any such heretic should call in question the Law of destruction, Deuteronomy next provides that "if there arise among you a prophet or a dreamer of dreams . . . (he) shall be put to death"; the crucifixion of Jesus (and the deaths of numerous expostulants against literal Judaism) fall under this "statute". The denunciation of kinsfolk who incur suspicion of heresy is required. This is the terrorist device introduced in Russia by the Bolshevists in 1917 and copied in Germany by the National Socialists in 1933. 


Deuteronomy ends with the long-drawn-out, rolling, thunderous curse-or-blessing theme. Moses, about to die, once more exhorts "the people" to choose between blessings and cursings, and these are enumerated. The blessings are exclusively material: prosperity through the increase of kith, -- crop and kine; the defeat of enemies; and world dominion. 

(left, World's most effective mind control)

"The Lord thy God will set thee on high above all nations of the earth . . . The Lord shall establish thee a holy people unto himself . . . And all people of the earth shall see that thou art called by the name of the Lord, and they shall be afraid of thee. . . thou shalt lend unto many nations, and thou shalt not borrow. And the Lord shall make thee the head, and not the tail, and thou shalt be above only, and thou shalt not be beneath . . ." These blessings occupy thirteen verses; the cursings some fifty or sixty. 

The deity in whose name the curses are uttered clearly was held capable of doing evil (indeed, this is explicitly stated in a later book, Ezekiel, as will be shown). Literal Judaism is ultimately based on terror and fear and the list of curses set out in chapter 28 of The Second Law shows the importance which the priesthood attached to this practice of cursing (which literal Judaists to this day hold to be effective in use). 

These curses, be it remembered, are the penalties for nonobservance, not for moral transgressions! 

"If thou will not hearken unto the voice of the Lord thy God, to observe to do all his commandments and statutes. . . all these curses shall come upon thee . . ." 

The city and the dwelling, the children, crops, and cattle, are to be cursed "until thou be destroyed and until thou perish utterly". Plague, wasting, inflammation, mildew, botch, emerods, scab, itch, madness, blindness, famine, cannibalism and drought are specified. 

Men's wives are to lie with other men; their children are to be lost into slavery; any that remain at home are to be eaten by their parents, the father, and mother contesting for the flesh and denying any to the children still alive. (These curses were included in the Great Ban when it was pronounced on apostates down to relatively recent times, and in the fastnesses of Talmudic Jewry are probably in use today).
Related- Caryl Johnston- Remembering Douglas Reed

Note-  The promotion of homosexuality and transgenderism by private corporations indicates that they are controlled by the Masonic Jewish central bankers. Add to this, unrestrained media bias, free speech restrictions at universities/the Internet and it appears that we live in a de facto Communist society. The West today has been subverted and occupied by shills (i.e. Freemasons, Christian Zionists) for the above political agenda. In this perspective, the frenzied fight between liberals and conservatives is just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic...especially if the stage is being set for another world war. IT IS ALSO CLEAR WHY JESUS HAD TO DIE. HIS GOD WAS UNIVERSAL, NOT A WARLORD DEDICATED TO ACHIEVING WORLD TYRANNY. 

First Comment from George-

No quarrel with the contents of this article.

Secular Biblical scholars have long recognized what is called the Deutoronomic Corpus and have agreed that this collection of books had a single author, called the Deuteronomist. Until relatively recently, no one had a name for this author, whose writings have a unified message, as Reed claims. Those books are Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, Samuel I and Samuel II, Kings 1 and Kings 2. Joshua is particularly explicit in its requirement for genocide and destruction of all means of support for the victims of Israel, though the other books are on the same sheet of music. By an impressive chain of reasoning fully in accordance with modern secular Biblical scholarship, there is now a convincing name to attach to the Deuteronomist. 

That name, according to Richard E. Friedman, is Jeremiah. The clue comes from the story in the Book of Kings of Hilkiah the priest presenting a new Torah to King Josiah. Friedman argues that this event, presumably about 622 BC, was nothing other than the presentation of the book of Deuteronomy as a new Torah. His thesis is presented in the book "Who Wrote the Bible." Jeremiah is described in the Bible as the son of Hilkiah the Priest. 

