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Polish Coup d'Etat Still an Open Wound

September 26, 2013


Is the Smolensk crash conspiracy still an open wound in Poland or are people resigned to accepting the official story?

I put this question to a Polish reader. This is his answer.

Excellent Smolensk Crash Website

whathap.jpgby Alojzy Feliński

 A short answer is: the MSM are ramming into people's minds that the counter-official interpretation of the Smolensk crash is a dangerous conspiracy theory and its proponents are psychiatric cases. How come the pattern is so similar to 9/11?...

Personally, I do not think, however, that people are buying this.

The latest official news story is that the public prosecutors have dismissed the complaint about the security deficiencies in the organization of the late president's flight to Smolensk. As you probably know, the one who was in charge of the preparations is now the ambassador in Madrid.

 Meanwhile, the MSM inundate the Polish public with overblown coverage of the pedophiliac scandal involving Polish priests in Dominican Republic and a plethora of other overblown distractions like stories of backyard child abuse cases or temporarily missing autistic children briefly left without care.
 In general, as you, Henry, write repeatedly,  the satanic cult has overrun the world.

Sadly, the global public are largely sheeple subjected to a pre-engineered process of brainwashing and stupefaction, a process targeting all weaknesses of the human brain.

 You call the satanic cult the illuminati, and I call them the lot of darkness and evil.

lights.jpg(Putin the light bulbs back at Smolensk Airport)

They likely have Mongolian-Turkic-Ugric roots  and have no conscience, though they are trained to demonstrate one as part of deception.

They have adopted all those strangely non-vernacular names and they have a transnational presence as a secret alliance of the globalizing PTB.

They are "democratically" elected by a combination of dumbed-down sheeple and deep-buried software bugs in balloting machines. They have their puppet masters from behind and their puppet servants up in the front. They are the collective global beast from the Revelation.

I must be a psychiatric case too, because I always see through their peculiar faces and this is strange even to me.

They are the same Pharisees whom Jesus told in John 44 :

 "You are of your father the [reptilian] devil, and the desires of your father you want to do. He was a murderer from the beginning and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him."

 Interestingly, the wealthy Sadduccees whose court actually sentenced Jesus to death are hardly ever mentioned in this connection in the evidently redacted Scriptures.

The remnants of God's mankind thus continue to be beleaguered as ever in what is a modern continuation of the Age of Iron and Darkness decorated with glass towers.
Video made at crash site - Video maker killed  (Truther girl)

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Film account of Smolensk Crash divides Poles

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The Polish Coup d'Etat

Capture.pngFirst Comment from O:

This shows 6 windows, but the video cuts off, so perhaps more. Lets say a minimum of two seats on either side = 24 passengers. Now if there were three seats on either side = 36 passengers; not to mention that the video cuts off, so perhaps more! The landing was soft, so in theory some should have survived to be walking around - the end! This is the first time ever that this photo has shown up.

Second Comment from Dan:

Poland was doing quite well (without parties) for a few decades, until that plane crash conveniently wiped out a good, conservative government.  Now we see the wolves closing in.  But media campaigns aimed at undermining Polish religious faith smacks of the West.   It brings into question: Just who perpetrated the plane crash anyway? In the final analysis, Russia isn't the beneficiary of the tragedy. Such propaganda is the modus operandi of the NATO alliance. I refer to the US, UK, France and Germany.

At the same time, I advise unflinching reservations against trusting the Russian government.  Experience tells me that it's highly likely Putin and NATO are both 'in on it'.  It's so tempting to hope that he's an Orthodox Christian genuinely opposing the atheist, Luciferian humanist West, but I've been watching it all go down for over half a century.  Does anyone see the irony in the great 'role reversal'?  That the Russia is now the bastion of Christian Civilization against the atheistic Socialism of the West?  Including the socialist US goverment?

I didn't mean to digress from Poland too far.  It's just important that we discern the players correctly.

More food for thought:
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Comments for "Polish Coup d'Etat Still an Open Wound "

Kristine said (September 27, 2013):

Excellent article by the man from Poland, who writes of the satanic cult currently ruling this world: "They likely have Mongolian-Turkic-Ugric roots and have no conscience, though they are trained to demonstrate one as part of deception." I think they are actually the accursed CANANNITES, who have cannily covered their tracks and deflected their history as looters and marauders and cutthroats of every description not to mention Baal-worshippers onto the "khazars". Their lies are covered under many layers of deception.

Zorro said (September 26, 2013):

What kind of political power can work in Poland? None. Because in Poland there are not really any real parties. There is no group with a distinct ideology, because all political organizations are so infiltrated by agents of all sorts of interventionists - new and old, Ruthenian and Prussian blue and red - the Poles for twenty years with the mountain did not create any organic party with a distinctive program all they have is some washes past, with interwoven as Easter baba rodzynami - agents of whose lineage can be read from the mouths of politicians greed and shallowness of their "beliefs", accomplishments and achievements.

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