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Happy and Unhappy Slaves

May 19, 2012

"Austerity" will swell the ranks of unhappy slaves.

"A really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced, because they love their servitude."
 ― Aldous Huxley, Brave New World

by Henry Makow Ph.D

Most people are happy slaves. As long their feed trough is full, they don't care that mankind is  satanically possessed; that the world has been colonized by a satanic cult, the Illuminati (Cabalist Jews and Freemasons) who want us to defy the inherent order of the universe, i.e. obey Lucifer instead of God.

They don't care that the media/education is inducting humanity into this cult by promoting its depravity.

They don't care if occult monuments and symbols are everywhere, or that politicians and celebrities make signs of Baphomet and exchange secret handshakes.

They don't care that on 9-11, the government murdered 3000 people, and the mass media were active collaborators.

Or that schools are grooming their children to be homosexuals or that judges are deliberately awarding children to pedophiles.

They respond with disbelief and are deaf to the pleas from "truthers."

They are happy slaves.

Ultimately, it's a case of "I'm doing alright Jack."

They have a stake in the "system" and are willing to accept its lies if that is what it takes to be "successful."


A tiny minority do understand. Their ranks are divided between people who are stable and others who are marginal either psychologically or financially.

They are the unhappy slaves.

Don Brewer is an example. He writes:

"I am unemployable at 59 with a wonderful resume ...Every company I have worked for has gone out of business! I have lived in five states. I am worn out emotionally because the government will never allow us to accumulate wealth. I have lost everything.

"I see the nation committing suicide while my educated friends lack any ability to understand the coming tyranny. They mock me for believing 9/11 was an inside job.... Political correctness has turned "men" into girly boys while women take over whole industries. Who the f**k is raising the kids?

"The Illuminati plan is working, working well. The family is dead. Marriage is dying. Men are pussies.

"The voters are suffering from a bad case of cognitive dissonance--they don't even want to hear any bad news. My sister will not "allow" political talk at dinner and watches reality TV instead of the news.

"But her vote cancels mine. So, I don't vote and I quit the pussy GOP. ACORN will steal the election while the GOP establishment continues to torpedo Ron Paul and tea party candidates. The GOP is same as the Demwits except the GOP have better haircuts.

My college-educated friends insult and mock my intelligence. I never call them names or make fun of them or call them stupid. So, Henry, why do liberals ALWAYS resort to name-calling when challenged on facts. I wonder if liberals are so over-educated that they lack basic reasoning skills.

"These guys are not stupid, but something is wrong with them. It seems that lately, here in America, people would rather line up for the gas ovens than to insult their minority enemies."

Don, your friends love their servitude.


Don sent me an example of the response he gets. This is from Tim Simpson:

"My Friend, you're driving yourself crazy wasting your time with this shit. Let's say every word of it is true. That's our destiny then. So be it. We don't have that many years left anyway, and there's nothing we can do to stop it.

"Focus on something you might be able to influence since you seem to have unlimited spare time. Try to get Obama returned to well-deserved obscurity. What's that you say? It won't matter, because our next President has already been selected by the Bilderberg Group?

"Here's a thought. Live with it. The alternative is madness. There will always be sites like this Before It's News to occupy weak mind, but a high school graduate, dare I say a college graduate? I'm sure you're the only one in their readership. 

"C'mon, Man. Come back to the world of the intellectually alive. You're in the world of the NASCAR fan. And you have much too much intellectual firepower to be wasting your time on these loonie tunes sites. Again, let's assume that every single word they publish is true. See you in the FEMA camps. I'll be in the honeymoon suite."

I asked Don about Tim's circumstances. Both men were national sales managers who lost their jobs due to off-shoring.  About age 60, their careers are over. The difference is that Tim's wife has a good job and supports him.

He is still a "happy slave."

"The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" is the key to understanding the world.
Its author believed the masses are like Tim:

The masses are "accustomed to listen to us only who pay it for obedience and attention. In this way, we shall create a blind mighty force which will never be in a position to move in any direction without the guidance of our agents...The people will submit to this regime because it will know that upon these leaders will depend its earnings, gratification and the receipt of all kinds of benefits." ("Protocols of Zion" 10)


We are entering a new phase when there will be many more "unhappy slaves" because "all kinds of benefits" are being withdrawn.

