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Hatred of Trump Reflects Century-Old Jewish Schism

March 19, 2018


Globalism and nationalism reflect a longtime rift between two factions of the Masonic Jewish Conspiracy:  Communism (globalism) Vs. Zionism (nationalism.) 

Like Trump, every nationalist party in Europe is pro-Zionist. 

As Brendon O'Connell is trying to tell us, don't assume that Putin isn't also Jewish-controlled. 

 In this 1965 document, left, Louis Bielsky explained the Cold War was due to Stalin's "nationalist" determination to usurp control of Jewish world hegemony (Communism) from the "globalist" i.e. Rothschild bankers in London and New York City. 

Fast forward to the present and Israel has inherited Stalin's "nationalist" mantle. 

Israel has the support of Russia, China, Iran as well as Trump. As Brendon O'Connell

wrote yesterday, the conflict between Israel and Iran is theatre that serves the interests of all concerned. 

The Rothschild globalists (Communists) who control Western Europe resist the Zionist (nationalist) usurpation of the Masonic Jewish World Order. They are the "Deep State." 

Throughout history, the center of Jewish power hopscotched across Europe ---Venice, Spain, Holland, England (the"British" Empire), ----- finally crossing to America. Does the future involve the transfer of Jewish power from the West to Russia, China & Israel? Israel must become "a great power," Netanyahu said last September. 

Can the current acrimony against Russia be understood in terms of the globalist faction attacking the nationalist one

Is this conflict real or just a way to control events by controlling both sides? 


Here is the background to this apparent rift in the Jewish power structure. 

Library of Political Secrets: The Soviet Israelite Claw Strangles the Arabs 


The struggle between Stalin and the State of Israel, which he had enthusiastically supported, came about in the following way. 


After the crypto-Jews Roosevelt and Harry Salomon Truman delivered Eastern Europe and China to their Israelite brother Stalin, according to Hebrew plans to establish communist dictatorship all over the world, Stalin's paranoic aspirations of power made him feel almost as if he were the master of the world, desiring to become, as we said, the supreme leader of International Judaism. 

This provoked, at the end of 1948, a rupture between Stalin and the Stalinist Jewish communities on the one hand and the rest of International Judaism on the other. 

 In this case, the differences between Stalin and Stalinist Judaism, which were being discussed and resolved for some time in the parliamentary way it has been usually for many centuries, in the Jewish secret Universal Rabbinical Synodus, came to the extreme of totally breaking the institutional unity of International Israel.

Stalin and his secret sect disregarded the authority of the World Jewish Congress and of Bernard Baruch, over the Israelite communities of the Soviet Union and of the red satellite States in Eastern Europe. At the same time, they extended the schism all over the world, trying to attract to Stalin the greatest possible number of Jews.

In Russia and in the satellite States he was able to impose the schism by brutal force, murdering or jailing every Israelite who opposed him. On the contrary, in the free world, it was possible to attract to schismatic Stalinism only a small minority of fanatic and activist Jews. The outcome of this temporal schism inside the people of Israel spread all over the world was harmful to its revolutionary enterprise. 



In the new State of Israel, Stalinist Hebrews tried to control the government, but they failed. The Jewish State, as well as the World Zionist Movement, remained in the hands of the Jews loyal to the World Jewish Congress of New York, and to its hidden leader, Bernard Baruch, (left with errand boys Winston Churchill and Dwight Eisenhower). 

Baruch used Zionism -which had received great support from the Jewish Soviet leaders, as a weapon against them, thus pushing the Israelite leaders of the Kremlin to start a ferocious war against Zionism, against the State of Israel, the World Jewish Congress of New York, the B'nai-B'rith Order, and against the hidden leader of all this, Bernard Baruch.

At the same time, Stalin and his Hebrew followers also started in the Soviet Union as well as in the Socialist dictatorships, a brutal prosecution, not only against Zionists but rabbis and Jewish community leaders, who were supposed to be loyal to the New York Jewish command. Those were replaced in their command of such communities by rabbis and leaders of Stalinist affiliation. The jails were full of anti-Stalinist Jews and in these circumstances, many Hebrew leaders and government officials of the communist world were murdered. 


(Communist Jews hate Trump)

The Jewish power in New York also reacted violently against Stalin. They imposed on their Hebrew subject, the President of the United States, Harry Salomon Truman -and on the other crypto-Jews who controlled or influenced the governments of England and other western powers- the violent change in their international policy that many still do not understand and that saved the Free World from an imminent fall into the hands of Communism, toward which the Free World was being conducted by the complicity of Washington and London, secretly controlled at the time by Masonry and Judaism. 

Truman and the Hebrew gang that had handed Eastern Europe and China over to Stalin now headed the struggle to prevent him from achieving the control of the world. Early in 1949, the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) was formed, and later the Mediterranean Alliance, as well as the Baghdad and the South-East Asia Alliances. The OAS, Organization of American States, was practically converted into an anti-communist alliance. 

Thus the largest network of alliances in the history of Humanity was created, - because the world Jewish leaders remembered the slaughters of Jews - Trotskyists, Zinoviev's, Bujarinists, etc.- carried out by Stalin. They felt themselves in danger of being shot if they did not prepare to stop the tremendous advances of Stalin, whom they had previously sponsored. 

Before this, Truman had planned to hand India and northern Japan over to Stalin, but these events prevented such a great crime. When this rupture of the crypto-Jew New York -London - Moscow axis took place, the Jews Truman and Marshall, who had silently and surreptitiously armed the loyal collaborator of Stalin, Mao Tse-Tung and had done everything possible to finish off Chiang Kai-Chek, could not stop Stalin from taking over China.