Friedman's book requires a knowledge of Wellhausen's Theory of Documents, which is widely accepted by secular Biblical scholars, which in turn requires an understanding of Spinoza's Biblical scholarship and the work of Martin Noth in establishing the concept of a Deuteronomic corpus. 

Jeremiah was a nasty piece of work, and his famous jeremiads about the destruction of all the neighbors of Israel are fully alive in today's Mideast. Friedman makes no judgements about the ethics of the Deuteronomic corpus. Instead, he is simply a secular Biblical scholar in the tradition of Spinoza, an honest and humane Jew whose tradition Henry Makow is carrying on. 


The article is so misguided about theology, so full of syllogisms,  so lacking of real research that it's hard to know where to start any comment. It's an emotional attack on God and the Bible, disguised as an attack on Judaism, and the Illuminati must be enjoying it. Deuteronomy must be understood in context. Humankind was totally depraved, with the knowledge of God forgotten, violent and cruel. It was God's plan to bring a Redeemer, but He wanted to prepare the ground first, by establishing a people through which His name and character would be manifested and the lesson taught. But remember, this was done in a crude and violent world, not the world of flamboyant British intellectuals of the XX century. 

Canaanites worshipped Satan and burned babies to Moloch. Jesus never ever denied the Old Testament. God is powerful enough to keep the Bible exactly the way He wants. Jesus said that. Deuteronomy never said that the world was created for the Jews. This is a lie from the author. Modern-day Zionists distort and manipulate the Torah for evil gain. They don't follow it. If they did, they would "love the foreigners as themselves". 

Yes, it's there (Deut 10:19), and it reads just like Jesus' words. Even a casual reading of the Torah shows that the burdens and obligations of Israel were immense, and not a bed of roses. God taught what had to be taught through the Israelites of that time, made it evident that men could not save themselves by obeying the law by their own efforts, and moved ahead with the solution, the birth of the Savior. That's why we had the Jews, to learn we need a savior. I wonder why the Illuminati and the Luciferians hate so much the Old Testament? Maybe because the same judgment that fell on the Canaanites and Sodom will fall upon them? 

In the end, what the article does is to sell an image of a weak God who can't protect His Word, and of a confused Jesus who contradicts Himself. It hides from people the magnificence of the Bible, it's uniformity and coherence through the millennia, something that only God could have accomplished. Because almost nobody diligently read the Bible, this kind of hit piece works. The Zionists of today don't follow Moses (Jesus said the same about the Jews of His time). I encourage your readers to pray for God for understanding and read the Bible with a sincere heart. For technical and historical details, get a book from John MacArthur (Why Believe the Bible?) or from R C Sproul later. You will be blessed.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for " Deuteronomy, White Dispossession & Civil War"

NS said (June 7, 2020):

Judaism does not follow Deuteronomy. Better stated, Judaism inverts,
perverts, distorts Deuteronomy. Catholicism does the same inversion,
perversion, distortion to the Teachings of Christ Jesus. Thus, the
article is total nonsense. Even worse, it is fake news and is working
in opposition to God the Father in Heaven Who gave The Torah to
Israelites (via Moses) to be the demonstration to the rest of the

Deuteronomy is the summarized blueprint for a free society/for people
under God to live life as intended; to protect His people from being
enslaved by those not under God or those working for Lucifer/Satan. By
not doing so, by not following the Blueprint given to Moses and fully
preached by Jesus, we are in slavery and enslaved by evildoers.

God the Father is always Right! He is the Creator. Genesis is a good
place to start if you want to learn.

Deuteronomy Explained - Read to the end:


Thanks NS

except Deuteronomy corresponds to what is happening in the world


Rudy said (June 6, 2020):

The Deuteronomy piece was convoluted. Genesis 12,15,17 and 22 elucidate the promises by God to Abraham. Fast forward to Galatians 3 where Paul declares that Jesus is the fulfillment of the promises made to Abraham. If you read the first 7 chapters of Hebrews, you can see that it is like a high power defense attorney making a case for the singular uniqueness of Jesus as the promised messiah. Chapter 8 takes a direct quote of Jeremiah 31: 31-34 where God promises a new covenant with the house of Judah and the house of Israel.
The Only purpose for the ancient Hebrews being Gods chosen people was to deliver the the promised Messiah. Of course they rejected him and God destroyed them and Jerusalem along with the Temple in 70 ad.

