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Jimmy Savile Was a Limited Hang Out

February 21, 2017


The author, "Red Ox"  was a victim of the British MI-6 pedophilia cult in the early 1990's. 
Saville was tagged to take the fall but recently they have also exposed the late PM Ted Heath 
Red Ox says virtually everyone who is anybody in Great Britain was/is involved
in this satanic cult, the Illuminati, and he names quite a few here.  

"Yes it's total throughout: politicians/entertainers everybody answers to the same mind controllers. 
Savile knew his reputation was going to be sacrificed after his death."

Makow comment: To protect their fraudulent credit monopoly, the Rothschilds have installed a bogus Gentile economic, political and cultural leadership, Freemasons chosen on the basis of their bloodline, depravity and willingness to systematically betray their fellow citizens for personal gain. The same pattern seems to apply throughout the West. 

Legal Disclaimer: I believe Red ox is a credible source but I cannot certify that his claims are all accurate. 

By Red Ox

To protect all the dominoes from falling in the age of the Internet, MI-6 long ago intended for the flamboyantly eccentric Jimmy Savile to take the fall via their own controlled media such as the BBC. 

Jimmy Savile was absolutely aware of the 'fate' that was going to befall him after his death. I was there when some of these discussions were ongoing. Savile informed us that he'd "told everybody who needed to know" in his family what to expect, and that he "obviously didn't care too much for them." 

savile blair.jpg

(left, Savile with young Tony Blair)  

"I'll be dead" he would say when members of the ring questioned whether he should be so unconcerned about being typecast as the central bogeyman.

Due to this tacit agreement for the future, Savile was given such privileged access. After all, the man 'looks like a paedophile' turns out to be a paedophile, and then "how did anyone not know"?

It's an MI-6 controlled ring. They are part of "The Royal Arch" Freemasonry with their colleagues in the KGB like Anatoly Sobchak and Mikhail Repa. For example, MI-6 Chief John Scarlett on the MI-6 side would speak with exactly the same type of people in Russia. So Foreign Intelligence services aren't going to help you either!

Internationally I've been at meetings where Nicholas Sarkozy of France would attend, Merkel, Berlusconi with Carla Bruni and some "KGB observers".

Sarkozy was looking longingly and frequently at the guest whom Silvio brought, although Silvio saw her first. You can see the British media were commenting on the lack of stability of his marriage with Cecelia long before it broke up.

Ariel "the Butcher" Sharon would attend with official Mossad limo, scoffing caviar and vodka as he could not control his carnal desire. 

Some of the people also involved in this ring:


Takashi Miike: perverted Japanese film-maker. Wants inspiration for his films by conducting real-life experiments with MI-6. In 1992 - sorry everything is 1992 but this is when I was staying with someone from MI-6 for a fortnight - he was practising for a film that later became "Audition". Tom Hurd asked whether I wanted to be Miike's pet or the torture victim (in the film this torture victim was the lead character who casts women inappropriately then one of them wreaks her revenge) but the KGB felt I was too intelligent to be Miike's pet.  Takashi Miike actually kept a human, with his face butchered by MI-6 to be only able to eat like a dog or cat, and he was barely recognizable. I called him "it" and asked out loud whether "it was a human" to which the unfortunate creature whined/roared his disapproval, but he couldn't speak as they'd knocked out his vocal chords. He would have had that creature with him for years, possibly still has him, certainly still doing things like that while protected by the international Royal Arch Freemasons.

Nathaniel Rothschild: was young, powerful and not sensible, hence dangerous. While sodomizing, he liked to cut the throat (or have the throat cut for him) of the boy as killing the boy causes the sphincter muscles to tighten hence increasing the pleasure of orgasm for Nathaniel. From conversations with [Tom] Hurd, who works for these people, as do you all in Britain, this is a weekly if not daily occurrence. Now we know where some of the missing millions of children in Britain go!


David Blunkett: blind Labour politician with guide dog. He used to show enthusiasm, because he was blind, which he was told about, then he told his Satanic comrades off for not telling him what he looked like. William Hague, Thatcher, Major, and the Kinnocks are also part of the group, it is not party politics it goes much deeper than that.

Gordon Brown: (PM from 2007-2010) said "prudent" every time. "would you like a boy, Gordon" Hurd would say. "That would be very PRUDENT of you, Thomas".

Tony Blair:  PM from 1997-2007, called "Miranda" by everyone else just short off to his face. He would overhear it and say "I do wish they'd stop calling me that; that was something that happened 20 years ago".  Jacob Rothschild's illegitimate son, looks Jewish, felt the leadership of the Labour Party "might fall to me" shortly before John Smith's unfortunate heart attack. Got involved in a 7-man gang bang of a boy. Pretty mind-controlled himself, almost "in a state of grace".

George Galloway: Mossad agent, discredits anti-Israel movement. Faux Hater of 'conspiracy', aggressive, troubled background himself.

