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Henry Blodget : "Why do People Hate Jews?"

June 3, 2012

(left. Scene from 1998 movie "Pleasantville" made by Red Diaper baby Gary Ross. Learn the shocking reason David's mom is in color but his dad is in black & white.)

The reason they want to sever our connection to God is they intend to take His place.

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Last week, the editor of Business, Henry Blodget stimulated discussion by asking the question, "Why do people hate Jews?"

He noticed that Goldman Sachs' activity had created anti-Semitism; Blodget wanted to give the subject an airing.

But the largely negative reaction made Blodget amend the question to "some" people and then to "What are the sources of anti-Semitism?"

Finally he issued a retraction:  

"Some people I like and respect told me they felt insulted by and uncomfortable with the post...I am very sorry to anyone I offended. I sincerely apologize."

In an article, "Does Henry Blodget Hate Jews?" Jewish writer Foster Kamer commented:

blodget.jpeg(Henry Blodget, left)

"The only possible motivation for writing a headline like that is to attract attention, and page views, and it ... will only inflame parties on all sides (be they Jews, Jew Haters, Self-Loathing Jews, and so on). You can rest assured that whatever genuine intellectual curiosity Blodget has about this issue--and compassion towards marginalized and/or persecuted peoples, ...was made a moot point by that headline. And as a Jew, I can tell Blodget, this does not necessarily help our cause."

Stereotypically, Kamer thinks this discussion is about "helping the Jewish cause." His reply reflects the Jewish delusion that they are "marginalized and/or persecuted" rather than dominant and exclusive. He thinks any Jew who is self-critical must be "self loathing" - an attitude indicative of a closed, authoritarian society. 


The reason for anti-Semitism is that Illuminati Jews and their Masonic minions usurp control of society. They tend to monopolize business, politics, media and culture. (For example, are there any significant anti-Zionist politicians or media? Why are 4 of nine US Supreme Court judges Illuminati Jews? Why do Illuminati Jews run the IMF and US Treasury? )

They deliberately subvert European Christian nations by promoting pornography, promiscuity, immigration, multiculturalism, feminism and homosexuality under the rubric of Communism, liberalism and socialism.   (See also "Liberal Jews Carry Luciferian Banner")

The harsh truth is that Judaism is a satanic cult masquerading as a religion and most Jews are dupes.

Members of a satanic cult are never told the real agenda; they are manipulated instead. Now, by extension, most of humanity is in this position. i.e. unwitting inductees in a satanic cult. 

Judaism has two sets of books.

Ordinary Jews and the general public see the Old Testament. (Even there the depiction of God is not credible because it is tribal and not universal.)

Only the initiates see the real agenda: the Talmud & the Cabala. The Cabalists (i.e. Illuminati) are dedicated to creating a "New World Order" through the destruction of everything that is decent and good. The Talmud envisages Jews as a master race and preaches hate against non-Jews.

In contrast, true religion is dedicated to revealing the inherent design of Creation and following it. This is called, obeying God.

A satanic cult denies the inherent Design (God); it turns Reality on its head. Evil is good. Lies are truth. Through their control of government credit, the Illuminati cult controls pretty much everything. Mankind is satanically possessed by them and their minions.

God is Ultimate Reality. Reality consists of moral absolutes: truth, goodness, love, peace, beauty, justice.

The Illuminati replace this with a solipsism, i.e. whatever they say is true or good. This is why always their first priority is
securing a monopoly of the mass media and education

Modern culture is a solipsism.  It denies the soul and spiritual ideals. It denies God, ( i.e. perfection) the principle of our development.
The reason they want to sever our connection to God is they want to take His place.

Modern culture eschews what is universal and true. Instead, it purveys what is personal, subjective and often sick. It makes a god of man, and defines him in terms of self-interest and bodily appetites.


The 1998 movie "Pleasantville"
illustrates that secular humanism is occultism. Writer and director Gary Ross illustrates the harm Jewish liberal crusaders do while imagining they are our benefactors.  His father, the screenwriter Arthur Ross, was a Communist blacklisted during the 1940s and 1950s. 

Gary Ross recently co-wrote and directed the Illuminati film, "The Hunger Games." (Communism is an Illuminati creation.)

Pleasantville is Luciferian propaganda in the form of science fiction.  David and his sister Jennifer are transplanted from 1998 into an 1950's American idyll like "Father's Knows Best" or "Ozzie and Harriet." 

fiftiesrobotons.jpg(left. sheltered White conservative robotniks waiting to be liberated by Illuminati Jews)

The tagline of the movie is "Nothing is as Simple as Black and White." In other words, there are no moral absolutes. This is Satanism (secular humanism.)