As this website clearly provides evidences....the current Jewish community is either secular, or actively engaged in the promotion of the Assyrian (Revelation).
Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Joel, Daniel, Zecheriah, all hint or outright disclosed none other than Jesus Christ as Lord

CW said (June 6, 2020):

You were right to publish this. The Christians who commented are wrong, as they always are, because they will defend any depravity in the Old Testament as "out of context."

A religion is supposed to give moral and spiritual guidance. That is the context. To unleash terror on foreigners, for being inherently corrupt and sinful, according to the totally biased viewpoint of the writers, then and now, to justify their longing for world domination, is considered by people with a correctly functioning moral compass to be the perversion of religion.

It can't be whitewashed by the saviour narrative, which claims all the terror and suffering depicted in the Old Testament was a precursor to the real religion, because the aggressors, believing themselves to be God's people, had a religion, and according to Christians it was authorized by God himself.

Moreover, if they had obeyed the law as written, which is claimed to be perfect several times in the scriptures, then no saviour and no Christianity would have been necessary. Just world domination for the Chosen People™, as prescribed. Jesus Christ was hardly preaching lawlessness; and "Be ye therefore perfect as your Father in Heaven is perfect" is certainly not referring to following the "perfect" Torah.

Christians claim that when Christ says he comes to fulfill the law (Matthew 5:17) he's affirming its justice. Well, he obviously didn't come to uphold it, or we wouldn't have Christianity at all; thus "to fulfill" (which is open to interpretation and depends on us taking the scripture at its word) means Christ's own death and resurrection. He brings us the light only through which we can understand and then triumph over the darkness (Old Testament) through which this world is governed.

He knew revealing to the world that God's "kingdom is not of this world," doing away with all the messianic prophecy of the warrior king of Israel who leads them to destroy their enemies so they can rule the world from Jerusalem (Isaiah 60; i.e. the Zionist new world order), would bring about the redundancy of the Torah and Jehovah's power, at the same time as Jehovah's people having him killed for doing so.

Christ didn't destroy the law (Jehovah can have it); he fulfilled it, by reigning over it, by showing that the way to God is not by blind obedience in return for the hope of material this-worldly reward but spiritually, through transcendence of this world and triumph over its false god, our adversary, the same one Adam and Eve defied in the Garden of Eden (as the Secret Book of John details in the most sublime of ways).

CJ said (June 5, 2020):

've learned a wealth of information over the years from you. I applaud your research, and courage to deliver truth. But I'm black and didn't know you perceived blacks the way you do. You've said racist undertones thru the years, but with your latest post, you let it be known how you truly feel. Affirmative action for people who may not even be given an interview for a job, if they have a "black" name is about equality.
The same people you fight daily have created the black image you obviously hate. Blacks that are poor respond the same way poor people have always responded; with desperation. Our schools teach nothing that can be monetized, as you have proven thru the years. My people have been terrorized since colonizers invaded the America's. Most blacks are indegenous to America. Research Rafinesque if you disagree. History is a lie as you as you know.
Every person makes bad choices in life, but when they die we should have respect. There's no proof George was a crackhead and that has racist undertones. I have a Ph.D. just like you Henry, but I've been mistreated and had guns pointed in my face by police. Most people of your nature lack empathy needed to move the world forward. I hope this makes you better, because the world needs your talent and courage to make more than white males feel better. A message from one of your readers.

Thanks CJ for trying to educate me,

I am not in favor of police brutality against anyone but this whole Floyd thing is a Cabalist psyop

don't be such a dupe

Palestinian lives don't matter because Jews are to blame.

the issue today is anti white racism

the fact you have a PhD speaks volumes about anti black racism in the US today


the fact he made porn has been confirmed

his autopsy confirmed he was overdosing on fentanyl


CJ said (June 5, 2020):

've learned a wealth of information over the years from you. I applaud your research, and courage to deliver truth. But I'm black and didn't know you perceived blacks the way you do. You've said racist undertones thru the years, but with your latest post, you let it be known how you truly feel. Affirmative action for people who may not even be given an interview for a job, if they have a "black" name is about equality.
The same people you fight daily have created the black image you obviously hate. Blacks that are poor respond the same way poor people have always responded; with desperation. Our schools teach nothing that can be monetized, as you have proven thru the years. My people have been terrorized since colonizers invaded the America's. Most blacks are indegenous to America. Research Rafinesque if you disagree. History is a lie as you as you know.
Every person makes bad choices in life, but when they die we should have respect. There's no proof George was a crackhead and that has racist undertones. I have a Ph.D. just like you Henry, but I've been mistreated and had guns pointed in my face by police. Most people of your nature lack empathy needed to move the world forward. I hope this makes you better, because the world needs your talent and courage to make more than white males feel better. A message from one of your readers.