Piers Morgan: described by Hurd as "someone who thinks they are a character", Hurd said he couldn't stand Morgan but had to put up with him as his wife's important.


(Branson with "staff members" on his personal island.)

Richard Branson in Jordan: we were with the King and Queen of Jordan, Queen Noor with billionaire Brit Richard Branson. Branson got his island Necker on the cheap, and it is used for Royal Arch games. Of course he is an MI-6 stooge as a billionaire. Hurd said "nobody becomes a billionaire without us". 


Important to state how it works at a lower level, which Is that if you do not go in for "privates" where you will sodomise boys/girls in front of MI-6 observer while filmed to become prominent politician or businessman like Blair or Ashley, you will still have to engage in more minor but grouped recorded behaviour. "We're all in this together".

Men like Sam Allardyce (England soccer manager) would line up to ejaculate over boys with dozens of others in less high profile meetings and say "they won't let me do my job otherwise" summarizing the moral dilemma in a world run by Satanists. Frequently people at these meetings would say the same thing to me, that they had to be there to "make sure they're not (making plans to be) doing anything bad to me".

The masterminds of the Freemasonic network believe in "Magick" or a 'mind over matter' approach. Perception of reality is as or more important than 'reality'. The structured mind-linked matrix insures that the same thoughts are told, perceived and felt by millions of their members. Even in such a meeting deliberately not thinking about what they have decided/wished for, e.g like Blair to become the Labour leader, would still be thinking about it.

If somebody is successful in politics, acting, singing, etc, it is because they either are abused or are an abuser or both. It is self-apparently not a coincidence people like Beyonce and IV (intra venous = mind controlled) tattoos parading and promoting the obvious MK Ultra.




The person who appears to be in charge is Evelyn Rothschild. People like John Major were toadying to him. One of Rothschild's favourite saying is to go "back to basics", which Major was parroting and somebody suggested (sarcastically) that Major adopt as his campaign slogan. 

s216_tom_hurd (1).jpg

(Left, Tom Hurd recently appointed head of Home Office Office for Security and Counter Terrorism)

Charles Saatchi is, or was, "in charge" of the child sex cult. People are always "in charge" of something in The Royal Arch. Tom Hurd is one of the minions/organisers for Saatchi who will turn up from North to South from shit hole to Palace with the recording equipment, security detail. Paedophiles, especially overseas Sheiks/Oil rich leaders can pay MI-6/Saatchi via Hurd from offshore bank accounts and it won't make the media. They're relatively expensive, but nothing ever comes out.

Everything you see on the BBC has already been decided by MI-6 and is either "protect the first domino" or a brazen display. They discussed David Icke and said "he's a long road ahead of him" after one of his first university gigs. Obviously they know who he is, and they were permitting that part of the knowledge coming through.  

Alex Jones' distinctive voice, on the other hand, was being played in 1992, and people are tortured to dislike it, hence it is a trigger. The Royal Arch played high quality recordings of Alex Jones' distinctive voice, while torturing in typical fashion (cattle prod shocks for children) at the sound. Listening to Alex Jones later, is therefore what is called a 'trigger' to torture and will make a lot of MK Ultra victims uncomfortable unconsciously, without them realizing why. I don't know if he's 'in on it', only that The Royal Arch Freemasons are acutely aware of people like David Icke and Alex Jones.

Hurd doesn't think of himself as a paedophile, but an "important government worker" although he must realize the lines are blurred after simultaneously describing sodomizing boys as his favourite thing in the world. It's perhaps also about DNA abuse, and lining up people who are descended from Royalty with each other as part of the Royal Zygote program.  

This genetic hardwiring of torture hits the DNA generation after generation where long lines of tortured individuals pass down a torturing for their purposes.. of creating hardened non-disassociating sociopaths? For otherworldly possession. Whatever it is, Hurd said it was his "life's work" "and the life's work of hundreds or thousands of people like me". 

He told me Princess Diana was "on her way" weeks before she was killed and that "that woman is not going to destroy my life's work". 

I'm less important than Princess Diana, so maybe they let me get away with it, though Hurd also believes in a Russian psychic viewing in which it appears I am linked with his downfall. He spoke to me about his view in 1997 and said he "didn't doubt it" and not to do anything stupid. I replied laughing that I would not do such a thing to cause his downfall even were it in my power. Because he's one of Rothschild's minions just below the likes of Peter Mandelson, he then made my life very difficult leaving me with little to do apart from write articles about it. I guess the thing the Russians didn't tell him is that "it is self-fulfilling prophecy".

MI-6 describe people not in their group, not high level Freemasons as "the little people" and I've never met such people so disinterested in anything and everything anyone else might have to say as them. Unless you're in their club, or offering them a young boy they can barely contain their contempt and indeed I could clearly see it on their faces.



