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Men - Don't Give Up on Women!

October 16, 2018

In this 9-min video, a young Ukrainian woman outlines why she thinks that MGTOWs (men who go their own way) are justified. She outlines many reasons why young women have become toxic and marriage is a trap. The comments 
below suggest that a growing number of men have rejected the company of women altogether. i.e. "After a man marries a woman she quickly loses that 'new car smell', but the car payments go on and on."

Giving up on women is not the solution.

1/ MGTOW is the counterpart of feminism. The Communist elite wants to destroy heterosexual marriage and family. Don't succumb! 

2/ The solution is to find a woman who will follow your lead. I tell my wife she can have power or love. She cannot have both. She chooses love. Women want power, in the form of male love. Heterosexual union is the exchange of female (worldly) power for male power in the form of love.

3/ MGTOW is understandable but it is self-defeating. Men and women complement each other. Both need love and sex. Sex must take place in the context of a loving relationship or it is essentially masturbation.

4/ Women have been brainwashed. A man has to reprogram the woman he loves. (See the movie, The Bostonians.") 

 5. A woman is like a flower. If you give her love, she will blossom and bear fruit. We must be patient and persevering. Don't marry until you are really sure.

6. Having children and raising them to be good people is doing God's Work. How often do we get this opportunity? 

Comments from men who saw the video:

Brad- Talking to women about this is akin to talking to a wall. It's useless because they (most) do not understand why the successful men aren't making them happy. They aren't making them happy because they have too much to lose, and the way a woman wants you to act toward them....not what they say, but what they be dominated but adored, will net you a HUGE loss of wealth and quality of life. Why would anyone in their right mind accept a contract knowing that it's a net loss for you to initiate? Women will learn the same way as anyone else...when there is enough pain, they will change. MGTOW is just giving them the silent treatment they need to change. It's not a matter of if, but when. I've totally accepted the fate of being without a woman for the rest of my days. However, I hope for my daughter's sake, women as a whole change their attitudes before it's too late for her to have a family. Also, I don't only blame women in all this. Weak minded men are allowing this to happen because women need men to enforce everything. When men stop enforcing women's's over.
Evan-  kind of wanted a wife and family. But I just can't! I've seen men lose their houses, their children and even kill themselves after a traumatic divorce. Every single couple I know that has been married has divorced, the wife has almost always been unfaithful. It's just impossible to have a wife and family anymore, so MGTOW for me is the only way.

J-Well done. Thanks for understanding. I went MGTOW back in 1997.
It's not all bad though. House paid off. My mechanic job brings in 4400 US dollars a month, spending is 1400, surplus usually about 3000 a month. And now I have enough accumulated wealth to retire (12 years early). I'm going to buy a camper for my pickup truck and go see some of this country now. I'll probably be retired around February of next year.

Vention MGTOWWell done. Thanks for understanding.
I went MGTOW back in 1997.
It's not all bad though. House paid off. My mechanic job brings in 4400 US dollars a month, spending is 1400, surplus usually about 3000 a month. And now I have enough accumulated wealth to retire (12 years early). I'm going to buy a camper for my pickup truck and go see some of this country now. I'll probably be retired around febuary of next year.

Jedi Run- The question you should be asking is how many men will go MGTOW when it is all said and done? I predict a lot more because nothing beats freedom MGTOW4LIFE :)

Player Unknown -There's so many women in the US who have zero respect and appreciation for men. Expect everything and giving nothing but complaints in returns. Self-preservation seems to be the logical way to go.

Anon-it's growing in Africa too man don't want anything to do with women.

Black Torch-Already, Happening in Black American community. 51% of Black American men have no wife and no Children.  And the refuse to talk to Black women in any capacity. It called the Wall of Silence. We are shooting for 80% by 2025. Good luck !

0thebostonians (1).png
(left, In The Bostonians, 1984, Christopher Reeve reprograms feminist Madelaine Potter) 

Henry Boaz- Getting a man is like getting a free meal ticket for life.

KL --Met a 29 year old plumber that owned a home, I asked him if he was married, he said no. Asked him if he had a girlfriend, he said "why would I ever do that?" He saw what his mother did to his father, he made a chose long ago there's zero value in women!! I want him to talk to my son, to get him on the right track!!! God bless mgtow!!!