Thanks CJ for trying to educate me,

I am not in favor of police brutality against anyone but this whole Floyd thing is a Cabalist psyop

don't be such a dupe

Palestinian lives don't matter because whites can't be blamed by Jews

the issue today is anti white racism

the fact you have a PhD speaks volumes about anti black racism in the US today



the fact he made porn has been confirmed

his autopsy confirmed he was overdosing on fentanyl


Leo said (June 5, 2020):

Comment to: "Deuteronomy, White Dispossession...

It was the Jew Moses Hess who wrote in his book 'Rome and Jerusalem' (1862): "All history hitherto has been that of racial and class war. Racial wars are the primary, class wars the secondary factor."

Basically, all these anti-white ethnic groups & individuals won't be happy until every gentile white male is dead. That's the 'end game'. The problem ethnocentric whites have is they don't have a Confederate government or Army anymore to fight for them, like they did in 1861.

So the future looks very dark with this continuous anti-white media bombardment. The solution of course is obvious, but most whites are instinctually corrupt and do not realize they need to secede from the 'Union' & form their own all-white nation-state. Otherwise the race is finished. Thus if each racial group had its own nation or territory then all this 'racial strife' wouldn't be transpiring within these societies, and civilization would advance.

But it appears most white men are more focused on watching these black sports teams & millions of white women are more interested in copulating with blacks than in any notion of existential racial survival.

Al Thompson said (June 5, 2020):

This article is extremely interesting to me. I noticed this too many years ago, and I stopped reading it because I really don’t know what I’m getting. Having been a Christian for so many years, I was always frustrated that they never stuck to the teachings in the Bible when it came to good morality. Usury (interest on loans) was always considered a sin as it is a form of theft. However, we see the following: “Unto a stranger thou mayest lend upon usury; but unto thy brother thou shalt not lend upon usury.” This is a gross contradiction in moral values. I’ve also had the problem with the mass execution of any group of people. This is why I don’t rely on the writings unless I can confirm the truth by another means such as the natural law. It’s no wonder that we have been living in the new world order all along but didn’t realize it.

When you have so many moral contradictions it is difficult to believe that such a writing came from the real God.

Fr Peter said (September 19, 2019):

Henry, the article may well be correct, seeing Deuteronomy as a Blue Print for Jewish World Domination

Of course the proper interpretation of this Book does not include Jewish domination over the world.

However, the 'Traditions of the Elders' or the oral form of the Talmud in Christ's time, was political and materialistic and Christ condemned such 'Traditions' as satanic. The Talmud was the codification by the Rabbis of this oral Law. And according to the Talmud, the Jews are to oppress all nations and be their masters. Judaism is Communism. "Karl Marx wrote the Communist Manifesto so that non-Jews would know what is in the Talmud." (Elizabeth Dilling who wrote a book on Judaism which condemns the Talmud.)

Hence the comment of Marcos fails to take into account the perverse interpretation of Deuteronomy that the Pharisees, and later, the Rabbis, held and Christ condemned. So, yes indeed, this perverse interpretation of Deuteronomy may well be the Blueprint for total subjection of mankind by (Talmudic) Jews.

Peter W said (September 17, 2019):

This article is probably the worst one you have had published. I am a Reformed Protestant and therefore believe the Jew as the Hindu or the Moslem must come to Christ to be saved. I also believe the New
Testament and especially the Epistle to the Hebrews, whose Author remains unknown, and will not write off the Jews.

To conflate Deuteronomy with the Talmud is the most appalling scholarship and the author, knowingly or not, by writing off the Pentateuch (the first five Books of the Bible) which was written by Moses, has denied the Gospel. I do not believe the Author, Douglas
Reed, was a Christian, and I think you, Henry, should have known better than to have published it.

