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Covidscam - Organized Jewry Vs Humanity

December 22, 2021

Adolf_Stoecker.jpg(Left, Adolf Stoecker (1835 -1909) was the court chaplain to Kaiser Wilhelm II, a politician, 
and a German Lutheran theologian who founded the Christian Social Party and attempted to
 roll back Jewish control. He helped organize the 1882 Dresden "Anti Jewish Conference.") 

Fundamentally the covid scam is the age-old plot to impose cabalist Jewish supremacism (Communism, Satanism) on humanity. Judaism is defined by Cabalism which is a satanic cult masquerading as a religion. Mankind is being inducted into this cult. The vaccine is the initiation. The Cabalist-Jewish world central banking cartel (Rothschilds et al.) is the mainspring behind the scamdemic. To understand current events, think Cabalist Jews and their traitorous non-Jewish Masonic flunkies versus humanity. This is the NWO. It's just that simple.

Is this why Dresden was so maliciously destroyed Feb. 14, 1945? 

The current COVID ruse to bring in (((Communism))) is the the outcome of realities identified in this manifesto.  

A Dresden conference shows how Jewish hegemony was a fait accompli 139 years ago and explains why the West's racial cohesion and Christian heritage are under vicious satanist attack. Read this and ask yourself, "Could Hitler have come to power without Masonic Jewish complicity?"

The Secret Masonry is setting up "our own, to all appearance, off position which in at least one of its organs [Nazis] will present what looks like the very antipodes to us. Our real opponents at heart will accept this simulated opposition as their own and will show us their cards." (Protocols of Zion, 12.11)

But no man said anything about him [Jesus] openly for fear of the Jews. (John 7:13)

 "A new war in defense of democracy and of alleged law is being prepared in all haste. An alliance of all the Jewish groups is already complete; it bears the official title of the alliance of the three great democracies, the English, the American, and the French. . . . Israel requires world war and soon!... Israel is positively of the opinion that time is getting short. To their mind, their world war is a necessity in order that, in the name of indivisible peace, all that portion of mankind who wish to cast off the Jewish yoke, may be laid low." 
Revue Internationale des sociétés secrétes, April 1937  

"Anti-Jewish" Dresden Manifesto (1882) Conceded Defeat
(Slightly revised from Jan 6, 2016 and March 17, 2021 ) 
by Henry Makow Ph.D.

The last significant effort to defend Christian national values was the "First International Anti-Jewish Conference" held in Dresden in September 1882.

The conference attracted 300 prominent businessmen, aristocrats, politicians, clergy, lawyers, physicians, farmers and intellectuals from Germany, Austria, Hungry and Russia. They produced a manifesto addressed to "the Governments and Peoples of Christian Nations Threatened by Judaism" which shows how Jewish hegemony was a fait accompli 139 years ago, and explains why the West's racial cohesion and Christian heritage are in serious disarray. 


The Manifesto begins by saying Europe has been invaded by a foreign race more dangerous and insidious than Arabs, Tartars or Turks in the past because of "its means and objectives."

Jewish "emancipation" following the French Revolution ("Equality, Fraternity, Liberty") removed protections against "a race whose first and foremost thoughts and energies are everywhere aimed at putting other nations in the moral and material shackles of slaves..."

"According to the Jews' religious and national traditions, all of these peoples were created merely to serve them. The principle of equality was also applied to a race that does not wish to be equal with us, that considers itself a people privileged by God and [regards] the rest of mankind as lower beings, impure animals. The principle of fraternity was also applied to a race that does not even acknowledge non-Jews as neighbors and fellow human beings and according to whose Talmud non-Jews are enemies destined for eradication."

merkel-b-nai-b-rith.jpgLeft. Merkel receives an award from her masters.

"Moreover, cheating, stealing from them, bleeding them dry, bringing ruin upon them, perjuring against them, dishonoring, and even killing them constitutes an activity pleasing to their God. Small wonder, therefore, if modern liberalism, identifying more and more with the ascendant Jews, has taken the shape of pseudo-liberalism. In the Jews' hands, it has turned into a convenient tool for realizing their plans for world domination and putting irons on the European peoples."

