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My Masochistic Marriage to Jeff Rense

February 24, 2012


In love with "Good Jeff" while keeping "Bad Jeff" at bay, I was becoming as crazy as he. Now that I won't have to see either again, my recovery can begin.

This is the final installment of "Jeff Rense's Seventh* Ex-Wife Speaks Out" Part One is here. Part Two is here.    

by Megan

If I tried to "end it" with him - which is what I was advised to do, he pursued me tirelessly. Dozens of emails and phone messages contained sweet promises. Once he even rang my doorbell for ten minutes until I finally broke down and answered.

When I sprained my ankle in June, he refused to pay for a doctor, despite the fact I was unemployed, and we were dating and sleeping together.  When I developed an extremely painful ulcer, he refused again.  So, neither condition was treated.

Yet, that summer he spent tens of thousands of dollars restoring an antique car, planting trees on his property, and building a greenhouse. He had three people working full time. He was building a railroad tunnel, and putting money into his railroad equipment.  But he wouldn't take his unemployed, uninsured girlfriend (he had forced me to sign divorce papers in April under threat of destroying me financially) to the doctor...

This is why I am speaking out. I was so disappointed to see how lavish Jeff's home and property were, given that I had once donated $20 in response to a donation drive.  He made it seem he was barely able to stay on the air. 


Being in a relationship with an NPD is extremely destructive.  I had overcome many things in life, but was not able to "bounce back" from this.  It has been 14 months now, and Jeff and I were involved up until Feb 21. .

Since discovering that I had contacted Henry,  Jeff now truly is leaving me alone.  He will however viciously slander me. That is one of the traits of people with Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

He slandered me to others without knowledge.  He told Henry I was an admirer who tried to poison him. He told similar lies to his grown daughter - turning her against me before we could become friends.  He told lies to the local police, to his friends: Jay Weidner and Carol Rosin - who live in town. We all got along great until Jeff  slandered me to them.

If he slanders me now, I will release many documents that show that I have been extremely successful professionally, and well liked. I was a professor for over 5 years, I will publicly post my student evaluations; I was a beloved teacher.  My resume and huge amount of successful work I have done in the past 20 years was not done by someone who is "crazy".

I will point you to a video of me on the internet in which I give a physics lecture at Caltech, and you can decide if I seem like the nice, intelligent girl  or if I am the crazy lunatic Jeff will paint me as.


Incidentally, he called all his previous wives and ex-lovers crazy lunatics.  Another red flag I missed....

Some of them are following this drama, and I hope they will be brave enough to tell the truth about the "real" Jeff Rense.

If you research Narcissistic Personality Disorder, you will learn that psychopaths are extremely well-liked.  They are experts at being lovable.  This is why there is so much enmity when people think Jeff is being "attacked".  I too once felt just as strongly.  But, the charming, lovable Jeff Rense, is definitely not the real Jeff Rense.

I am running out of savings.  I was too psychologically damaged from my year in an NPD relationship to properly prepare for the one US job opening that fits my qualifications.  Jeff would not leave me alone to prepare - he would come over and upset me - and I could not prepare the lectures that were required of me.

I had to cancel the interview - my only job hope.

I am running out of money.  Jeff literally has zero empathy nor takes any responsibility for my situation. He offers me no money.  Except he paid for dates, and sometimes bought me clothes.

We were still lovers up until Tuesday, February 21, 2012, when he discovered I had written to Henry to confirm his initial charges.

Now Jeff is finally leaving me alone.  And that at least is the first step to recovering. Hopefully, I will become functional enough to figure out a way to survive before my savings run out....

Sincerely, Megan, ex-wife #9 (we're not sure of the count!)

P.S.  For all you who wonder is Jeff Cointelpro??? No, Jeff Rense is controlled by no one.  He truly believes strongly in UFOs; that's why he runs those stories.  He just does his best to keep his business running.  He makes an enormous amount of money from the ads on his website and subscriptions to his archives. He is, above all, just a businessman....  

--- FIN ---

Rense was legally married seven times, and had one legally binding common law marriage and at least one fiancee, all of whom confirm the same story. 

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First Comment:   CB Said:

It is good that Megan finally escaped from JR.  As anyone who studies personality disorders knows (I have several degrees in human behavior) most people with these type of disorders resist treatment--just a very small percentage of them respond to treatment.  In layman's speak they lack the psychological insight to view themselves as having a problem.  It's everyone else that has the problem.  Psychology has yet to clearly establish whether people with narcissist, & borderline personality disorders are born this way (pathological) or develop over time (environmental) or born with a genetic predisposition and something environmental triggers it.  What is factual and can be established is the wreckage these type people leave in their wake: broken relationships, mental and physical abuse, and even death--e.i. murder--to list a few!    