You and Reed appear to have completely forgotten the references in the
New Testament to Jesus castigating the Pharisees and the warning in Revelation regarding the Synagogue of Satan. For some reason, which I suspect is an appalling lack of the basic understanding of Scripture, those who recognize the existence of such a Synagogue, always try and drag in all of Jewry. The New testament cannot stand without the Old and Jesus came to fulfill the Law (Deuteronomy) not to do away with it. He said this, not me.

Mario C said (September 17, 2019):

The problem with Deuteronomy is not in himself but the interpretation. The core problem between Talmudic Jews and Christian is the interpretation of Deuteronomy and the Promise that give God to Abraham. The modern Jews interpret the Deuteronomy as historical book , the promise give to Abraham of the seeds ( plural) ,a big offspring and dominium over a promised land. In Christian interpretation the Deuteronomy is a religious book and metaphorical meaning not a historic one. The seed, ( in singular)of Abraham is the Christ in us, God in us, that free us of the ego and carnality. The first son of Abraham is Ismael the son of the slave Agar and is representation of the carnal ego. The second one is Isaac ( that means he smile or he laugh) that is son of Sara ( that means Princess) the spouse of Abraham and a free woman. Isaac so is representation of our spiritual being and our carnal ego is represented by Ismael). For that reason Ismael when Isaac is born is released ( expulsed) and only remain Isaac. So the promised land is our true self , our spirit and not an earthy land in Middle East as Talmudic jews believe. Talmudic Jews think that the Bible is a historical book and take it literally. But Abraham Isaac Sara are imaginal personalities to explain a spiritual reality, not real historical people. All these explanations are in the Paul letters the founder of Christianity. Real mosaic jews follow this idea the same as Christians. For that reason, Nicodemus and others members of the Sanhedrin understand the truth in Jesus spiritual doctrine because Jesus follows the real meaning of scripture( old testament). To be an Israelite is a spiritual concept. Are the people that follow the will of God. The people that have faith in God and follow the way of the Christ in us. ( Not ethnical or ancestry matter.) Because Abraham has faith in God he reaches the Promise.

The other point is the Law. Is the law of creation. Is that God and man create by conscience, feeling, and imagination. This law is neutral, can be for good if you imagine good things or bad or evil if you imagine bad or evil things. Is as you say in mindfulness explanation: you can see on the screen the film that you want to see good or bad. Your imagination creates your reality. The Law is the same idea that Jon Rappaport explains.

Kevin Boyle re. Marcos said (September 17, 2019):

Jesus condemned the scribes and Pharisees. Is it explained in the New Testament why the scribes were to be condemned? Was it not for rewriting the Law? For lying about the original teachings that constituted "The Law"?

Christian churches (that came to work in partnership with the establishments of their day) always taught that the Gods of the Old and New Testament were the same God. They therefore taught us to believe in a God that contradicts Himself ... surely an obvious and impossible nonsense.

The Marcionites taught that the God of the Old Testament was a Satanic demiurge, using the very evidence forwarded by Reid in 'The Controversy of Zion'. Establishments refused to embrace Marcionite Christianity and it died out as a Church. Whether violence was involved in its demise I know not.

What IS clear is that establishment rule has always tended to proceed from Old Testament self-serving Jehovian principles rather than genuine Christian teachings. Was the preservation of Yahweh/Jehovah under the cover of Christianity a limited hangout operation much like the way that Marx's materialist equalitarian idealism was a cover for the imposition of another particular kind of central banking tyranny?

Reid's analysis is surely correct for one simple reason. God, the creator CANNOT HAVE TWO FACES, one evil and one good. God affirms all, including the soul foolish enough to serve evil (knowing that its correction rests ultimately in the results of its own actions FOR ITSELF). No true GOD can demand evil. It is self-evident that GOD cannot contradict HIM/HER/ITSELF.

Whatever theologians or apologists for the OT aspect of traditional Catholic/Christian theology might say.

Essel said (September 17, 2019):

Among the cognitive biases, one of the most widespread and ignored is probably the "hypothesis confirmation bias". It consists in taking into account only what suits you. D. Reed commits it widely, as does the "illusion of knowledge bias", his Siamese brother. Let's show it briefly.