As a result of Jewish monopoly on government and finance, "the farmer, the big landowner, the industrialist, the artisan, the merchant, etc. , have all gotten caught up in material dependency upon Jews...they were forced to turn into their obedient servants, their train bearers. What's more, the Jews hire influential men who are active in public life to fill well-paid positions at banks, railways, insurance companies, etc. These individuals are thus virtually kept as Jewish vassals and are the most zealous and influential supporters of Jewish power in the legislatures and governments. "

As a result of Illuminati Jewish instigated wars,
"the governments of some indebted countries have become nothing more than Jewish institutions, Jewish collection agencies. This explains the complete inactivity of these governments with respect to the Jewish question and also their hostile behavior against their own populations in favor of Jewry."


Due to media ownership, "until recently no newspaper in Central Europe would have dared to speak the truth vis - à - vis Jewry. Thus the Jews have become absolute masters, fabricators of public opinion. Any complaint raised against them, however, justified it may be, is suppressed. Any article that addresses the subject of Jewish dominance to the slightest extent is done away with."

Political advancement "is dependent upon the favorable position of the Jewish press...As a result, intellectual slavery and moral cowardice vis - à - vis Jewry is one of the most characteristic features of our age." 

Ambitious Christians  "become train bearers of Jewish power; they turn into traitors to their own nation and race and thus to their own blood relations. In many countries, the Jews have adulterated the system of [Freemason] lodges, stripped it of its essence, and degraded it into one of the most dangerous and effective instruments of Jewish power."

"Mainly by means of the press, Jewry increasingly undermines the Christian religion, which ... during Roman times,... saved the European Aryan race from moral bankruptcy, on the one hand, and semi-civilized barbarity, on the other, and also regenerated it. It did so by setting the civilization and culture of the European Aryan race on firm religious, moral, and social foundations."

foxman.jpg"Christian religion is the most powerful reaction against Jewish tendencies to achieve world domination. It is an insurmountable protest against the elevation of the Semitic above the Aryan race, and so it is only natural that the Jewish clan is a sworn mortal enemy of both the founder of this religion and the Christian religion itself.

Accordingly, Jewry can only firmly establish the superiority and rule of the Semitic race when it has managed to defeat the natural reaction opposing it and to destroy the institution of Christianity."


The 1882 Manifesto deftly describes the impotence of Christian leadership which is just as obvious today. There was no "Second International Anti Jewish Conference." The participants recognized they were fighting a lost cause. They did not propose measures because 
"this nation of parasites has become much too deeply ingrained in the body of our societal and state life for this first congress to operate under the delusion that its potentially detailed propositions could be carried out today."

during.jpegThis was in spite of the fact that Eugen Duhring, left, laid out a detailed program the previous year (1881) in his book "On the Jews." Ironically, it required the Illuminati Jewish-sponsored Nazis to enact many of Duhring's proposals, which were similar to racial policies in effect in Israel today.

rise of the
Nazis led to the genocide of about six million German antiSemites (i.e. Nazis) in WW2 and some 50 million other non-Jews. Given the 1882 assessment, do you think the Nazis could have achieved power without Illuminati Jewish sponsorship? As in chess, often you sacrifice a player (i.e. non-Zionist Jews) to win the game. 

Generally, the tone of the Manifesto gets more petty and racist, tarring all Jews with the same brush, saying all Jews are cosmopolitans with no loyalty to country or attachment to land, incapable of honesty, hard work or scientific and creative originality, driving farmers to destitution with their usury. 

While I agree with the Manifesto's description of Organized Jewry, & its goals, many if not most Jews were patriotic, hard-working and wanted to assimilate. An estimated 100,000 Jews served in the German army in WW1, and 18,000 won the Iron Cross. 12,000 died in action. In the 1930's, 60% of all German Jewish marriages were interracial. The Illuminati had to create Hitler to force them to go to Israel.

Christian leaders should have encouraged the process of Jewish assimilation already underway. Instead, the 1882 Conference concluded that the only solution was expulsion. 

"Europe belongs to the Christian peoples and therefore should not be the testing ground for the hunger for power of any hostile, domineering, non-Christian national element. The history of past centuries amply proves that legal decrees restricting the Jewish race - no matter how strict they are - do not achieve the desired result."