The two streetwise teenagers introduce promiscuous sex, modern art, jazz  and literature to the sheltered robotic denizens of Pleasantville, who resemble Christian Conservatives.

As these innocent White robots are exposed to the wonders of modern CULT - ure, they change from black and white into color. This is especially true when they partake in sex.

first.JPGDavid's "mom" changes into color after she is taught to masturbate BY HER CHILDREN. We see mom masturbating in the bathtub; it is portrayed like the Second Coming.  This film was rated "Parental Guidance."

Remember when "as American as mom's apple pie" denoted goodness and innocence? 

Mom immediately rejects her role as housewife and enters into an illicit relationship with the soda fountain owner who takes up impressionist art.
Needless to say all these black and white people are now seen in living color.

Meanwhile dad is like the Exercizer bunny in black and white repeating "Where's my dinner?" 

There is a conservative "authoritarian" reaction but David soon quells it with breathless talk of "kids making out in the streets" and "women working and men staying home to cook." 

pv.jpg(left. Illuminism is a sex cult. Sexual promiscuity is fatal for women. Men will not bond with them.)

Can you see how these Illuminati Jews are Luciferians, and reverse good and evil? Metaphysical misfits, they wage relentless war on what is innocent, natural and healthy. Can you see how they preach rebellion?  How they spread their dysfunction? (See also, "Hollywood Hypes Lesbian Jewish Parable" )

The irony is Gary Ross yearned for a "normal life"
like the ones he witnessed on TV.

"My '50s were different than other people's '50s," Ross says. "The myth didn't permeate our world, 'Donna Reed' and all that. I longed for that, I wanted to be like other normal families on TV."

Yet the first thing he does is destroy that vision.


Mankind is the target of an ongoing satanic multi-generational attack designed to enslave it. 

Jews are "hated" because for centuries Illuminati (Masonic) Jewry  has served as agents of this central banker agenda. They and their Freemason proxies have been at the forefront of this war against Christian nations. But like all Luciferians, they are adept at making darkness appear to be light, attacker appear as victim, hater appeared to be wrongly hated. 

If the world descends into chaos, I expect Illuminati Jews will shift the blame onto Jews in general. They have fomented anti Semitism throughout history and are largely responsible for instigating the holocaust to justify Israel. 

Ordinary Jews are as duped and manipulated as ordinary Americans whose taxes fund Illuminati wars. Both are controlled by the Illuminati bankers and their Masonic minions. 

Ordinary Jews can do two things.

1) Recognize that Anti-Semitism is not "irrational hate." It is largely justified by the role Illuminati (Cabalist) and Pharisee Jews have played throughout history. O
rganized Jewry is not on the side of the angels.

2. Jews must stop serving as a Trojan Horse for Illuminati Jews and taking the blame for them. Illuminati Jews aren't even real Jews. They intermarry with other generational Satanists (Freemasons) who reach into every  organization. 

Instead of human shields, Jews should join with their non-Jewish neighbors in opposing this diabolical conspiracy that has engulfed mankind.


Adorno's Bastards and the Frankfurt School   by Kevin Beary

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First comment- From Kassandra

For years I have tried to warn others. Especially those who have Jewish heritage, that they are being used, in the same manner that a criminal will hold up a child as a human shield. I have tried to convey too, that serving the imposters (False Masonic 'jews', the Satanics) becomes complicity. Just as it is criminal to be accomplice to crime by driving the getaway car. The whole sayan phenomenon helps these Satanics destroy the Jewish faith from the inside out, like cancer infects and corrupts healthy cells. That is what Satanism does. It destroys, corrupts everything it touches. And it rejoices when it succeeds in doing this by deceptive means. Good people would never want to serve Satanists or their agenda. Caveat Emptor! Beware what sophistry lurks around every bend!

And because of my warnings. People with no understanding say I am bigot?! Or falsely accuse me of hating Jews. How can I be bigot or hate monger, when amongst my greatest heros are those who are Jewish? Can't have it both ways! I echo the brilliant examples given by fellow reader: Asim.

And I would like to add another name to this list. I admire this man profoundly. He can be found on youtube. 108Morris108. The moral human beings that come from the Jewish faith are so beautiful, the most courageous and heroic. They know speaking truth and having moral scruples is not self hating. But rather ethics,truth & humanity loving. 

The danger lies in the subterfuge. The deceptive means by which societies become ponerized, so people lose ability to distinguish right from wrong or friend from foe. It's not hard, because good and evil are not alike! We just have to open our eyes and reflect on all that we observe. Evil perpetually betrays itself. If we have eyes to see, it becomes blatant. Learning Hare and Cleckleys list of Psychopathic traits doesn't hurt either!

