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Women's Lib and the Erosion of Civilization

August 10, 2017

(We shriek at the position of women in Saudi Arabia but in Chicago in 1912,
 a woman could be fined for showing too much leg.)

Until we recognize that mankind is in the grip of a powerful satanic force,
 we will remain defenceless. Illuminati (Communist) social engineers are waging an undeclared war on society.
 By attacking gender identity and separating
sex from marriage & procreation, they hope to divert, 
degrade and re-engineer us.
The Illuminati always understood that the way to sabotage society
was to corrupt women.

The Treadmill of Sex and Romance &
Getting Sex Under Control
Updated from March 18, 2006
By Henry Makow Ph.D.

The hallmark of civilization is the limitation of sex to love and marriage. This humanizes sex and promotes the formation of families, which are essential to the renewal of society.

The alternative is "free love" where man is essentially a dog and woman a fire hydrant. Throughout my life, I was taught that the dog-fire hydrant approach (sex for its own sake) is actually worthwhile and profound, that sexual inhibition causes neurosis, and orgasms are mystical etc. 

Woody Allen summed it up: "For an empty experience, sex is the best there is."

Lets put this conflict in historical perspective. As recently as 55 years ago, our sexual mores were governed by Christian principles. In 1960, there was still a social stigma against illegitimate children. I don't favor unkindness toward anyone but this stigma was removed by a powerful force determined to destroy the institution of the family.

We shriek at the position of women in Saudi Arabia but in Chicago in 1912, a woman could be fined for showing too much leg. 

Ben Hecht recalls that the police arrested women for "smoking cigarettes, for shopping without their corsets on...for using profanity...for wearing slacks and shorts, for kissing in public, for wearing a man's hat, for sitting alone in a cafe or drinking in a saloon, for driving an automobile without a male in attendance, for putting too much paint on their faces or cutting their hair too short." (A Child of the Century, p. 47)

This is a reminder that our civilization was founded on Christian values. These proscriptions were extreme and needed reform but they had a sound basis. They were designed to reserve a woman's sexuality for her role as wife and mother as opposed to sexual profligate.

The forces that removed these taboos also denigrated the role of wife and mother and turned many women into public utilities. Deprived of their natural role, many young women are in crisis, binging on drugs alcohol and sex. See one lady's account in her book "Smashed."

Suicide rates for teenage girls have reached a 40-year high.  Motherhood is the destiny of most women -- their fulfillment. Take that away and there is not much left. 

Occult forces are gradually inducting us into their sex cult without our knowledge. "Secular" is their term for satanic. The "freedom" they trumpet is freedom from the self-discipline necessary to follow our operating manual and grow healthy and happy.


The Illuminati have produced books that pressure women to overcome their inhibitions about having casual sex.

Typical is "Happy Hook-Up: A Single Girl's Guide to Casual Sex" which counsels women to proudly embrace the labels "whore" and "slut." 

Authors Alexa Sherman and Nicole Tocantins pretend to be offering women "options" (as with careers.) Typically, their real agenda is coercive and subversive, to prevent women from getting married and starting families.


"Cultural norms will catch up with us if we give them no choice," the authors write. "We, as females, need to show the world that sex without commitment is absolutely our prerogative... Say, "I'm a slut I'm a whore! I love sex!" and mean it. Society needs to change and begin to encourage women to find pleasure for pleasure's sake."

Although pleasurable sex is most readily available in the context of a loving marriage, this isn't considered an "option."

This perverse propaganda is yet another assault on marriage and family, the institutions that sustain society and gives us identity, meaning, guidance and support as individuals. 


Women are naturally monogamous. Surveys indicate they do not find casual sex satisfying and mostly regret it. Why would a stranger care about her satisfaction? 

Sex used to be called "making love." Men express their love by giving pleasure and vice versa. A woman needs a man's love like a flower needs sunshine.  Sexual intercourse is an act of possession. 

Thus "Happy Hook-up" is devoted to helping women overcome their natural instincts to bond with a man.

Women are instructed not to get to know their sex partner too well. "Try not to discuss too much about your past or future or his. That said, it never hurts to inquire about his sexual history [and] gauge what risks are involved. Then, focus on the action and the action alone."

They are told to terminate the relationship after one or two trysts and distract themselves with work or hobbies.

Don't think about "what's going to happen next, whether he's going to call you, want you and be your everything. It's just not going to happen honey. At least don't expect it to. Stay in control...accept that that's it. Finito. The end. Flip him over. He's done."


It is perverse to divorce sex from propagation, and fixate on it for pleasure. 

I'm NOT saying sex should be confined to procreation. I AM saying it is designed to take place in the psychological and social context of procreation, i.e. marriage or a long-term loving relationship.