 But they sent the Sixth Fleet to prevent the fall of Formosa into Mao's hands, thus protecting the last headquarter of the Nationalist Chinese regime, although they also did not allow offensive actions against the communist regime. 


(Trump is now an Israeli agent) 

During the period of this transitory Jewish schism, ALTHOUGH THE MAJORITY OF THE LEADERS OF INTERNATIONAL JUDAISM DIRECTED FROM NEW YORK wanted to prevent Stalin from achieving world control, they did not want to destroy Communism at all, because that would mean the destruction of their own work and the loss of everything that the Jewish world revolution had gained in 32 years.

Therefore, the policy of Judaism, directed from New York, was purely defensive both in the political and the military aspects trying to recover Russia, China, and the satellite states by means of the destruction of Stalin and Stalinism in general, substituting them with communist Jews loyal to the Jewish power from New York. 

Their policy was at first to convert Mao Tse-Tung into a new Tito, who at that time had betrayed Stalin and submit his communist dictatorship to the Hebrew powers located in the United States. Herein lies the key to many contradictions in the policy of Washington, which was sending troops to Korea and taking other defensive measures - both efficient and noisy- in order to stop Stalin and his collaborator Mao Tse-Tung, but at the same time it opposed any steps that would mean the complete defeat of the communists, and therefore, that would open the possibility of freeing the peoples enslaved by the reds and of destroying the existing communist regimes.

-----Thanks to Alex K for the tip!

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Intel CEO: We think of ourselves as an Israeli company as much as a US company $11 billion invested in Israel and nothing for US? Funny Trump isn't bothered by this.

"The Jewish plan to rule the world has been plainly outlined in the global bestseller [Bible] for more than two thousand years".


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Comments for "Hatred of Trump Reflects Century-Old Jewish Schism"

JG said (March 19, 2018):

The war on constitutional nationalism has been going on since the American Revolution. England was then the hammer and enforcer against the nation states that sought their national sovereignty. America did not become a globalist enforcer until Woodrow Wilson took office and the Federal Reserve Act was installed. It was then that England's wars for the NWO became America's wars.

What was very strange about WW1 and WW2 is that both America and England supported the Communist side of these wars against the nations that were seeking sovereignty from the NWO but yet at the same time keeping their own constitutional democracies in place. It wasn't until the Korean War that America made a clear divide against Communism. However, this was short lived.

President Trump has a difficult dichotomy to deal with here. Supporting Israel and the NWO is a hard one to juggle. Under the NWO there can be no sovereign states. President Obama seemed more on board with the NWO and Trump seems more on board with Israel. Can Israel remain a sovereign state under a New World Order?
Whatever the scenario may be there no longer seems to be a method to this madness.This beast is really hard to define.

Al Thompson said (March 19, 2018):

Anyone who is in the government is a communist. A citizen is a slave under communism. The doctrine of communism is evident and what people need to do is to see it for what it is and not what they think. It is the communism that should be dismantled because it is an evil and immoral system. Communism is a form of slave-trading. The Jews own communism through the Communist Manifesto which was put into place by Karl Marx.

Either side of the government coin is communist. I remember during the Vietnam war the boogie men were the communists. Even at an early age, I used to tell people that we didn't have to go over to Vietnam to fight the communists as there were plenty in Washington D.C. (District of Communists)

Any laws that a communist passes are going to be immoral. If a man works, he has no obligation to give his money to the government as a man has a right to keep all of the fruit of his labor. Under God's law or the natural law, no man is to be stolen and to be sold off as a slave. This is still being done. No man should ever be compelled to commit murder in wars. Just because a communist gives an order to kill people; it doesn't mean that he must do it. Following bad orders puts the guilt on the soldier. It is better to separate from all of it as these governments are of the occult.

The communists are the savages and they are attempting to destroy mankind and everything that is good about living. It's time to tell them to stick it where the monkey puts his finger.

These governments violate the natural law and they are evil on purpose. No one should be compelled to violate God's laws.

I recommend a book called Death by Government. I read this about 15 years ago and it keeps track of how many deaths that have been caused by the various governments. In this book, the author has stated that over 272,000,000 innocent people have been killed by communist governments. This book was published in 1994 so there are even more deaths from war since then. Remember, the communism comes from Satan, Freemasons, the governments, and the religions.

Greg B said (March 19, 2018):

I don't doubt that Putin is controlled by the same group that has a choke-hold on the world's central banks and the MSM. I don't trust Putin for two reasons; One, he's been in power too long and two, he backed that DUMA bill that made questioning of the holocaust in Russia a crime.

By some of his statements over the years, Putin has indicated that Russia knows who did 9/11, but they conveniently keep their mouths shut about that abomination. Don't want to upset the 'Great Game' that is being played in the ME, there's too much money to be had.

As for Iran, for a country that brags about it being the one where chess was created, they can sure act dumber than an inbred Ozark hillbilly. There's been numerous times over the decades when the West or Israel made some provocative, warmongering statement--usually not covered by the (((MSM))) towards Iran. And instead of releasing some neutral-sounding, vague reply, Iran goes full retard by making all sorts of threats to Israel, giving the West and the MSM the ammo it needs to keep the GOYIM cowering in fear about another war, which the Iranians mullahs then use to tighten their grip on Iran.

Like that old Steppenwolf song, there is a monster on the loose and it's got the world by the short hairs.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at