Thank you Henry for all that you do! I pray people will pay special attention to the conclusion in this article. Those are the real solutions! We are all in this together. And none of us should serve the satanic masquerading in sheep's wool, among us.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Henry Blodget : "Why do People Hate Jews?" "

Tina said (June 6, 2012):

I have come across recently a website called Passion for Truth Ministry and if you never heard of it, I would recommend you check it out and I would appreciate your feedback, since you are yourself a Jew.

In summary what the Christian Minister says is, "for two thousand years we have all been taught that Israel is the Jewish people and the Jewish people are Israel. This misunderstanding has crippled our ability to truly glean from the scriptures all that was originally intended. We as Believers have lost our mission, purpose and depth of knowledge of the scriptures and it is largely because of not understanding this very important topid. The greatest prophecy of the bible concerns this very subject. Many have called this teaching the key to understanding the entire bible! I will let Professor C.A.L. Totten of Yale University tell you his thoughts concerning this very subject: "The very understanding of this difference (of the two ancient Kingdoms of Israel) is the KEY by which almost the entire Bible becomes intelligible, and I cannot state too strongly that the man who has not yet seen that Israel of the Scripture is totally distinct from (not just) the Jewish people, is yet in the very infancy, the mere alphabet of Biblical study, and that to this day the meaning of seven-eighths of the Bible is shut to his understanding."—Professor C.A.L. Totten (1851-1908) of Yale University.

There is lots of good sense in what is preached and for one, I don't buy all of it but it resonates well with me, since I have been interested, mostly in the orthodox jews' adherence to the Torah. Fact is Jesus was no Christian. If he would have lived and be alive today he would be a rabbi.

BTW I am a Christian seeking the truth first in my own history and history as a whole.

Seeker said (June 4, 2012):

Good article, and you may be surprised how much I agree. I have lately found the Christian churches
to be also fronts for either occult agendas or else impotent. I no longer belong to any of these.

I do feel the Bible is an amazing key to understanding where we "are", however. And I still believe
Jesus died for our salvation, and am unable to separate myself from this conviction. This conviction
is not from childhood brainwashing, as my parents were agnostics. I never was in a church proper until
college, and we had no Bible in the house. I guess I was "born again," however ludicrous this concept
may seem to the intelligentsia.

To merely accept that God is a representation of all that is moral, good, etc. does not give us a key to
becoming "moral, good, etc." It gives us something to study and strive toward, but no answer. If there
is an answer it must be in some delivering act, such as that of Jesus. Being "moral, good" does not
help us in a world of hamartia (born in sin). Something greater must occur.

Why God does not simply straighten things out immediately, instead of making us search, is a mystery.
But the cold light of reason fails to do more than diagnose the problem, giving NO answers.

Joe said (June 4, 2012):

I don't know anyone who hates Jews. To tell you honestly, I don't know anyone who hates period.

I am an average working-class American (retired). All the working-class Christians and all the working-class Jews I know
get along very well.

It seems to me that average,middle-class Jews are just as confused about world events as everyone else.I've met plenty of honest Jews, and some dishonest Jews. I can't truly say that all the Christians I've met in my life were honest. I've met dishonest Christians,also.

Me and my fellow Christians are not even close to being sterling.( we'll just have to keep praying about that. lol).
I know that the Jews own the Federal Reserve bank. I don't care for them Name a government policy, I'm most likely opposed to it.

I don't care for the Jews in high positions of power.
It's very clear to me, however, that it was my fellow Christians who put the Jews in charge of the Federal Reserve in the first place. It was Christian lawmakers and Woodrow Wilson who signed the Federal Reserve Act. The Christian lawmakers knew fully well what they were doing.

The books that I've read about this subject subtly encourage the reader to the conclusion that the bill was passed
through Jewish chicanery and the "good" Christians were hoodwinked. They were not hoodwinked. They signed the bill with eyes wide open.

My Christian leaders do love that 501c tax break. All the bulls**t in the world can't cover that up.

I know the Jews are insidious because they included the 501c tax break for the churches in the Federal Reserve Act,
and my fellow Christians were" hoodwinked" into accepting the tax break. Poor fellow Christians. They now must "suffer" themselves to be ruled by the Federal Reserve bank.
We live in a world of bulls**t. That's for sure. LOL

David said (June 4, 2012):

Henry, I think a more pertinent and revealing question is "Why do jews hate everyone?" With the exception of you and Norman Finkelstein, I've observed all my life that Jews find everyone else repugnant and beneath them, spiritually, intellectually, morally. Jews are more open about their hatred of Muslims than they are us Christians, because they have to coexist with us Christians for a while until they have convinced us to kill the world's Arab population while decimating our own ranks in the process.

