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Why Did Masons Appoint a Christian Police Chief?

October 28, 2012

Last week, the new Winnipeg Police Chief, Devon Clunis, 48, caused  controversy when he said prayer has a "significant" role in fighting crime. Clunis, a  25-year police veteran, is a devout Christian. Winnipeg is Illuminati controlled. What is their game?  

By Henry Makow Ph.D

Like many other cities, Winnipeg is dominated by the Illuminati through their two pincers, Freemasonry and Organized Jewry.  

The provincial legislature located here is a disguised Masonic temple.   

The $340 million Canadian Museum of "Human Rights" is another pagan temple, a monument to the Jewish holocaust.The pet project of the once powerful Asper family, it is nearing completion. 

The richest and most prominent businessman, Hartley Richardson, is a member of the Trilateral Commission.   

The major newspaper, The Winnipeg Free Press is owned by two members of the (Masonic Jewish) B'nai Brith, Bob Silver and Ron Stern. 

The Mayor, Sam Katz and his buddy, the city manager Phil Sheegl are probably also B'nai B'rith. Recently they have been criticized for cozy land deals with Jewish developers. 

"Anti-Semitic" posters have appeared demanding their resignation. 

If there is one thing Freemasons hate, it's Christianity. Despite inevitable denials, Freemasonry and organized Jewry have been responsible for transforming society from a Christian to a secular basis. "Secular," as I have often said, is merely a veil and a step to satanism. This is becoming more obvious every day. 

So we must ask, why would these people appoint a devout Christian, who also served as a Police Chaplain, as police chief? We ask this knowing that police departments are notorious  hotbeds of Freemasonry.


No sooner was he appointed than Clunis got into hot water. 

In an Oct. 11 story in Christian Week News, the Jamaican-born Clunis said the collective power of all Winnipeggers in prayer will be needed to help police combat violent crime.

"I'm a little tired of us... being (the) murder capital of Canada," Clunis told the publication. "People consistently say, 'How are you going to solve that? It's not simply going to be because we're going to go out there and police it away. I truly believe that prayer will be a significant piece of that."

"What would happen if we all just truly - I'm talking about all religious stripes here - started praying for the peace of this city and then actually starting putting some action behind that.

"I believe something phenomenal is going to happen in our city. I truly believe it's coming. I don't think I've arrived at this position just by chance."

(l. Luciferian city logo. Swoosh signifies Luciferian sunrise,sun made up of 666's) 

In the Christian Week News story, Clunis also said that he believes the hand of God was at work in moving him up through the ranks of the Winnipeg Police Service.

Clunis told the Christian magazine that his faith is a cornerstone of his daily life, adding that while he didn't ask God to make him chief, he did pray to become a successful leader who treats people with dignity and respect.

"God still cares, He's still involved in our lives," Clunis is quoted as saying. "and I believe without a shadow of a doubt the only reason that I am in this position is because God is involved in it. Without a shadow of a doubt."


City Coun. Ross Eadie, who represents crime-affected neighbourhoods, said he believes Clunis faces a steep learning curve when it comes to public relations.

"He hasn't been in the political eye. He's made a mistake. Prayer is not going to solve our problems," said Eadie said. "He's got to get used to the sound bites."

University of Manitoba's Jewish "ethicist" Arthur Schafer, left, said,

"I think it's entirely inappropriate for a chief of police, in his role as chief of police, to be advocating prayer either to his colleagues on the police force or to the general public," Schafer said. "No one chose him to be police of our souls."

"People who hold public office and who also have deeply-held private religious convictions have got to learn to separate the two," he said.

But Clunis said faith informs every part of his being, and he doesn't think he should leave that part of himself behind when he goes to work.


You know there's a problem when the suggestion of prayer touches off a scandal but a real scandal is swept under the carpet. 

Obscene pictures Lori Douglas appeared on the Internet before she became Chief Family Court Judge. She lied in her application. 

Her behaviour was known in the Masonic-dominated legal community and she was appointed anyway. You might say she was appointed because of the pictures - easier to blackmail.  

In any case no local politician or "ethicist" has demanded her resignation. She is still hauling in $250K doing "administrative duties" while the Canadian Judicial Council decides her fate. 
This conduct would never have become public were it not for the complaint of a civic-minded man, Alex Chapman, an immigrant from Trinidad, where people do not yet supinely embrace evil.  