Whatever we think of this Manifesto, it does provide a unique historical perspective on our world today. We are living in the twilight of Christian civilization which has suffered a series of colossal failures and defeats which have been disguised as just wars, civil rights, diversity, sexual liberation, feminism, gay rights, migration, etc. But this perspective can strengthen our resolve to oppose the further degradation of society by the satanist Illuminati.

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First Comment from Tony B:

Not only is bloody Talmudic rule a memory in the Russian Federation at least, but Christianity has come back to those lands with an unheard-of rapidity and power, it has come back more pure than when lost, purified through the crucible of hellfire, suffering, and sacrifice.  There is no selfish delusion in this return of Christianity as is now common in most of the rest of what used to be the Christian world.  

Whether or not the "west" is wise enough to have fears of the steel strength of this Christianity which has risen from the dead, you can bet the devil has been taken aback from what he had considered a clear victory to brag about to the rest of the world.  

True, materially, the federation is split about 50/50 with the "Atlanticists" (western satanic prostitute faction) in control of most of the business and the central bank is still under Rothschild control, but the real force in Russia today is spiritual without fear and a knowledge of the people that they are right with God while the rapidly decaying west has sold its soul to the devil.  So long as this force remains pure Talmudism loses its bragging rights and shows itself to be a paper tiger spiritually, as its morally conquered west crumbles under the delusions of Talmudic/satanic "exceptionalism."

Interestingly, although Talmudists have been pushed out of power in the new government, Jews, in general, are free to be Russians in whatever capacity they wish.  Also, Christianity is only the major Russian religion, all religions of Russia are secure in their place.  This raises questions for westerners as few of us in the west have a true understanding of what it is to be Russian.  Their concept of nationality seems more spiritual than worldly.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Covidscam - Organized Jewry Vs Humanity "

AL said (March 18, 2021):

Never mind military targets with military personnel and weapons of mass destruction; Unarmed Christian cultural centers with places of worship are the most dangerous epicenters to the satanic Jews.

It was no coincidence they targeted Christian cultural centers like Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Dresden with fire bombings. These people really hate Christ but He will get the last laugh.

[Matt13: 41 The Son of man shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity; 42 And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth. 43 Then shall the righteous shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father. Who hath ears to hear, let him hear.]

EB said (March 17, 2021):

Could Hitler have come to power without Masonic Jewish complicity?

No, Hitler was totally created by the Tavistock institute and his occult handlers. Masonry set up Adolph Hitler financially, with raw materials and everything they needed.

Actually, Germany was not capable of war on this scale since they did not have the industrial capacity nor the strategic raw materials needed.

But nowadays often Nazis tend to be the good guys in the opinions but they are the antipode spoken of in this article. I know because in search of my background I searched my family name in a pdf of 'Bloodlines of the Illuminati'(Fritz Springmeier) My(nazi) masonic family was mentioned and involved in money transfers and trade for the Nazis in pre war times in the Hague.

You wonder if this Anti Jewish Manifesto was the reason Dresden was destroyed? In certain circles, like the Jesuits, revenge can be brought on centuries later.

Contrary to you I do not believe in one branch of Illuminati ruling us, like the 'Jews'. What about 8? Why do you think East Germany ended up behind the Iron Curtain? Because the Protestants were heretics to Rome. Roman Catholicism and Nazism go together very well. I have Cardinals in the family.

Doug P said (August 22, 2019):

The basic problem we face is, as Jack Nicholson once said in a movie "You want the truth? You can't handle the truth!" and this is the problem with the majority of the population and those of us goyim that do reach positions of influence "go along to get along" because "if you can't beat them, join them". The fault lies with the lower orders of our population who care nothing but for entertainment and material goods. They will need to be managed in a technological age where there is simply not enough work to keep them busy. Who wants to manage them?

This could all be a grand experiment looking for the once thing technology cannot supply - conscience and moral fibre.

Lindsay said (January 8, 2016):

You wrote, Christian leaders should have encouraged Jewish assimilation."

Totally and vehemently disagree.

