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Should Police Belong to a Satanic Cult? (Freemasonry)

February 9, 2021

Hidden in plain sight. The checkerboard motif belongs to Freemasonry. Like all our social institutions, the police have been subverted by the Rothschild banking cartel.
Never seemed to matter until now when they're enforcing the phoney pandemic and the Communist (Satanist) oppression it represents.

by James E. Buchanan III 

The relationship between sworn law enforcement personnel and the Lodge is a subject matter that is very rarely discussed in any circle. 

(Policewoman putting capstone on pyramid outside Toronto Police HQ on College Ave.)

As secretive as the Freemasons Lodge is, the world of law enforcement is equally and arguably more secretive in the totality of scope and core nature. 

 Understanding the fact that Freemasonry is an 'oath-based' secretive society, that relies totally on all of its initiates to conceal all of the many secrets afforded to them, why would any sworn, law enforcement official be allowed to become a member of a Masonic Lodge?  

Each and every law enforcement official is already duly sworn to protect and serve their respective communities, counties, villages, Parishes, cities, Boroughs, or states. 

Being a member of law enforcement and a member of the Masonic Lodge is certainly, a conflict of interest. Police and Masonry walk hand-in-hand. 

Just as each and every law enforcement official has to uphold their oaths to protect and serve; they must also uphold the oaths that they took within their respective Lodges.  What if the Lodge oaths of law enforcement personnel directly conflict with the charges of their law enforcement duties? 

Understanding the fact that these closed societies take care of their own, is it safe to say that many police officers, who are also Freemasons, are free to walk above the law? 

Do you know anyone who is a police officer and a Freemason... or... are you currently serving your respective community as a police officer, while also a member of the Masonic Lodge?    


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Comments for " Should Police Belong to a Satanic Cult? (Freemasonry)"

JP said (February 10, 2021):

I've been on to this connection for a long time. When the Buffalo City Hall Protest event occurred this past Summer and a cop shoved an elderly "protester" (actor) down to the ground and his ear immediately poured out a gallon of fake blood I knew the Buffalo Police Dept was largely in sync with the Lodge. The church I used to belong to appointed a retired police officer as the parish priest. As soon as the new priest started showing his irrational allegiance to the Con-vid narrative I told my wife the bishop appointed a "brother of the Lodge" to head that parish. We left. Police and the Lodge are working together I have no doubt. I also believe that many military men are connected to the brotherhood of darkness.

DD said (February 9, 2021):

My dad was one of these also. a mason for over 50 years & a shriner. they never discuss with their own families what they are doing. it's just,' a good ole boys club'. up-standing men in the town.

i did my own research especially after he passed on. they are a satan worshipping religion with oaths & hand signs.

Albert Pike, the grand master says in their book; morals & dogma, that they worship Lucifer the fallen angel. it's all about ruling the world by humanism & man's intellect. many notable men in our country have been masons even the men that supposedly went to the moon.

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