Nature has put an alluring bloom on young women for an obvious reason, and it fades in time with their fertility. They must marry and have a family or end up alone for most of their lives.

"Sexual liberation" sanctions and encourages this callous and primitive behavior and invites the woman to collude in her own exploitation and degradation.

It allows the male to take the only thing that interests him and ignore the woman's needs in terms of her natural life cycle as a wife, mother and grandmother. It does not empower women; just the opposite. 

Sexual intercourse represents the essence of her commitment to her future husband and offspring. Women who have had many partners find it more difficult to bond to one man, and consequently he has difficulty bonding with her.

Free sex is promoted in order to destroy the heterosexual family. The bankers who financed Communism (and Feminism) want the State to replace the father as head of the family. Camille Paglia says as much. 

In their vision, the family of the future will have no husband or father. This is straight out of Aldous Huxley's Brave New World where babies are born in test tubes. Over half of children born to Millennials are born out-of-wedlock.


We cannot underestimate the damage Hollywood has done, and continues to do, by mystifying beautiful young women, romance and sexual intercourse. They are not all that but unrealistic expectations fostered by Hollywood have debased human relations and made it much more difficult for men and women to form successful long term unions. 

A young man should choose a wife who will help him achieve his goals. One of these goals should be a family. Children are projections of us into the future. They are our offering to God, an Act of Faith. The young man should find a woman who complements him and is easy to live with.

Subconsciously, women want men who serve God. Men (and women) were created to be God's agents. We know God by doing His will, by serving Him through our actions. Women serve God by serving husband and children and are loved, honored and served in return. When women serve themselves, they end up alone and bitter.


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Comments for "Women's Lib and the Erosion of Civilization"

Robert said (August 11, 2017):

It started with Eve!

Bjorn said (August 11, 2017):

Good article, but we need to understand more than "Women are naturally monogamous".

Research seem to point more to "women are hypergamous" - ie on a constant look out for a superior male. Which explain why findings have shown that most of our history we have been polygamous, typically alpha males having a harem.

So to create civilizations we need most of all discipline in this context. Both the male hang to casual sex and the female hang to finding the next 'better' male must be put under regulation.

Art said (August 10, 2017):

The temptation of sex can only be replaced permanently, by the ecstasy of Union with God.

Certainly not the mind with its snares & entrapments.

The mind makes us secular. & sex is too powerful, & primal a force to play games with.

Great article. & the genre is a holy mission with you. We need it man!

Larry C said (August 10, 2017):

Henry, it's serendipity for Illuminati. Their agenda is being aided in a way even they could not have imagined. Check this:

"People are having less sex and sleep since the dawn of the smartphone age, a new book by a professor of psychology claims.

More than 75 per cent of teens own an iPhone, according to a recent US study, and since the 2007 launch of the iPhone rates of loneliness amongst teens have soared alongside a worrying decrease in mental wellbeing. According to figures collated by Jean M Twenge, the number of teenagers spending time with friends nearly everyday dropped by more than 40 per cent between 2000 and 2015, with rates of loneliness subsequently soaring.

Today’s teens are dating less too, with 20 per cent less putting themselves out there in 2015 than in 2007." Olivia Petter, How Smart Phones are Ruining Lives

I'm glad I'm living now instead of in the future, Henry, because as you say, civilization if being eroded.

Matt said (March 24, 2006):

Your article The Treadmill of Sex and Romance is dead on. Modern society has pulled the wool over the collective eyes of the human population, and is leading us away from the path to salvation. Satan is strong at work and nobody can see it. We already know that God will win in the end so we ought to make a societal turnaround quickly.

Jamie said (March 22, 2006):

I'm a 35-year-old male, and I've been getting off of that treadmill for some time. I see it as being composed not only of sex and "romance", but
all external things. Our society has become a society by chance, not created or driven by any good intention or sense of community. Instead,
as default members of this impersonal, compartmental, sterile group of random strangers united only by shared geographical location and nothing else, we are herded into hopping on to that treadmill of external stimuli.

We are instructed that we can find what it is we need in material things. The emptiness that lack of meaning and valued purpose create can be filled with pleasure. We are shown and made to believe that there is no such thing as delayed gratification, we should all be consumed with hedonism now. What pleases me is what is right, and it is for those things that I should strive, and I should have them right now.

There is no give and take, only take, because no one will give anything to you, you must take and take and take for yourself.

Tayo said (March 21, 2006):

I read your article and can relate to some aspects but still feel a lot of balance is still required. I am married . I have been very academically and professionally successful and can be considered very financially empowered and could easily fit into your feminist stereotype. But I think I speak for most women, financially empowered or otherwise when I say we would much rather have the men in our lives play that role. I would love to stay home, surf the net, make my home look great, work out, do my hair, look good always, make great gourmet meals�..knowing that bills would be paid, my lifestyle would not be compromised, I could still have life�s little luxuries and great quality of life. No woman voluntarily chooses the role of a man. You guys age faster, die quicker, suffer from more stress related illness, have more pressure to be successful, much higher suicide rate, more likely to be victims of violence, higher rate of drug use and alcoholism.