Ghost in the Machine - Most women. and some men. talk like MGTOW is temporary and that things will go back to 'normal' between men and women somewhere in the years ahead. You can hear it in their tone of voice or the choice of words they use. But, I disagree. Without strong social pressure, men are not going to go back to marriage and the family. I think most men I know would like to have a wife and family, but I also think they enjoy the freedom of being free to live their life the way they want and to be free of the responsibility of a wife and kids. I was married a short time and I still remember the constant pressure to support my wife and pay the bills. I've been single years since my divorce and it's so much easier to only be responsible for myself. The enjoyment of being free of responsibility, vastly outweighs the enjoyment of female company. 
So what am I saying, you ask? I'm saying that once most men are set free from the responsibility of marriage in society, the social pressure to marry will be broken forever, and non-reversible. Marriage is a financial plus for women, but not such a good deal for men in today's world. After a man marries a women she quickly loses that 'new car smell', but the car payments go on and on. Nope, marriage is not a good deal for men today. In the past, social pressure and rites of manhood, demanded men get married, but not in modern society. 
The old marriage model has been broken and it's not going to come back, ever. Men and women will still get married, but in very small numbers, and they will quickly divorce, not to remarry. Youtube men and women who talk like there is a solution (if it can just be found) are mistaken. It's wishful thinking. MGTOW is one-way, it's growing, and it's here to stay. 
Women will not give up their new found (fill in the blank) freedom, and men will not give up their new found (fill in the blank) freedom. Both sides are unwilling to even consider going back to the way things were in past centuries. Which is understandable from either sides view. Anyone talking about compromise or love on daytime news commentary is dreaming.
Thanks to Michael Berg for sending this.

First Comment from John

 Don't give up on women? Women have nothing to do with it, Henry. It is the State that is the problem. The State has set itself against men so it's not women we are up against as men, but the State. And the State will take our home, our money, our children and even our freedom using the EXCUSE of defending women's "rights". By eliminating women from our homes we eliminate the excuse the State uses to come in and destroy men's lives. Women are accomplices but without the role of the State women would be no problem, or at least no more of a problem than they have ever been. So MGTOW is really a way for men to protect themselves from THE STATE.

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Comments for "Men - Don't Give Up on Women!"

SP said (October 17, 2018):

She was very accurate in her description of MGTOWs. They want to land a decent woman who they can marry and have children with, but they realise that the game is set against them. I am one of those. I don’t blame women for this, but the laws that are in place. Pretty ironic that these laws were actually created by feminists, which just proves how they have destroyed women instead of lifting them up. Women are being used by the state to destroy relationships, and because the brainwashing is so strong it is like going into a minefield to deal with these women. Real men who are actually still manly have the game turned against them because women in their fertile years choose the wrong types of men (bad boy trait types) thanks to the various media. Women from your generation still have that sense of being a woman, so they can still be convinced. Obviously marrying a woman from your generation for a guy like me is completely idiotic and useless. The millennial and younger women on the other hand have absolutely no idea.

As long as the patriarchy isn’t restored, the incentives to divorce removed, the daddy welfare state eliminated, and sluts, cheating, etc. frowned upon by society again to deter women going down this path, nothing will change. Women as they are currently are just an expense to a man, and not a benefit.

MGTOW is a protective response. And what’s sad is that women are the actual victims. Men can easily live a life of solitude and purpose completely on their own. I have been like this for 2-3 yrs now, and others for much much longer. Women on the other hand end up hitting that moment where their wombs scream and tell them to get pregnant. Unfortunately, women realise this way too late after they have ridden the cock caroussel and had their fun and education during their peak years. No normal man is going to marry these kind of women.

Don’t get me wrong it is lonely sometimes when you think about the family you crave, but the circumstances are just not right. My attitude, and I believe it is the right one, is for a man to build a purpose in his life and have ambitions for the future. A man can easily achieve this, and if a woman comes along who sees value in what he is building then she is more than welcome to join. It’s actually funny that this society has brainwashed men into thinking that women need to be approached and courted as if they were the crown jewels. I am starting to think that that is feminist, Disney bs. The man is actually the prize. It is women who need to identify where they want to be and choose the man that fits into their dream, and make sure that the man is building that dream. In the end time is working against women, and not men. A possibility I see is for men to look for women in countries where they are still traditional, like Ukraine, and STAY there and NOT bring them back.

Lastly, just to note that MGTOW is a philosophy and not some cult or fornication club. If you remember that article I sent to you ‘Where are all the good women?’ that you put on your Twitter, these men came to the same conclusion as MGTOWs have without knowing what MGTOW was. I think it is really gaining popularity as the gender relations are deteriorating more and more, and the evil of what women were allowed to do without consequences comes out. It was destined to happen, and I feel that moment has been reached. JG in your comments said it nicely. Society is completely immoral and wrong, and it will crash badly when God’s wrath comes. Like I told you, I think the only thing that will get rid of feminism, male feminists, and all this bs is a major war that will wipe out most of them.