Just as the moneylenders loaded up the Ukrainian farmer with vodka and debt, only to eventually own his crop and his farm, the same thing is happening to whole countries. Their populations have been inebriated with a facade of "human rights and democracy" along with a supply of toys, drugs, violence, sports and porn.

hollandegrip.jpeg(The charade of freedom- Sarkhollande in Masonic handshake)

Cushy jobs and social benefits also ensured complicity and allowed the Illuminati to place their agents in power. 

But now  the "debt" must be paid. This is happening in Greece, Italy, Spain and Ireland. In Quebec, students are revolting in the streets against tuition increases.  French voters are against "austerity" but the politicians are all the same.

Unless we are able to change the banking system, the moneylenders will not be denied. They will get their pound of flash by precipitating financial catastrophe or world war.

The ranks of unhappy slaves is swelling. We must welcome the new recruits, forgive them their pragmatism and educate them on the way forward:

Expose the Illuminati and deprive them of their sources of power.



Masonic handshake -- signifies recognition and solidarity

Note: Names and details have been changed to protect anonymity.

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Comments for " Happy and Unhappy Slaves "

anon said (May 30, 2012):

Again coming late, this time about "Happy and Unhappy Slaves".
(I am running backlogs in reading your mail alerts)

In my career as an interpreter I repeatedly experience being sidelined by both happy and unhappy slaves. Whether happy or unhappy, they en masse represent an alien species. One example (I try to be brief): when Poland joined the EU, the Commission bureaucracy developed a demand for PL-EN-PL (booth) interpreters, both staff and freelancers (ACI).

They had tested my skills much earlier and offered me many
engagements mainly in Brussels in the years 2004-2008. In recent years however they've stopped and pretend not to notice my availability.

This is not just because I have aged. Rather, I should have kept my mouth shut among many of my so-called absolutely friendly colleagues and realized that they had turned into enslaved sycophantic snitches.

But unsuspecting (Oh, Naivety!), I often made
satirical remarks and even wrote some limericks about the plethora of self-sustainable bureaucratic nonsenses in Brussels. In more general comments about global affairs, I even probingly
half-joked that 9/11 was an inside job. I did not or did not want to realize that everything I said or wrote was subserviently reported by craven hypocrites to those hypocrites in charge of the bureaucratic machinery.

And eventually they found a way to get rid of me on the pretext of
harassment - that is alleging without any sound grounds that I
did harass one or another of their useful lapdogs. I really like that, very much! At least, I am still free in my mind, even if short of the euro cash!

Ben said (May 20, 2012):

They have a stake in the "system" and are willing to accept its lies if that is what it takes to be "successful."' This perfectly describes so many people. I see them every day striving with their careers for self-advancement, and pacifying their emptiness with temporal indulgence. They think it's all real. Deep down their 'way of life' (shallow narcissism) and sense of 'self' are threatened by truth, justice and change.

Out of fear they convince themselves that 2 + 2 = 5, and sideline and persecute friends and colleagues that try and help them understand. Think of the law made in Plato's cave forbidding by punishment of death the further release of any prisoner into the outside world. They believe the darkness and the shadows to be truer and more comfortable.

Nevertheless, one must sacrifice 'wealth' and 'status' etc. and continue to fight the moneychangers and help humanity break out of the panopticon well before its construction is completed. Plenty are waking up, and that's a positive.

Doug said (May 20, 2012):

was doing very well financially when I learned of all this. 9/11 hit me pretty hard - not so much the event itself, but that day it happened I started pointing out inconsistencies in what I saw and was always labeled a conspiracy theorist. My friends scared me more than 9/11 did. A few months later I had the experience of looking into the eye of lucifer directly (attorney in the family) and it put me into an almost permanent depression, I quit my GREAT job. These people that are allowing themselves to perpetuate this myth do not live by the values of courage, wisdom or prudence, they act out of fear and ignorance and this makes them cruel. People with wisdom and courage are never cruel and could never be part of the system.

Materialism beyond a warm bed and a hot meal does not lead one to happiness, it just gives the appearance, and appearances are what society is all about.

My ideas and learning philosophy and peeling back the onion of ideas that make modern civilization make one happy, and make one free. I never thought I would learn ideas that matched the weight of the important ideas I learned as a child - where meat and babies come from but there are many equally weighty truths we can learn as adults.

I shave because its more comfortable in the summer, but in the winter I usually do not. I don't think a shaved face is a sign of femininity, but acting out of fear sure is.