Men will get all the love, power and submission they wanted if they consistently came through for us and gave us the reliability, structure, focus and security we need. Women are the way they are these days because our men have consistently failed us and we�ve learnt the hard way to only rely on ourselves. We are left with little choice but to step up and fill the void as our men continue to let us down as providers and decision makers.

As the world has gotten tougher and more competitive, men, who are spoiled from childhood and have the ultimate sense of entitlement, find it hard to bury their egos, humble themselves and do the focused, hard, shit eating graft required to succeed in today�s world. On the other hand, women, who are used to �taking shit�, are able to subjugate pride and ego and focus on the big picture. We women work harder and smarter , do better academically and play the corporate shit eating political game better. And that�s what counts in today�s world. Men, the point is you cannot have it both ways; You want a feminine, homemaker who puts you and the kids first, you need to get out there, stop making excuses, step up your game and start providing. BE MEN first and then we can relax and be all the woman you want.

Holly said (March 20, 2006):

There is another aspect to sex that you missed. In the act of surrender, there is an opening in the solar plexus, and for a brief moment, the souls touch. Our souls feel less lonely, less trapped in solitary confinement inside our skin, and we have a brief moment of spiritual Oneness which is source. Vestal virgins knew this, and helped men to experience the unconditional love of God source through sex. That was degenerated into prostitution which only serves sex addiction, although at times still serves as a healing source.

"Passion is the fire that melts the skin to release the souls trapped within." I am of the vestal virgin soul group, and every time I ever had sex, I shared unconditional love with my lover, and sometimes healings were accomplished. Now I'm in my crone phase, and I'm free to move on to other forms of healing arts. I enjoyed your article.

Jon said (March 20, 2006):

I find it strange that you would celebrate the passing of your youth and vitality. It's your great loss that you consider romantic love a "treadmill". Bertrand Russell once wrote that mystics don't like sex because they can't control it. This is true also of intellectuals. They seek to establish the superiority of the intellect by demeaning the body with perversion. Thus taking the first steps along the path of illuminism. Sex is about reproduction, which is life, the ultimate mystery.



I appreciate your p.o.v. I don't measure virility or vitality in terms of sex drive.


Pat-you have been duped! said (March 20, 2006):

If someone recently sold you your "Harley", you might try to get your money back.

It turns out that your "Milwaukee vibrator" is really a "Tokyo trembler"



Dear Pat,

I was waiting for someone to recognize my joke. Harleys are a cliche for male menopause! Yes that is a Honda. I ride a bike but not a motorcycle. Congratulations!

Ron said (March 20, 2006):

often read your insightful essays with interest and agreement.
I was wondering if you might write about use of the term " illegitimate children".
I saw that you used it in your latest assay: The Treadmill Of
Sex And Romance, which prompted this e-mail.

To me, this term is among the most offensive and inaccurate currently
in use. The proper term is "illegitimate parents". The term "illigitimate children"
implies that the child/children are somehow to blame for their parents irresponsibility.
It's a handy tool for those who promote sexual promiscuity (I am not, of course, implicating
you in this)!

I speak from personal culpability. Twenty three years ago, I became illegitimate parent, having fathered a child with a woman after knowing her for two weeks. I'm happy to say I have since
met and developed a relationship with my daughter, but for her first 19 years, I wasn't there for her.

Judy said (March 20, 2006):

Righton - although I think you undervalue real love, the kind that is really indescribable to those who have never experienced it. However, have you read the article "Looking for Mr. Good Sperm" in this Sunday's New York Times Magazine Section? Welcome Brave New World. One could, if one were paranoid, think that this is the next step toward eliminating all natural conception and delivery. First, eliminate fathers; then eliminate mothers. Voila: a soulless machine. God help us.

Ben from Australia said (March 20, 2006):

I think the main problem for young men, in finding a good woman, is that there just seem to
be none left. I very rarely meet real feminine women; most will follow the crowd, trying to snare the roll of the male. It is plain and simply 'uncool' for a woman to respect her body, mind and soul. We all know that this is a
result of subtle and concerted mainstream-media brainwashing, but nobody seems to care. People are too busy trying to keep up with the crowd of
materialistic zombies. Most modern women have no substance. They want everything handed to them on a silver platter by the 'perfect' man, but
aren�t prepared to take on the responsible and god-given role of mother. Everyday I see images of female 'superiority' flooding the mainstream-media; images of poor lost little men being wrapped around the finger of a powerful
and controlling woman.

