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Trump-Russian "Collusion" Report is Credible -- Tim Fitzpatrick

November 17, 2018

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Russian Intelligence Report Describes Trump "Collusion" 

Tim Fitzpatrick's mission: Reminding us that neither 
Putin nor Trump are the good guys 
we think they are. 

 I asked him to comment on the 
"Russian Intelligence Report" sent to me last week
which details Trump's ties to Russia and their opinion of him. 

by Tim Fitzpatrick
(slightly abridged by  

Henry Makow's alleged Russian source seems credible. There is little doubt that the Kremlin's manipulation of Trump involves "kompromat", specifically sexual compromise, as I have thoroughly documented in my series Trump Controlled By Mossad. (At the time I wrote that series, except for perhaps parts IV and V, I wasn't aware that the Kremlin and Israel are joined at the hip.

 I am open-minded. So, when I came across information contradicting the standard so-called patriot/conservative narrative of geo-politics, I gave it an honest hearing and quickly adopted a revised position. Where I might disagree with Makow's source is in his verbiage. Trump is a Kremlin asset, for sure. His personal and financial instability makes him all the more easy to blackmail and control.

Makow prefaced this article with "They regard him (Trump) as unstable and unreliable. But it does describe a kind of collusion. So what? Why shouldn't Russia support a pro-peace candidate?" Trump does what he is told. If he appears to be pro-peace, it's only because his masters have not mandated war.

 I also disagree with Makow calling disinformation the report saying "Putin attributes anti-Russian agitation in the US to "right-wing groups". Since the source doesn't specify which right-wing groups, we can only assume that he means the truly awakened patriots who know that the Kremlin is pursuing a world communistic agenda--in which case, the source, again, is correct. Makow appears mistakenly to believe that the Left's cheap and shallow so-called anti-Russianism is what the defector was referring to. Obviously, the insider knows that the Left's perceived anti-Russianism is phoney and empty.

The report's second contention is that Wikileaks is controlled by Russia's SVR. Again, this is a more-than-plausible argument. For a while, I and several others have been warning people that Wikileaks is an Israeli psyop. Wikileaks is either soft on or completely ignores issues related to both Israel and Russia, especially neo-Russian communism. 

However, after having learned that Soviet Jewry and Israeli Jewry--which control both Israel and Russia--are one and the same entity, it makes more sense that Wikileaks is a joint Russian-Israeli operation, with Russian institutions being the actual base of operations due to Russia's well documented massive Internet psych warfare agenda. Unfortunately, the report doesn't go beyond Wikileaks in exposing Russian psych warfare operations. It's clear that there are many more, including Guccifer 2.0, Qanon, and, probably, Edward Snowden.

The report seems to say that the CIA was trying to thwart Putin's support of Trump by arranging for the assassination of one of Putin's drivers, which was a warning to Putin to abandon his pursuit of Trump. It's possible. If true, it's unclear what the CIA's motives would have been. Were they sincerely concerned about having a Kremlin puppet as U.S. president or were they acting on behalf of the Democrats? Perhaps there were other reasons. We will probably never know.

What's also credible and extremely important is the defector's allegation that Trump is indebted to Russian and European banks. It's well known that Trump is not a self-made man and was heavily bankrupt. This makes him even more vulnerable to kompromat as if the sexual stuff weren't enough.

The report's last allegation, that Melania wants a divorce but can't because of how it would affect Trump's presidency, is very probable. Trump is a pig. What decent woman would want to remain married to him?

As this evil system continues to squeeze the populace, you can bet that there will be many more people rising up and declaring the truth. But we must be on guard, as there will be fake ones, too.


First Comment from Brendon O'Connell-

Henry, here is an example of how bad the Syrian, Russian, Israel narrative is...a quote from a readers response...

In my opinion, the idea that "the Kremlin and Israel are joined at the hip" is totally contradicted by Russia's intervention in the Syrian conflict.  Russia's intervention raises an unavoidable question:  Why would Russia intervene on Syria's behalf if it were actually allied with Israel?  Israel wants Assad out, yet it was only Russian intervention that kept Assad in power.

Syria is in ruins. The fighting continues unabated for seven years and counting despite constant bleating that ISIS/Sunni Militias were "finished" and "mopping up operations" were completing - I've heard that seven times in the last seven years.

The country is roughly divided into three, and counting.

Assad is not running Syria, Putin is. And with Putin joined at the hip with Netanyahu with a well documented bromance involving Russia, Israel and China building The Belt & Road infrastructure you'd think the online commentators would have a clue by now.