1°/ Probably because of its native Anglo-Saxon culture, basically Protestant in essence, D. R. interprets Sacred Scripture himself, of course, as it suits him. In this respect, it is no different from the Germanic princes of the Reformation, who joined Protestantism especially for reasons related to divorce and remarriage, with significant economic consequences. Nevertheless, they claimed to self-qualify themselves as "Christians", a word which, from a strict synonym of "Catholic", began - classical revolutionary syndrome - polysemic, to designate very different and mutually incompatible realities, and which, in the end, DOES NOT DESIGN ANY DOCUMENTED DOCTRINE.

2°/ Moreover, he totally ignores the first rudiments of Catholic doctrine and its rigorous and logical articulation with the history of the Church, as Marcos and JG pointed out. And especially this, which can never be repeated enough: the next source (for the faithful) of the Faith is NOT THE BIBLE but the Catholic Doctrine taught by the Church and the (true!) Popes under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The Bible AND the oral TRADITION transmitted by the Apostles are only the so-called distant source of the Faith, for theologians.
Everything that appears in the Bible, and especially in the Old Testament, is only a description, a raw material, a relationship of what some protagonists have done, of good AND evil. As such, the Bible read and interpreted ad libitum cannot be an example to follow!

This is a typical example used by smart people who reject the Old Testament by anti-Semitism in the wrong (racist) sense of the term. They invoke Numbers XXXI 17-18 to say that the Law admitted paedophilia with Goyim's daughters. But this is not the Church's interpretation, which only affirms only the possibility of marrying them, as evidenced in Deuteronomy XXI 11-13.

Likewise David's name is honored by Catholics not for the abominable crimes he committed (adultery, murder, etc.) BUT quite the contrary for his bitter repentance towards these crimes. This sets an example - alas rarely followed - and also teaches that our God can forgive the worst sins IF THEY ARE REGRETED and if THEY ARE ASKED.
And so on.

JG said (September 17, 2019):

The problem with a lot of people who reject the Old Testament is they can't accept God as a vengeful God.
Did Jesus Christ reject the God of the Old Testament? Did he not repeatedly quote the Old Testament?
With all this "New Age" stuff going around we have lost our compass here.

The Jesus that a lot of people today claim they worship is a Jesus that is separated from the Old Testament. Was Jesus not in the Old Testament himself?

The Law of the Old Testament was fulfilled with the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.
We're living on the other side of the Cross now and with a New Covenant. It is fuedal to continue to question the Old Testament because if we do than what will stop us from rejecting the New Testament also.

Salvation is all about obedience and not about putting the Holy Bible on trial.

We're not required to be scholars of the Word to have an inheritance in the Kingdom of Heaven.

If you obey the Ten Commandments and love the Lord your God (Deuteronomy 6:5) first and then your neighbor as yourself (Mark 12:31) you are well on your way to salvation.

Art said (September 17, 2019):

Thanks for explaining this evil bloody scripture to us.

From the Greek, "deuter-second onomy-naming".

James C said (September 17, 2019):

IMO, Douglas Reed interpreted Deuteronomy from a perspective of fallacious reasoning and historical ignorance. Like so many other critics of the Bible, he carefully picked and choose only those parts of the text that would support his central thesis: that the Old Testament is entirely the work of an ecclesiastical elite, written with the express purposes of self glorification and as a divine license to commit unspeakable atrocities on entirely innocent peoples.

First of all, the idea that the Old Testament was written to somehow glorify the Jews is probably one of the most profoundly ignorant ideas biblical critics have ever come up with. One of the factors lending credence to the biblical record is the fact that it exposes the faults of its leading characters, in this case the Jews. Beginning with their apostasy at Mount Sinai, through the wilderness wanderings, and their monarchial periods their biblical record is absolutely abysmal. Therefore, if the purpose of the Old Testament was glorification of the Jews, then it certainly failed.

Second, the idea that the Old Testament is somehow a divine license to commit unspeakable atrocities on entirely innocent peoples is another fallacious and profoundly ignorant idea, which entirely ignores the biblical context, history, and the findings of archaeology. Biblical critics would have us believe that the Canaanites were innocent victims of a wrathful and unjust God. Far from it. The Canaanites were probably some of the most depraved, diseased, and immoral people who ever existed. As such their destruction was more like an act of mercy than that of a merciless and vindictive God. The Canaanites were the moral equivalent of Ted Bundy, Wayne Gacy, and Jeffrey Dahmer. By their own deeds, they had become worthy of death.