Nicole said (March 20, 2006):

I know women who are faithful wives and excellent mothers, who are happy
in these roles. I also know women who serve their husband and their
children, and are abused, empty, depressed, and may have escaped their
desperate situations if not for their perceived moral obligations to their
church and family. Your observation that all women are happy and
naturally suited to be wives and mothers is idealistic and almost

You mention laws from 1912 that arrested women for trivial things such as
sitting alone in bars and wearing a man's hat, and see them as some kind
of moral necessity. Do you also support female genital mutilation and the
public stoning of women in the streets of fundamentalist Islamic nations?
You may not, but your attitude reflects the driving force behind these
abominable practices.

Currently, I am going to a university to pursue a career. I am dating for
fun. I'm sure I will marry if and when I fall in love. Although I don't
condemn religion, I do not participate in any specific organized religion
(and this is by choice, not mere laziness). I support and care about the
people I love, but I serve myself, and I am not bitter and lonely, but
happier and more fulfilled than I've ever been.

I mentioned above that I stopped going to church by choice, so let me
explain. As a young girl, I was told that if I wanted to go to Heaven, I
had to have lots and lots of babies. I never went back to Sunday school.
It was at that moment that I decided to pursue my own vision of happiness,
because if Heaven required that I live my life according someone else's
ideals, then that was not a place I was aiming to go.

I hope this fuels your fire.

Star said (March 20, 2006):

Interesting commentary, never really looked at it that way because our culture basically breeds us with sex as everything but for reproduction, reproduction being often a negative consequence of a fun time. Good food for thought, hopefully others get something out of your comments as well.

Christine said (March 20, 2006):

I disagree with you that men are "helpless victims of instinct." You men choose to make yourselves helpless.

St. Francis de Sales said that the man who does not pray is lower than an animal. A man can elevate himself by prayer and chastity; I don't think you men want to. I get the unpleasant impression that many of you men equate unchastity with masculinity, a delusion that will make you miserable and damn you to Hell for all of eternity.

Good women like being around chaste men because they feel safer around them. They don't like being ogled or being pawed at by men who cannot or will not control themselves. It used to be that men saved themselves for marriage, and so did women.

You say that "subconsciously, women want men who serve God." That may have been true once, but no longer.

Many women are no longer good and are dreadfully confused about what they want in life. Their mothers no longer seem to sit them down and have woman-to-woman talks about what makes a good marriage and how to find a good husband.

Finally, as a woman, I am greatly offended that you would compare Western society of 100 years ago to that of Saudi Arabia. Have you EVER met a woman who actually lived there? I did.

I recently met a girl who lived there with her parents as a teenager. She said that women were not permitted to leave the home unless accompanied by a man, they could not drive a car, had to be covered from head to foot, wear a veil (even she as a non-Muslim had to wear one). Her mother was accosted by the religious police for daring to wear makeup. In effect, women are under permanent house arrest there.

At least the women of 100 years ago dressed like ladies (mostly by choice) and behaved like them. Men put them on pedestals because they deserved it. Now they behave in the reverse manner and wonder why they are miserable.

David said (March 18, 2006):

I still owned and rode a bike at age 44 years, however, my beloved wife Sandy who was just 24 years at the time, went for a ride with me just after we were married and said, that's it, we are definitely not keeping the bike, we will limit ourselves to our Chrysler and Land Cruiser.

And so 20 years and six children later, our situation hasn't changed we still haven't purchased another motor bike. My wife taught me what it means to be loved and to truly love in return, furthermore, I could tell you a very great about what it means to be truly joined by God in holy wedlock: in my unsaved -- non Christian past I had a very great deal to do with relationships (strictly with females -- never males: I have never had a problem with gender confusion and was therefore always exclusively attracted to the opposite sex) that were not ordained of God.

When God joins together, He get it right every time -- we are still on our honeymoon!

Dan said (March 18, 2006):

The "urge to merge" really is at the heart of a lot of human matters, isn't it? I remember during my teens and early 20's hormones felt like
a drug in my system that I couln't shut off with my will. I was quite aware that this factor altered my choices, direction, and goals for many
formative years.

I still remember an interview I heard on public radio one afternoon in 1979, with a 75 year old New York sculptor who's name I've forgotten. He said, "I'm doing the best work of my life now and
more of it. I'm at that wonderful age when a guy finally doesn't have to chase the broads anymore, and I still have my creative faculties".

Ian said (March 18, 2006):

Thankyou for this weeks article . As usual it is the closest thing to the truth out there , so thanks.
I totally agree that there has been a brainwashing going on in the last few
decades. It is great to share some of you're article's with my wife. We are expecting a baby soon and we enjoy having the roles that Yeshua designed for us to have from day one! well ,we are getting there!

Bless you are your work. Also nice motor !!

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at