I feel for Megan because she was exploited and manipulated by a man who clearly has some serious issues.   However I must point out that Megan (and people like her) exhibited some very irrational and impulsive behavior in abandoning  everything she has worked toward (successful professor and so on) based upon some superficial promises and charm of a chameleon. 

While JR exhibits some of the symptoms of someone who has a narcissistic personality disorder he was able to manipulate a highly intelligent and attractive Megan (and numerous other women) into a controlling and doomed relationship.  This suggests to me that she (and his other female victims) have some underlying psychological issues that need addressed.  


Perhaps the good that can come out of this for Megan is an awakening in herself of how could this have happened to me?  And from there she can recover her sense of womanhood and find true happiness.  Psychologically speaking, It is interesting to note that people raised or recovering from abusive environments/relationships often find/chose other abused people for a new relationship ...[They] are usually emotionally vulnerable and are easily exploited.  Obviously JR has a penchant for identifying these type people and exploiting them.          


For Megan there is hope for healing and recovery.  For JR it is doubtful that he will ever see his need for help and straighten out.  Furthermore, his seemingly incessant crusade to destroy HM reinforces the notion that eventually most people with a NPD  implode or self-destruct.  JR appears to be in self-destruct mode and will destroy his own work and never know it was all his own doing. 


Keep up the good work Henry.
Reply from Megan:
Yes, I was clearly very isolated and alone, so
I was eager to find "the one" - realize I believed
Jeff's radio persona was his real self, and felt
like I knew him well.
I also was extremely exhausted and burnt out,
my work for the last 15 years has been literally
70 hours a week, 51 weeks a year.
I was indeed a bit too eager to "give it all
up".  But I was exhausted, and the life Jeff
promised was so domestic and calm and
relaxing (he promised to sell his website,
we were essentially going into "semi-retirement"
and intended to finally enjoy life a little.
Call me naive - but I believed him, because
I had never in my life encountered someone
who could lie so much - it never occurred to
me he was lying.  We had reams of emails
and hundred hours of phone conversations.
I had no previous experience that would tell
me all that communication was a lie...

P.S.  In our communications I knew only
of two ex-wives: one was the mother of his grown
daughter.  The other was a 1994 "marriage of
convenience" in order to help him win custody of
his daughter.

It did not occur to me to ask:
"Now exactly how many ex-wives do you
have?"   In the future, I will ask any one
I date that, and probably do a full background
check before believing anyone else again!
We had, however, thoroughly discussed his
last few girlfriend relationships.  So I was
aware of two ex-wives, and had asked the
normal questions of his recent relationships.
He had only 3 girlfriends in the previous 11 years
before I came along -  this is what he told me.


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Comments for "My Masochistic Marriage to Jeff Rense "

anon said (February 27, 2012):

Dear Mr. Makow,

Because of the importance of the topic, I want to participate in spreading the word about Psychopathy.
The following link is going deep into the subject. Partial it reads like the letter from Megan. Everybody should be aware of this type of people, who are exposing themself sooner or later
Sooner, with the knowledge about their behavior, means less damage caused.

Scott said (February 26, 2012):


Of course Jeff is insane. I would hug Megan all the time, and I'm not even a vegan.

God bless you Henry! I love how your writings alter the windows of perception.--Scott

Deprogrammed American Youngster said (February 25, 2012):

The "Truth Movement" is full of it
Payed hosts controlling the sheep with eyes sort of opened
Keeping us confused, close to reality
Keeping us confused, focused on unreality
Aliens, ''Patriotic'' Presidential candidates, "Wackos","Crazy drunks", "Take your pills!"
THEY plagiarize, THEY misconstrue, THEY blur the thinking process, THEY lie, THEY lie, THEY lie!
A nation of brainwashed patriots,
controlled by "alternative media"
THEY don't support gun rights
THEY don't want us fighting the enemy, let alone identifying THEM
THEY want "Global Peace", A "Sustainable future", "Solidarity"
Occupy this , occupy that
THEY think they are but they ain't occupying crap!
WE hold the key
WE hold the key
WE hold the key,
the key to Heaven, the key to Justice, the key to Peace, the key to Truth, the key to Democracy, TRUE democracy
WE, the youth
WE, the youth
WE, the youth,
can stop these false prophets from spreading hate and confusion
I am sick of THEM


Sincerely, A deprogrammed American youngster

Daniel said (February 25, 2012):

I saw the "henrymakowwatch" website yesterday. I never thought I'd see something so stupid come from such a bright guy. "Should Henry Makow be banned" is an idea that flies in the face of everything Jeff has sold himself to be over the past 3 years I've listened to him. I usually never comment on stupidity like this but I was so moved that I posted "Absurd! You shouldn't be allowed to use a computer" on the site. I woke up this morning and the comment section was removed. Good grief! I'm in 3rd grade all over again. Henry, I'm just and average Joe, nowhere near
to being "The most intelligent patriot in America" but if Drockton can't see this for the absurdity it is then he'll have to change his tagline to "The most intelligent ass-kisser in America."