In conclusion, Douglas Reed was anything but a true biblical scholar. His book has very little, if any, credibility.

Rudy said (September 17, 2019):

Regarding Deuteronomy, I disagree with the entire premise of the writer. The I AM of the Old Testament made a covenant with Abraham that he would be the father of many nations, as many as the stars, Genesis 15. He passed the promise to Isaac who passed it to Jacob. Jacob who's name was changed to Israel fractured the promise amongst his sons and 2 grandsons. After 400+ years God contracted Moses to bring his first born son out of Egypt. He made a covenant with corporate Israel since they collectively held the promise. They continually blew it. In Hosea 1 God abandoned the Northern 10 tribes by "cutting them off". They went on to become the Samaritans. Please consider that premise and read Christ's encounter with the woman at the well John 4.

The 70 weeks prophecy of Daniel 9: 24-27 was fulfilled after Jesus was baptized in the Jordan. Jesus confirmed it Mark 1:15. When the Southern kingdom which included Judah, Benjamin, and Larry and the Levites rejected Jesus as Gods messiah and he was resurrected God "cut off" all that was left of the ancient Isrealites except 1... The remnant of Israel which is Jesus Christ. When you read Pauls letter to the Romans, especially Romans 11 he clarifies this sequence. When he says all Israel will be saved he means that all who attach themselves to Jesus by faith will be grafted in to Israel...the remnant...Jesus Christ.

In Jeremiah 31:31-34 God elucidated that he would make a new covenant with his people. These verses are directly quoted in Hebrews 8. In Galatians 3:16 Paul basically claims that Jesus is the fulfillment of the promises made to Abraham in Genesis 15.

So in closing, the ancient Hebrews were Gods chosen people because through these knuckleheads would come the Messiah. In Matthew 24 the Olivette discourse Jesus prophecies that the temple, Jerusalem, and the Jews would be destroyed, which is what the prince of Rome Titus did. Flavius Josephus documented this catastrophe which mirrored exactly what Moses said would happen to the children Israel if they disobeyed Deuteronomy 28:48 forward.

Modern Israel has nothing to do with the bible or the God of the Old Testament or Jesus Christ his messiah. The prophecies quoted by the Zionists today we're all fulfilled in the Old Testament. Like Henry displays regularly, Talmudist, Cabbalist, Zionist Jews worship something other than God.

Mark Glen said (June 12, 2017):

excellent piece and of primary importance.

just as no understanding of math cannot begin without basic arithmetic and no understanding of written language can begin without understanding the alphabet, likewise the NWO simply cannot be understood without first understanding the Torah, Judaism and especially Deuteronomy.

Sid Green2 said (June 12, 2017):

If the Illuminati didn't want us to know something about Deuteronomy, they would have removed it from the Bible like they removed all the books that explain Genesis 6. To continually hear this explanation and disregard it is not be unscrupulous intellectually.

You are older than me and you have a P.H.D. I respect you for that but the reason people reject the Old Testament is because the books that explain it have been removed. They are the Apocrypha and Pseudoepigrapha. The fact that the Synagogue and Church removed them shows that they want to conceal what is in them. Basically Henry, the Illuminati are descendents of some of the Watchers who descended and mixed their seed with women. The hybrids are people possessed by demons. The reason the book of Enoch was removed is because it identifies the ruling class and the royalty with the descendants of the fallen angels, details how they corrupted humanity before the flood and declares doom and damnation to the rich and the ruling class.

Deuteronomy and the Pentateuch are nothing but incoherent books without the book of Enoch. What the Illuminati really want is for us to read the Torah the way you are reading it, not understanding what is really going on and therefore concluding that God is unjust or that they were following an evil God. Henry, the 7 Cannannite nations were Giants, Hybrids, Nephilim, the same race as our ruling class, governments and Elite. The Rothchilds have a place for Lucifer at their table. This all goes back to the book of Enoch. They left Deuteronomy and Genesis how they are so that people would misinterpret them without the more essential background texts. The book of Enoch is supposed to be before Genesis
You can say that you have read those texts but I feel that if one had truly focused on their meaning, it would have an effect on your view of the Old Testament. Again, this silly paradox of the violent God in the OT was completely inexplicable to me before I read the scriptures that the Illuminati took out

M said (June 11, 2017):

This article makes me wonder if there are not two different Gods in the Old Testament?

