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School Asked My Child If I Molested Her

July 8, 2011

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"I think the school staff were man-haters, and  resented me because, as a doting father, I upset their prejudices. They thought incest was the only possible explanation for a father's love."


by Dan Abshear

In January 2007, staff at my eight-year-old daughter's public school in Missouri interrogated her for an hour to determine if I had molested her. There was absolutely no reason for them to do this.

I worked out of my home at the time and largely raised my daughter, while my now ex-wife worked.
I had established rituals during her school days.
These included taking her to our favorite local doughnut shop in the morning and often bringing lunch to her at school. 

During my visits to my daughter's school. I always found the teachers to be very warm and kind people. 

However, the administrative staff were rather distant judging by their body language, and their unwillingness to interact with me. They were mostly middle-aged women.

On one unforgettable day, they interrogated my daughter for about an hour.  When I picked her up, she was crying. 

She said she was asked leading questions such as, "did your daddy ever touch you there?  Do you think your daddy likes touching you there?"  The answer to such questions was 'no,' of course. 

I spoke with her for hours that night, which was difficult for me.  In the days that followed, she did not appear permanently scared by that interrogation.

My daughter was completely unaware that parents were even capable of such acts described in graphic detail by school staff.

There was no evidence for these allegations. My daughter was and is a straight "A" student, and an incredibly balanced individual.  What caused my daughter's school to make these outrageous charges and traumatize my daughter remains unknown to me this this day.


Her mother was unresponsive regarding these false allegations. 

An expected reaction might have been one of shock and disbelief.
Instead she displayed apathy.

My then wife, who was in fact a radical feminist lesbian, and likely a psychopath, became good friends with the rather attractive female principal of this school in the following weeks.

Her behavior was the first red flag that she posed a danger to myself and my family.

I started to research the legalities and learned that schools get a lot of money from the government for prosecuting fathers like myself, regardless if he is guilty or innocent.  I realized that I might go to prison if this situation were not resolved.

So I sent some legally threatening emails to the principal including a threat to sue the school district and contact the media. They dropped it  and I continued to have lunch with my daughter at her school. 

On one occasion, I returned home to find a police officer waiting for me. 

The police officer told me to stop going to my daughter's school, because  school staff told the police I had a 'threatening disposition'.

I stopped going.
I think the school staff were man-haters, and resented me because, as a doting father, I upset their prejudices. They thought incest was the only possible explanation for a father's love.


Due to her mother implementing parental alienation, I've not see or spoken to my now 13-year-old daughter in almost two years now.  On Father's Day, she sent me an email.  (Excerpt:"M
y braces r off and my hairs long. I'm also 5'8 now!!!")

All things considered, she sounded really good.  I continue to hand write Hayley once a week, and send her money when I can.  Rarely does she write back, but I still continue to write her.

The email absolutely made my day, and decreased my sadness about the absence of my daughter, greatly.  I suffer from chronic depression due to my daughter being gone from my life right now.

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KL said (July 10, 2011):

It may sound obvious to you now, but no one should submit their children to any form of State 'education'. Anyone who doubts this should read, 'The Underground History of American Public Education", by John Taylor Gatto. The whole book is available on line at the website.

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