Indeed, the local Masonic elite has rallied to her defence, saying what people do in their private life is their own business!

A degenerate is deciding the fate of Winnipeg families and the local elite still doesn't get it! That's how far gone they are.


Interestingly Free Press columnist Lindor Reynolds is one of Douglas's defenders. She is also Devon Clunis' defender. 

"What's so bad about having faith in our city," she asked.

"Whether you think God is an illusion or you believe in a higher power, he should not have to hide his faith. We all have the right to religious freedom and expression.

"Clunis didn't say prayer alone is the answer to violent crime. He called for reflection, for a way for neighbours to look at each other and search out their commonalities, not their differences.

"This city needs leaders who take a stand and stick to their beliefs. Devon Clunis is doing that. Pray or don't pray, but don't dismiss a man who believes "something phenomenal is going to happen in our city" and has the fortitude and faith to lead the charge." 

For once Reynolds is making sense, which makes me wonder whether Devon Clunis is for real or part of the Illuminati controlled dialectic.


I want to believe Clunis is genuine. We need men of faith and vision in public positions. However I will reserve judgment. 

(left, Kilcona Park Alliance Church where Clunis is a Chaplain)

One thing that gives me pause is that Clunis is a member of the same church as Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the Alliance Evangelical Church. 

According to one source, "The Alliance Church, to which Harper has belonged for decades, believes Jesus Christ will return to Earth in an apocalypse, won't ordain women, [is]strongly opposes abortion and divorce, condemns homosexuality as the most base of sins and believes those who aren't born-again are "lost."

The Alliance Church is also tough on divorce and holds that Christians who have been adulterous do not have a right to remarry."


Yet the "Conservative" government of Stephen Harper is generally pro homosexual and pro abortion. It has done very little to change the liberal and feminist direction of policy. It is fanatically pro Zionist to the extent of breaking off relations with Iran.  

There is little doubt in my mind that this very prosperous church is an Illuminati shill.
The Illuminati control both sides of the dialectic but when it comes to action, the result is the same no matter who wins. There is an illusion of choice and change but, overall, things just keep getting worse.


The Illuminati use Left and Right to waltz us into a Satanic dispensation. Whether Clunis is genuine or a shill, time will tell. As I said, I want to believe in him.

The big picture is that mankind is the victim of a long-term satanic conspiracy dating back to Babylon. We have been colonized by a satanic cult, the Illuminati, which believes in every kind of sexual perversion. It now controls most levers of power and influence. This is why the pedophile Jimmy Savile was knighted by both the Queen and the Pope. 

Success in public life now depends on willingness to serve, or at least not hinder, the Illuminati's diabolical agenda. 

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Comments for "Why Did Masons Appoint a Christian Police Chief? "

Anon said (October 29, 2012):

i am still befuddled by all of this news.
i know that phil shigl hired him so i dunno.
just sickening to watch counselor ross eadie and even the premier selinger say that he is fresh and will have alot of time to get re-educated. they are treating him like a foolish, village idiot.

Al Thompson said (October 29, 2012):

Perhaps your interpretation or understanding of Christianity needs to be brought up to date. It has been my experience that there are
a fair amount of "Christian" pastors who are freemasons. Most churches that most would consider Christian are not Christian in the scriptural sense of the term. So to me, it isn't a big deal if they put up one of their front men to make themselves look good. In fact, modern Christianity is about as pagan or satanic as the freemasons. This is no surprise to me.

Monica said (October 29, 2012):

Sorry Rob, but I think Tx is on to something. "Authentic" Christianity will never be acceptable or promoted as long as we have an Illuminati-controlled media. Just remember, they are a dog that is not done having their day. We still have a universally mandated One World Religion waiting in the wings to be foisted upon us with an horrific Anti-Christ at it's head, centered in the rebuilt temple in Jerusalem, literally. The temple has been rebuilt in pieces and is stored under heavy guard in military compounds, waiting to be reassembled.