Our minister today in Church gave this sermon: Stories that Change the World (Part 5): “On Love: The Parable of the Good Samaritan"

It is very interesting to listen to the contrast between your article on the law and Jesus’ version of what the law is suppose to be.
The Christians don’t hear your version!

Here’s is the filmed version of his sermon :

Sid Green said (June 11, 2017):

attacking the bible is the identical agenda of the Illuminati
your message becomes less coherent the more you devalidate morality and its basis.

Essentially, these anti Bible articles are Illuminati positions and everyone knows that except people who are decieved by various occult philosophies. It seems to me there has been a big change with the site, and I am not comfortable with it.

I don't know what is going on, and I might not want to know. I did not think this would happen but your site is starting to confuse people more than anything
just like infowars.



I can assure you that there is no external influence or agenda. IMO this is the info the ptb do NOT want out there.

This is not anti Bible. It is anti OT. Humanity has been
under incredible mind control, none more than jews like you and I. Time we work up before it is too late.


Roman said (June 11, 2017):

No man can judge what good or evil is. Judge not, you are the ones who will be judged. Yes goyim deserve to be eradicated, but that includes the antichrist jews. The real chosen people, Israel, jews are the remnant Christians.

Larry C said (June 11, 2017):

Henry, as is frequently the case, Reed looks at it from a human point-of-view and fails to distinguish between guilty and innocent blood. But indeed, the Israelites did get carried away:

30 take heed to yourself that you are not ensnared to follow them, after they are destroyed from before you, and that you do not inquire after their gods, saying, ‘How did these nations serve their gods? I also will do likewise.’ Deuteronomy 12 NKJV

As we should, let's see what Jesus has to say about it because there is no greater anti-New World Order Crusader:

35 that on you may come all the righteous blood shed on the earth, from the blood of righteous Abel to the blood of Zechariah, son of Berechiah, whom you murdered between the temple and the altar. 36 Assuredly, I say to you, all these things will come upon this generation. Matthew 23 NKJV

The Jewish War was not just an incidental event in history, it was a Cosmic Comeuppance for the Jews--the end of the Old Covenant and the beginning of the New. How many Baptists today realize or care that Judaism is Pharisaism not Mosaism. Therein lies the problem.

Robert K said (June 11, 2017):

The comment by Rob [below] exemplifies the danger posed by those who strive to interpret the Bible literally as the word of God and to rationalize its most offensive and morally repulsive aspects. These people are putty in the hands of pilpulistic deceivers and probably would not balk at slaughtering half the population if persuaded that "God" desired its destruction. It's like the hellish belief that "God" has given your tribe exclusive possession of a piece of the Earth (or maybe the destiny to rule over the entire Earth) forever.

Of course, as Chosen Ones (a category of person to which human history proves it is all-too-easy to imagine oneself belonging!) these arrogant judgers of others never see themselves as being candidates for divine "cleansing".

Al Thompson said (June 11, 2017):

This is a good article.

Anything that is written down must be truth-checked. In Deuteronomy 23:19 It basically says that only Jews can charge interest to "strangers." However, the bible clearly states that the use of interest or usury is considered a form of theft. So, the modern banking system has it's evil roots in the bible.

Rob said (June 11, 2017):

Reading the old testament where God is instructing Israel to go into the land and kill all the men, women & children and even the beasts, you think what the heck is going on there?

Several years ago I found reading material explaining Gen 6:4 where there was an incursion of fallen angels that mated with Human women and produced nephillim a hybrid human-angel being that had no regard for God's ways. Once I came into an understanding of this incursion and it's offspring it changed my understanding of who God was telling the Israelite's to kill [they weren't human made in God's image where the children of Israel were, Israel was His portion after the dividing of the nations at Babel] and that understanding changed my whole perspective of the Bible, new & old testaments.

NOW the Bible was making sense of an incredible battle that has been taking place in the Heavens for maybe eons and from time to time in our human history spilling over into our realm. Henry, we today do not believe anything until we get it from a source we trust...I recommend finding some reading material where the author explains Gen 6:4. Then find other books by different authors on the same subject to confirm this unbelievable incursion.



Why are you prevaricating for the Jews? Makes me think the goyim deserve whatever is in store.


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