AJ said (February 25, 2012):

Thank you for sharing Megan’s story with us, Henry.
It’s been a real eye opener.

Just followed a link Michael posted on your site, to the so-called “petition” to have you banned from the web.

Not only is it pathetically juvenile, but also patently obvious to have come from the poison pen of Rense. The preposterously hyperbolic writing style matches every screed he’s spewed in this lamentable litany.

What a twisted little man.

Our prayers are with sweet Megan.

Tom said (February 25, 2012):

Thank you! It’s about time someone took a hard look at this alternative media gatekeeper!

Anyone honest can see has a bias. Whether it’s with Fukushima or Ron Paul, or any of Rense's other pet peeves, the viewpoints are not balanced. I’ve researched the website’s treatment of topics, by adding “” with certain keywords in Google, to find all their hosted content. And when you read 100 articles and 99 of them misrepresent important facts, you know something is up.

E.g. the “Alexander Hamilton was a Rothschild agent” story line is a hoax, but it gets repeated over and over. Whether this is intentional disinformation, I can't say. All I know is that Hamilton was a towering genius who writings on usury-free sovereign credit and national banking should be studied by all patriots. Hamilton was fighting the same empire we are fighting today. His vision put muscle behind our Constitutional independence.

So why wouldn’t Rense want to give Hamilton fair treatment? Why purposefully deter readers from studying Hamilton with this Rothschild hoax? Is it because Alexander Hamilton’s economic philosophy is the opposite of Ron Paul's and Austrian School philosophy?

I get very suspicious of this type of bias. And I am glad to see it exposed.

Jeff said (February 25, 2012):

The series of stories by Megan paint a very disturbing picture of Jeff Rense. I was pretty much neutral about the dispute between the two of you, but the stories by Megan and the articles on attacking you are, as I said, very disturbing. Banning you from the internet, the childish name calling, 'anonymous' groups and people coming to his defense, etc....all of this seems to confirm that Jeff has some serious problems.

I also laugh at his assertion that he is the undisputed leader of opposition to the world elite. Wow, what narcissism. His site is just a clearinghouse of information, that is all. Almost all of the stories and information that he posts come from others. He is not the 'King of the Truth Movement', and never has been, although it is obvious he likes to think so.

As for his site, the quality of the articles he links to have been going down for a long time. I would estimate that 90% of the stuff that he posts nowadays is pure garbage, and for him to say that the quality of information on your site, or any other, doesn't meet his standards, is absolutely laughable. Is there anyone, anywhere, who thinks that Paul Drockton is anything but a total idiot? His site has become so bad that recently when a lifelong friend, who is beginning to wake up to the truth, asked me for alternative places to get news, I was so embarrassed by what Jeff's site has become I did not even consider mentioning it.

I do not agree with you on everything Henry, especially when it comes to women. However, it is clear to me that Jeff Rense is not at all what he portrays himself to be, and you have done all of us a service by exposing him.

As for Megan, it was courageous of her to write these articles. I have a graduate degree in Physics myself, and IMO there is nothing better than an attractive and intelligent woman, of which she is both.

It is obvious to me that she has a good heart, and there are plenty of good men out there who would consider themselves extremely lucky to be with her. Please keep your chin up Megan, you deserve someone much better than Jeff Rense.

One last thing, one of your readers commented on the picture of Jeff and Megan. I also immediately noticed the same thing. The eyes tell the story, and in the case of Jeff, it is not a good one.

Michael said (February 25, 2012):

I'm glad Megan cleared up this point for us:

"For all you who wonder is Jeff Cointelpro??? No, Jeff Rense is controlled by no one. He truly believes strongly in UFOs; that's why he runs those stories. He just does his best to keep his business running. He makes an enormous amount of money from the ads on his website and subscriptions to his archives. He is, above all, just a businessman.... "

I might also venture that people with NPD think they are 'entitled' to have their own way. It's not only a 'psychological' but also a spiritual condition.

On a not-unrelated note, I found this website:

That website calls for Henry to be "permanently banned from the Internet". (I was tempted to see it is satirical; but it's not). Certainly it is "extraordinary" (the word is bold-faced in that article). Don't know who wrote it, but doesn't matter.

Objectively speaking (and as reply to that website), I think Henry has handled the whole affair thus far in a calm and reasonable manner; it is Mr. Rense who has gone "over the top" in his replies.