"Some Dude" said (May 20, 2012):

In reading this article this occurred to me ....

the people do not "know" because no one is "setting the example" and the constant bombardment of the negativity of continuously talking about and thus "glorifying" the "evil" and "corruption" only ensures it will continue.

I tell you what ... in 7 minutes one can show how to "escape" courtesy of Bugs Bunny's "Hare Brush"

"The only winning move is to not play the game"

I see it as we pledge our "value" which is just "compensation for act and actions had compensation been an act of nature" which takes its "from" by way of "grace" or "Forgiveness" for "Debt" or "sin" presented to us by way of NAME ... mcuh like a priest does with his parishioner and in exchange, we get whatever we need to fulfill the "spark of divine purpose" of which brought us here.

This way we can be "in the world" but not "of the world" and utilize the means by which we are not "lead into temptation" to accept all works as our own, but stemming from the grace of god for the talent we possess and "delivers us from the evil" of "greed (love of "earthly riches"), envy, covet, and the rest of the "Deadly sins"

thus we do all works "in his name" for "his glory" on earth as in heaven

the system is divine ... it is a creation of god by way of observation of nature; the blueprint

it is operated by man, which is fallible

so, like in the movie "Adjustment Bureau" we are all being "tested" but so are the "agents"

and if one "risks" everything, then there is no "plan" for "them" to "service" ... we write our own.
YouTube - Videos from this email

Joe said (May 20, 2012):

I regularly remind my 86-year old grandmother that she (and her generation) has had the best of this country - and she knows it. She sees the trouble looming on the horizon.

On the other hand my mother and I clash on the future of the America. Without question she is a "Happy Slave." Just today we spent ten minutes talking about the future. She will vote for Obama regardless. I am just trying to figure out which candidate (Obama/Romney) is the lesser of two evils - of course both are controlled by the bankers. Whether Obama or Romney is elected doesn't matter - the machine takes over.

She and others tell me to "try to be positive" because "you can't change it." I know, but what I can do is not become enslaved by buying the new vehicles, buying the latest iPhone (or whatever), eating a healthy diet, exercising, etc.

Good article - keep up the good work!

Rob said (May 20, 2012):

To Tony: As Satan has already lost and will lose the war to God, the only consolation he will get is by winning the smaller battles that lead to the NWO and its ultimate end by bringing as many souls with him to hell as possible. I guess most of them will be our politicians, media, celebs, gays and the illuminati henchmen (Aloysius Fozdyke, Dan Brown to name a few).

But our victory against the evil one him will come when we prevent the rest which includes the happy and unhappy slaves and the misguided Alex Jones/Rense/Icke camp, which is why Henry should continue publishing his articles and Al Thompson and all the other Truthers should continue destroying the mass ignorance of the populace be it one person at a time.

This is our uphill struggle which will be worth it. This will be the truther's victory. We humans should not worry or compete against an Demonic entity which is not even human, so we should leave that for God. But our part is to clean our spirits, strengthen our community and spread awareness of this evil. I have been reading of the Hindu end times called Kali yug which is similar to the Book of Revelations and it tells of the Chief demon (Kali) getting defeated and leaving his owl-crested war flag to be trampled on the battlefield.

Are not the Owl or Molech (Malakh as in Dan Brown's latest book) worshipers the same people (Bush, past presidents and politicians) who do the child sacrifice at the Bohemian grove? Looks like those who fail to learn from the future are doomed to burn in the lake of fire?? Seems we will be having the last laugh.

Daniel said (May 20, 2012):

Thank you for "Happy and Unhappy Slaves." Don Brewer's angst echoes my own. About seven years ago I started waking up to the truth. Thanks to the Loose Change boys and Alex Jones I snapped out of my trance.

When I found out that my own government had murdered 3000 of my fellow Americans I went berserk. I started running around telling everyone I could about the information I'd found - the silence was staggering. I called my best friend on the phone to plead with him to join me on a holy crusade to fight the dark side. While I was begging him to simply watch an hour-and-a-half film he started surfing ""
and started quoting from it.

My brother's reaction was even worse, he stopped talking to me for about four years. I've been living in South Korea for the past six years watching helplessly as my country self-destructs, and if you think Americans are sleeping you should spend some time with Koreans.

Big thanks to the responders to the article, especially the guy that
told me to grow my beard. He's right, and I'm going to.