A 3rd World War is also waiting. Like the Hebrews of the Old Testament, we must wear this yoke of slavery to atone for our sins, both public and private, as well as all those foisted upon us by our Satanic masters. Whether people can admit it or not, we are complicit by our participation in the pseudo-pleasures they have offered and we have indulged in; pornography, abortion, divorce, murder, fornication, oppression of the poor and the deprivation of the laborer of his just wages.

Just check the Bible for the 4 things that bring down the justice of God on any civilization. It is rose colored glasses to think God is going to swoop down and rescue us just yet. We haven't had a full helping of what we have earned. Eventually though, He will show us more mercy than we have been willing to extend to our fellow man.

Craig said (October 29, 2012):

Ah, the Mayor gets a $1.6 million dollar retirement home in Scotsdale, Az.. courtesy of the sister of Diane Shindleman, Shindico's chief financial officer.

Not a bad kickback for a $75 million dollar municipal contract.

I guess I'm a cynic since I get amused reading the things crooked politicians say when they're caught. And here's the "ethicist" again pontificating. "Schafer, an ethicist with the University of Manitoba, said he is concerned there is not enough separation between Katz's personal interests and the public interest." That's a understatement!

Derick said (October 29, 2012):

This other story from the local news came to mind. Winnipeg Police Department exhausting major resources and manpower combing through garbage in a landfill for body of missing aboriginal woman. The target area was directed to them by elders who held a ceremony at the landfill.

Would the same service be done for Christians?

Tx said (October 29, 2012):

Maybe this is an early step towards a pseudochrist-make-believe-agenda.

Like: Set up christians (also, maybe muslims ?) in all sorts of areas, let it be "normal".

Set up a nation- or worldwide law regarding a "sacred sunday" (instead of saturday) or - even better - "have people vote for it" (either Hitler-propaganda-style or faked). Let most of the people "agree on it".

And BAM - we've got our pseudochrist "sign". Check your bible.

Rob said (October 29, 2012):

The GOD FACTOR strikes again.

Expect more men like Devon Clunis to be appointed and elected. God is more than able to continue to put men like Joseph, Nehemiah and Daniel in positions of influence and authority. It doesn't matter what wicked politicians decide to do... Evil men can do nothing unless God allows it. And in the end, they are all just marionettes on the stage of the puppet Master.

After all,

"In Him, we were also chosen, having been predestined according to the plan of Him who works out everything in conformity with the purpose of His will". Ephesians 1:11

Dan said (October 29, 2012):

I think Clunis was selected to make an example out of him. It seems part of a media trend to find Christians who still pray in public and defend traditional values to target for vilification. It shows the rest of us that it's not 'cool' to be Christian. It can hurt your career and reputation.

As newspapers and television saturate with images of men lip locking men and women groping women, now it's Christians who ordered to 'get a room'.

A buttinsky like Schafer wouldn't feel compelled to say it was 'inappropriate' if Clunis announced a crackdown on "homophobes".

Clunis could be for real, and be an example of Masonic setup to put a Christian in a high profile position specifically to mock him. But I gather from his very articulate press conference that what he said was in an interview with a Christian magazine. In that case the atheists and Freemasons are overstepping their bounds to call that inappropriate. They want to push the envelope further to where a Christian public official has to keep it 'in the closet'.
Their real target is the public: devout teachers, city employees, anybody with a municipal or public job is intimidated.

How does Schafer feel about Sikhs on the Winnipeg Police force or RCMP who wear turbans for religious reasons? I mean, Schaefer did say "People who hold public office and who also have deeply-held private religious convictions have got to learn to separate the two,"

Doesn't Schafer believe in "tolerance" and "diversity"?

Steven said (October 28, 2012):

I would suggest that there two things at work here. One is an effort to present the appearance that things are being cleaned up. The second thing is to prevent any real change that disrupts the power structure.

In other words it is a diversionary tactic just like Harper going to a politically incorrect Christian church.

If Stephen Harper truly believed as his church supposedly believes it would be reflected in Canadian Law and Canada and its government would become more respectable by synchronizing Canadian Law with Gods Law and the New Testament.

To make modern day Canada look and be squeaky clean it will take more than appointing a Christian police chief.
It will take Canada getting a Christian government that will overthrow everything the Masons and Jews sought to do and have done. A new government that will serve god and straighten out Canada.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at