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Every Scam Requires Willing Victims

January 28, 2022


I have been exposing the Masonic Jewish (Communist) conspiracy for more than twenty years, and even now when it is out in the open, and they are murdering and maiming millions, people still dare not make the connection. 

Even when Klaus Schwab admits they control all politicians, and plan to dispossess us ("You'll own nothing but you'll be happy"), most people bury their heads in the sand. They rally around Donald Trump, a crypto Jew who personifies a con man. Suckers!

In 1981, Jacques Attali, an Illuminati Jewish insider, admitted, "We will have ... planned the treatment, a treatment that will be the solution. The selection of idiots will thus be done by themselves: they will go to the slaughterhouse on their own. "

They have been brainwashed to believe that mention of the Cabalist Jewish race war against whites -- is "antisemitism."

And "antisemitism" is a cardinal sin.

Just like COVID, World Wars One and Two were scams designed to depopulate, degrade and destroy humanity.  Until we shine the light on the men behind the curtain, the scams will keep on coming. 

Humanity has Stockholm Syndrome. If we play dumb and make nice, never say "Cabalist Jew" and "Freemason," they won't harm us.

handle-the-truth.jpgPeople who wear face-masks and get "vaccines" proclaim they're rubes incapable of independent thinking & basic research. 

They are willing victims, accomplices in their own destruction.

Here are two articles by two "thought leaders" who are either too cowardly or stupid to face facts. 

 Blind Leading the Blind: The Case of Gary D. Barnett

It took only 90 seconds to see that a video Barnett praises to the sky is blaming "the corporations."  The corporations are all controlled by the Cabalist central bankers. No mention of them. Anyone who does not focus on the satanic Masonic Jewish conspiracy is PART OF THE PROBLEM. Regretfully, this applies to Gary Barnett.  I googled his name and "Communism", "Freemasonry" and "Jews" and found no references. He does not  "grasp the scope of this totalitarian plot" he claims to expose. I love the guy and have re-posted many of his excellent articles. But it's frustrating that I have exposed the truth for 20 years and Gary doesn't care to know. The goyim have been brainwashed to think that resistance to satanist tyranny by Communist Jews and Freemasons is bigotry and in bad taste. Wake up and smell the coffee Gary! The Protocols of Zion are genuine.
 This is a man who accuses his fellow Americans of being "pathetic, cowardly fools." Look in the mirror Gary.


bez-subversion.pngIs Washington Under Alien Control?

Is Phil Geraldi playing stupid or is he just plain stupid? 

"Most of them are Jewish, to include all four of the top officials in the Department of State, while prominent politicians in both political parties, to include the president, have self-described as Zionists."
Is this the best he can do?  No mention of Freemasonry although they never miss an opportunity to hand sign their allegiance to Satan.

The "aliens" are Cabalist Jewish bankers and their paid Freemason flunkies but, even on The Unz Review,  cowards like Phil Geraldi won't go there. 


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Comments for "Every Scam Requires Willing Victims "

Doug P said (January 28, 2022):

I don't believe that the Masonic Jews are directly responsible either. We did not hang onto our definition of evil, or teach our young the value of morality and the value of the law. We gave up values and morals and became willing targets. We gave them up for comfort and ease, anyone could have taken advantage, the Satanic cult did it. If not them, then someone else.... I think it was comfort and ease that was our downfall.

People think I am crazy for giving up a lucrative career that I took five years after graduating to create. I didn't want to be a contributor to crazy. Having a high position in a crazy society isn't much to be proud of or to covet. If people tolerate craziness, it will surround them, it's literally a pack of wolves - something most people who have been comfortable all their lives will not recognize.

We would all be a lot better off to throw our cell phones and televisions back at them and start farming by a river and hacking our living out of the wilderness. My allergies prevent me from doing so. Allergies are likely caused by vaccinations my mother had.

J said (January 28, 2022):

Trump supporter Mike Adams never ever names the jew. It's always the globalists, the elites, the chicoms. He pretends to be genuine, a hard liner but he is fake,, with his fake laughter.

If you want to watch and listen to an intelligent real truther, go to his channel ALEX ON LIFE, bitchute. He has also a video about women you probably like.

AL said (January 28, 2022):

General Cherep-Spiridovich summed up what you were saying by just 2 words in his book from 1926 - "INCURABLE IMBECILES".

I like listening to Mike Adams because he has great health tips but I notice he is petrified of the "J" word and only uses it in context of vitimhood; Never mind that Adolf Hitler was a Zionist Jew, founding father of the state of Israel through the "Transfer Agreement" and a Rothschild to boot. Hitler even had north African ancestry; It's comical that a black Jew like Hitler would give speeches about the destiny of the Aryan race.

Another one that has the nerve to preach the "incurable imbecile" religion is Benjamin Fulford; He tries to get his audience to have sympathy for the devil (Queen Elizabeth II), saying "..cut her some slack.." even though she sanctioned the Picton murders for snuff films and kidnapped 10 Native children that have never been seen again: She must have eaten them. Fulford claims the Khazarian Mafia and Hyksos are not Jews, even though Josephus clearly states the Hyksos were Jews (Against Apion, Book 1 section 227). Moses even had an Egyptian name - "Osarseph".



The dummy Dr. Neiman is such an incurable imbecile he can't comprehend the words coming out of his mouth.

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