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Does the Deception Go Deeper than We Think?

August 16, 2019

(Trump and the young Ivanka)

Cabalists believe they are God and create reality to serve their pernicious agenda. First, they must sever our mooring in the real world
by presenting patent lies as socially accepted truths. 

The author thinks Trump's inauguration marked a new chapter in the development of information warfare and psyops. The 'Illusionists' have taken their 'stories' even further than most have considered.

This article was written in response to "Jeffrey Epstein & Cognitive Dissonance"

40% of Americans say Epstein Was Murdered                        Lied to enough? 

by "Amino" 

I agree that the Epstein saga is about undermining the public's trust in government/authority and cognitive dissonance is the natural reaction most people will experience from this specific case.  It, therefore, implies intention and design by those who work in the shadows.  Busily concocting new psyop abstractions to seed tomorrow's news is their M.O. and the likes of Tavistock et al have become so adept at it that even those who have spent years sleuthing for truth are now left with multiple and equally plausible explanations for these 'events'.  

9/11 is a great example of numerous theories but no defined consensus.  With no concrete lead or solid direction of inquiry, the average researcher is left with the cerebral version of the shell game. People can only endure so much of this mental fatigue before frustration and impatience start to cloud objective thought.

With this said, I think the 'Illusionists' have taken these 'stories' even further than most have considered. Let's not forget that the 'Fake News' trope was deployed just after Trump was elected.  In fact, I think his inauguration marked a new chapter in the development of information warfare and psyops.  

Now if we consider the myriad false-flag terror attacks that have occurred since 9/11, we can infer that some of them, perhaps even most of them have been hoaxes whereby no one has actually died.  Those that come to mind are Sandyhook, Boston, Orlando, Las Vegas, Parkland, Westminster Bridge, New Zealand, etc but there are many more.  

All of these had an element of the absurd about them, poor evidence suggesting actual fatalities, numerous inconsistencies, crisis actor behavior and ALL reinforcing various agendas.  Is it feasible that these false flags can be conducted without the necessity for real casualties (and messy aftermath - both literally and legally)?  If they are rigorously planned, choreographed and staffed by military professionals/Sayanim/hardline communist types who sign NDA's?  

Are they scheduled in consultation with the authorities and the establishment media networks who bring the 'breaking news' - could this be enough to sell the illusion of authenticity?  Without a platform to compete with the mainstream media, how can any shrewd analyst propagate truth to the billions of obsequious normies who only believe what the news tells them?


Saying is believing' is the way of Kabbalah.

Now I'm aware that this could be interpreted as paranoid but is Epstein (the personality we're presented with by the MSM) even real?  Of course, he is an actual person and he clearly rubbed/rubs shoulders with the Cabalists but how can we be sure that what we're told about his (and for that matter, all the other suspects) insidious behavior and past to be true?  

(Ghislaine Maxwell in LA- How is she free?) 

Are these stories based on real events, places and victims or is it carefully constructed narrative to deploy a form of mass trauma-based mind control that leaves the recipient in an increasing state of desensitization and apathy?  If it is the former, then the number of moving parts is far greater and the logistics of maintaining control more complex.  

In my mind at least, it makes more sense that these stories are almost entirely fabricated, the individual persons involved are actors and a system of compartmentalization is established to preserve the illusion of authenticity and maintain control.

If the Establishment owns the banks, the media, the courts, the police, the army, etc. why would they permit these stories to germinate and flourish in the first place?  They have been 'getting away with it' for centuries and can silence anyone and bury any form of information if they choose, especially so in today's digital age.  This is why I have a hard time reconciling the perceived truth with the plausible truth, insomuch as, we're lied to about nearly everything that takes place on 'the world's stage' so how can we trust ANY of this Epstein business?!


A further example of a constructed narrative is that of the personalities known as Julian Assange and  Edward Snowden.  These personas are classic examples of 'limited hangouts' that, if real, would have likely been 'wet worked' long before becoming household names or the media darlings they are today.  

Incidentally, it's worth reminding ourselves that Pizzagate originated from WikiLeaks, so this too must be scrutinized as another likely psyop.  Snowden met with Greenwald in Hong Kong and shot a feature-length film 'Citizenfour' and then journeyed to Russia but managed to evade the spooks? C'mon people!

The only reasonable conclusion I can draw from why the Cabal would go to such lengths to concoct these narratives is that at this stage of 'The Protocols', it benefits them to have a significant percentage of the public questioning and doubting their trustworthiness.  Most, however, will eventually lose interest for good, recline to apathy and go back to their material sedation.  

They will not resurface.  The more recalcitrant will persevere but their endeavors will engender anxiety, fear, demoralization, apathy, division, dysfunction and anger that will eventually result in a backlash against the Establishment.  This backlash will then be exploited to justify a response and one that is likely disproportional to the aggression it's countering.  

boiling frog.jpg
We all know about the Hegelian dialectic of problem, reaction, solution and I assert that this is the reason for the convoluted, sensational and frankly unbelievable stories that the media feeds us.  The Cabal wants to tyrannize us but first, they must provoke a reaction.  A reaction that will once again be fomented as false flags and specifically featuring the 'white nationalist', in-turn further eroding the spirit and identity of white people the world over.