Daniel O'Halahan
[email protected]

Wade said (May 19, 2012):

As one of the only voices crying out in the wilderness of arrogance, ignorance, and apathy, I salute you. Very few have the courage to say the things you say.

It is quite a striking fact to me that probably not a single satanist, anywhere in the world, believed for one minute the 9/11 story. It is extremely frustrating to me that the vast majority of people who say they are Christians, and are in church regularly, have swallowed and apparently will swallow any B.S. their church or their government controlled media dishes out on any subject.

Al Thompson said (May 19, 2012):

Welcome to my world. What is amazing is how one can get mocked because he learned something that not to many other people know. So, rather than learn it themselves, they "insult and mock" the people who do.

I make it a point to insult liberals and homosexuals. My reasoning is that if there is no consequence to being that stupid, they will continue in their error. By insulting a liberal, you may just make them mad enough to look into the problem and fix their error. There's no point in being nice to them because they will just throw it back at you and insult you some more. And don't worry about friendships, just know that if they ever had the chance they would stab you in the back.

Men are pussies because they submit to almost everything that is perverse. Men need to start acting like men.
I grew out my beard because it is in the commandments not to cut it, but also, after thinking about it some more, shaving is an act of submission. It is one of the primary acts to feminize men. But liberals and feminists hate the beard, and if they hate it, I like it. One of my favorite things to do is if I get criticized for having a beard by a man, I ask them if they are happy being a girly-face. I asked them if they are planning to put on a dress along with the shaved face. And above all, don't date any feminists or women who incline toward feminism. That will be a grand nightmare if you do.

Don't get mad; get ahead. Insult the liberal; they are're not the crazy one. Call your political leaders "Massa" because they what to be your slave masters. Tell them they are just full of fecal material. They them they are disgusting parasites, leeches, and worms. (I shouldn't insult parasites, leeches, and worms.) Tell them to go pound sand in their ass. This is not being rude, it is being truthful and realistic. What would really be fun is to go to one of their political rallies, and everything they say, the people respond shouting: Bull shit!. Even if they are telling the truth, you know they will twist it into a lie. Why condone it?

As for quitting the GOP, I don't blame you. They are just as communist as the democrats. You watch what happens if Romney gets elected, my guess is he'll just do a George Bush and run the country into the ground some more. Why vote at all? To me, it is a non-event. But you will have a new Massa. I don't like to listen to "conservative" talk radio because they present a false hope and everything gets worse. This doesn't happen by accident.

The worst thing we can do is to be nice and civil to them, because that makes it look like we somehow approve of them. The idea is to make them uncomfortable in their thinking process and provoke them into using some common sense; if that is possible.

Tony Blizzard said (May 19, 2012):

Yes, as the "liberal" says, knowledge of what's really happening in the world will drive you mad ..... unless you have proper wisdom to go along with that knowledge. That wisdom is realization of the existence of the superior spiritual world (super natural) also created and operated by God, the ultimate reality.

Refusenicks can scoff all they please but they should know that those enslaving mankind do not scoff. They have a strong belief in their god; they generally call him "Lucifer," mistakenly accepting him as the light of the world.

Others, who are cognitive of the real God, know the god of the enslavers as Satan, the fallen one who has already lost his war with the true Creator of all, Satan himself one of those creations.

Somewhat unfortunately, or very fortunately, depending upon your point of view, for mankind still living, each of our fates is still undecided. That's why we're here.

Our individual battles against satanic madness are what's primarily important to us as souls still shaping, but when enough souls acquire enough wisdom the world is automatically made more proper for everything in it. To a great extent because enough people do then understand enough truth to override Lucifer's lies and his army of liars, thereby acting accordingly. Real history of the Middle Ages in Europe bear this out although Lucifer and his myrmidons (especially those in academia) go to any lengths to hide real history.

Truth is devastating to their agenda, which is ultimately nothing more than to bring as many souls to hell as possible in the time alloted by God.

As God promised him, Lucifer is now loose on the earth to do his worst in that time. It's no wonder it is not a happy time for anyone on earth. But those willing to do what they can for what is right and proper, no matter the odds, are light years ahead of the scoffers as well as the Luciferians in both earthly reality and chances of a much better life elsewhere.

God will not be mocked without recourse. Wisdom is to bet your life and afterlife on that.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at