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America in Denial Over Fiscal Cliff

December 12, 2012


Trillions in mandatory tax hikes and spending cuts are going to slam the brakes on the US and world economy. Everyone is pretending it isn't  happening. 

Tim Geithner has told Canadian Finance Minister Jim Flaherty: "Fasten your seatbelt." 

Would the Illuminati miss this excellent opportunity to wreak more havoc and suffering? After all, (New World) "Order Out of Chaos" is their motto. 

by Henry Makow Ph.D

The day after Obama's re-election, the stock market had a nasty sell-off which continued for another two days. The prospect that Obama and the GOP would not resolve the "fiscal cliff", and spark a recession caused a panic.

Since then, a Prozac-like state has set in. In spite of the fact that there has been no progress  on the impasse, the stock market has powered higher almost every day. It doesn't do this in the best of times. Are investors being set up? 

Either the market has decided that the GOP is going to cave and the "fiscal cliff" is no longer of concern, or it is dangerously out-of-touch. 

Either way, there is an eerie degree of unanimity and complacency about serious budget and debt issues that have caused major panics in the past. 

Perhaps the complacency is due to the "Fed" injecting $85 billion into the US economy each month or a trillion a year. Where does this "stimulus" money come from? When the Fed creates money, it goes on the tab of the US taxpayer. 

Is it possible that while lawmakers are trying to cut debt, the Fed is increasing it by a trillion a year? Do we have a case of the government pressing the brake pedal while the Fed is pressing the accelerator? I rely on those more knowledgeable than I to explain.


The reason I'm not as sanguine as others is that most US legislators are Freemasons, including Boehner and Obama. 

These are the people who brought us Pearl Harbor, 9-11, Katrina, and the Credit Crash. This on top of two world wars, the Cold War, Korea, Vietnam and Iraq. 

Are they going to miss this excellent opportunity to wreak more havoc and suffering? After all, (New World) "Order Out of Chaos" is their motto. What better way to discredit democracy that this kind of gridlock? 

Boehner and Obama are acting out a charade.

"More spending cuts," says Boehner. 

"More tax revenue," says Obama.

Neither is talking about debt forgiveness or debt-free money creation. Independent economists believe this is the only real solution.

More than half of the $17 trillion US debt is owed to the private central banking families, who created it out of thin air. Why should Americans pay it back? 

Currency is a medium of exchange like a coupon. Nobody can own it.

But the Illuminati Jewish banking families do own it. They create it as a debt to themselves, and charge interest, an estimated $300 billion a year. 

Freemasons are paid agents of these bankers. 

Their job is to define the debate so that the real issue is not addressed, and the debt scam is perpetuated. 

The role of the mass media is to put lipstick on this pig.     


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Comments for "America in Denial Over Fiscal Cliff "

David said (December 13, 2012):

Baron Rothschild once said compound interest was the "eighth wonder of the world". Like fake terror attacks and the smog of purported "reality" that spills out of our TV sets and off the screens at the local multiplex, these private central bankers have become insanely rich on "debt" created out of thin air. It's fueled by the debtor's sense of obligation to a piece of paper with ink of it. It is possible to have commerce and trade without debt, but everyone invested in the current system -- banks, government, courts -- is doing everything in their power to perpetuate the lie.

Dan said (December 13, 2012):

Thanks for confirming how I see it too. Charade: Obama's rhetorical call for 'tax the rich' - I searched but nowhere can I find how they define "rich".

I predict this farce will continue till the 'debt ceiling' charade comes up again in January, and the resulting 'compromise' will further shrinkage of middle class with further cuts in services and increased taxes for small business owners and six figure earners.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at