Samantha said (October 17, 2018):

Umm, marriage and children may not be much of a bargain for women either. Men want women to work just like they do yet come home and have sex, care for children, cook and clean etc. Where is the fun and partnership in that? According to “Ghost in the machine” he got tired of “constant pressure to support my wife and pay the bills”. Do these men not realize that marriage is a partnership and both sides have to pitch in? Why should wives do double duty? Why does he feel marriage for him should mean NO responsibilities for him and all responsibilities transferred to his wife who he promised to love. Where is the empathy?

I have watched my daughters all get married and become exhausted. Their husbands are all nice guys but expect outside and inside work plus intimacy at the drop of a hat. So my sons-in-law lives got better and my daughters became haggard and discouraged. Perhaps women should also go their own ways.


Thanks Samantha

Where does it say that life is easy?


Al Thompson said (October 16, 2018):

I was at another man's business this morning and I made the comment that there is a big problem with the conduct of women. I said something to the effect that all a woman would have to do is to open a beer and make dinner for her husband. He came back and said that he has to buy is own food, cook his own meals, and they haven't had sex in years. Then after all that, a man can be thrown out of the house like a used Kotex. In my view, and a lot of other men I've spoken with is that women are too self-centered and they don't give a shit about a man's feelings. Most men just want someone to love and in return the man will take care of his wife and children. Apparently, that's too much of a burden for women who would rather go out and get a tattoo so she can look like shit. Most women I've met are basically conceited assholes with very little discernment.

My idea for fixing the problem is for couples to stop fornicating and wait until marriage(between a man and a woman). The reason is that fornication brings out the evil in both people. The evil seems to settle in and continues to create chaos. MGTOW fails in that it promotes fornication (pump and dump) and that will destroy the relationship between them.

The video you posted made a lot of sense. The women I used to date when I was a young man were very nice young women. Now, many of them are just self-centered gutter sluts. Even if they are not sluts, just knowing about all of the things that can go wrong would give me a pause before dating anyone. Everyone should be thinking of improving their moral behavior if they expect to have a good life. Never let the evil in or there is going to be a lot of trouble.

Being divorced is devastating; especially for the man. And marriage in the current moral depravity of society, is like playing Russian Roulette.

Having said all this about women, I will say that a lot of young men are completely immature and can't support themselves yet alone support a family. The best part of life is having a great family, but the current immorality of society is destroying everything that is good.

TT said (October 16, 2018):

Just want to say you are doing a great job!

Strength to you!

in the MGTOW ...

i agree with the comment from John ... most women need the state to be independent of men = jobs, handouts,

they are overpaid and overhyped and their office work being work of equal value is a joke!

look at those shallow, entitled [but rich] losers in politics ... merkel, clinton, warren, may, wynne, pelosi, feinstein,

just sowing the seeds of discontent, building nothing!

There are some great female entrepreneurs who should not be bundled with the majority of this useless, dry kindling!

JG said (October 16, 2018):

It's sad but this new generation has been beaten down so bad by the secular humanist subculture that it's taking its toll on many of them.

Pornography, same-sex marriage and almost every form of ungodliness have been shoved down their throats for years and with no regard for God and his plan for mankind. This obviously was their objective from the start.

All this immorality is a runaway train now that is going to crash soon and the results will be devastating.
God will be pouring out his wrath on the world just like he did with Sodom and Gomorrah.

Marriage was once called Holy Matrimony between a man and a woman who God has joined together.
The atheist liberals say we've come a long way down the road of "progress" but in reality, we have deteriorated as a people and have distanced ourselves from God.
We all better start taking our Holy Bible seriously because if we don't there WILL be a time, and soon, that we wished we had.

Chad said (October 16, 2018):

Before there was MGTOW, it was WGTOW. As in, “women going their own way.” But yes, it’s a mutual affair. I’d suggest an important aspect that needs to be discussed is religion.

There’s that saying, “the family that prays together stays together!” If men and women begin going back to church, they will very likely rediscover each other. After all, church is known as another place to “hook up.” Instead though, people are obsessed with their online lives and walking their dogs. These activities virtually eliminate the rejoining of the sexes.

We need to promote offline lifestyles and social gatherings. Bring the sexes together versus technology-based separation. A rediscovery of what it means to mingle. That also includes those with families to spend time outdoors to show the world, “this is what a family looks like.”

There are many ways to go about this.

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