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-------Satanic Pedophiles Rule Great Britain  & Official Drug Running & Sex Slavery 

Sex Cult" Runs UK Government, says MI-6 Victim -

First Comment from Brendon O'Connell-

Thanks Henry. I always thought the pedophile networks were "incidental" to this grand control conspiracy. Now I realize it is absolutely central and a Military Intelligence, industrial-scale psychological warfare operation. Including the seeming functional psychotic mass murderers who served in the U.S. military. 

From closet homosexual whack job David Fierrer, Clay Shaw, patsy Lee Harvey Oswald and the whack job Skull & Bones CIA/Mossad operator's behind the scenes. Ted Bundy, and the whole menagerie of US military intelligence mind control MK Ultra crowd.

This can be traced back to Operation Paperclip and the importation of "Nazi" scientists and even includes the sexual deviate Albert Einstien. Need we talk about the depravity of Orthodox Judaism and Judaized Masonry? Do people know about the whack jobs that infested NASA - Ian Goddard...look it up.

This is an industrial scale operation and central to the entire Globalist Zionist plan. While Dracula's castle is The City of London, the Wolfs Lair and military operations bunker is in Israel and Bi Bi Netanyahu the General.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Jimmy Savile Was a Limited Hang Out "

Don said (February 23, 2017):

Henry provides "Disclaimer" that he can't confirm the facts in the article, but I can tell you 15 years of research have provided me the ability to say it is all absolutely true.

Larry C said (February 21, 2017):

Henry, Red Ox states, "Alex Jones' distinctive voice, on the other hand, was being played in 1992, and people are tortured to dislike it, hence it is a trigger." I can relate.

The very sight or sound of him has triggered nausea in me for quite sometime and I haven't even been cattle prodded. So while I do check headlines I avoid that "distinctive voice" because it is indeed torture.

As to whether Jones is "in on it," I think Michael J. Hoffman's "Revelation of the Method" applies.
A gas bag like Jones is invaluable to Illuminati in two ways:

1. He lets them know how much they can get away with.

2. He gages how successful they are. Out of one side of his mouth he says "We're winning!" then out of the other side he says it's getting worse every day.

Your website inherently does the same thing, Henry, only you do it more tastefully. Jones appeals more to the lunatic fringe. Also, need I say, Jones claims to be a Christian and anticipates Jesus' physical return to govern the earth. He promotes what he claims to expose, namely, a one world government.

Just think, Jones and Trump are tight as ticks.

AZ said (February 21, 2017):

As a reaction on your article about Jimmy Savile and the Royal Arch, I would like to state that Satanism in our more or less lost world is institutionalized. I call it the outer performance of the Trias Satanica, which is based on sex, money and power.

All those who want to ascent in the hierarchy of power and want to have an abundant luxury live, have to be obscured and blackmailed through the perversion of the most animalistic instinct of sexuality.

Alan said (February 21, 2017):

While it is very healthy to question ---this seems a bit thin Henry.The mafia-aware-libertine Trump--has some very strong Moral connections to reality -has done many great things- and this--constant one-type of photo--Trump with ivanka as a little girl--does not mean Trump did anything wrong/immoral/sexual or whatever unproven smear-allegations.He s just One Heterosexual Man in a satanically compromised anti-Christian---*un-society-*...reince priebus?He is a power-connection---has he been proven to have done something felonious?

Pence--is an isreal-firster-fundamentalist -Christian-Zionist-type--eminently wrong there but a decent man in the overall---is there any legal proof whatsoever he did anything wrong? Many of us may--disagree with some of Pence s views--that does not make him a pedophile or a pedophile enabler-. Look at theo shoebat Henry---he is occasionally 100 percent wrong--so what?When he is like his father-walid shoebat--also-rarely--occasionally wrong but mostly excellent--he essentially - serves the interest of truth .The jewish communist-leftwingnuts want Bannon and Trump Dead. Having known felons does not make anyone a felon--. Many Christians pray for Trump to straighten up and fly right--thin assertions don't really help the cause of truth---do they Henry?-.If there are even vague allegations-point to the proven legal objective facts--why not take chuck schmuck schumer /Cuomo-deblasio-malloy-jerry brown-soros--david brock---the 2 Clinton crimeboss scum--war criminal sociopath Obama--and morris dees and the podesta scum-mcainiac-Lindsey graham---under a more hyper-acerbic microscope of pure truth first?They are constantly doing satanically horrific things -imposing lawfare profiteering on fascism at very turn---why not make sure preet bharara isn't being muzzled?You are of course not wrong to question and open an investigative effort but this does seem very thin.



Ordinary people usually don't accuse powerful people of heinous crimes, risking their lives, unless there is something to it. Tory Smith is dead. David Steel called Priebus a pedophile enabler. Steele is a credible source.
I didn't accuse Trump of incest.


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