Len in South Africa said (February 25, 2012):

Well, JR did do one good thing for me, and that is finding you on his Website. I probably spend a total of 45 minutes on his site some 4 years ago and called it a day. Since then I've been reading your articles and never have had any need to go to JR's site. unsubstantiated UFOs etc etc did not impress me. It's hard to figure your "sin" with JR though. The likelihood of the Fukashima incident being man made is 2000 percent more feasible than the "junk" on JR's Site. I am sure your credibility ratings can only increase now that you've had the guts to expose him. And what an expose'. I salute you.

Michael said (February 25, 2012):

I just skimmed the latest attacks aimed at you from Rense...It's becoming
clear to me something is going on. The attacks are WAY overboard. I might be
wrong, but as you have surmised, I think the Fukushima article based on
Stone's research struck a raw nerve, and the worms are starting to crawl out
of the woodwork. There is not a good rational explanation otherwise. On the
contrary the overboard reaction to you has been "wacko."

I am going to post on FB the one calling for you to be banned from the
Internet and explain what is going on, since my friends know I post links from
you and Rense at times. You have expressed, with some respect your criticism
of Rense. NPD is a real clinical term. Any real friend of Jeff's would be
honest with him; I hope some help him. I hope he can see it someday. On the
other you have been attacked with silly juvenile name calling.

It's been my observation that this type of name calling and attack that
ignores a factual refutation of what started it all-Jim Stone's research on
Fukushima ( For Pete's sake almost everyone knows the Mossad did 9/11) ONLY
comes from one group of skunks (they deserve the name). It is sooo obvious,
its almost laughable. They are giving themselves away like a chameleon that
loses his camouflage...we see YOU!

Adam said (February 25, 2012):

Thank you for sharing your experience with us and may this prevent others from falling victim as well. Rense is going to use every means available to him to destroy this message as this message exposes him and psychopaths fear exposure more than anything else. I would hope you have been able to find some support there and I would advise you to have someone set-up a paypal donations account so we can help you get back on your feet.

When Mr. Makow started on this expose', I understood (a little) his position but knew that Rense was too powerful in this 'community'. It took extraordinary courage for Mr. Makow to pursue it; and, Megan, without you, Rense would have had an easy time dismissing the evidence and his minions would have viciously defended him to the end. I certainly hope others will pick-up this story and more victims will come forward to support and corroborate you and prevent any further harm.

Thank you for your courage,


p.s. When I look carefully at the photo posted on this article and I look both of you in the eyes I can clearly see you have good intent but not so with Jeff. That is easily dismissed but many understand that the eyes often give a person away.

Dan said (February 25, 2012):

You were lucky to have R's last victim spill the dirty laundry. He's a
sick puppy.

Here are a series of short talks about Narcissists

Anne said (February 25, 2012):

Having been subjected to one of Jeff Rense's prolific contributors, and wanting to rescue this person and his many problems from far away, I can attest to the fact that it takes a long time to heal and regain some sort of normalcy, not to mention sound finances, from such an individual. This one was just as much of a psychopath as Jeff Rense has shown clear signs of being.

These individuals are so brilliant in their approach that they get away with deceit and con games again and again - from the past to the present to the future. They always find a kind soul eager to come to their rescue, and who ends up in a heap of mess while the perpetrators move on to the next target with no concern for what they leave behind. And that is just as well for the "No Contact Ever Again" rule is vital to the path we call living and learning.

E said (February 25, 2012):

I believe you are correct about Rense. He's one of the 5% non-reformable psychopaths Irish born author Thomas Sheridan succinctly profiles in his book, "Puzzling People: Labyrinth of The Psychopath." Rense's self-obsession & personal vanity is what initially sets off warning bells.

All psychopaths operate overtly from a pretense of benevolence & compassion, seeking out the needs & defects in others so they can exploit and CAPITALIZE upon them. Remember, the "5%" exploits the weaknesses and passions of his victims whether bad or good. So, even though rense is vain, he will exploit your own vanity or addictions. Given an opportunity, psychopaths leave a trail of empty shells where life once resided, whether at an individual or societal level. Sheridan wrote his book Puzzling People, because of the widespread evidence of a disproportionate number of psychopaths he observed and came into contact with in the Corporate world, and embedded in current positions of influence & power. His timely book is a warning, not only to Rense's duped followers, but to all mankind. I would however, caution against sending Rense to see just any professional. Many of these too are psychopaths & would only mirror Rense's own pathology. As Sheridan suggests, the best protection is to identify & remove them entirely from one's life. This, and the development of your own human potential & intuition as personal armor. Self-deception & a desire not to know are one's greatest enemies, & the door(s) through which psychopaths enter. The thing psychopaths hate more than any other, is being exposed.

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