A real epiphany occurred in my late 40's when I learned of the Kol Nidre, the prayer that Jews repeat during passover, that basically absolves them of honoring and keeping any commitments, contracts or pleges they have made to non-jews. In that moment I achieved complete understanding of the reason behind all the shaftings and betrayals I've experienced at the hands of Jews my entire life.

Jim said (June 4, 2012):

Thank you for this article. I sent it to my parents because they think I'm a white supremacist due to the fact they believe I hate Jews. I believe this will go a long way to convince them otherwise. In spite of my efforts to help them distinguish the Cabalist, Satanic, Zionist Jews from the everyday, average, ordinary Jews they still don't believe there is a difference. Like many people they have been brainwashed to believe that any criticism of the Zionist Jews and/or of Israel is anti-Semitic therefore it's anti-God.

Henrique said (June 3, 2012):

Brave article. Being non-religious, I always felt that Judaism was a front for something else, not because "they killed Jesus" or "ours is the true faith" but simply because they cannot answer directly one simple question: Are you a racial group or a religious one?

Every religion is attacked and ridiculed but for Judaism because of the fear of racial slur. Guess it's comfortable to avoid universalim after all, eh? Universalism turns out to be a grave weakness, as it is easily attackable, even invites abuse with it's hubris of explaining everything for everyone.

And when the racial element historically linked to it ( White Europeans in the Christian case ) is demoralized to the point where it cannot by any means fight back ( that's what the "holocaust" was for, traumatize and zombify ) it becomes a sparring dummy. Yes, race is more important than what is politically correct to say.

Anyway, it seems that the only universal belief system set to live on is secular humanism, which itself is just a romantic facade for Money.

Asim said (June 3, 2012):

Your latest article was very thought-provoking and honest,and I thank you for that. As a Muslim, I have always yearned to have close Jewish friends; to be able to get on with them without having to subconsciously associate them with the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

What I have realised is this; when a Jew is good-he is brilliant; Gilad Aztmon, Israel Shamir, Stephan Lendman, Israel Shahak, Jews of Neutri Karta and of course...You Henry!!!! When a Jew is bad-he is unbelievably evil-Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Begin, Sharon et al. We need to hear more from ordinary working class Jews facing up to the very bad things being committed in their name-only then, will there be a chance of eliminating anti-semitism.

Glenn said (June 3, 2012):

What happened to ' anti-judaism ' vs ' anti-semitism ' ?

Was there once not a separation between the two ? And if my jaded memory serves me correctly, when did these two distinctions become subverted and melded into one ?

Al Thompson said (June 3, 2012):

People don't necessarily hate Jews as much as they can't stand freemasons, pastors, and religious leaders. Some Jews act like they are somehow better than anyone else, and this subject matter makes me think more and more about the credibility of certain parts of the Bible which appear to have been altered to put forth their satanic agenda. People like me just want to be in line with what God intended for us and religion seemed to be a part of the solution for developing good character. However, upon studying the various religions, with my emphasis on Christianity, I'm thinking that they are all pagan or satanic cults. And it isn't hard to find. One just needs to be able to connect the dots.

Psycho Jews are just another victim group such as some black organizations. They put up their bullshit in order to get sympathy, when it is their actions (the things they do) that get them into so much trouble. No one is going to like people who are satanic. There's no reason to like them. They are extremely intolerant and they purposely offend other people's religions, such as in the Good Christian Bitches program. Their hypocrisy is completely off the charts. Who is going to sympathize with that? I'm relatively new to the Zionist issue, as I used to skip the subject due to the potential for being called a bigot. The fact of the matter, is that a Jew has to pull down his pants to take a crap, just like the rest of us. But when they try to manipulate everyones lives, then that is extremely objectionable. Let them go to the North Pole or wherever and practice than nonsense, but don't pollute the rest of the world with their garbage.

Doug said (June 3, 2012):

This has to be your best article yet Henry. Although uncomfortable for Cabalistic/Illuminati Jews, it exposes core truths while still offering sane advice and direction for ordinary Jews. I also believe it partially explains the puzzling yet increasing exposure of Israel's lunacy in SOME mainstream media; the Cabalists (or the demons that control them) are comfortable with mounting world hatred against Jews since their end game envisages the sacrifice of many of their own people - ultimate betrayal on a scale that is simply satanic.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at