The likes of Epstein, Trump, Clinton, Prince Andrew, Podesta, et al will not suffer as they are the consummate performers, fulfilling their roles in this grand charade.  They are untouchable, in league and summarily rewarded for their efforts.  The public is too sedated, indecisive, fearful and distracted to do anything to stop this madness and the Cabal knows it, for they have programmed the masses to be this way.

We are the frog in the pot.

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First Comment by DD

That blogger is not seeing the real world, only the world in his head. He does not see the huge role being played by the alternative media in digging for and publicizing, the truth of things. He thinks we still know or are affected by only what mainstream media portrays.

He sees the elites as some kind of invincible entity which is just toying with us until they get serious. They are not invincible. They have the force, the hatred, and the killing techniques but they do not have God on their side. Those demons are not as powerful as the souls who fight against them. And those souls are not fly-by-night-operators who abandon their alternative media 'diggers' to patronize the fake news media, and become cynical and abandon ship. The kind of jokers he describes in his article are not awakened, or fully committed.

I don't why he wants a consensus on 9/11. The real world has conservative-type people who know who did 9/11. The research has gotten that far. But there are liberal-types who believe the official story. Both groups will never merge to produce any kind of consensus. Does  AMINO not know this?

He is casting doubt on Epstein being the Epstein we know. Alternative media knows about him and the Lolita Express, his pedophilia/sex-trafficking, and his possible role as blackmail operator (Trump?). What we don't know is why Comey's daughter was on the prosecution team.  What we don't know is what actually happened to him. Is he in secret custody? Who had him whacked, if he died etc.

Contrary to what AMINO thinks, there are people fighting the elites and their DEEP STATE representatives. There is no 'PUBLIC'...only FOR, AGAINST and DON'T CARE. So when AMINO says 'the public is too sedated, indecisive, fearful and distracted to do anything to stop this madness....' because of cabalist mind-control, he is giving us a stale opinion. That was in the 20th century! Too many are awake now, and only a dolt will not notice!

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Comments for "Does the Deception Go Deeper than We Think? "

MH said (August 18, 2019):

Or, maybe a benevolent ET force has demanded a clean up of the earth and the super-elite are fighting amongst themselves .....

....Just as Enoch described the stealthy return of the Son of Man

Enoch Chapter 62: 1
"And this the Lord commanded the kings and the mighty and the exalted, and those who dwell on the earth, and said: " Open your eyes and lift up your horns if ye are able to recognize the Elect One."

Doug P said (August 18, 2019):

Anything that draws our attention away from how money is created and disseminated through society helps them. It's all that matters. This noise draws our attention away from the remedy for the whole ball of shit - nationalized money rather than private money creation.

Everyone should learn about monetary reform and how money and law are really the same things. The whole Jewish thing/conspiracy can be shut down. All they have to do is tell the truth about the holocaust. Show people records of Jewish population records before and after the war, or a logical look at how this mass extermination could have taken place with the infrastructure they had, or all the lies and phoney evidence. The masses will want the holocaust they have been paying for. Jews will run for cover. The real power will remain behind the lines, unquestioned. Jews don't run things, they are the junkyard dog.

Maybe they want to purge every single member of the government and run the whole thing electronically once we are all chipped from - Antartica? Brussels? Who knows. Everything is theater except one thing, they really do hate Christianity, the one rational philosophy that has its basis in human right.

I suspect Epstein is sipping Mai Tai's with Madoc somewhere right now, still laughing about it all.

Eric B said (August 17, 2019):

A lot of scientists believe we may be operating in a simulated/holographic reality, Dr. Makow. Given this, a lot of what we are seeing may be an "elaborate stage production."

I follow a guy who I would describe as being a "hunter". He operates on the astral plane as well as this one and even he says that a lot of what is going on here(particularly a lot of media stories) are just plain hoaxes. Even he is perplexed as to what the agenda is. Certainly, FEAR production has to rank right up there though. A lot of these negative ET entities reportedly DO feed on fear.

Essel said (August 17, 2019):

The deepest (because the most humble) global analysis I have read to date.
And yet, omnipotence and divine omniscience imply that this is permitted by God, the only way out of this madness.

Bruce said (August 17, 2019):

Excellence article by Amino.

His take on cognitive dissonance being much worse than it is, and where he states; " 9/11 is a great example of numerous theories but no defined consensus. With no concrete lead or solid direction of inquiry, the average researcher is left with the cerebral version of the shell game. People can only endure so much of this mental fatigue before frustration and impatience start to cloud objective thought."

Applies to people like me.

Especially the last part of the sentence. I have been following for lack of better words, conspiracy theories for at least 20 years. I have come to the point where I really do believe the public is being deliberately led down too many rabbit/groundhog holes where none of them connect to any cohesive end. The question is not whether if Trump is a new psyop: he is. I believe he is the proverbial trojan horse riding into the gates of the gullible public who have bestowed on him this unquestionable hero worship.

I have read numerous articles that state his support base is shrinking and becoming more disillusioned with the passage of time, thus making his chances of re-election much slimmer: maybe this was the intended all along.

It is my contention at this point in our nation's history we have lost our once viable republic. God help us in the days ahead.

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