Russia sits on the borders of Saudi along with Iran and Israel is courting Saudi for a Egypt/Jordan style peace deal as, "they have a common enemy". Iran. And of course Russia wants those arms deals instead of America - $150 billion worth.

These simple self evident facts do not get a look in with the Putin groupies. They WANNA believe! As did I for many years.

The analysis is so bad the Putin fan's keep stating Assad is a "democrat". The Assad family are as much democrats as Saddam Hussein was. You gotta be kidding me? The Assad family are INFAMOUS fingernail pullers who broker ZERO competition. Hence 3000 dead young people in the southern province in 2011 in a legitimate grassroots reaction to the brutality of the Assad regime. Even Iranian Generals were complaining Assad had completely overreacted. But that's normal.

The Soviet Union has been in Syria for over 50 years and basically, run it and teach the Assad thugs all the techniques of surveillance, torture and maintaining power.

First Comment by James C

In my opinion, the idea that "the Kremlin and Israel are joined at the hip" is totally contradicted by Russia's intervention in the Syrian conflict.  Russia's intervention raises an unavoidable question:  Why would Russia intervene on Syria's behalf if it were actually allied with Israel?  Israel wants Assad out, yet it was only Russian intervention that kept Assad in power. 

Rich replies to James C

There is no significant contradiction to be read into Russia's involvement in the Syrian conflict. The aim of Chabad Jewry (arguably running Russia as well as Israel) is total world war so as to birth from the ashes an unopposed globalism, which in their imagination they hope to control, though they too are dupes in the game. The very last thing the "powers that be" want at this stage is peace ANYWHERE in the world, for they need conflict to enrapture and control the masses while advancing their end game final manoeuvres. Therefore if conflict is a vital element, why should it seem strange that the Illuminati would have their puppets performing both sides of the dialectic, until the time was right for outright war, fiscal collapse, ebola, EMP chaos, -- the whole choreographed diapason of fright and upset? After which, the "saviors" from multiple nations, wearing their newly-issued UN blue helmets can (after sufficient suffering and population reduction) step in to complete the ultimate despotism.

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Comments for " Trump-Russian "Collusion" Report is Credible -- Tim Fitzpatrick"

Chris W said (November 17, 2018):

If there really is no difference between the globalists and Trump then we might as well give up now. And I mean, seriously, we might as well just kill ourselves. What is the point of living if there is no hope? There is certainly none under the scenario you are constantly portraying on your website. The whole world is a complete fucking waste of time and effort.


There is a difference. We must support Trump but we cannot ignore the fact that he is also a Freemason and that all the so-called "nationalists" are tied to Israel.


Mary H said (November 17, 2018):

I totally disagree with you on this one. Trump is the only one with enough guts to try to clean up this shitty situation here in the US. And he doesn’t need more people turning against him because people come up with augmented faulty opinions! What if you guys manage to get Trump out of the picture? What chance do we stand? No one has the balls that Trump has!!!!!! I don’t care if Trump had slept with 1 million prostitutes. It does not interfere with what he is accomplishing!

Anonymous said (November 17, 2018):

In response to all the Trumper Stumpers and those creaming their jeans over Putin; I share this bit of political humor with your readers. I know I have posted this before in the past, but I would like for you to re-post this it again if you don't mind. Here it goes:

Politicians, regardless of their political stripe are like the carnies of old (carnival hustlers). They roll into town, pitch their tents, fleece the local yokels (suckers) with their games of chance, dog and pony shows; then pull up stakes and roll on to the next town.

Simply put; both left and right, democrat and republican all work toward the same goal; the destruction of our nation. The democrat, republican, left, right is a paradigm which is one of the ways that keeps us a divided nation.

Of course, people will believe what they will regardless of the facts and undeniable evidence that is put before them. Were they to accept the facts and evidence, that would burst their little worlds they have created for themselves.

RL said (November 17, 2018):

Bravo Gods grace someone else sees Truth both of these men are the same, they wear the same masks deception is the game maybe heaven is fulfilling scripture that says all will be uncovered before I strike, wake up sheeple there is no knight in shining armour except one Gods mother Mary ,wake up you norvus order Catholics ,your not catholic your conciliar, the Vatican and the world is run by the prince of this world Lucifer

JG said (November 17, 2018):

Nice try here. It's not Putin who wants to control President Trump, it's the NGO Foreign Oligarchs that want the control over Russia they once had under Yeltsin back.
Putin continues to thwart their efforts and for this reason, they want President Trump to oppose Putin and a "free" Russia with Democratic rule.
The Foreign Oligarchs want Russia back to Communism once more so they can continue looting their wealth making them irrelevant like the rest of these NWO slave states.

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