Jews are a race, a community. They need to have their community and perpetrate their traditions, customs, way of life.

Semitic people are not Indo-Europeans. These groups should not be intermarrying.

As before, they should've been kept in their communities and just restricted in what they could do.

Because the Jewish soul would still come up. A Jew can never really assimilate to European culture and way of life. We are very different people. To deny that would deny particularity. God created particularity and so each particularity has its own specific values and truths inherent in itself. That is why there is diversity in the world. If Jews "assimilated" they would lose their particularity, identity.

God does not want that. God created All the nations of the world, and they are to stay separate, and viable.

The problem is that because the Jew has not accepted His Messiah in the name of Jesus Christ, they will always be infected with Messianism. That is why they can not be assimilated. Even when a Jew converts to Christianity, he is to maintain his culture, traditions and his people. He shall not be assimilated.

All nations/races are to be preserved; all particularity is to be preserved.


Thanks Lindsay

If this were true , I don't think Jews would intermarry at the rate they do.


Tim said (January 6, 2016):

Maybe the fire bombing by the Allies of the mostly non-military target of Dresden during WWII was payback.

Peter said (June 5, 2014):

Having seen David Irving's talks I question the 6 million figure.

The 6 million entered the lexicon in the 1800s and has remained ever since.

Auschwitz has changed its memorial plaque from 4 million to 1 million.

Minus 3 million but the 6 remains untouched.
Bad maths?


to Peter

I'm talking about the six million Nazis who died!!!!! and the 50 million other non-Jews.
We are so brainwashed we can't even see what WW2 was!

Christine said (June 5, 2014):

Amongst other things, the manifesto mentions the Jews as being „fabricators of public opinion”. Of course that is true.

I would just like to add that Satan, through his minions the Canaanite Jews*, has done more than just manipulate public opinion. The Canaanites have, under the auspices of the devil, created a parallel reality which some call the “matrix” for us all to be enslaved in. Yes, the “reality” we live in is actually and factually an utter fabrication.

To the luck of those Lucifer dupes, 0,01 percent of all people alive today – and maybe even less – do not even suspect their own enslavement, because life has “always been this way”. Most folks have no idea of how life could really be and in fact – is.

When God comes back to judge the quick and the dead, those of us who trust in and are re-established by Him will finally find out what true life really is – namely, paradise.

Can you image how it will be to breathe in REAL air? To eat REAL food? To be a REAL human being? Before we get there, though, we will have to go through hell on earth (as below, so above) but it will have been worth the wait.

*These “Jews” go by the names of free mason, Mormon, druid, witch, knights Templar, Rosicrucians, royals, princes, queens et al.

Jim said (June 5, 2014):

Where as Christians of yesterday could see that the Jews were a force to reckoned with, nearly all Christians of today have been so brainwashed that they are unable to comprehend the power the Jews wield over them.

Today's Christians are of the firm belief that if they don't bless Israel (the Jews) then God will curse them. (I call this "spiritual blackmail). They are afraid to criticize anything about the Jews for fear of being cursed by God... and this gives the Jews the ability to run roughshod.

In the mind of the Christian, to question Israel's treatment of the Palestinians or to question the Jews "chosen-ness" or to point out the Jews control of the banking system and media is not only anti-Semitic but it's racist and demonstrates a hatred for the Jews.

The ignorance of today's Christians will be their demise. But once they know the truth, they will be free!

JG said (June 4, 2014):

Wow, it's as if this manifesto was written yesterday. The same plot, by the same culprits, against the same people.

Had it not have been for Germany in WW1 and WW2 Europe may have suffered the same genocidal fate that Russia did under Communism in the 1930's.
World Order Communism today cannot be implemented around the globe without America's military might and ignorance through complicity.

The US has become International Jewry's "pit bull" on a leash. The Jews have become their material lifeline because they control their bread. And, for this reason alone the Jews will continue to go virtually unchallenged.

It really is sad how the American Congress in Washington tries to save face with itself by calling Israel their "best friend" and "only ally" as Israel drags them into more foreign wars and spies on their highest government institutions including the Oval Office.

But, not to worry, it's all just a Judeo-Christian thing.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at